Interbike 2015

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again to where we get to show off all our new 2016 products, and get be proper salesmen to all our dealers in person.  If any of you shop guys are going, please look us up at booth #4166, and we’ll gladly run you through everything and then some.  Be sure to ask for our goody bag too, this year we got some good stuff to giveaway.  See you soon Sin City!

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Dennis Does ABC

When Mark Losey (Nike Team Manager) tells us that a new NIKE video with our own Dennis Enarson is going to “air” this Sunday for a 1 hr show on ABC, our ears definitely perk up.  You know this is going to be epic! Where: ABC/ When: Sunday Sept 6th @ 4p ET/ 2p PT

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Its official, Mike Hucker Clark wins Nora Cup Dirt! This could not have happened to better guy and an incredibly talented rider. Jason Enns was also in the house to announce Best Video Part which went to Dave Thompson in KillJoy. Be sure to click on the link and check out the rest of the photos from the night and see who else from Demo was in the house!

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Hucker WINS Lord of Dirt Round 2!

Mike has been on a Roll lately!! Between shredding in England on the Tea and Biscuits Tour, Going to Kill the Line and placing 2nd, and now, taking the win at the 2nd stop of the Lord of Dirt series. It’s sooo sick seeing one of the coolest dudes in BMX killing it all of the world and living it up!! Congrats Huck!! Photo courtesy of MastersOfDirt.Com

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Brakeless Revolution

RIDE BMX has been putting up all sorts of cool #throwback stuff recently and they just put up this cool one of our very own team manager, Joey Cobbs.  Not a lot of the newer riders know but Joey had a lot to do with a lot of brakeless tricks we still do today.  What other t.m. can claim that and a 2002 cover of RIDE!

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RIP Randy

Always hard to think about someone you’ve known that has now passed on. Randy was an awesome rider and even better person. RIP old friend.

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UK Summer Tour

Stevie, Hucker and Doyle will be heading over to the UK to shred and visit with some shops.  Our new UK distributor, Elephant has been coming through in a big way on making the trip an amazing time for the guys.  Check the flyer (click above pic) to see all the stops they’ll be making.  See you guys soon!

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ABoy cruising with KINK in Boston

ABoy has been putting in work lately filming for the upcoming KINK DVD and from the sound of it his section is going to be amazing! Recently Aaron went out filming in the streets of Boston with Darryl Tocco and Tony Hamlin, Lee Hopkins was also on hand with the camera handy and snapped this sweet Euro air by our boy Blue, I mean Aaron Smith! Click the image to see the full version and head over to the KINK site to see more photos from the day.

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Connor and Christian Take the Win!

A BIG congratulations goes out to Christian and Connor and the rest of the Ben Wallace team for taking the win at the first Mongoose Jam over at Woodward West. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bigger smile on Christians’s face, so stoked for those guys!!! Check out the RideBMX website for full coverage right HERE!

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Stevie Churchill in Xgames Street 2012!!

ESPN has a cool feature up on their site introduing Stevie Churchill to the 2012 Xgames street lineup! They also give a rundown of the rise of Stevie and how he came to earn the invite to this years Xgames. Check out the story right HERE. Can’t wait to see him out there killing it!

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Demolition at the Chad Kerley Invitational!

Damn near half the entire Demolition crew was in full effect at Chad Kerley’s first Vitamin Water Invitational. Rob Wise, Stevie Churchill, Connor Lodes, Christian Rigal, Ronnie Nepolitan, and Russ Barone were all in attendance!

Big thanks to Fudger and Z over at Ride for the amazing photos! Check the Ride Site for full coverage of the Chad Kerley Invitational

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Christian Rigal’s Traveling Through Instagram

Christian has been globe trotting the past few months and if you didn’t already know he is straight addicted to Instagram. So I though put two and two together and see what he’s been up to the past few months through eye of Instagram. The last page has his instagram info so make sure to click through to the end all follow Christian!

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Gabe Brooks’ Demolition Edit

Gabe has been a man on a mission this year and we’re barely a third the way through!! And this is only going to add to his list of accomplishments for the year. So stoked to get to release this months Demolition Parts edit of the man, Gabe Brooks!!

