Jordane Dubois on Demolition Canada

When we were first introduced to Jordane Dubois’ riding, (through this video) we were floored by his style and amount of bike control.  We can’t thank Harley and the 10Pack guys enough for getting Jordane on our Canadian team lineup and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about Jordane shortly.  10Pack just put up a bike check and a couple pics up on their site also, check em’ out HERE.

“We’re stoked to announce that Jordane Dubois is now riding for Demolition in addition to Verde! Jordane has been killing it for a while now and has been an awesome addition to our team and the dudes at Demolition are stoked on him as well. You can check out his new bike that he recently built up with a full parts list after the jump and keep an eye out for a little ‘Welcome to Demolition’ edit from Jordane soon. Big thanks to Mike Cardin for the amazing photos as usual!” TenPack Distribution.  Follow Jordane on Instagram at: @jordanedubois. #greekstatue.

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Drew’s Hunt Leftovers

During his stay in Barcelona (and on home turf in Arizona) Drew managed to clock enough footy to cap off his Hunt section and still have some to play with for a lil’ Demolition edit. Feast your eyes on some VX nuggets of Drew being Drew half way around the world.

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Demolition at Texas Toast

Seems like the contest/event of the year is Texas Toast and every pro rider is trying their best to make it out to take on the Gauntlet of Death, amazing trail section and their new regular street course.  Since we’re a sponsor at this years event, we had a chance to have an obstacle that might take a few riders out.  The Demolition bomb on springs will definitely make it rough to make it through for any rider.  My guess is you have to haul ass over it or you might be in for.  What Taj says in the above video is the best description ever regarding the contest, “I get a kick out of watching the best pro riders in the world fall on the most ridiculous obstacles I can dream up.”

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Tea & Biscuits Summer Tour: Shop Stop Edit #2

Tea & Biscuits Summer Tour: Shop Stop Edit #2. from Elephant Distribution on Vimeo.

“Here’s the third and last video from our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour featuring shop stops at Alpha BMX, Pro Cycle Center, and The Source BMX Shop. Thanks again to Steve Bancroft and Rusty at Elephant as well as all the shops for the great times! Lets do it again soon guys! Enjoy” — Mastroni

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Christian Rigal Checking In

Yo guys,

Just wanted to send over a little update. I’ve been keeping busy working on a welcome to the team edit for a new sponsor as well as filming for the MARKIT ZERO DVD. I still need another minute or so of footage but I’m really stoked on what I’ve got so far and hyped to be apart of a really rad company. Here’s a couple of mess around photos at a rad bank spot and a couple from the edit too. – CR

Check out more photos of what Christian has been up to after the jump.

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Tea and Biscuits Shop Stop Edit

This video, the first of two shop stop edits from our Tea & Biscuits Tour, features bike riding, tea slurping and biscuit nibbling from Demolition riders, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Chris Doyle as they session parks and makeshift spots at three of the awesome shops that put us up.  Thanks a million to everyone at Brighton BMX, Crucial and Rad BMX for making the trip such an grand success.
The third and final video in the Tea & Biscuits series should be online next week, so be sure to check that out and keep your eyes peeled for our next, considerably less healthy tour ‘Chips & Gravy’ early next year.  Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni


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Goodbye Stevie

It’s never a good day when we have to announce that a Demo rider is no longer going to be part of the team and today is no different. Unfortunately due to a series of recent actions and events we have decided to let Stevie Churchill go from Demolition Parts. Stevie has been on the team since he was sixteen and we truly regret the way in which our sponsorship with him has to end. We here at Demolition would like to thank Stevie for the time and effort he has given Demolition and wish him all the best in the future.

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Dillsy’s OrangeJuice Interview

The guys over at We Are Orange Juice linked up with Dave Dillewaard and put together sick interview which got posted yesterday. I just got back from the Northeast Trails Trip with Dave and he is the best on trips, he shreds at ping pong and can tolerate our horrid attempts at an australian accent, he is also one hell of a rider. Check out Dave’s interview HERE and see what a rad dude Dave is for yourself.

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4.2″ Dumbchuck Pegs

The every growing plastic peg market keeps getting bigger and bigger but the Dumbchuck has been there since the beginning and has only gotten better throughout time.  The all new V3 now comes in a longer 4.2″ and has a harder 7075 al. sleeve that is dent-free.  Get grinding!

