Christian Rigal’s Still United part has to be up there as one of the craziest rail parts of all time.  He put in some time and balls on the line for this one. Stoked that United finally released his section free for all our viewing pleasure.  Watch below and get ready to be amazed.

“When you film for a full length DVD like ‘Still United’ it’s key to push the boat out and really make it count. Well Christian Rigal didn’t do just that, instead he blasted the boat down some fucking epic handrails at mach 10. It’s no secret the man like to grind but jeez, this really is something. From terrifying backwards rollercoasters, 30+ set peg grinds, and monster curved rails, this has all burly areas of modern day street riding more than covered. The man has definitely got a screw loose.” – DIG

Filmed and edited by: Peter Adam