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Thomas Hancock Jam

Our good buds, Mikey and Rick Lakin are throwing a jam for Thomas Hancock on March 17th. The turnout should be insane.  Bands, food, good cause, hang with the homies and should be lots of fun. Check out the full flyer after the jump. 

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Rob and Dilly Down Unda!

Rob has been in Australia hanging out with fellow Demo Pro, Dave Dillewaard, for most of the last two weeks and from the sounds of it they’ve been having a good time when not getting flooded out…. here is what Rob had to say;

Aus has been pretty awesome. Except the past while we’ve been fighting the weather. It’s been raining like no tomorrow. There was flash flood warnings there for a minute so that gives you an idea on how crazy the rain has been. It looks like the weather should be nice for the rest of the week so we can get back at it. – Rob

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Much Love

From everyone here at Demolition Parts, we just wanted to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given us throughout the years.  Much love to all my peeps, see ya’ in 2012!

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Complex’s Up and Coming Riders

Complex just put up their 25 Best Up and Coming riders.  While some of the guys have been around for awhile, their list does have a lot of our riders.  Tate Roskelley, Stevie Churchill and Dennis Enarson are all on the list. We also have a lot of our flow/ B team guys we hook up like, Mike Mastroni, Gabe Brooks and Hucker. Check the full article HERE.

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This is seriously the best thing I’ve seen all month. Ball Park is donating $1 per view (up to $100,000) to the Athlete Recovery Fund. All you gotta do is watch the video. You could actually help a fellow rider out with just a view. Awesome!

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Interbike Sneak Peek

This year we tried something new and had our “booth” inside our hotel at the Venetian instead of having it inside the convention center.  It definitely was a lot more intimate and hands on with everyone that came by.  We displayed a slew of new goods and actually had a great turnout from our core shops and a few new ones.  We had some product posters made for the event w/ all our new goods.  Thanks again too all those that came by the room to hang and check us out.  Check out the samples and new products coming out soon after the jump.  

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Big Year for Demolition

This has been one of the biggest years for us in a long while.  The Nora Cup awards put on by Ride BMX is the award for the best riders/ video in the biz.  To even be nominated is a huge honor.  This year our video, Last Chance was nominated for Best Video.  While we still got beat out by Anthem 2, it was still awesome to see Last Chance nominated.
We also had two of our riders, Dennis Enarson and Chris Doyle win awards this year.  Dennis was almost nominated in every category too.  He took home the award for Best Ramp Rider and Best Video Part.  He’s such a ripper and loves riding more than anyone I know.  It was awesome to see him up there getting what he deserved.
Two-Peat for our main man, Chris Doyle.  I had a feeling he’d take it home and sure enough he did.  One of the hardest working guys out there and an honor to be able to support/sponsor such a guy.  See ya’ next year Nora Cup!

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Cancer Sucks

Support a fellow rider, Mike Tag if you’re in the Fort Wayne, IN area.  Should be a good turnout and it’s for a great cause.  Everyone in the Demolition family wishes Mike a speedy recovery.  Hang tough buddy! For the full  flyer click 

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Stop the Hate

ESPN just did an an interview with a select few of pros and most all agree to stop the hate. Check the LINK for the whole writeup.
“Twelve riders, one question time again. This time out, we asked twelve pros and personalities what was the one thing that they would change about BMX. Surprisingly, the majority leaned towards eliminating all of the hate and negativity in BMX, and letting people ride however they want to.”- ESPN

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Enns Flipbook

Volume just put up their 10 year flipbook commemorating Enns’ time with the company.  They also came out with a new/ modern Destroyer.  Go support a legend and get a signed Destroyer from the man himself.

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BMX Union Review

Kurt at has up our first full review and giveaway up on Last Chance.  It’s definitely interesting hearing how each person has their own favorites and it’s not just certain guys getting all the love.  I guess that goes to show the teams riding diversity and style.
“Should you buy the video? Yes. Everyone produced real good parts, the filming and editing turned out great, the sound track is awesome and in all honesty… you don’t want to miss Dennis’ section. It’s un-fricken’-believable.”-BMX Union

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Bondi Beach Premiere

Our Australian distro, BMX MILITIA are having their premiere at BB’s Bar in Bondi Beach.  Very cool venue and should definitely be an awesome time.  Check the full flyer after the jump.  

