Know Your Roll: Markit X Demolition Sprocket

RIDEbmx just put up their Know Your Roll feature on our all new Demolition X Markit sprocket, be sure to give it a look/ read >>
“Using all the given space on the face of this solid sprocket, they were able to CNC machine the Markit M logo into it. The Demolition X Markit collab sprocket comes in both 25 and 28 tooth sizes, with a 24mm bore that includes a 19mm and 22mm hat adapter, so this will fit all the cranks on the markit(ha). Coming in that bad ass Marble splatter, and black with the Markit logo in machined silver. You can pick this kick ass chunk of aluminum Mid-July, for $41.95.”

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Concrete Sessions With Doyle, Fox & Cordova

Couple months back Doyle came to visit us in SoCa, and hit up Matt Cordova’s neck of the woods for a FOD Trail Session and some ditch/ concrete action.  Matt took us around to a bunch of ditch spots and everyone; Fox, Doyle and Matt himself delivered, and I came through with a ton of shots of the guys doing what they do best.  Check out the action after the jump. Also check out their FOD Trail Session gallery we did in May here>>

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The Year Of Dennis

Dennis has been on a contest rampage these last few weeks, starting at the X-Games, Dew and now Munich Mash. He went big (as always) and pedaled his ass off hitting everything. Congrats to another amazing win!! Check out the video for some highlights of everyone. Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch

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July Shipment!

Our July shipment full of the following goods; Markit sprockets, Connor Lodes Axes seats, Grey Momentum tires, and Camo Trooper PC pedals are about to arrive. All are arriving mid-end July, contact your local Demolition dealer for more info or check back to our blog for further info on each product.

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The Art Of Matt Cordova

Matt Cordova steez is one of the best in the game.  When I saw this photo I was obviously in awe of how badass it is and how the hell he got in that position.  Ground Chuck would be proud.  Click to go big. Photo by Mike Murfitt.

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Killin At Dew

Our dudes Dennis and Tyler killed it at this years Dew Tour contest in Chicago this weekend.  Dennis got second in street with some crazy moves like the one above (rail ride nothing above).  He also scored first in street style with Tyler getting a solid third.  Both rode amazing! Check out some photos/ vids up at RIDEbmx now.

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Clemens Overlook

Josh and J.Cobbs shot this rad euro last month on the famous barrier spot that overlooks the great pacific ocean while on a trip down to SD.  Click it to go big and be sure to also check out the new MFG tee Josh is rocking in the photo here>>

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Canadian BMX Day

Proud to be one of the sponsors of this years Canadian BMX day in Richmond at Richmond Green Skatepark July 4th at 5p.  There will be prizes and a bbq on hand.  Be there if you’re in the area.

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10 Things About Tyler’s Silverdome Video

RIDEbmx/ Ryan Fudger just put up a cool Ten things you didn’t know about Tyler Fernengel’s Silverdome RED BULL VIDEO feature online. It pretty much covers everything you’d ask someone on the inside on what the hell was going on with the place, crew and tricks. The crash above was from Tyler’s 23′ gap truck, which he tried five f-n times to get it just right. Check it out HERE, it’s definitely a cool read.

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Dennis’ New Rig Ad

This is absolutely nuts! Anyone that’s been to the famous Home Ave ditch in SD knows just how big this barrier drop is. Click more to see it in all its glory. You can also check out more info on Dennis’ whole Rig line here>> 

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BMX Back In The Mainstream

While bmx may seem to be in its 5 year cycle slump, mainstream media has been all over it more than ever this year. With Tyler’s Red Bull Silverdome video last week and now Dennis’s new Mercedes commercial (plus more) it seems like outside brands/ media have embraced it for some reason or another. We here at Demolition always love seeing bmx in mass markets for people that never get to see it from our core perspective, and think this could only be a win win for bmx in the future. Check out this new Mercedes video of our man, Dennis Enarson doing his best Rocky V impression above.

“As part of the Mercedes-Benz Style Profiles series, X-Games winner and BMX pro rider Dennis Enarson enters a style battle with Team USA Taekwondo Olympic Bronze medallist Paige McPherson. In the fictional short film directed by Ace Norton, Dennis plays a failing BMX champion who is doing cereal commercials to stay afloat. But a supernatural encounter in his Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe puts him back on track and lets him reclaim his former class and glory. Or is it all just a dream?”

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Grind Winners!

