Demolition in Florida Day 6

Day 6 here in the sunny state and its raining again. The crew woke up stoked because we had ended the previous day finding a few awesome setups that they guys had ideas for and wanted to film at. The weather had been great the past few days so none of us suspected a thing, but when we all woke up to dark skies the mood shifted and we instantly started checking weather reports around the state to see what our option were. The reports said we had till 2pm before the storm would hit in Tampa, so we got out, hit some breakfast real quick and got to the spot round 10. We barely got out of the van and the crew just got warmed up when the rain drop started falling. By 11am it was pouring, a whole 3 hours ahead of schedule, so we started checking out hours for the indoor parks. After realizing there were no BMX hours that day for any local skateparks we took a note from “The Big Lebowksi” and said screw it dude, lets go bowling. Even though we got rained out we kept positive and had a blast bowling, and made frequent trips to WaWas and Dunkin’ Donuts. Be sure to click on the post and check out our day in the rain for day 6 of Demolition in Florida.

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Demolition in Florida Days 4 & 5

Howdy Howdy from us out here in Florida, its been a couple days since our last update so let me get you guys up to date on what we’ve been up to. Day 4 had us traveling south to Sarasota for the 3rd stop in the FLBMX contest series at the Payne Skatepark. The main bowl at the Payne park is filled with scary extensions, over vert bowl corners and more lines than can be counted and the locals we’re all killing it. After the contest, we checked in our hotel which happened to have a balcony so Tyler immediately dangled himself on said balcony(photo in gallery). We the cruised out to a beach on the Caribbean that had all the locals tripping out on watching the sun set over the ocean. Day 5 was our first full riding day and lucky for us we saw Matt Coplon the day before at the contest and he had told us about a few spots to check out when we had a chance. So we spent most the day cruising the streets of St Petersburg checking out the spots Matt told us about, we also stubbled on a building that was in the middle of being Demolished, so feeling a bit inspired by our namesake we tossed some cinder blocks around while Tyler did tricks on big street gap nearby. We had to hang onto the photo of Tyler’s gap but for now check out our photo gallery from days 4 and 5 from Demolition in Florida.

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Demolition in Florida Day 3

Day 3 of our trip out here in Florida and the skies are clear! After starting the day with the obligatory Cracker Barrel breakfast, the crew was stoked to get the chance to head over to Chad Degroot’s bike shop, Mr. Bikes N Boards, in Longwood Florida. Chad’s shop is sick! And in no time the guys were sessioning with the locals, shooting some pool, and eating pizza. Rob was extra stoked on the pizza part, you may not know by looking at him but the one thing Rob loves more than bikes, guns or girls, is FOOD and he loves the hell out of pizza so he was stoked. After hanging out at the shop for a bit we cruised over to the local prefab park and rode some more with the locals. The riders out in Longwood are sick and even though there park is a bit small they really make the most of it and shred the place to pieces. After the session we headed over to a local alligator bar and Hucker and Tyler bobbed hotdog pieces on gator noses until some got eaten, it was a little less exciting than all of us had hoped… All in all though it was a good day and were looking forward to more. Stay tuned for more updates from our Demolition trip to Florida!

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Corey Walsh In SoCal

Our man, Corey Walsh in Canada came down to SoCal to hang out, ride, and enjoy the nice weather we all take for granted. The other day he came by to visit us and ride the ramps. Couldn’t help but snap a couple shots of him while he was out back too. Check out more by hitting the top image.