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Ice Ice Alf

Alfredo has been making big moves lately.  He just got bumped up on DC roster and has a new signature bar, Cougar bar coming out from Volume soon too. I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot more of him this year.  Click pic to go BIG!

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Last Chance Now Available

These bad boys were originally supposed to be available for our premiere but got lost in transit by UPS.  After circling North America, they’ve finally arrived.  Trust us, it’s worth the wait!  We have one of the more diverse team out there and everyone has their own unique style. It’s definitely a video to watch over and over again.  Everyone that worked on the video, absolutely killed it.  Can’t wait to start hearing the reviews.

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Premiere Night

The premiere for Last Chance went off last night, everyone seemed to really love the video.  The vibe and energy was absolutely amazing.  Couldn’t ask for anything more.  Big thanks to DC shoes and especially Mike Aland (DC BMX TM) for making the whole premiere happen at their warehouse.  HUGE thanks to everyone in the video.  We absolutely have the best team out there.  Every single one of em’ went above and beyond.  Copies of the the video will be getting out there on Mon.  Thanks again for coming out! 

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Last Chance Video Premiere

We are finally wrapping up the Last Chance DVD, as well as locking down the first US premiere. DC Shoes stepped up huge for us and our team (they sponsor a big portion of the team) and decided to have it at their warehouse in Huntington Beach, Ca.  The premiere is open to everyone!  There will be multiple showings, so that everyone won’t be left out and not be able to see the video.  All ages are welcome too.  There will also be free alcoholic beverages (while supplies last of course) on hand for those of you that really want to party. Our whole team will be there, partying and mingling around with everyone.  Last Chance has been in the works for a long time and I know the guys feel relieved that it’s finally over and  just want to sit back and finally watch and party with everyone.
If you guys want to be the first to get the DVD, we’re going to be selling copies of the DVD at the premiere. Be a good time to have one signed by the whole team too… if you’re into that sort of thing.
See ya’ there!

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Enarson Jam

Dennis just hit me up to let me know that he’s putting on a benefit jam over at his house, April 2nd.  All proceeds will go to the legend himself, Mike Aitken.  Dennis just recently redid his ramps and trust me, it’s fun as hell.  It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to ride the ramps, watch Dennis ride (trust me) and to help Mike out.  It’s without a doubt worth the door fee of $10… and then some.  We’ll have more details (address and time) up asap. Above pic is from my first shots of Dennis back in June of 05, sorry D.  Haha

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Site Down

Sorry for the site being down for most of the day. We’ve had some difficulties updating the site’s backend and ended up losing files. As you can see, only the blog and the major pages (distributors, warranty and contact) are still up. We’ll have it fixed and better than before by Mon. Sorry again.

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Easy Rider

Rob just purchased a new Harley to cruise the streets for babes.  He recently rigged a bike rack to it too.  Only Rob!

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180 Distribution

With the move of Volume Bikes/ Demolition Parts into a new building in Santa Fe Springs, CA, we also decided to have both brands under one global distribution name of 180 Distribution.
Volume Bikes/ Demolition Parts has been out of Buena Park, Ca for the last 11 years. With the growth of our brands, we felt the urgency to move into a bigger building that we can grow into for years ahead. 180 Distribution will have better stock of products and the same expert knowledge of goods and support from our own staff of riders. With 180 Distribution we’re also excited for all of the opportunities that lie ahead.

Mon-Fri 8a-4p

180 Distribution
13733 Milroy Place, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Warranty Ph: (562) 926-5828 Ext: 120 | Sales Ph: (562) 926-5828 Ext: 0 | Fax: (562) 999-2346

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Movin’ on Up

We’ve been in the same building in Buena Park, CA for the last 11 years and we finally outgrew it and moved on up to a bigger/ better building in Santa Fe Springs, CA. Gonna miss the good times we’ve had there and all the random homeless people sleeping in our boxes in Buena Park.  Adios.
We’ll have more news and pics of our new place asap.
p.s. For info on the above pic, click read more.