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Aluminum Trooper Pedals Now in Stock

Our all new Trooper aluminum pedals just arrived our warehouse!  After more than a year of testing from guys like, Kris Fox, Anthony Napolitan, Chris Doyle, Rob Wise and Drew Hosselton, we worked out all the bugs and made one of the most badass pedals on the market.  Featuring a FULL bushing system, the pedal will never blow-out and will keep spinning for years to come.  And yes, these pedals are for men who aren’t scared of getting shinners or dropping $90 on a pair of pedals that will last over a year.  Demolition dealers will have them in stock in 3-5 working days.  Click pic to go BIG.

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 9

Day 9 began with rain, and lots of it. So with that we decided to go site seeing around Pittsburgh and take it easy for the last day of the trip. We headed to a famous lookout that shows an awesome view of the city and it was at that point that the skys parted and the sun shinned for the rest of the day, Unfortuantley by that time the damage was done and the trails were soggy. But all in all the trip was amazing, we only got rained out twice so there was tons of riding, filming, and photos going down almost every day. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the trail locals for letting us ride, the shops we visited for being so welcoming!, Chris Doyle for helping to set this whole thing up and of course the all the riders who came on the trip and made it a success!

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 8

Day 8 started off with a stop Zak’s Speed Shop in Mckeesport, PA. The scene there is really tight and has a family feel that you don’t find at a lot of shops. The shop had the BBQ going and the music blasting and everyone was having a good time meeting the crew, shooting pictures and getting posters signed. There was a lone quarter to ride in the parking lot which Glen from QBP and Kris sessioned for all it was worth. Kris also managed to drop into a driveway off a roof which had everyone freaking out. All in all, it was a great stop and we can’t thank everyone at Zak’s enough for their hospitality.

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 5 & 6

Day 5 was due to be one of the craziest days yet on the trip because it was the day the crew was suppose to go shred Catty woods. Unfortunatly for us weather had other plans so after a few tense hours of morning rain we made our way out to the trails to help get a couple lines running. What was looking like a rained out day turned out to be a pretty productive afternoon session at the best trails in the world. I’m sure the guys would have loved to ride that place for days as opposed to an afternoon but we are stoked that the weather held out long enough to squeeze in a short session. The next morning our wild and crazy guys, Dennis and Hucker had to head home early so we dropped them off at the airport and began the long drive from Bethlehem to Pittsburgh. Along the way we came across Gravity Hill, a weird roadside attraction where you magically roll uphill as if it were a downhill. Check out the photos from days 5 & 6 after the jump.

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Tea and Biscuits UK Summer Tour

To kick off Elephant Distribution we brought over a eclectic selection of Volume and Demolition riders for 10 days of sightseeing and forehead signing. As a theme for the trip we teamed up with Yorkshire Tea and McVities Biscuits to bring nourishment and refreshments to the masses, and with 6 shop stops, numerous street sessions, 1 trail session, a Dub Jam and over a thousand spent tea bags in our wake, all in all it was a dunking goodtime. This is the first of three edits from the trip, look out for the second installment next week and remember, don’t dunk for too long or she’ll fall in your tea.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip fun and for this edit specifically we’d like to extend a big thank you to Ross, Jon and all the Epsom locals, Philly D in Liverpool, Rampworx Skatepark and Ian, Dean and James at 4Down. Cheers – Elephant Distribution
Filmed & Edited By Mike Mastroni


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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 3 and 4

Day 3 and 4 of the trip are in the books and have kept up with the pace that this stacked crew set early on in the trip. Tuesday started off at a delicious bagel breakfast spot and ended at SuperFly’s jump in Long Island, Keyko. Those trails were rad and the locals all came out to chill with us and have some laughs. Can’t thank Supes enough for letting the crew get out there and session for the afternoon.
Yesterday brought us to Action Wheels in Bethlehem, PA. Those dudes we sooo sick and have such a solid scene that they made us feel right at home as soon as we got there. We hung out at the shop for a bit, signing autographs and giving out stickers, until we all rolled down the road to the local skate plaza for a session with the locals. Once there we saw one of the craziest bunnyhop contests ever where one kid sheered his stem clean off and then we ended the session with a little rain and a product toss. HUGE thanks goes out to Action Wheels and the awesome dudes that run that shop for their hospitality and for showing us such a great time!!

