Corey Walsh’s Demolition Winter Road Trip

“Decided to plan a road trip to escape the end of the Canada winter and  ended up driving down to Austin TX from Vancouver BC to pick up my my good buddy James Van DE Kamp and Mike Carroll. James was living in Austin for the winter and Mike flew down to Austin so he could road trip back up to Canada with us. Ended up taking us 3 weeks to drive home. Got to meet so many rad people and ride some unreal spots. Filmed a little bit on the trip. Huge thanks to everyone who gave us a house to stay at, and Mike, James, and Sam Stebila for helping film this video. Nothing but good times.” – Corey Walsh

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Not every cover photo is the perfect situation; It could be in the middle of the night, deck on fire, raining and you’re tired but Dennis and Ruben made it all happen.  Here’s the video of it all going down.

As a compliment to the all-encompassing video we posted yesterday, I went ahead and put together this rather awesome timeline of what Ruben Alcantara, Dennis Enarson, Vincent Perraud, and Christian Rigal went through to get their photo. As Ruben states it, as everyone was eating burritos from Taco Bell in sunny SoCal, they were out putting in work to make it happen. And obviously their hard work paid off, as Vincent scored the cover with his amazing photo. Again, thank you to everyone involved! – RIDEbmx

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Chris Doyle & Aaron Smith’s Demolition Parts Winter Edit

When Chris and Aaron asked if they could make this happen, I had no idea how much they actually go through during their winter.  What I thought was going to be a 2 day filming mission at a couple indoor parks, turned out to be a lot more intense due to the weather.  In the end, both Aaron and Chris came through with some amazing clips at the parks.  Thanks again to Lee for making this video happen and Rye and the Wheel Mill for allowing the guys to film at their parks.  Below is Chris’ description on what went down:

“Winters in the northeastern United States can be long and cruel… this past winter has been particularly merciless. Therefore, myself and long time friend and teammate, Aaron Smith decided to get together with Lee Hopkins to film an edit to highlight how so many BMXers stay on their bikes while living in a cold climate. The whole edit was to take place at Aaron’s home park in Rye, NH, Rye Airfield. True to form, a day into filming, a blizzard came and rocked the northeast, causing a massive shutdown of business and travel and we could not finish the edit at Rye as planned. When I was finally able to make it back home to Pittsburgh, I decided to round out the edit by filming a few clips at my local indoor facility, The Wheel Mill. Now, enjoy this short edit and let’s embrace spring and warmer temps but always remember to support your local indoor parks! A special thanks to The Wheel Mill and Rye Airfield!” – Chris Doyle

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A Canadian in San Diego

Corey made his way south and not only did he make his rounds to every skatepark/ trails, he also made a name for himself for destroying every single one of em.  Check out this latest Vital video of him with the proof.

“Ex-pro racer turned full-time transition destroyer Corey Walsh recently trekked down from the Great White North to steeze his way around some San Diego hot spots. Watch as he pedals full speed and blasts everything in his path. Corey is ridiculously good at bike riding.” – Credit: Vital BMX

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Tip To Tail: Episode 1

Only a couple weeks off of one of the most amazing looking trips ever, Red Bull has already released the 1st episode of the Tip To Tail series featuring Kris Fox, Hucker, Corey Bohan, and Jaden Leeming. Check it out and stay tuned for a new Episode every Wednesday. “In this episode, the riders travel to Cape Reinga, the very tip of the North Island. From there it’s all action from Kaitaia through to Cambridge as they begin their epic road trip southward towards the tail of New Zealand.” Red Bull NZ

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Watts and Fox – This Is Us

Kris met up with his good bud, Jason Watts (and Boyd Hilder) while in Australia and filmed some amazing lines/tricks at these incredible parks and had a lot of fun in the process…

“The whole video is about just havin fun; bros filming bros and just having a good time all the time. Filmed this whole vid in 3 days full of bowls and concrete parks from Brisbane, Sunshine coast and Gold Coast. Big thanks to Boyd Hilder for helping to film and driving around even thoe we had to push start his car everyday stoked on how the vid came together hope you enjoy”

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Tip To Tail Teaser

Just got a heads up from Kris Fox himself about the new Red Bull Tip to Tail New Zealand teaser that Hucker and Kris were on. “Here’s the link to the Red Bull Tip to Tail trip teaser. A BMX trip of a lifetime from the tip of the North Island to the tail of the South Island of New Zealand. Over the next four weeks, a new episode will drop every Wednesday.” – Kris Fox

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Ronnie’s Road Less Traveled

Our boy Ronnie Napolitan recently went under the knife for double ACL surgery. Anyone who’s had a knee injury knows how gnarly an ACL surgery is, but I can’t even imagine having both knees done at the same time! Jorge Jovel put together this awesome Road Less Traveled video with Ronnie about his road to recovery. It’s pretty crazy how quick his recovery is coming along. Stay strong buddy, we can’t wait to see you back on a bike!