Our new address and number is:
13733 Milroy Pl,
Santa Fe Springs, CA. 90670.
PH: 714.690.6454

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Last Chance

As you can see by our new headers and logos, we finally have a name for the new DVD.  We’ll slowly have up news updates, road trip vids and trailers comin’ to you guys asap.  Enns and the guys hit the road this week to Vegas and Reno to film and create havoc.  Stay tuned for updates from the road.

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Interbike 09


If you’re in the industry, look us up at this years Interbike. We have a ton of new goods and free goodies to giveaway. Stop on by our booth at #5362

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I never thought we’d do a Twitter since we look at computer screens all day and don’t think our day is worth tweeting about. But with technology making it so easy these days, we can instantly put up samples, team updates and etc super quick.  As if I’m telling you guys something you don’t know.  Enns, myself and employees will be tweeting.  Check it here

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New Site!

We finally have up a new site.  It’s been a long time coming and we’re sorry that you had to put up with the old one so long.  To kick off the new site, Christian Rigal sent over this new video of Dennis Enarson.  Christian casually brought it over and said that they made it within a months time.  What it must be like to be that young and that good!  Check out what else is new after the jump

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Drew Hosselton Defining The Finer Things

The man, the myth, the legend, Drew Hoss sits down with RideBMX to talk about his defining DVD section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD project, The Finer Things. Drew is all about talking his riding to new places and in new directions so the fact that he is saying this DVD part is his ” Defining Part” as a rider is really saying something. Find out what else he’s got to say about The Finer Things by hitting this here link.

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Menifee Bicycles Jam

This Saturday between 10a-2p there will be a huge anniversary celebration at Menifee Bicycles. Tons of games, food, Demolition parts riders, a bike show and giveaways from us. Check it out if you’re in the area, you won’t regret it! Click the top photo to view the full flyer.

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Connor Lodes on KINK!


Connor Lodes made the announcement a few weeks back that he was parting ways with his long time frame sponsor, Premium Products, to “… move on to bigger and better things!”
Well here it is, looks like Connor is the newest addiction to the Kink Pro Team! We know Connor is super stoked on this, we are stoked for him, and we can’t wait to see what all comes from this. Connor met up with RideBMX’s Ryan Fudger and the two whipped up this bike check real quick to break the news, hit this link to head over to RIDE and check out the full check. Congrats Connor!

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Demolition’s Now With Killemall In Canada!

Demolition now with KEA

Everyone here at Demolition parts is happy to announce that we’re now being distributed in Canada by Killemall Distribution.
Killemall is owned and operated by guys that both live and love BMX, and have over 30 years of BMX experience under their belt. They’ve also been putting on BMX events for over 9 years now. Their Canadian Concrete jams have been the longest running series in Canada!
Killemall and Demolition are already planning on making big moves with team trips, a Canadian team, and a lot more direct media attention.
Demolition products will be available through Killemall starting April 2014.
For all Canadian inquires or questions, please contact Killemall at:

Killemall Distribution
346-2416 Main Street
Vancouver BC
V5T 3E2
Ph: 604-564-8495
Fax: 604-565-7475

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How to One-Footed Euro With K.Fox

Kris breaks down how to do a proper one-footed euro over our backyard hip in this cool RIDEbmx how to:
“Transition boss and Demolition Parts Pro, Kris Fox, gives a few tips on how to do a one-footed euro table over a hip. Often underrated, the one-footed euro table is a building block trick—it’s not all or nothing like a barspin—so don’t be afraid to give it some attempts. Check the video and go out, start turning the bars, and one day you may, just may, do these as good as Kris.”

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Inside Sales Job Opening

Description: 180 Distribution, home of Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts are now accepting applications for a full-time inside domestic sales rep position.