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Demolition in Florida Days 1 & 2

Greetings from the sunshine state, and well, it’s raining! Or at least it was yesterday when the crew made it out to Kona skatepark and we were are within arms reach of getting to ride a place we’ve all dreamed of since we were kids. That place looks insane and we are all hoping we can make our way back up to Jacksonville for another shot at a Kona session. Since the rain killed the session yesterday we kept busy with mini ping pong tournaments and late night waffle house missions which kept everyone more than entertained while it was soggy outside. Day two though was shinning and good thing too because we landed an awesome hotel on Ormond Beach and Huck and Tyler immediately found a place to buy kites and they did the kid thing while the rest of us watched and tried not to get hit by cars on the beach. We then rolled over to The Bike Shop in Ormond Beach and chilled with all the shops guys and locals, the crew out there is rad and they ended the day by taking us out to the local park for a good ol fashion bike ride. Hucker was having some bike issues so he and Rob made lemons into lemonade and made the first ever bike centipede, Hucker has been talking a lot about the Human Centipede so he may have gotten inspiration from the movie but you’d have to ask him about that. We then watched Tyler shut down the skatepark with a couple of amazing clips, and you know with Mastroni behind the lens the clips are SO SICK! Cant wait for you guys to see, but for now, click on the post and check out all the rad photos from the crew’s first two days in Florida!

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Remember those days of hanging posters up on your wall and just staring at them for hours?  While BMX posters might be a lost art, we try and do our best to keep the dream alive.  This batch with Dennis (above), Tyler, and Hucker are ones that we’re so stoked to see in poster format.  They’re all absolutely nuts!  And yes, they’re already on my wall.  Click more to see all 3.  Get at the 18″X24″ posters for 1 penny on our online store HERE>> 

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Vans Pro

Tyler Fernengel and extended family rider, Kevin Peraza are officially on the Vans pro team and busted ass in this new Welcome To Vans video.

“These guys are no stranger to riding Vans and we would officially like to welcome Tyler Fernengel, TJ Ellis and Kevin Peraza to the Vans BMX Pro team. There are heaps of road trips planned throughout the year so these guys are going to hit the ground running in waffle soles. Music: “The River” by People’s Temple” – Vans

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At Home With Rob Wise

Rob Wise travels the entire world hitting beastly setups that no one else would dream of touching, in fact he does it so well he has built a career out of it. But what about when he’s at home? What does he do when he comes back from a trip and puts down the passport? Does he continue to shred spots to pieces or does he lay dormant in a cave somewhere waiting for his next BMX adventure? This interview dives into who Rob Wise at home, the domesticated Rob Wise, and guess what? He’s still dangerous as hell. Click on the post to find out what Rob does when he’s at home.  

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Lakin’s Farewell Jam

I for one have been honored to have ridden these jumps numerous times and to see them coming to an end definitely brings a tear to my eye.  This Saturday, the Lakin’s are throwing the last ride at the legendary jumps, so come on out and bring the crew for a one of a lifetime last ride at the jumps.

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Think everyone will agree that has seen our Last Chance video that Dennis Enarson’s part is absolutely insane. His ender for his part was one of the most ridiculous things I’ve seen, and DIG caught up with him to talk about the last trick and what went into it.
“Continuing our “Ender Ender” series, we caught up with La Mesa California’s finest, Dennis Enarson and got the lowdown on his truly insane 2011 section, and DVD ender. Taken from the full length Demolition Parts video, Last Chance.” – DIG

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Demolition/QBP Florida Tour!!

The Demolition Crew is coming to Florida to hang out and ride at a skatepark or bike shop near you. Check out the flyer and if your anywhere near Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota or Tampa be sure to come out and hang out! See you there.

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Traveling With Dennis Enarson


The Union caught up with Dennis Enarson to talk to him about this thoughts on traveling all over the world, the good and the bad. You would think Dennis has been practically everywhere but in this interview you’ll find out where he’s been, where he hasn’t and where he would love to go someday. Click HERE to head over the The Union and check out Traveling with Dennis Enarson. All photos provided by Mark Losey, NikeBMX.

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A Day with Tyler and Mike

Vital’s Brandon Means linked up with teammates and roommates, Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray, to see what it is like to live a day in their shoes. A few burnouts, barspins, a few waves and a volkswagen later and you get a vague idea of what it’s like to live the endless summer. Hit play and enjoy!