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This Is Why Dennis Is a Badass

Holy shit, this is what I’ve been waiting for all month!  And in typical Dennis Enarson style, he came through with an absolutely insane edit that you’ll be blown away from the very start.  Don’t read, just watch!  Filmed/ Edited: Christian Rigal for Haro Bikes

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Pat Casey’s Dream Yard 2

As most of you probably know, back in 2013, Pat put an amazing ramp set up in his yard. Shortly after, he teamed up with Monster to put out a crazy edit called Dream Yard. Now this year, Pat got Adam Aloise to add a sick set of trails to the yard and once again teamed up with Monster for this video, Dream Yard 2. So many wild things go down, just press play and enjoy the madness!

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Re-Up Rob

Yesterday’s wheelset promo got me thinking about past Rob Wise edits and video parts. It’s ridiculous how under-rated he is. When he’s in a video, he’s either ending it or opening it like our 2010 “Last Chance” full-length or Ryan Navazio’s “Left/Right”, and when he drops a web edit he’s usually doing things 95% of pro riders today would consider their ender to a video part. I know he’s not really concerned with it, but he sure enough doesn’t get the recognition he should. Anyway, I went back and checked out a couple of his past edits and decided to re-up his September 2011 Demolition edit. Keep in mind this is almost 4 years old. shot/edit: Christian Rigal

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Rob Wise’s Demolition Parts Wheelset Video

Don’t ever sleep on Rob Wise, he’ll always come through with the most insane move, and all while making it look way too easy. He put this wheel promo together with Mastroni throughout a few trips and came through with a solid Rotator/ Bulimia wheelset promo.

If they’re good enough for Rob, they’re good enough for you! Check out the wheels at the links below:
Rotator Wheel>>
Bulimia Wheel>>

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Additional Filming by Josh Clemens
Music: Uriah Heep – “Easy Livin”

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Connor Lodes and the Bell Helmets Jam at Joyride 150

Just like the title implies, Bell Helmets held a winter jam at Joyride skatepark and flew out skatepark assassin, Connor Lodes, to shred the place to pieces with the locals. The park just built an amazing A-frame setup and held a best trick contest on the setup for Am and Pro classes. The edit starts out with some awesome clips of the Con-man and follows up with equally crazy clips for the many talented riders that live in the Toronto area. This edit was filmed and produced by the fine folks at Northern Embassy, thanks dudes!! Awesome watch for sure!

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Kink’s One Hit Wednesday With Chris Doyle

The fine folks at Kink BMX have release the second installment of their latest video series, One Hit Wednesday, with Demolition’s sultan of style Chris Doyle. This clip is from Kink’s 2008 DVD safety first, Doyle had this absolutely insane manny gap to rail on the todo list for a while and when the crew was wrapping up filming for the project Doyle knew it was time to cross this one off the list. I would say that most riders will never pony up to a manual gap to rail, let along one this huge, and most would have taken the feeble even if it was an accident. But Doyle being the perfectionist and the professional that he is stepped up to the plate a second time and laced his banger perfectly. Always good to see amazing clips like this get re-hashed for another opportunity to shine.

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Rob Wise & RideBMX

RideBMX just dropped a little appetizer of a TrickFix video with our very own Rob Wise alongside GT Bicycles teammates Jeremiah Smith and freshly minted GT rider, Brian Kachinsky. Rob and his mates were just out here not too long ago and caught up with RideBMX filmer/rider Zach Krejmas for a video project. This TrickFix is just the tease for the full video dropping later this week, so keep an eye out for that. I’ve personally been to this park, and let’s just say that fence is high. Like, Rob Wise-high. And if you’re looking for a little more Rob Wise, check out our “At Home With Rob Wise” feature we did not too long ago.


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Kink BMX’s One Hit Wednesday with Connor Lodes

Connor Lodes’ frame sponsor, Kink BMX, has a new weekly video installment called One Hit Wednesdays and their first release is with the Ocean Beach nice guy himself. Some setups are obvious one time setups and this rail hop needle thread is definitely one of those setups, the scary thing is it ended up taking Connor three goes before he rolled away clean, upping the danger factor signifigantly each time he had to hit it again. Stoked he kept his bars clear and nailed the clip before getting the boot.

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Stagnation Featuring Kris, Chris, Mike and Coco.

Stagnation from the sounds of it is a full length video focused on all things action sports filmed and put together by Ryan Walters. The BMX section features mostly park and trails but it does start off with an awesome slo mo montage of our boy Kris Fox doing what he does best. And before the edit is over you will also see some rad clips from Hucker, Doyle and extended family member, Coco Zurita. Hit play and enjoy so slow mo BMX goodness.

