Sheep Herding With Kris Fox And Hucker

When I think of Sheep Hills, I think of SNAP magazine, Barspinner Ryan, S&M guys, Sean Butler and many other local SoCal riders that used to ride/ dig there daily.  It’s famous “moon dust” dirt, and local legends made it a hot spot for pros and inspiring pros at the time.  It was one of the few dirt spots that’s open to the public, and where you can go and see half a dozen pros riding together or shooting photos.  Many years later, the old guys got older and went less and less and the new breed of HB locals took over.  When you think of Sheep Hills today, you’ll definitely see Kris Fox and Hucker’s name in the lineup.  We thought we’d get the skinny with Hucker and Kris with having Sheep Hills in their backyard and everything else in-between.  Read the whole interview and check the photo gallery after the jump. 

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Kris Fox Interview


Kris Fox has a rad interview over at VansBMX’s tumblr site about being invited to this years Vans US Open in his hometown, Huntington Beach, CA. So stoked to see Kris out there killing it this year. Check it out the interview VansBMX did with Kris HERE. Photo by Colin Mackay

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Kris Fox Quicky

Kris Fox has been on fire this year with trips, contests and putting out solid edits and photos.  Kurt over at the Union caught up with Kris after his recent trip to the X-Games to talk to him about everything he’s been up to lately and then some.
“I enjoy my bike as a lifestyle, creative outlet, and fun. That is a small reason why I left the race world early. If I am meant to have my time, it will come when it’s meant to come. In the mean time, I will enjoy the blessings that have already been placed into my life.” – Kris Fox

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West vs East Chris Doyle Interview

Doyle has been known as the “pros pro” for some time now for a number of reasons;  He’s constantly the nice guy to all riders, knows what his sponsors wants, and is the constant badass on whatever he rides.  He’s also known for coming out to SoCal every year and killing the local trails.  We decided to sit down with Chris while he was visiting out west at Heath Pinter’s house to get what the big differences are and everything else in-between.  Click here to view it all, and click images to view big.

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Josh Perry Bike Check and Beer Interview

Our very own East Coast ramp reaper, Josh Perry, has a bike check on up on Eastern Bike’s site where he goes over the finer details of his ride. Josh also has an interesting interview on “All it Is” where he goes over his tastes in BMX, beer, brauts and other fine german delicacies which you can read here. Be sure to click on both links and spend some time getting to know our good buddy Josh Perry. Photos by Darron Monroe

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Why’s Your Bike Like That?


RIDEbmx just put up a cool Friday Interview with some pros like Aaron Smith, Christian Rigal and Chris Doyle on “Why’s your bike like that?”  Be sure to read what they have to say and maybe it’ll help you out with your setup or give you some insight on why pros ride what they ride.  Pic by Ryan Fudger
“Some of my favorite people to watch ride have really powerful rollouts…freecoasters don’t allow that power, and I miss seeing that from some riders.” – Aaron Smith

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Northwest Trip Gallery & Interviews

Demolition Parts and trail riding have always gone hand in hand since the days of Bennett, Castillo and Wessel. Today things are no different and with our current team being stacked with some of the most progressive trail riders in the game it seemed obvious that a trail trip would be insane. We got the crew together back in 2012 for a New York & Pennsylvania Northeast trails trip which couldn’t have gone much better. This year we brought the guys together once again to take on the Northwest trails trip and all tree loving, trail riding goodness it has to offer. The weather did all it could in the opening days of the trip to ruin our plans to ride. It rained for three days straight before the sky parted and amazingly all the locals were able to dry things out and get the trails ridable as soon as the weather broke. This trip would not have been able to happen without the incredibly welcoming and amazing locals from the Jungle, the Yard, the Aaron Day trails , and Bourbon St. You guys all rule and kill it on the BMX and are keeping the trail riding way of life alive!- Joey Cobbs. Click more to read the guys’ mini interviews and view the gallery to see what all went down. Click each image to go BIG.

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Reasons Why SD Is The Best From Dennis


Couple things that’s rad about Red Bull doing their original features with bmxers lately;  One would obviously be that it’s Red Bull and I’m sure their site gets a shit ton of more hits than the usual bmx blog site.  Another thing is that they don’t care about who, what and etc on what the content is.  Clearly not, cause most big drink sponsors would never do a feature on a pro rider that is not only sponsored by a competing brand but is wearing their competitors hat in their own feature.  Regardless, it’s definitely a win win for bmx and I just hope that we get more love from corporate companies like Red Bull (does that exist?) to help grow our sport that much more.  Click HERE to view what Dennis’ top reasons for living in S.D. are.

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The Aaron Smith Union Interview


A-Boy has been on fire this whole year and it definitely shows in all his footage and pics lately.  Kurt over at The Union just put up a full interview on what Aaron has been up to and everything else in-between.  You might even read things you didn’t know about him, like:  “What’s something about yourself that might surprise people? I can’t really do feeble grinds. I need like a two foot wide ledge or I’m not doing it.” Check it out HERE.