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Corey Walsh Welcome Video

When I hear about a BMX racer that made the transition to park, I immediately think of Kris Fox but later heard from our Canadian distributor, Killemall about a kid named Corey Walsh that has a similar background as Kris.  Corey also has a very similar riding style too, which is going scary fast at everything, and having amazing good style.  Huge thanks again goes out to our Canadian distributor, Killemall distribution for making this all happen and getting Corey on our Canadian team.

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Two Afternoons With Mr. Rigal

Christian is easily one of the most active dudes in BMX, if he’s not riding he’s filming and if he’s not filming he’s shooting photos, and if he’s not riding, filming or shooting he’s looking for spots! So it’s not all the often that I get the chance to link up and ride some street with him and this last week we actually got to meet up twice for a sesh. Each time we had a blast hanging out riding some local spots and when the opportunity arose, we shot some photos too. And if you know Christian, anything he’s doing on his bike is rad and deserves a look to see what he’s up to. So click on the link and see what went down during two afternoon sessions with Christian Rigal.

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VXtras with Young Fern

Doeby Films just started releasing a cool little video segment called VXtras, pretty simply concept, just a couple of rad clips with the Ol’ VX. And one of the first installments is with Demolition’s Tyler “Young Fern” Fernengel. He is just too good!

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Drew Hosselton’s Arizona Highways Wallpaper

blog-demo-drew-az edit

You might think since Drew Hosselton recently finished up filming for his highly anticipated section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD, The Finer Things, that he may take some time off to relax and enjoy the fruits of successfully filming a DVD part. But not Drew, as soon as he wrapped up filming for the DVD he dove straight into his next project with good friend and fellow AZ enthusiast Greg Moliterno. The two will are traveling up and down every AZ Highway, exploring every unchecked corner of the state to find the most hidden and unique spots AZ has to offer in order to put together an edit that gives appreciation to their beloved state. And this here wild nose jam fakie is just the beginning of what Drew has in store for this project. So click on the photo to check it out BIG and be sure to save it as your brand new crispy ass desktop wallpaper.

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Drew Hosselton Defining The Finer Things

The man, the myth, the legend, Drew Hoss sits down with RideBMX to talk about his defining DVD section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD project, The Finer Things. Drew is all about talking his riding to new places and in new directions so the fact that he is saying this DVD part is his ” Defining Part” as a rider is really saying something. Find out what else he’s got to say about The Finer Things by hitting this here link.

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Hucker’s Nora Interview

Mike "Hucker" Clark NORA Cup 2014
Rad lil interview with Hucker about winning Nora Cup, and everything else he has planned coming up and then some. Check it out at RIDE bmx here.

“Mike “Hucker” Clark is truly one-of-a kind. His riding style is loose, uninhibited, exciting, unpredictable, and always memorable. But the best thing about Mike is that for all of his incredible riding skill, he’s just as great off the bike—bringing a positive attitude, loads of fun, and a constant smile wherever he goes. It should come as no surprise that he walked away with his third NORA Cup in a row for #1 Dirt Rider in 2014.” RIDE BMX

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Kris Fox Is The F-N Man!

This is one of my all time favorite posters we’ve ever put out. This photo of Kris Fox by Joey Cobbs screams “poster!!” The angle, the classic trick, and all the colors just pop. The back of the poster has all of our new 2015 parts and can be snatched up for a cool penny ($0.01) on our online store HERE>>
p.s. We doubled the image to fit the blog, it’s just one vertical shot on the poster and not mirroring.

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Aaron Smith Signature Ad

Aaron Smith signature product ad
When he’s not making smoothies for all of New England, Aaron Smith is out riding his ass off and doing moves like this DP to bars.  The man also has himself a couple signature products from us that are out and kick ass!  His true top load Brace Stem, and his Live Free Or Die Pivotal seat.  You can get both at your local Demolition dealer today!  Photo by: Lee Hopkins.  Click top photo to view the full ad. 