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Lil D’s Last Chance

It’s that time again for another section from “Last Chance” to be released online. This time around its none other than our homie with that smooth street steeze, Daniel Martinez. Lil D’s take on riding street is so original, smooth and effortless that his sections are always a treat to watch. I never get tired of this section and I’m sure you won’t either, watch it now, get stoked, and go ride!

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 2

Day 2 of the trip brought us back to Panamoka for seconds. Those trails are so good that the crew just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go back there to get another session in. Part way through the day Chris took a pretty bad spill so he and Dillewaard headed off to the hospital to be safe and get Chris checked out. After a couple hours we got the call that Doyle was all good and so we all met up at the Applebees and finished the day over some food and drinks. Everyone on the crew wants to give a HUGE thanks to Keith Terra and the other Panamoka locals for allowing us to come ride and showing us a great session. Thanks again guys!!

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 1

The day is finally here and the NorthEast trails trip is underway. Day one started off with a BANG with an awesome shop stop at Long Island Bikes. The scene over there is awesome, a ton of kids showed up to ride and hang out with everyone. We can’t thank LIB enough for having us come out and showing us a good time. After the shop stop we linked up with Keith Terra and headed over to the first set of trails, Panamoka. The place is so unreal that the crew decided they wanted to come back the next day to get another shesh in. Barely 24 hours and this trip is already kicking ass!

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Check in with Enns

Jason sent us an update on some of the projects he’s working on and from the sounds of it he’s been on the move! Here is what he had to say.

“Yo dudes, just checking in,hope you all survived interbike. I was back in Canada for awhile this summer which was awesome. Im back home now and getting started on a split demolition edit with Biz and been filming for a Lotek edit as well. Here’s a pic from a project im working on with the one and only Mike Escamilla. hop in to slide ride to no hands-Photo by Mike Escamilla” – JE

Be sure to click the image so you can properly see and appreciate this crazy looking tuck no hander and be sure to check back to the site for updates on Jason’s split demo edit with his homie and yours, Ryan “Biz” Jordan.

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Its official, Mike Hucker Clark wins Nora Cup Dirt! This could not have happened to better guy and an incredibly talented rider. Jason Enns was also in the house to announce Best Video Part which went to Dave Thompson in KillJoy. Be sure to click on the link and check out the rest of the photos from the night and see who else from Demo was in the house!

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Interbike Sneak Peek: Rolls V2

All new Rolls V2 now comes with the Switch Drive System, that now allows you to flip the pawls from RHD to LHD.  Comes with threaded cones and available with male bolts also. Same awesome polymere bushing in driver makes this thing one badass rear hub.  Available next month!  Click pic to go BIG!

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Ronnie and Dennis are turning Japanese….

Is case you thought I was serious, our buddies Ronald and Dennis are not turning Japanese. They recently traveled to Japan with the Haro team and Ron was awesome enough to send some photo over from their trip along with an update on what he has been up to lately. Check out the photos from their trip by clicking on the post.

“Hey everyone, just checking in and letting everyone know what I have been up too. Last couple months have been really crazy for me. Ive only actually been home for like a total of 2 weeks since July! Just been on the move, and riding a ton. I just got back from Japan yesterday on a Haro Bikes trip. It was such a good trip, got to hang with the boys and eat some crazy food haha. Ill be at nora cup/interbike this year also, and right after that some of the Demolition boys and I will be on the east coast for a Demolition Dirt trip. Im looking forward to that so badly you guys have no idea. Ive been dying to get flow some trails with a bunch of good friends. Yeah other than that Ill hopefully be chillin and filming for the MARKIT video as well.. haha been busy but couldnt be happier! talk to you guys soon and here are some pics from Japan! Later Everyone!” — Ronnie

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Camp Leftovers: Connor Lodes

The latest installment of Camp Leftovers features Connor Lodes casually throwing the bars in the middle of a nollie 270. That’s right, Nollie 270 Bars! I don’t know about you but this was the first time I’ve seen this move so I just had to get the photo. And since Connor has the trick absolutely dialed, it wasn’t too hard to get the photo proper. Be sure to click the photo to go big and save as your new wallpaper!

