BMX Plus’ Trooper Prospective

Trooper Al
Couple months back BMX Plus mag did a product prospective on “What is your favorite product that you have come out with over the years?”

I guess I could go on and on about an old part that we revolutionized in BMX in the past or that we used new space aged tubing only used on the Apollo 13 ship but since I also try and ride every day, I personally like new and improved products that are always coming out.  My favorite product that we recently spent some time on that I’m especially excited about still is our Demolition Trooper Aluminum pedal.  I was a huge fan of those old Profile Gas pedals that had the pin down the middle of the body that slowed down the rotation spin of the spindle (for no-footed tricks) but they discontinued them after a short run.  Since I never forgot about those pedals and I always wanted to design something like that in that they didn’t spin like crazy but didn’t ruin the bearing or had a pin due to it being overtightened.  We looked into a number of needle bearings and etc to keep the platform pofile slim but also didn’t want bearings to blow out.  After numerous tests, we came up with the full bushing system with rubber seals that still allows the pedal to spin amazing but the rotation isn’t loose or spins freely and also comes with a CNC, heat treated CRMO spindle.  That and those suckers last forever! – Brian Castillo



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