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Rooftop of The Black Hole

VitalBMX just gave honors to Demolition Legend/Hall of Fame Rider Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla for having one of the Top Ten Best BMX Video Part Songs from his part in EtniesForward” (2002). While it may not be an official ESPY or a Golden Popcorn, and there’s always an element of personal opinion, I’d say they hit the nail on the head here. As progressive, fast-paced, timeless, and just jaw-dropping as Rooftop’s part is in this video, it really needed an equally fast-paced and timeless song. “Kids of the Black Hole” by Adolescents really rounded it out well. His section was the pace-setter for “Forward” by opening up the whole video…..Oh, and the Rooftop on fire scene was absolutely and unashamedly filmed in our old warehouse. Watch his part, scour the recesses of the internet for the rest of the sections, and watch his last Demolition edit after you’ve watched this. Then go backflip over a helicopter off of a rail….on fire.

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Demolition 2015 Parts Catalog

We’re so stoked to finally get out our new 2015 goods this year that we’ve been showing off  since 2014’s Interbike show.  We just whipped up our new parts catalog with everything you can expect to see that’s either out now or very shortly soon to come.  The front of the poster is possibly one of the best photos we’ve put out too, we’ll have that post up shortly and how you can get a poster too.  Click HERE to view it BIG.

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Nora Cup Readers Choice Award Interview with Tyler Fernengel


RideBMX just posted an awesome write up with Tyler Fernengel focusing on his Readers Choice Nora Cup win in 2014. 2014 was a HUGE year for Tyler and I’m sure this award was icing on the cake! Clink on the LINK to read about Tyler’s thoughts on winning the award as well as all the other crazy-ness that is going on in his life right now! Also while your there be sure to check out the photos that Tyler shot with Jeff Z during their Red Bull/RideBMX photo shoot that went down in Detroit a few months back.

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Biz’s RotatoR Ad

RotatoR Whee/ Biz Ad
For all those that haven’t seen Biz’s latest RotatoR video, you’re missing out on some classic Biz moves and a slew of new spots and tricks from the man. This ad photo of him jumping out of the window is what he shot with Joey Cobbs while filming for the video. And while you’re at it, hit up Biz’s signature RotatoR freecoaster for all the specs HERE.  Click top image to view in it’s entirety. 

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Rob In Left/Right

The Left/Right DVD by Ryan Navazio that came out in 07 dropped online a couple days ago, and just watched Rob’s parts again for the 100th time just now. It’s one of those timeless parts where he drops some heavy bangers. You definitely don’t want to miss watching this again, and realize that it came out 8 years ago. Also, be sure to check out the Vimeo page for the full writeup on how the video came about.

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Markit New Years Cash Jam Gallery

So we’ve posted the edits from the Markit New Years Cash Jam this morning and here are the photos from the day. So just in case you missed something amongst the madness you can see it here in still form. It’s always awesome to see photos to go along with clips so you get that extra chance to look over the craziest moves from the day and see all the details of the trick that makes them so rad. Be sure to click on the post and check out all photos from the crazy shit that went down during the Markit New Years Cash Jam.

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Markit Cash Jam Edits!!!

So the Markit Cash Jam is in the books and what a blast it was! There was an awesome mix of Pro riders, who have ridden the ramp before and knew the lines, and Am riders who had never step foot on the Markit ramps and had to figure out the ramp on the spot. Regardless of Pros or Ams, everyone killed it and everyone had a chance to win some cash for killing it! The jam started off with the highest alleyoop over the hip, then Demolition’s Satellite Slayer, followed by East County BMX’s Euro Jam and then they day wrapped up with an overall ramp cash jam where if you did something crazy you got instant cash money. Here is Dig’s perspective from the jam courtesy of DOEBY and be sure to click on the post in order to check out the Jam edits from Vital and RideBMX!

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Jeff Z’s Top 10

Jeff Zielinski's Top 10 RideBMX Mag Photos of 2014
RIDEbmx just put up Jeff Z’s top 10 photos from 2014 and Ryan “Biz” Jordan (above), Jason Enns, and Tyler Fernengel scored photos in it.  Definitely a privilege to be on that list and stoked to see the photos once again.  Click top photo of Biz to see it big and click here to read the captions on the behind the scenes of each shot.