I know we say it every contest but picking 3 out of hundreds of amazing entries is always a tough call. We just locked up our 3 best grind contest winners to the following guys: @darthdrey (amazing grind combo video above), @murd3rface (big feeble), and @johnglassett (huge over dp). Thanks again for entering, and stay tuned for our next big contest soon.

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Top 5 Best Grinds

Our Bipolar #bestgrindcontest ended on Wednesday and finally locked up our top 5 but need your help to choose the winning 3.  Who do you think should take it? From top left to right; @murd3rface @curly_mikeypino @darthdrey @ajonphillips and @johnglassett

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Tyler Riding The Silverdome

When Tyler first showed us this Red Bull Silverdome video last week, I was beside myself throughout the whole thing for a number of reasons; Who the hell in this day in age gets the opportunity to do something on a grand scale like this besides a Red Bull athlete on this kind of level.  Yes any one of us can go there, hop a fence and make an edit but not get it all completely legal with permits and with this kind of film production.  The other being what other athlete other than Tyler can take it serious and make it his own with some of the craziest tricks/ drops (he could have died on a couple of those) that he most likely didn’t need to do.  Congrats to both Red Bull and Tyler for making yet another groundbreaking video production.  Check out a lil interview/ photo gallery at

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X Games Practice

Some of our guys are already ripping up the park course at this years X Games.  Not gonna lie, this year looks like it’s gonna still be sick (even though street is out), especially with Metallica on deck!  Check out our dudes, D.Enarson and K.Fox killing it on the course. Also check out RIDEbmx’s photo gallery here too.  Video courtesy of RIDEbmx.

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Extended Family: Takayuki Sugisaka

Our family in the Land of the Rising Sun, Motocross International, have added Takayuki Sugisaka to their team. Taka is from Kobe City, Hyogo Japan and he represents what Demolition loves about BMX, RIDE EVERYTHING! He can literally shred trails, park, street or anything else you throw at him, and that is rare for a rider now days. Click the photo above to check out a gallery featuring some recent shots of Taka and be on the look out for more from him in the future. Photos by Motoki Maekubo, Yuzo “Bob_Woods” Hayashi, & Masahiro “KOSSY” Koshiyama.

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EC BMX Jam Video

East County BMX 10 Year Anniversary Jam went down on Sunday and the turnout was absolutely nuts.  Vital just put up the video of the jam, and it has a bunch of our friends in it as well as D. Enarson killing his local park.  Big ups to Henry at EC BMX and everyone that showed up.

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Kris Fox On Speed Gallery/ Interview

Kris Fox is always one to watch when you see him at the park or at the trails. In fact, he’ll most likely shut down the park/ trails completely and have everyone watch his high speed lines and go big as sh*t on every quarter/ jump he hits. He’s also a firm believer that less is more and we couldn’t agree more in Kris’ case. We recently got with Kris about doing an in-depth interview on the subject of him going fast with some motion blurred photos and ended up with one of our most favorite original content features to date on the site. All photos by J.Cobbs. Check out the full interview/ gallery here >> 

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Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win free goods. We’re giving away 4 (to each winner)  of of our new Bipolar pegs + our Demolition wax bar to 3 lucky winners.  All you gotta do is put up your best grind photo or video on your Instagram, follow @demolitionparts and hashtag #bestgrindcontest.  Contest ends June 10th. Get grinding and good luck!

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Biz Speaks Out

Our own Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan has a new TCU TV up now. Check it out to hear Biz’s vast knowledge of bmx history and his story. He’s been killing it for years and has been through it all, be sure to check it out.

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Our Longest Running Product

It honestly didn’t dawn on me till recently that our double walled Zero rim has been in production for over a decade.  It’s literally one of our longest standing products that has stood the test of time.  In the ever-changing world of bmx components and how things have developed into space-age metals and designs, the Zero rim is still strong as hell and still looks like any modern day rim today.  Now available in Marble too, check out more on our iconic Zero rims here >>

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A-Boy’s Boston Sessions

Aaron Smith updates are always good and Lee Hopkins is always coming through on the trigger…
“The weather is finally cooperating on the east coast and the Boston sessions have begun. I’ve been busy riding the new ramp at the local park and getting to the city as much as possible. Other than that I’ve been working on the juice shop, @freshpressjuicebar and enjoying the nice weather after the brutal winter we had. Here’s a photo of a new spot we rode last weekend, shot by lee Hopkins. That’s all for now, hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.” – Aaron Smith