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Through The Lens: Adventure Talk with Mike “Hucker” Clark


BMXunion has an awesome article about our boy Hucker and his worldly travels the last few years. If you don’t already know, Hucker travels the world almost year round and is always up to something wild. Weather its Helicopters in New Zealand or riding jetskis naked in France, Hucker is a free spirit and makes himself at home wherever he is. So make sure to click over to BMXunion and check out this awesome Through The Lens feature with Mike Hucker Clark. Photos and article by Jeremy Pavia.

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Joey Cobbs Industry Interview


Our very own Joey Cobbs (Demolition Team Manager) has up a really cool interview up at BMX Union.  He talks about coming up riding and in the industry and everything else in-between.  If you love photography and have some questions about shooting in the bmx industry, this interview might be for you.  He touches on a bunch of different areas of photography and the business.  He also has up a really cool photo gallery up on their site too.

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The Rob Wise DIG Interview

Just saw that DIG just released the full Rob Wise interview they did a couple issues back.  Be sure to check it out with the full interview HERE.  Insane handicap gap to wallride pic by J.Cobbs.  Click pic to go BIG!
“Rob is always on the hunt for spots when he’s at home in Utah, and this gap wall ride is just one of many ‘Rob only’ type setups. The pole may only be five feet from the wall but take into consideration what it takes to clear you bars and shoulder and you find yourself gapping to the wall from 8-9 feet out. Like I said, Rob ‘only’.”

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Brian Castillo Props Interview 1999!

Oh man this is just way too good not to post. Props just released Brian’s props interview to help spread the news about their Road Fools Box Set which is available for pre-order now. I remember this interview coming out, laughing my ass off and then being so stoked to hear about Castillo starting Volume Bikes. This interview pretty much announced the beginning of Volume Bikes and pre-dates Demolition Parts entirely, is that even possible?! Oh how time flies! It’s also pretty amazing to think that Jason Enns was Volume’s first rider and he’s still on a Volume killing it just as hard as ever, 14 years later! I also love the part where the guys are busting Castillo’s chops about owning a CELL PHONE, yes it was considered lame and uppity to own a CELL PHONE! Boy have times changed….
Be sure to watch this now and see how all this monkey business got started.

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Rob Wise Quicky

Our very own mad man, Rob Wise has up a quick lil’ interview up on The Union.  Be sure to check out what Rob is up to and what he has planned in the near future.  If his Markit part is anything close to his Bakery edit, you know it’s going to be full of never before seen tricks.  Read on and see what makes Rob tick.
Pic by: Timothy Burkhart from the Bakery

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C Doyle By the Numbers

Defgrip has up a cool interview feature on D-Man called by the numbers, be sure to check it out and I’m sure you’ll learn that much more about the man. “We’ve written down 100 random questions and assorted topics, all of which are unbeknownst to our victims. We will be asking people to pick 20 random numbers from 1-100 and then supplying them with those questions/topics to answer. Who knows what might come up!?!?! Next up… the one and only Chris Doyle; BMX’s answer to Brad Pitt.”

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Through The Lens: A Different Perspective

“What is it like from their perspective to go out and shoot with a photographer? What it is that makes one person better to shoot with than others? I have always wondered about what goes on inside a riders mind before they prepare to shoot a crazy banger and put all of their trust into the photographer. See what Connor Lodes, Christian Rigal and Ronnie Napolitan all had to say for the third edition of “A different perspective.”

– Jeremy Pavia

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Through The Lens: Catching Up With Jason Enns

BMXunion has a rad little interview with DemoOG, Jason Enns. If you’ve ever had the chance to hear Jason speak candidly then you know he is funny as hell and has an interesting point of view on just about everything. From NorCo being God’s Country to light beer being for pussies, find out what Jason thinks about this and that over at Photos and Interview by Jeremy Pavia

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Kris Fox QBMX Interview

Earlier this month, Glenn from QBMX came by the warehouse to meet up with Kris for a quick interview and catch a session on the ramps. QBMX just put up the interview, in which Kris talks about his racing background, why he made the transition from racing to park/trail riding, the recent QBMX/Demolition Northeast Trails Trip, and more. Kris also came through with a couple clips from the warehouse ramps. Check it out and while you’re at it, give Kris(@krisfoxbmx) and QBMX(@qbmx) a follow on Twitter and Instagram.