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Behind the Scenes with Ronnie and Dennis in Portugal

Dennis and I were lucky enough to go on a trip to Portugal to film an edit for Nokia phones. The whole edit was filmed with the new Nokia lumia which is pretty crazy. Thanks to Hadrian for having us come out to ride and have an adventure in Portugal. From the views to the spots, Portugal was amazing! We got to ride some skateparks as well as street when we were out there and like you can see in the edit, it was all awesome. Of course Dennis was doing the most insane stuff on a daily basis. Even though I know how good he is he still seems to surprise me with something new all the time. We were out there for 10 days and on the last day Dennis and I both got sick. He got it the worst, we are thinking it was food poisoning from the last place we ate at. The whole trip we had an awesome friend showing us around and taking us to the best places to eat, and of course on the last day he wasn’t there and we got sick as shit. Thanks Hadrian, nuno, and Hugo for showing us around and hanging out and making this trip one that won’t be forgotten! – Ronnie

Click on the post to check out all the behind the scenes photos from their trip and then check out the edit from the trip at the bottom of the post. Heyyooo!

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Holy 2014

One of our favorite videos we dropped this year came courtesy of Mr. Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal behind the camera.  It’s banger after banger on anything and everything in typical Dennis fashion.  Give it a watch again and get ready to shred in the new year!

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Markit Jam!

Markit Jam Flyer
December 31st on new years eve, our good buds over at Markit will be holding their big jam on their ramps in La Mesa, CA.  We’ll be holding a $200 cash prize for the best trick done on the satellite dish to boot.  Get out there and get ready to see some crazy action!  Click on the top photo to view the whole flyer.

$200 United big 270 over the hip.
$200 Haro best trick involving some sort of fakie.
$200 Demolition best trick on the satellite dish.
$200 East County BMX DGAFer of the day. Which goes to whoever gives the least fucks all day. It doesn’t have to be the best rider, just the rider sending it the hardest all day.
$100 DIG best shredder throughout the day.

It will be $10 to ride the ramps and $5 to hang out and spectate. All the money will go right back into a cash for tricks jam at the end of the day. We will throw about an hour on the clock and give out cash for anything we think is badass on and off the ramps! Come out and finish 2014 with the MARIT crew!!

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SPoT Roast Bowl Jam

Our friends over at FL-BMX are putting on their annual SPoT Roast jam January 9th-10th, and will be giving out some Demolition goods for the bowl jam on the 9th.  Be sure to get out their if you’re in the Tampa, FL area, it should be a blast!

Incredibly amped to announce SPoT Roast on Saturday, January 10th! Below (in addition to what’s listed on the flyer) is subsequent info highlighting the event:
1. We definitely recommend pre-registering as last year we had 137 entries. Register online here>>
2. With pre-registering, you can ride for free on Wednesday’s bmx session at SPoT (January 7th). You can also ride Friday all day starting at noon.
3. Pre-registering will also get you free entry into Friday nights bowl Jam (January 9th) sponsored by Profile Racing, Demolition, Colony, ODI, and Sun Rims.
4. After party at The Bricks on Saturday night!
If you have any questions, please feel to contact me at

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Extended Family Member Update w. Josh Perry

Josh Perry is always on the move and always doing crazy shit on the BMX so we are always stoked to hear from him and what he’s been up to lately. Here is what he had to say. Also, be sure to click on the post to see all of the photos of Josh from the GMG jam.

“How’s it going guys? I hope all is well.

I just wanted to check in and send over some photos from the GMG Trails in Pittsboro, Nc. They held a jam for my buddy Darren Bouldins (@darrenbouldin) birthday.

