Demolition in Colorado Day 3

Day 3 definitely brought more action into the trip, we finally made it to Colorado and because we had been stuck in the van for so long we decided on a park day and hit up three different parks in Northern Colorado. The agenda for the day was to session as much as possible and stay out of the van as much as possible and thats exactly what we did. Jason got the OK from his knee doc to ride just before coming on the trip so its been awesome to seem him so stoked to ride. These guys are always making bets for Hooters dinner and yesterday Tate was the sucker, he bet Jason 10 wings he couldn’t ride across the spine, lost. Bet Jason a pitcher of beer that he couldn’t over-tooth the spine first try, lost. Then Tate bet Biz that he wouldn’t pull his clip the very next try and lost a half pitcher of beer in the process. Needless to say Tate’s per diem is whipped out on Day 3 and the fun has just begun. Click on the post to check out all the photos from our park day and stay tuned for more updates from Demolition in Colorado.



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