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Enns’ Legend Ad

Demolition’s very own “legend”, Jason Enns has the new DIG ad (above) to show that he’s been riding for us for 12 years now. So awesome to me to see him still killing it harder and harder every time I see him ride.  Click image to go BIG

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Camp Leftovers: Mike Hucker Clark

We got some more camp leftovers for ya, this time it’s with Mike Hucker Clark. I bet a lot of you didn’t know that Huck can shred the ramps as well as the dirt but he can! Even though he hadn’t riden ramps in something like 8 months he was able to lace this ice grind across the vert wall in a couple goes! Be sure to click the image to go big and save it as your new wallpaper!!

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Demolition X QBMX Northeast Trails Trip

Demolition has quite the stacked crew of trail riders so it seemed only logical to put together an all trails trip through some of the best trails in the WORLD. We’ve teamed up with QBP and have been working on making this happen for quite some time now so the crew is getting seriously excited for this trip to get started!! We’ll also be stoping at several shops along the way so if your in the area at the listed times be sure to come by and say whats up! And be sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter @DemolitionParts and get up dates from the trip at #northeastdirttrip

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Doyle and Dillewaard

Sounds like these two had one hell of a fun trip though France riding trails and mixin’ it up with everyone they came in contact with! Check out Doyle’s update below. Photos by Dillewaard

Greetings from Toulouse, France! After Kill The Line, myself, Dillewaard, and Heath Pinter linked up with Jeremy “Jems” Muller and his Compression crew for a week long trail trip through the south of France. We’ve been welcomed to some of the best trails that Europe has to offer by accommodating locals and friendly faces. We’ve swam in oceans and rivers, and partied till dark in the woods. This trip has been nothing short of amazing. Big thanks to all the locals who showed us a great time!

Check out the rest of the photos after the jump

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Hucker WINS Lord of Dirt Round 2!

Mike has been on a Roll lately!! Between shredding in England on the Tea and Biscuits Tour, Going to Kill the Line and placing 2nd, and now, taking the win at the 2nd stop of the Lord of Dirt series. It’s sooo sick seeing one of the coolest dudes in BMX killing it all of the world and living it up!! Congrats Huck!! Photo courtesy of MastersOfDirt.Com

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Out of the Darkness Coco Zurita Edit

What happens when you get one of the most stylish vert dogs (Coco Zurita) and filmers (Dylan Pfohl) together… one incredibly awesome edit!
“When camp shuts down and the world sleeps, Coco Zurita emerges from the darkness. @cocozurita @dylanpfohl
Thanks to Jake Kinney, Juan Ignacio Zurita, Nicolas Illanes and Eli Waterhouse”

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Camp Leftovers: Chris Doyle

Demolition Week at camp Woodward went down for the first time this summer at we all had a blast!! Most of the photos have been posted in one way or another but these two of Doyle shredding the spine in the Hanger have not found a home, until now. So here you go, click on the image to go BIG and save as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Hucker’s My 5 Interview

AlliSports did a My 5 interview with Demolition’s Mike “Hucker” Clark where he answers some questions in between runs over at Woodward West. It’s awesome to see how Hucker gets stoked on every question because it makes him think of all the things he’s into. Riding, fishing, spit balls, hunting for rattlesnakes, having fun with friends, Mike is full of life and loves it and everything in it more than any other person I know!

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Family Posters Out Now

With Joey on the shutter button, we’ve done more posters this year than ever before. The one above is of the whole team riding, hanging out and etc. Really stoked on this one, I literally see something new every time I look at it. To purchase or see it bigger, go to the poster page HERE.

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Brakeless Revolution

RIDE BMX has been putting up all sorts of cool #throwback stuff recently and they just put up this cool one of our very own team manager, Joey Cobbs.  Not a lot of the newer riders know but Joey had a lot to do with a lot of brakeless tricks we still do today.  What other t.m. can claim that and a 2002 cover of RIDE!

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Checking in with Aaron Smith

What’s up guys it’s been awhile since I checked it. I sprained my knee pretty bad about five weeks ago, but I just started riding again. It feels so good to be cruising around again! Since I was hurt, I was able to stay home for a little while and finish up my motorcycle. Finally got it on the road and she’s running good! Here’s a couple pics of my first session back and me cruising the bike. Till next time,


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Twenty Years!