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Think everyone will agree that has seen our Last Chance video that Dennis Enarson’s part is absolutely insane. His ender for his part was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, and DIG caught up with him to talk about the last trick and what went into it.
“Continuing our “Ender Ender” series, we caught up with La Mesa California’s finest, Dennis Enarson and got the lowdown on his truly insane 2011 section, and DVD ender. Taken from the full length Demolition Parts video, Last Chance.” – DIG

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A Day with Tyler and Mike

Vital’s Brandon Means linked up with teammates and roommates, Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray, to see what it is like to live a day in their shoes. A few burnouts, barspins, a few waves and a volkswagen later and you get a vague idea of what it’s like to live the endless summer. Hit play and enjoy!

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VXtras with Young Fern

Doeby Films just started releasing a cool little video segment called VXtras, pretty simply concept, just a couple of rad clips with the Ol’ VX. And one of the first installments is with Demolition’s Tyler “Young Fern” Fernengel. He is just too good!

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Drew Hosselton Defining The Finer Things

The man, the myth, the legend, Drew Hoss sits down with RideBMX to talk about his defining DVD section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD project, The Finer Things. Drew is all about talking his riding to new places and in new directions so the fact that he is saying this DVD part is his ” Defining Part” as a rider is really saying something. Find out what else he’s got to say about The Finer Things by hitting this here link.

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Rooftop of The Black Hole

VitalBMX just gave honors to Demolition Legend/Hall of Fame Rider Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla for having one of the Top Ten Best BMX Video Part Songs from his part in EtniesForward” (2002). While it may not be an official ESPY or a Golden Popcorn, and there’s always an element of personal opinion, I’d say they hit the nail on the head here. As progressive, fast-paced, timeless, and just jaw-dropping as Rooftop’s part is in this video, it really needed an equally fast-paced and timeless song. “Kids of the Black Hole” by Adolescents really rounded it out well. His section was the pace-setter for “Forward” by opening up the whole video…..Oh, and the Rooftop on fire scene was absolutely and unashamedly filmed in our old warehouse. Watch his part, scour the recesses of the internet for the rest of the sections, and watch his last Demolition edit after you’ve watched this. Then go backflip over a helicopter off of a rail….on fire.

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Rob In Left/Right

The Left/Right DVD by Ryan Navazio that came out in 07 dropped online a couple days ago, and just watched Rob’s parts again for the 100th time just now. It’s one of those timeless parts where he drops some heavy bangers. You definitely don’t want to miss watching this again, and realize that it came out 8 years ago. Also, be sure to check out the Vimeo page for the full writeup on how the video came about.

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Markit Cash Jam Edits!!!

So the Markit Cash Jam is in the books and what a blast it was! There was an awesome mix of Pro riders, who have ridden the ramp before and knew the lines, and Am riders who had never step foot on the Markit ramps and had to figure out the ramp on the spot. Regardless of Pros or Ams, everyone killed it and everyone had a chance to win some cash for killing it! The jam started off with the highest alleyoop over the hip, then Demolition’s Satellite Slayer, followed by East County BMX’s Euro Jam and then they day wrapped up with an overall ramp cash jam where if you did something crazy you got instant cash money. Here is Dig’s perspective from the jam courtesy of DOEBY and be sure to click on the post in order to check out the Jam edits from Vital and RideBMX!

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Corey Walsh @ Joyride 150

Our newest Canadian rider, Corey Walsh, came through with an awesome edit from Joyride 150. He showed the BMX world his bike control skills at Texas Toast by taking home the Gauntlet of Death title and now this edit shows how smooth and stylish he is as well. Keep a look out for a lot more from Corey in the future. Huge shoutout to Killemall Distribution in Canada!

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Secret BMX Shop Stop Slideshow

Last Saturday the crew got together over at Secret BMX Shop in Temecula California and had one hell of a Shop Stop session with all the locals that made it out. The were tons of ledges, rails, BMX, and Pizza so there was nothing to get in the way of a good time. We wanted to show the photos from the day a little bit differently this time around so we made a quick slideshow for you guys to check out, enjoy!

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There’s No Thanksgiving in Australia

Dillsy has been in California for the last few months and has been filming like crazy with fellow shredder Calvin Kosovich. The two have been hitting parks and spots all over and the result has been some seriously sick clips that will get your shred boner raging. Stoked to see more from these dudes.

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Haro in Malaysia

Dennis, Tyler, Mike and Christian all made the trek to Malaysia with Colin McKay and Matthias Dandois for their frame sponsor, Haro Bikes. From the looks of it the crew crossed paths with a lot of crazy characters, crazier monkeys and the craziest spots. Hit play on this one right this second, you don’t want to miss it.