Effective: Immediately
Location: Santa Fe Springs, CA.
Experience: Retail or wholesale. Bicycle industry or bike shop experience is helpful.
Salary/ Benefits: Competitive starting salary plus commission. Health insurance benefits offered after 90 days.

Must Have Skills: Ability to meet monthly sales goals Communicating well with others Customer Service

Telephone Etiquette Professionalism

Skills with Microsoft Office and ability to learn new applications Computer Literate
Sales Techniques are Helpful
Time Management (efficient)

Passion for BMX.

Please Email resume to: (subject: Sales Position) or fax to: 562-404-5015 Attn: Sales Position

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Jason Enns Checking In TOO!

Jason Enns recovery update:
“Yo dudes, Thought I’d shoot over this pic that Paul Luna shot awhile back while me and Biz were filming for our edit. I’m just shy of 6 weeks post surgery on my ruptured patella. Surgery went well and the recovery is going really good. I started therapy last week and the doc says I’m way ahead of schedule. I’ve got a good range of motion back and working on my strength now as well. I should be back to walking normal without a brace in another week or two. If all stays on course I should be back pedaling in a few weeks and fully back at it by late June.”  -Jason Enns

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“Yo Dudes,

Been a while since I’ve checked in. I’ve been having a pretty awesome spring; just riding a lot, dialing in the trails for summer and most recently went to Brazil for the X-Games. I was an alternate for dirt at X, but I went to Brazil anyways to ride and check the sites as I’ve never been to South America before. Dennis broke his wrist in park which put me in the finals for dirt. It was bittersweet riding in place of Dennis, but I was happy to be a part of the event. I’m back home now and heading back to the trails to do some more digging… I wonder how many of the other X-Games dirt competitors can say that?”


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Kevin at Simple Session

Kevin Paraza just recently sent over this rad pic of him doing a huge superman seatgrab from his big win at Simple Sessions.  So stoked for him!  Photo by Wolis
“Just saying whatsup and sending you some Photos from Simple Session that I have. I still cant believe I would ever get top 3, never the less win!! Haha, just got me super hyped and motivated! The new wheels felt so dialed and my bike just felt super good!”- Kevin

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Mack Attack

Steven Mack is one of those riders we always see on Instagram and hear about through his local shop, and our friend, James at King’s Ride Shop. Steven is always riding and always having fun. It’s hard not to be stoked on his riding, so we recently started hooking up Steven through King’s. In true Steven Mack fashion, he immediately got over some photos of a random secret half pipe they found in a parking lot from this past weekend (talk about striking gold). Hit the jump for more photos by Nels Sorensen, and go follow Steven (@stvn_mck_atck) and King’s (@kingsrideshop) while your at it….

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Get Well Soon Jason

I do not know the details at the moment but I have received word that Jason Enns broke his patella during a session earlier today. From the looks of the photos on Instagram @JasonEnns seems to be in good spirits even though the injury just looks to be so painful! Best Wishes Buddy! Feel better and get well soon my friend! The photo above is of Jason lacing a double peg to crooks and can be seen in our Family Poster.

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Hucker Wins Red Bull Roast It 2013!

Well he didn’t exactly win because there was no first second or third place. But there was a Best Rider, Best Line, and Best Trick. And seeing how Hucker was voted Best Rider, I’d say it’s a win! Especially when your voted Best Rider amongst some of the best trail dogs in the world! Here is what Huck had to say about it.

“I came here injured and just planned on just staying safe and having a good time. To think that everyone liked my riding that much that they voted for me, it’s a dream come true.” Mike Hucker Clark

Now watch highlights edit from the comp right HERE and see the insane cliffhanger flip that Huck does mid line to wrap up the edit!

Good job Hucker! Your the man.

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Dig: The No Hander

The almighty no hander is a classic trick that every rider should have under their belt.  Nothing looks better than a classic/ big no hander.  When I first saw this article in DIG, I immediately laughed my ass off at the drawings and the descriptions.  Also laughed that Biz got mentioned on doing the zombie no handers.

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Happy Holidays

Everyone here at the Demolition family can’t thank you guys enough for following and supporting us this year and hope all you guys nothing but the best for 2013.  Happy holidays!

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