RideBMX is celebrating their twentieth anniversary by naming the twenty most influential riders along with some of the most iconic images from the past twenty years. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a few Demo riders in there! But even if there aren’t any, it still looks like its going to be one hell of an issue. Can’t wait to get my hands on this thing!

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Brendon Jones Update

Our Australian rider, Brendan Jones has been with us for 10 years now and has been a staple of the Australian scene for us down under.  Aways stoked to see stuff of him, he’s got style for miles and is a super good dude too.  He just sent over a couple pics of his new whip and the above t-bogs photo.  Photos by: Alex Quirk.  Hit more to see more.  

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Fun with Guns…. and T’s

The new Demolition Shirts made it to the warehouse recently while most the crew was spread out around the world doing their summer traveling thing. Tate, Christian and myself all happened to be in SLC at the same time, so I thought what better way to get photos of the shirts while enjoying that Salt Lake lifestyle than to go out and shoot firearms? Check out the fun, photos, guns, and shirts in our latest photo gallery after the jump.  All the shirts are available in our online store.  Enjoy!

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Doyle’s a Winner

Huge congrats goes out to Demolition’s dirt shredders, Chris Doyle and Mike “Hucker” Clark for placing first and second at the Kill the Line contest in France.  They just came off our big Tea and Biscuits UK tour for 2 weeks to kill this contest in France.  Couldn’t be prouder of those guys.  Photo stolen from @dc_bmx‘s instagram.

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Where’s the pool at?

While I was in SLC we got the tip from a local that there was a ridable pool in town that should be a session. So we checked it out and were not disappointed, this thing was soooo good it was hard to leave. Be sure to click and save Rob’s downside ice photo as your new wallpaper! Check out some more photos from the session after the jump.

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Tea and Biscuits in Hastings

Today was spent dodging rain and riding bikes in the home of television and the spiritual home of UK BMX, Hastings. First off we checked the infamous Marina double set to see if Stevie was feeling any bar raising, but the wind was howling head on so we had to turn our backs on the status spot and head to the shelter of The Source’s backyard set up. We rode there for a couple of hours before drinking another few litres of tea and heading over to 4Down’s new indoor facility. The place is really well designed and finished to a super high standard and, although only a couple of weeks old, has already been sessioned by a slewth of UK and US big shots. Stevie and Broc more than held their own and laid down a fair few firsts, big shout out to Ian, Dean, Coxie, Bomber, Wildcat and Mark and Rich Moore. Cheers – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full gallery

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Christian’s United Poster

Christian keeps getting better and better every time I see something from him. Between filming and riding, I don’t know how he does it.  He’s one of the true BMXers that absolutely lives it.  So stoked to see this new United poster of him doing a bump jump to rail ride. Check the full poster HERE.

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BOOM!! Kris Fox at Red Bull R.Evolution!

This is simply nuts! Red Bull threw this shindig called R.Evolution in Berlin Germany, where they built a R.Evolutionary track where the top racers of the world could race each other while throwing tricks over some of the biggest jumps that BMX racing has ever seen. The event seems to be taylor made for guys like our very own Kris Fox, just look at the above photo of Kris in the middle of his signature nac nac while racing some of the fastest BMXers in the world. Head over to Red Bull to watch footage of the madness.

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Tea and Biscuits in Dartmoor

Dartmoor today for some hiking and sightseeing. Stevie Churchill is afraid of heights so he couldn’t climb up the rock, it’s weird as he’ll 360 El Torro without batting an lash but he’s too scared to climb up a billion year old stack of granite. Doyle broke up the long drive and entertained by reciting infamous scenes from the Spinal Tap film as we drove past Stonehenge.

We arrived at Brighton BMX about 4pm and the grill was lit. We rode the ramps and flipped burgers until the sun went down. After dark we hit the bar where Hucker ordered a quadruple Jamesons, the bar maid commented that it was the biggest drink they had ever served, Hucker’s reply was, “You better stick another shot in it then.” Mastroni was on for a promise from an “earthy” looking hippy chick but he was forced to abort mission after he discovered she was going to be snorting horse tranquilizers and exploring dark caves.