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Demolition Welcomes Matej Zan & Bike Check

Matej Zan just got picked up as a Demolition distributor rider through our new distributor Evolution BMX. Evolution reps us as our new distributor for Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia. They’re doing some big things out there, currently revamping their website, and they are great people. They just picked up Matej as their first Demolition distributor rider. He’s a clean, smooth, and tech freecoaster rider. Check out his brand new bike check and some smooth lines towards the end. I love the Mogwai sound track, Matej’s smooth lines, and the vibe of the whole thing….If you’re in the any of these countries looking for Demolition products, hit up Evolution or have your local shop hit them up for parts. For they’re contact info hit up our Distributor page here>>

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Hucker Seat Promo

Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark and his new floral seats in Pivotal/ Tripod are available now. Built for any crazy action you can throw at it, and looks good while doing it. Hucker approved! Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
For more information on Hucker’s floral seat go HERE >>

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FOD Session Gallery

Last month Chris Doyle got into town to shoot and ride some SoCal spots for the day, so I got together Kris Fox and Matt Cordova to tag along for the ride.  Our first spot was the FOD jumps and in typical fashion all three went nuts and did their thing.  This was just the warmup spot of the day and from there we went onto the next spot…  Check out the gallery of guys riding the hip line after the jump. 

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Re-Up: Dennis’ Haro Video

Just saw on some of the blogs that someone put up “People Are Awesome 2015″  compilation edit and saw Dennis had some clips pulled from his Haro edit he last did and figured we’d repost his whole edit.  From start to finish it’s absolutely nuts, watch again now!

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Ken Saito Update

When our own, Shono Koichi says we need to get an update with Ken Saito going asap, you listen!   Unfortunately, Ken didn’t ride until recently since he got injured real bad while riding but just got back on the horse and already started shooting, and filming again. Be on the lookout for much more of Ken, his new edit should drop very soon.  Wedge to bars photo by Takeru Ogura.

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Sunset Quarter Session with Cordova

Matt Cordova and Nathan Sykes teamed up with Cooper Brownlee and RideBMX to bring a dream idea of theirs to life. The idea revolved around an epic lookout point on Ortega HWY in California. So they threw together a 5 foot quarter for a quick sunset session, which resulted in some amazing photos and the edit above, thanks to Cooper. Head over to the RideBMX site to see the full story and gallery.

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Markit Zero Friends Section

Markit Denim just put up their friends section from the Markit Zero DVD that has in our guys; Chris Doyle, Aaron Smith, Tate Roskelley, and Mike Hucker Clark. Check it out!
“This friends section was originally planned to release in MARKIT ZERO, but due to iTunes music clearance costing way too much, we had to leave it out of the video. Christian Rigal has been capturing these clips for over five years, and we are proud to release this section of our friends from every corner of the world. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!” – Markit

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Company Property – Tip Plus

Here’s the 1st section of RideBMX‘s Company Property series from Tip Plus. Unfortunately, Tyler Fernengel got hurt during this session, but luckily our boy Mike Grey was there to fill in. Mike came through with some heavy bangers on the stage, and the 180 Distribution crew of Broc Raiford and DeMarcus Paul killed it as well. Stay tuned for the other two sessions dropping this week.

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Product Spotlight: Axes Grips

Give our new Axes grips a chance and you won’t regret the purchase. Pre tested by dozens of hands of all shapes and sizes and manufactured from the best in the industry. Our new secret elastomer molecule formula was studied and stretched beforehand from our test lab engineers. Length: 6″ / OD: 31mm / Available in flange and non flange. Contact your local Demolition dealer to purchase or go HERE for the full specs >>

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Woodward And Tyler Fernengel

Tyler breaks down what it was like growing up with Woodward as his main place to ride and having it help him become a better rider/ human in the process.  I’m more impressed that Ronnie and Seth were a huge inspiration on his career too, haha.

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Re-Up: Everything Comes Full Circle

To continue with the theme of Mike “Hucker” Clark this week and hyping his new seat and shirt, I thought I’d repost the Redbull BMX Full Dirt Loop that Hucker did last year. Full loops have popped up here and there throughout the history of bmx, and I’m pretty sure the number of guys who’ve done them is still pretty low, but I’m also pretty sure this is one of the only ones, if not the only one, done with dirt. This is rad, and Hucker is rad. Check it out as we finish our week of kissing Hucker’s ass.