Nick Digeroloma (@nickdige) got these photos for me from the jam so I thought I’d send them over. I filmed a bunch of clips for my buddy’s video he’s working on for his shirt brand, Pareidolia, as well. I went down to Miami for 3 weeks after thanksgiving for some school shows with my buddy Jared Ward and Joey Scarborough. And then I’m headed to Mass at the end of December for a few months to film for it more and chill with my family there. That’s about it for now, ”

Talk soon,

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junk·yard With Tate Roskelley

junk·yard – ˈjəNGkˌyärd – a place where scrap is collected before being discarded, reused, or recycled.

Street riders always keep an eye out for an spots, things to ride that weren’t meant to be ridden. Some riders have taken that further than others. Tate Roskelly has taken his riding and spot finding to a place where most riders do not recognize, his spots look different from everyone else’s and its because he see’s it a different way.  We sat and watched as Tate was given a blank canvas; other people’s trash, and managed to turn it into treasures. Check it out after the jump.

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Nora Cup Congratulatory Ad

Congrats to Tyler and Hucker Ride ad 206

We’re beyond stoked for Tyler Fernengel (Readers’ Choice Award) and Mike “Hucker” Clark (Dirt Rider Of The Year) getting RideBMX Nora Cup 2014 awards that we whipped up this congratulatory ad up for them.  We couldn’t be any more happier for these two and our dudes at Markit getting their Video Of The Year award too.  Congrats guys!!  Photos by Jeff Z and Ryan Fudger.  Click top photo to view the whole ad>>

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Doyle Updates on Winter, Remodeling and Switch Whips!

Doyle is no stranger to coping with Pennsylvania winters and keeping the session going on the BMX. Recently he sent us this here update that gives you a bit of insight on how he does just that. Click on the post to see what Doyle does to stay fresh on the BMX and how he keeps his mind right when there’s snow on the ground.

Switch Whip photo at the Wheel Mill Courtesy of Keith Terra.

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Corey Walsh @ Joyride 150

Our newest Canadian rider, Corey Walsh, came through with an awesome edit from Joyride 150. He showed the BMX world his bike control skills at Texas Toast by taking home the Gauntlet of Death title and now this edit shows how smooth and stylish he is as well. Keep a look out for a lot more from Corey in the future. Huge shoutout to Killemall Distribution in Canada!

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Markit New Years Eve CASH Jam!

New Years
For all you riders and BMX enthusiasts out there who have always wanted to ride or hang out at the Markit ramps, well here is your chance! The dudes at Markit are hosting a New Years Eve Cash Jam at the Markit ramps and everyone is invited. $10 to ride and $5 to hang out and ALL the entry money goes right back into the cash jam. There will also be several sponsored events through out the day, not to mention the Satellite Slayer contest that Demolition will be throwing!! Your not going to want to miss this!!

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Rig Bar Treatment

The Dennis Enarson Rig Bars got some new love with an all new sticker and are available now. Dennis and us are super stoked on the new sticker by Nick Sawyers. You probably know Nick’s art work from the Markit Zero DVD cover but if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll love the new crossbar sticker on Dennis’ new bar. Get at em HERE for all the specs!

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Hucker Bike Check!

We caught up with Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark at one of our shop stops recently, and saw he was riding his new S&M X Demolition bike and thought we’d shoot a bike check with him and his new whip.  Hit more to see and read what and why he rides what he rides.

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Menifee Bicycles Anniversary Party

Menifee Bicycles had a huge anniversary party yesterday and invited the Demolition crew out to partake in the festivities and have a good time with all the locals and shop folks. There was a huge turn out, lots of good food, live music and good times on the BMX. There needs to more parties like this one, too much fun for sure! Click on the post and check out all the photos from the day.

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More Cordova From Sykes

The Stepbrothers are at it again, this time the pair shot a few insanely stylish photos during a recent session out at Woodward West. Above is only one example of the style I’m referring to, be sure to click on the post and check out the two other awesome photos these two produced from the sesh. Keep your eyes peeled for the next Stepbrothers installment coming from Matt Cordova and Nathan Sykes, I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

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Haro in Malaysia – RideBMX Gallery

Dennis with a big double set wall ride with Christian in hot pursuit

About a week or so ago we posted the edit from the guys Haro trip out to Malaysia. The trip looked amazing and today Ride just posted another point of view from the trip, this time from the lens of Haro TM, Colin Mackay. There are a ton of rad photos in the gallery featuring Mike Gray, Dennis and Tyler so be sure to click HERE to check it out!