Cheers to shop owner Bob for putting on a great spread. – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full galleryt

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Tea and Biscuits in Newton Abbot

Long drive to Newton Abbot today. Our mini bus is restricted to 58 mph so we get over taken a lot. Kye and Leo Forte kindly put us up for a couple of nights and we had a great session at Kye’s new shop PCC. The jump box was sessioned heavy by all and a good day was topped off with an equally out of hand session at Ye Old Cider Bar. With names like ‘Desiel’, ‘Suicide’ and ‘Black Rat’ it’s no wonder the next morning we saw a bit of a slow start. I’ve heard one of the drinks in that place referred to as “Liquid Down Syndrome”.

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Tea and Biscuits Day 5 at Rad BMX

Dave and his crew at Rad BMX went all out for us yesterday with homemade cakes, a sweet jumpbox, party, food and reiki for Doyle’s bad shoulder all made for a swell time with a chill vibe.

In a very different session to the grindy one at the previous day’s Dub Jam, the box jump outside Rad BMX was trained nonstop for 5 hours. We met a guy called Fat Paul who talks solidly and who only stops when he hears the word “Bungalow”. Many autographs were signed and we had to wrestle Doyle away from the place as the Rad dudes were set on keeping him for themselves in a specially designed room above the shop. – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full gallery


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Tea and Biscuits at Dub Jam

The highly anticipated final round of the Dub Jam was a bit of a wash out but even with the flash floods, thunder, lightening and an ever decreasing dry spot at South Banks, it still made for a great time.

Monster had a couple grand to give away and the setup was simple, “do a good trick, get £20”. Stevie has lots of good tricks so this worked out very nicely for him. Lucky too, as he was all out of money.

It was hard to see through all the pot smoke and rasta coloured stems, but amongst the contestants were a fair few big named street dogs, Benny L, Dan Lacey, AK, Bruno Hoffman were all laying it down hard. – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full gallery

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Tea and Biscuits Update

Another day of tea and biscuits. Today we went to Alpha BMX shop and Stoke Street Plaza. Shop owner Al Munger went to town and arranged a full on event, complete with insurance, a gazebo, power, music, water and some MILFS!

– Russell made at least 500 cups of tea today
– Lots of things got signed, including but not limited to; foreheads, rat tails and scooters
– Hucker demanded that the next time we have a tour we include on the flier the line “Bring your mom”
– Hucker got street and ditched his brakes
– He also killed the bowl before ejecting at full height and killing his back
– Then he flirted with a ginger police lady
– A grown man approached me and said “Can you please introduce me to Chris Doyle, I’m more nervous about talking to him than I am about talking to girls.”
– Hucker bought a bottle of Jack from a bar at £90 (approx $145)

Now we’re off to London Town for Dub Jam. . . – Elephant Distribution
Click more for a full gallery of pics.


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Welcome Back VX edit REup!

Every edit the Markit crew puts out is high quality, high energy and highly entertaining. This welcome back VX edit could be considered the first Markit edit and would set the pace for the insane list of edits that they’ve release since. They started out big and just keep getting bigger and are showing no signs of slowing!! Check this edit out now, get stoked, and then go ride!!

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SLC livin!

While the other guys are filling up with tea and biscuits overseas I flew out to Salt Lake City to hang out with the homies Rob and Tate. Christian also made the trek out to SLC so we’re sure to have some fun cruising around town and hitting up all the sick spots this city has to offer. The first day was a mellow one, while I was decompressing after annoying airport delays, Rob took us to this sweet DIY spot so we could sesh a bit and shoot rad photos like the dialed barspin above. Check out the rest of the photos from the day after the jump.

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Tea and Biscuits Second Stop

We met up with kick flip connoisseur, Phil de Mattia who kindly lead us on a guided spot tour of Britain’s streetest city, Liverpool. It was a fine day and most of the crew just sat back and laughed while Stevie Churchill effortlessly raised the bar a few notches at some of Liverpool’s most infamous spots. The double drop at Tunnel Banks has seen its fair share of action over the years, Phelan has whipped it and a couple of dudes have three’d it. After Stevie threw in his 2p’s worth it’s hard to imagine what the next big move there could possibly be.