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Doyle’s Albion Interview

Albion just put up their whole Chris Doyle interview on their site. Be sure to check out what makes up the nicest/ raddest dirt jumper out there.  “I THOUGHT IT WOULD ALMOST BE HILARIOUS IF I WON THE X GAMES DOING THE SAME EXACT TRICKS I DO AT THE TRAILS EVERYDAY” – Chris Doyle

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Jordane Dubois Interview On The Rise

Our new Canadian rider, Jordane Dubois just got on and is already making big moves with this cool lil’ interview up at The Rise site. Pic by: Mikael Cardin.  “I’m living a dream right now, my new bike is just perfect, so it feels good. I’m just proud to ride for a big company like Demolition and I just wish I get the chance to do some trips and maybe meet the awesome team.”- Jordane

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Gabe’s Friday Interview

I always look out for anything Gabe, especially since I know what he says is going to be funny as hell or when he talks about his past, it’s going to be interesting.  Gabe has been coming up quick into the ranks these last couple of years.  Definitely a guy to watch out for.  Check out RIDE’s latest Gabe interview HERE.

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Biz Loves Burritos

The latest issue of RIDE BMX (issue 174) has Biz’s Pro Q&A.  Biz talks about his life and everything else in-between.  Be sure to check it out.  One of the better issues too.  The design looks a lot cleaner w/ the new layout.  Good work RIDE staff!

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Ryan “Biz” Jordan Quicky

Kurt over at has up a cool lil’ interview with Biz.  Check it HERE
“There’s been a lot of different things popping up with Biz lately from his part in the Demolition “Last Chance” video, making the move over to Verde and spending a ton of time on the road this summer with DC. It was definitely time to hit up Ryan and find out what’s new with him. Let’s take a look at what he had to say…”

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S&S Feature

Demolition/ GT riders, Dave Dillewaard and Rob Wise kill it in this new video from GT Bikes.
Sunsets & Sodas put a little road trip together to make our way out to California to check the New Demolition Parts premiere. GT Bicycles stepped up and covered the cost of the trip so Rob Wise, Dave Dillewaard, Calvin Krey and I met up with Eric Bahlman and Bobby Kanode and we had a hell of a good time. Big thanks to GT for helping make this trip happen and it sounds like there will be more trips going down soon so Im looking forward to it.” – S&S

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DIG’s Last Chance Article

Will over at DIG just sent over some teaser shots of the latest issue.  I so can’t wait to see the pics.  Joey (Cobbs) shot Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal on the last weekend of filming.  Check out Dennis’ roof gap trick above.  Absolutely insane!

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Defgrip Last Chance Feature

Defgrip has up a really cool feature on their site with behind the scenes pics and interviews with the guys about Last Chance. Thanks a lot to Nuno for putting this all together.  Really came out awesome!  Check it HERE.

“The Demolition crew have just about wrapped up filming for their latest project, Last Chance. It’s all being put together now, and a premier is roughly scheduled for sometime in April.  Considering the team and the amount of time that’s been put into this project, I figured it would be cool reach out to main dudes with parts and get their take on working on the video.”

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Rob Wise Q&A

Ride’s next Pro Q&A is none other than our very own, Rob “The Machine” Wise. This is your chance to get your question in a magazine and have Rob answer your question. “All questions will be sent to Rob and the best of the question/answer combos will be printed in the April 2011 issue of Ride.”-Ride

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Biz Top Fives

Biz recently got broke off  while filming for Last Chance.  He broke his nose and got some stitches.  We’re all happy he’s doin’ all good though.  Could have been a lot worse. Biz has a feature up on DEFGRIP, 5′s with Biz.  Check it, you won’t be disappointed, Biz is always delivers.

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LA Rooftop

I have to admit that I haven’t missed one episode of L.A. Ink since Mike has been on.  I’m personally not a big fan of the show, since every tattoo they do ties in with some sort of sad story. Whatever happened to “I got f-n wasted last night and got this cool Toucan Sam tattoo on my neck” story?  Regardless, the show is absolutely funny as hell with Mike on it.  Especially when they tweeted his cell # out, haha.  Check out Mike’s full story at ESPN.

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Doyle on Bike Setups

Chris talks about his classic setup that he’s maintained throughout his carreer and also mentions that he rode Primo Mustache bars.  “For the most part, I’ve always had bigger bars. However, there was an awkward two to three year period when I ran Primo “Mustache” bars.”  Check out the full story here at: ESPN

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Chris Long Interview

Lots of interviews out there in cyberspace today.  Another great one from filmer, brother and all around good dude, Chris Long (yes, he’s Matty Long’s bro).  Chris has been helping out a ton with the filming for the new Demolition DVD, Last Chance.  Check it HERE.

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Mike Escamilla Interview

Mike has a really cool interview up at FUEL.  Just look at Mike’s schedule from the question below.  I think he also reveals that he’s filming for a TV show that the interviewer didn’t even touch.  Maybe you’ll see a Demolition interview of Mike soon, where he talks about that in depth.
I know you’re an avid traveller and hit up a bunch of countries in 2009…what’s on the agenda for 2010?  Are you heading to any interesting locations anytime soon?
Well in the next 3 months I got a few: London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec, Toronto, New York, Tavarua,  Fiji, Kuwait, and Iraq, now that I wrote it down seems like a lot to do between now and the middle of June, as well as film a TV show almost 5 days a week, haha.”

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