New Empire Rider

I remember just yesterday that Tom was asking Kevin (our sales rep) about Doyle joining Empire and here it is. I’d personally love to see Chris in the new Empire/ Parrick video. What are the chances of that though? That would be epic! Walter Pieringer pic.
“It’s funny how things can work some days. A casual conversation about an unrelated issue ends up leading to a totally unexpected event, which is exactly what happened here. Like anyone who has a love for BMX, all of us at Empire have admired Chris Doyle’s riding over the years. If you go big, we are fans. If you’re stylish, we are fans. If you go big with style, you might as well give us a parking spot in front of your house, because we’re gonna be all up on you like the FBI. The stars aligned in a special way earlier this summer, and our admiration of Chris turned into an invitation. Everyone in the crew is special to us, and we are honored to have Chris as a part of our family. I wonder if asking Parrick to edit another section into the video in less than a month would be dangerous to his sanity?
Tom / Empire BMX via Defgrip




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