Hucker was having a blast bar riding all over town hollering at girls, until he fell off in front of a coach causing the driver to slam on the brakes and throw all his passengers violently forward, livid Scouse bus drivers are some of the scariest humans on the planet and Hucker felt the wrath.  After that he kept his feet more on his pedals than his grips.

In the evening we headed to Rampworx to drink tea and eat biscuits with one thousand riders. Doyle, Hucker and Churchill killed the place and by the end of the night the scene was verging on biblical, with the crew being treated as Gods and us feeding the 5000 with tea and Hobnobs.

Big thanks to all the crew at the park for hooking us up, they went all out with their hospitality – free food, drinks and bike parts. They’ve had their doors open now for 15 years now and it’s all down to their commitment and awesome attitude. – Elephant Distribution
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Stevie, Doyle & Hucker Posters

We just got in our new 18X24″ posters of Stevie (doing a manly 3-whip), Doyle (dirt turndown) and Hucker ( with an amazing 360).  All of them were shot by our main man/ TM, Joey Cobbs.  You can either buy (free to buy, just have to pay for shipping) the print or get the online wallpaper of each one by going to the poster page and clicking on the smaller image.

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Tea and Biscuits First Stop

Yesterday was a day of airport laps and trails. We went to Epsom (trails) and Fids (legendary UK rider) made a few people’s day with a flip-off nothing over the last set. Was a good day; we drove up to Liverpool and today we’re riding street until 6pm, then we have a demo/stop at Rampworx. Should be a good time.- Elephant Distribution Click the photo above to view the whole gallery.

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Dennis and Christian’s Day in Mexico

Dennis and Christian got the urge recently to travel south of the boarder to session and eat tacos with their Mexican neighbors. And since they live about 10 miles aways from Mexico, the two were able to make a pretty fun day trip out of their urges. At some point during the day they took Dennis’s 4Runner out in the dunes for a shred, I wonder if Dennis gets Mexico insurance for that thing? On second thought I’m sure if anything happened to the 4runner he’d just leave it in Ol’ Mexico! Click the link and head over to the Markit site to see the rest of the photos from their excursion.

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Gabe Brooks, BIZ, and the Superman!

What do you do when your trying to shoot a photo and you just can’t get the timing right? We’ll if BIZ is anywhere nearby, just hand the camera over to him and he’ll have you covered. In the above photo you can see that BIZ has hijacked my camera to prove that he could get the shot first try. Luckily for his ego, and unlucky for mine, he did. Check out the proof after the jump.

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RIP Randy

Always hard to think about someone you’ve known that has now passed on. Randy was an awesome rider and even better person. RIP old friend.

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UK Summer Tour

Stevie, Hucker and Doyle will be heading over to the UK to shred and visit with some shops.  Our new UK distributor, Elephant has been coming through in a big way on making the trip an amazing time for the guys.  Check the flyer (click above pic) to see all the stops they’ll be making.  See you guys soon!

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Markit in Fresno

A few days ago ride posted a bike check that they shot with Connor Lodes during a Markit trip in Fresno, CA. Today, Ride posted the rest of the photos that Andrew Brady shot with the guys while they were out in central California. I would pay money to have a rope swing like that near my house, looks like too much fun! Check out the rest of the photos at Ride’s site.

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Kris Fox at Team Soil BMX Camp!

Kris Fox has been spending a good chunk of his summer working mornings at Team Soil BMX Camp in Newport Beach. The Camp itself is put on and organized by Newport Beach native Barspinner Ryan Brennan on one of the most beautiful beaches in Southern California. Simply hearing about a BMX camp on the beach was reason enough to get up early and make the drive out to camp! The camp has been running for a few summers now and has really developed into a cool scene, and the fact that Kris is there every morning shredding just makes it that much cooler. Check the photos from the morning by clicking on the post. To get more info about Team Soil BMX Camp click HERE.

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Dave Dillewaard’s Last Chance!

Dave can shred everything so well that you can’t predict what he might do, you just have to wait for the unexpected. This section in Last Chance is one of the best examples of just how diverse Dave’s riding is! I just watched this section again and was super stoked to see the grind to hop over manuel to bar over a gap. Take a look now and see whats your favorite clip, and get reminded why Dave is one of your favorite riders!

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