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Hucker Floral Ad

As you may or may not know, we got in an array of floral Pivotal/ Tripod seats and Pocket tees for Mike “Hucker” Clark.  Since he is an aquaphile, it only made sense to make him his own signature floral line.  Both are in stock now and you can get at em at your local Demolition dealer today. Click image to view the whole ad >>

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Golden Nuggets

Some things don’t get old to us and this new April drop is still getting us excited.  Just got everything from our big April drop together to shoot and figured we’d share our excitement with you too.  Click to get stoked >>

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Weekend With Doyle

Doyle was in town for the weekend before his Kink tour and we shot a couple bangers on dirt, concrete and water.  Put this GoPro photo of him jumping through a fountain up on Instagram the other day and figured we’d get it on the blog too.  Expect to see more photos from the weekend soon…

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Traveling With Hucker

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel as much as a top pro bmxer?  By no means is Mike “Hucker” Clark a “normal” pro but he travels more than most and is possibly the best at entertaining himself to keep it fun and not get burnt out.  We decided to sit down with Mike and see what it takes, and hear about some of his stories on how he keeps it fun. “So I just turned around and pooped in the shower while we was taking a shower.”  Hit more to read one of our funniest interviews we’ve done. 

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Corey Walsh’s Demolition Winter Road Trip

“Decided to plan a road trip to escape the end of the Canada winter and  ended up driving down to Austin TX from Vancouver BC to pick up my my good buddy James Van DE Kamp and Mike Carroll. James was living in Austin for the winter and Mike flew down to Austin so he could road trip back up to Canada with us. Ended up taking us 3 weeks to drive home. Got to meet so many rad people and ride some unreal spots. Filmed a little bit on the trip. Huge thanks to everyone who gave us a house to stay at, and Mike, James, and Sam Stebila for helping film this video. Nothing but good times.” – Corey Walsh

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Not every cover photo is the perfect situation; It could be in the middle of the night, deck on fire, raining and you’re tired but Dennis and Ruben made it all happen.  Here’s the video of it all going down.

As a compliment to the all-encompassing video we posted yesterday, I went ahead and put together this rather awesome timeline of what Ruben Alcantara, Dennis Enarson, Vincent Perraud, and Christian Rigal went through to get their photo. As Ruben states it, as everyone was eating burritos from Taco Bell in sunny SoCal, they were out putting in work to make it happen. And obviously their hard work paid off, as Vincent scored the cover with his amazing photo. Again, thank you to everyone involved! – RIDEbmx

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Chris Doyle & Aaron Smith’s Demolition Parts Winter Edit

When Chris and Aaron asked if they could make this happen, I had no idea how much they actually go through during their winter.  What I thought was going to be a 2 day filming mission at a couple indoor parks, turned out to be a lot more intense due to the weather.  In the end, both Aaron and Chris came through with some amazing clips at the parks.  Thanks again to Lee for making this video happen and Rye and the Wheel Mill for allowing the guys to film at their parks.  Below is Chris’ description on what went down:

“Winters in the northeastern United States can be long and cruel… this past winter has been particularly merciless. Therefore, myself and long time friend and teammate, Aaron Smith decided to get together with Lee Hopkins to film an edit to highlight how so many BMXers stay on their bikes while living in a cold climate. The whole edit was to take place at Aaron’s home park in Rye, NH, Rye Airfield. True to form, a day into filming, a blizzard came and rocked the northeast, causing a massive shutdown of business and travel and we could not finish the edit at Rye as planned. When I was finally able to make it back home to Pittsburgh, I decided to round out the edit by filming a few clips at my local indoor facility, The Wheel Mill. Now, enjoy this short edit and let’s embrace spring and warmer temps but always remember to support your local indoor parks! A special thanks to The Wheel Mill and Rye Airfield!” – Chris Doyle

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M.Cordova Recuperating Update

Matt took a big fall last December and has been staying busy off his bike for a bit but that hasn’t stopped him from shooting photos and filming his buds.  He just got back on the ol’ horse and is already at his usual self (see photo above).  Photo by Nathan Sykes
“In the beginning of December I got hurt resulting in a broken jaw and breaking my teeth from my jaw. During my down time I’ve been shooting lots of photos and filming a couple edits for some friends, just trying to pass my time. Finally 4 months later I’ve been released for some light riding. Recuperation is going good, I started riding about 2 weeks ago. The hardest part is being careful not to ride too hard and hit my face, my teeth are still a little loose so I’ve just been cruising getting back to the feel of things.” – Matt Cordova