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Boyd Hilder Up!

Boyd is the newest member of our Australian team through BMX Militia and we’re all super excited to have him onboard. He’s definitely one to watch out for, he’s insanely good and his bag of tricks goes deep!  We just got up his team page with a lil’ interview HERE>>

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Secret BMX Shop Stop Slideshow

Last Saturday the crew got together over at Secret BMX Shop in Temecula California and had one hell of a Shop Stop session with all the locals that made it out. The were tons of ledges, rails, BMX, and Pizza so there was nothing to get in the way of a good time. We wanted to show the photos from the day a little bit differently this time around so we made a quick slideshow for you guys to check out, enjoy!

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Menifee Bicycles Jam

This Saturday between 10a-2p there will be a huge anniversary celebration at Menifee Bicycles. Tons of games, food, Demolition parts riders, a bike show and giveaways from us. Check it out if you’re in the area, you won’t regret it! Click the top photo to view the full flyer.

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Dennis Enarson Bike Check

dennis check
Just spotted this cool Dennis Enarson Haro X Demolition bike check over at the ESPN site.  Dennis goes through some of the major parts on his bike as well as explaining why he rides what he rides.  Check it out HERE>> Photo by Cody York
“This is me and my trusty steed,” says Enarson. “When I’m healthy I spend a lot of time with this thing so I try and keep it feeling good.” – Dennis Enarson

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Biz RotatoR Promo Update

Big out rail to thread the needle somewhere in Southern California
The highly trained R&D team over here at Demolition Parts have been working on a new and improved version of Biz’s RotatoR hub and to celebrate the improvements, Biz has been going in on a Promo edit for his signature hub. Here is a GoPro photo of a crazy out rail to thread that Biz has already filmed for the promo and from the this little preview it looks like Biz is putting together one hell of a promo edit. Stay tuned for more from Biz and his new RotatoR hub.

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There’s No Thanksgiving in Australia

Dillsy has been in California for the last few months and has been filming like crazy with fellow shredder Calvin Kosovich. The two have been hitting parks and spots all over and the result has been some seriously sick clips that will get your shred boner raging. Stoked to see more from these dudes.

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Haro in Malaysia

Dennis, Tyler, Mike and Christian all made the trek to Malaysia with Colin McKay and Matthias Dandois for their frame sponsor, Haro Bikes. From the looks of it the crew crossed paths with a lot of crazy characters, crazier monkeys and the craziest spots. Hit play on this one right this second, you don’t want to miss it.

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Arizona Love with Drew Hosselton

Everyone’s favorite weird spot finder extraordinaire, Drew Hosselton, has begun working on a new Demolition video project that will highlight all the diverse spots throughout Arizona as well as the fried locals that inhabit said spots… Greg Moliterno will be the man behind the lens for this edit and with the two of them and their love of all things AZ, this edit will not be one to miss. Excited to see this whole thing unfold but in the meantime, click on the post to check out all the photos from their first trip out to Yuma for Drew’s Arizona Love project.

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Nico Bernede Welcome Video

Our new French rider, Nico Bernede just dropped his welcome to Volume/ Demolition video with some classic speed and flow that we’re always stoked to see from any rider.  Huge thanks to David at Ezco Dist and Rames Hellemans for making the video.  I’m sure you guys will be seeing a lot more from Nico soon to come.

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The Secret BMX Shop Stop!

Heyyyyoooo! The Demolition Team will be hanging, sessioning, laughing, giving out goodies, and having an all round good time at The Secret BMX Shop next Saturday at noon! The shop is at 28780 Old Town Front Street STE. B1 Temecula, CA. Come out and have run on the BMX with us! Hope to see you there!