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Nico Bernede Welcome Video

Our new French rider, Nico Bernede just dropped his welcome to Volume/ Demolition video with some classic speed and flow that we’re always stoked to see from any rider.  Huge thanks to David at Ezco Dist and Rames Hellemans for making the video.  I’m sure you guys will be seeing a lot more from Nico soon to come.

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Doyle Doing It For FUSE

Doyle gives you the rundown on why FUSE are the pads for him and that he in fact had bought some FUSE pads and loved them before ever getting sponsored by them, if thats not the ultimate endorsement I don’t know what is. Chris also shreds the shit out of the House Park bowl in Austin in this edit giving you even more reason to watch it now.

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Connor Lodes Welcome to KINK

Well the title pretty much sums it up, this here is Connor’s welcome to Kink edit and it is rad! Connor and Kink paired up right before Texas Toast and just after the contest Kink flew Connor out to Barcelona to film this bangin’ welcome edit. And with Darryl Tocco behind the lens you know this edit is not one to miss!

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The Tea and Biscuits 2 Tour Video

Our guys Drew Hosselton, Rob Wise, and Kris Fox all went over the pond to jump in on another UK Tea and Biscuits Tour with the fine folks at Elephant Distribution. They caught up with Demolition UK riders, Michael Jordan  and Jordan Aleppo and rode some amazing parks and only got rained on a couple days. Sounds like a win-win if you ever vacationed in the UK before. Check it out, get stoked and get ready to be jealous of how awesome the parks are there.
“The second installment of our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour in affiliation with Elephant Distribution. Featuring riders from Volume, Demolition, and Markit US and UK. Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Michael Jordan, Kris Fox, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne, Rob Wise, and Steve Bancroft tear up some of England’s finest skatepark establishments and shops along the way. It was a wild journey to say the least. Enjoy!”

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Dillsy Day to Ya!

Big gap to wall ride at unknown skatepark

The Crooked World just released a hilarious travelers guide to Australia with Demolition’s very own Australian, Dave Dillewaard. Dave gives you the down and dirty on what to expect when going down unda and makes you laugh in the process. $20 for a six pack, I cannot imagine…

Dave has been in the states now for a few weeks and been shredding parks and foundation spots all over the western half of the country. During one of his sessions he was able to get this sweet GoPro sequence of a big gap wall he did and was kind enough to send it over for our enjoyment! Click on the post to check out this sequence and Dave’s travel guide to Australia, you don’t want to miss it!

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Dennis, Ronnie and Cell Phones in Portugal

Ronnie and Dennis flew out to Portugal a few months back to team up with Hadrien Picard and Lumia to film an edit around the country with nothing but cell phones. The parks and street spots this crew covers in this edit is amazing and needless to say these two ride all those spots like no one else can. This edit has that cool acoustic feel to it, mixed with badass riding and picturesque spots you surely do not want to miss out on this one. Hit play and enjoy.

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Kris Fox SE Frame Promo | The Gaudium

Kris Fox does some sunny soul searching and bowl carving at beaches and bowls across Southern California then talks about his approach to BMX, why he loves it, and how came up with the name for his frame for SE bikes, The Gaudium. Good vibes and good clips throughout this edit. Check it out!

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Red Bull Raditudes Season Finale

Hucker and the boys head to England for the season finale of Red Bull Raditudes for more good times. Watch as Hucker, Anthony, and Bohan kill it at the Decoy Jam, with Hucker taking top honors, and also keep a look out for some guest clips of Kris Fox. Stoked to see what is in store for next season!

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On Speed!

When you get 2 badass’ to do a web video like Chad Osburn and our very own Chris Doyle, you know you’re going to get some incredible riding.  Not only does this new KINK video have a chock full of big gaps, air and gnarly tricks, they both pedal the fuck out of their bikes at each trick. Watch now!!

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Dreamline 2014 Finals

Dreamline 2014 is all wrapped and in the books…. And from the looks of it the organizers completely outdid themselves in putting together one of, if not the best dirt comp of the year. Dennis, Hucker and Doyle all made the finals and all made top 10 and all did completely insane runs to get them there. Check out the madness here and then head over to RideBMX to check out an awesome photo gallery from finals along with the rest of the coverage from Red Bull’s Dreamline 2014.

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Dreamline Practice

The dudes at RIDEbmx just put up this rad edit from Dreamline practice.  This years Red Bull Dreamline contest is on a whole nother level of dirt jumping.  Our guys, Enarson, Doyle, and Hucker are all in this edit having a good time and blasting the big jumps. Can’t wait to see what they pull out for the actual contest!

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Russ Barone Shredding on Strong Island

Demolition’s righteous rasta man, Russ Barone, showed fellow Cult teammate, Trey Jones, and Demolition Alumni, Garrett Byrnes, around Long Island for good old BMX fun. The crew hits dirt, street, transition, they hit all! So no matter what your thing is in BMX you will find what you like in this edit, good vibes, good spots, good riding, awesome edit.

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