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Fernengel Friday


RideBMX just put up their  “Rise From Demise” spread with Tyler Fernengel from the January/February 2015 issue of the magazine. It covers Tyler searching out spots with RideBMX for some picturesque photos in the desolate areas of the recently bankrupt Detroit, MI. It’s a great read, and they added some unseen photos that never made it into the mag. Some fun facts from the article: Tyler gets hot dogs with Eminem down on 8 Mile  on the reg, and Detroit averages 14 cases of arson a day (only one of these is true). Tyler is an unbelievable rider, and combining that with the beautifully decrepit scenery and black/white photos just makes it an awesome article. Check it out <HERE>. AND, a Happy 19th Birthday to the Fern!


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A Canadian in San Diego

Corey made his way south and not only did he make his rounds to every skatepark/ trails, he also made a name for himself for destroying every single one of em.  Check out this latest Vital video of him with the proof.

“Ex-pro racer turned full-time transition destroyer Corey Walsh recently trekked down from the Great White North to steeze his way around some San Diego hot spots. Watch as he pedals full speed and blasts everything in his path. Corey is ridiculously good at bike riding.” – Credit: Vital BMX

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Tip To Tail: Episode 1

Only a couple weeks off of one of the most amazing looking trips ever, Red Bull has already released the 1st episode of the Tip To Tail series featuring Kris Fox, Hucker, Corey Bohan, and Jaden Leeming. Check it out and stay tuned for a new Episode every Wednesday. “In this episode, the riders travel to Cape Reinga, the very tip of the North Island. From there it’s all action from Kaitaia through to Cambridge as they begin their epic road trip southward towards the tail of New Zealand.” Red Bull NZ

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Watts and Fox – This Is Us

Kris met up with his good bud, Jason Watts (and Boyd Hilder) while in Australia and filmed some amazing lines/tricks at these incredible parks and had a lot of fun in the process…

“The whole video is about just havin fun; bros filming bros and just having a good time all the time. Filmed this whole vid in 3 days full of bowls and concrete parks from Brisbane, Sunshine coast and Gold Coast. Big thanks to Boyd Hilder for helping to film and driving around even thoe we had to push start his car everyday stoked on how the vid came together hope you enjoy”

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Through The Years With C.Doyle

DIG has up a rad feature with Chris Doyle on Through The Years with a gallery and interview. Check it out here >>
“Chris Doyle… a name in BMX that not only conjures up images of those signature 360 turndowns and inverts, but also thoughts of well-rounded rider with a big personality that even your grandma would admire. We’ve collected a good amount of photos of Big D through the years since his first DIG interview article in 2000 so why not sit back and browse through fifteen years worth of great photography, and enjoy some wise (ass) words from the man himself too. This is Chris Doyle ‘Through The Years’.”

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Tip To Tail Teaser

Just got a heads up from Kris Fox himself about the new Red Bull Tip to Tail New Zealand teaser that Hucker and Kris were on. “Here’s the link to the Red Bull Tip to Tail trip teaser. A BMX trip of a lifetime from the tip of the North Island to the tail of the South Island of New Zealand. Over the next four weeks, a new episode will drop every Wednesday.” – Kris Fox

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Fl Trip Tyler Wallpaper

I don’t know how hard this thing is to ride but Tyler made it look damn easy by all his Instagram Videos he put up.  He airs the damn thing like any other quarter too!  No hander photo taken by J.Cobbs while on our last Demolition X QBMX Florida trip.  Click photo to go big!

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Movin On Up


We’ve moved! 180 Distribution, mothership of Demolition Parts, has officially moved, and we’re all set up in our new location in AnaCrime….ahem*…I mean Anaheim, CA. After 5 years at a location that seemed like gold in the beginning, we’re finally out of our haunted warehouse (no joke) that would also flood during the occasional California rainstorm. And we all know that a California rainstorm really isn’t all that much water. So, the pool above fits more than you know. Our address is now 2760 E. Regal Park Drive, Anaheim, CA 92806, and we have a whole new toll free number (877-488-1369). Disney lunch trips here we come!!!

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FL Trip Q&A With Rob

BMX road trips are usually  a good time to ride with your friends and get into a ton of trouble… especially if you’re with Hucker.  Rob breaks down his time in Florida and what all went down with the crew while not riding. 

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