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Doyle Doing It For FUSE

Doyle gives you the rundown on why FUSE are the pads for him and that he in fact had bought some FUSE pads and loved them before ever getting sponsored by them, if thats not the ultimate endorsement I don’t know what is. Chris also shreds the shit out of the House Park bowl in Austin in this edit giving you even more reason to watch it now.

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Connor Lodes Welcome to KINK

Well the title pretty much sums it up, this here is Connor’s welcome to Kink edit and it is rad! Connor and Kink paired up right before Texas Toast and just after the contest Kink flew Connor out to Barcelona to film this bangin’ welcome edit. And with Darryl Tocco behind the lens you know this edit is not one to miss!

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The Tea and Biscuits 2 Tour Video

Our guys Drew Hosselton, Rob Wise, and Kris Fox all went over the pond to jump in on another UK Tea and Biscuits Tour with the fine folks at Elephant Distribution. They caught up with Demolition UK riders, Michael Jordan  and Jordan Aleppo and rode some amazing parks and only got rained on a couple days. Sounds like a win-win if you ever vacationed in the UK before. Check it out, get stoked and get ready to be jealous of how awesome the parks are there.
“The second installment of our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour in affiliation with Elephant Distribution. Featuring riders from Volume, Demolition, and Markit US and UK. Broc Raiford, Drew Hosselton, Michael Jordan, Kris Fox, Jordan Aleppo, Vince Mayne, Rob Wise, and Steve Bancroft tear up some of England’s finest skatepark establishments and shops along the way. It was a wild journey to say the least. Enjoy!”

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Dillsy Day to Ya!

Big gap to wall ride at unknown skatepark

The Crooked World just released a hilarious travelers guide to Australia with Demolition’s very own Australian, Dave Dillewaard. Dave gives you the down and dirty on what to expect when going down unda and makes you laugh in the process. $20 for a six pack, I cannot imagine…

Dave has been in the states now for a few weeks and been shredding parks and foundation spots all over the western half of the country. During one of his sessions he was able to get this sweet GoPro sequence of a big gap wall he did and was kind enough to send it over for our enjoyment! Click on the post to check out this sequence and Dave’s travel guide to Australia, you don’t want to miss it!

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Dennis, Ronnie and Cell Phones in Portugal

Ronnie and Dennis flew out to Portugal a few months back to team up with Hadrien Picard and Lumia to film an edit around the country with nothing but cell phones. The parks and street spots this crew covers in this edit is amazing and needless to say these two ride all those spots like no one else can. This edit has that cool acoustic feel to it, mixed with badass riding and picturesque spots you surely do not want to miss out on this one. Hit play and enjoy.

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Chris Doyle Pittsburgh To Bethlehem


Chris Doyle, Aaron Ross and Devon Hutchins went on a cool little road trip from Doyle’s home town of Pittsburgh to the TRA Doublecross contest in Bethlehem. The crew was working on a web edit for their shop sponsor, Empire, and ended up with enough extra photos from the trip that they put together THIS HERE gallery for Dig. Devon’s photos came out super good so be sure to head over to DIG and take a look.

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Matt Cordova Travels For Dreams and Toast

I just got home from Redbull Dreamline in North Carolina and Texas Toast and it was probably the best two weeks of my life. From riding some of the best dirt jumps, hanging with all the homies, to just being on the road and having no worries at all. I got to travel from Dreamline to Texas with Dustin Orem and Drew Bezanson, stopping in Tyler Texas along the way to hang with Morgan Wade and shoot some guns. The amount of ammo, clay pigeons, and tannerite (Google if you don’t know what this is) we burned through was unreal. After going a bit Rambo, we then drove to Austin to meet up with the Haro guys and get stoked for Toast. They rented a house and we just got to hang out, cook dinners, and had a good time, it really made it feel like a team and a family. Both contests were amazing and I couldn’t be more stoked on how I rode, I made finals at both and had the most fun of my life out there. Cheers to everyone who made this trip possible and fun. Here is a little photo journal that I put together from my trip. Until the next one..

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