Kris Fox SE Frame Promo | The Gaudium

Kris Fox does some sunny soul searching and bowl carving at beaches and bowls across Southern California then talks about his approach to BMX, why he loves it, and how came up with the name for his frame for SE bikes, The Gaudium. Good vibes and good clips throughout this edit. Check it out!

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A Year with Josh Clemens

Clem whips a street gap with styler in the streets of San Diego

Josh Clemens always has something going, between working, riding, traveling, filming, living, laughing and everything else in between it’s impossible to keep up with it all. So I thought it was a perfect time to catch up with Josh and ask a few quick questions about his year and what else he has got lined up on the horizon. So click on the post and check out A Year with Josh Clemens.

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Axes Grip Spotlight

We’ve been showing off our Axes grips on social media since we got samples of them a couple weeks ago but never really wrote anything about them in detail till now.  They’re still a ways out and scheduled to release beginning of next year but figure we’d show em off now regardless.  They’re coming in non flange (150mm length) and flange (155mm length) versions and with an outer diameter of ø31mm. For all those that like a bit meaty grip that is comfy as hell, these are worth the wait.

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The Canadian, Jason Enns

Jason stalls out a Canadian foot jam on the most dialed quarter in California

Last week Cordova, Dillsy, Enns and myself went sessoning out in the middle of nowhere and from that day we posted the Session to Nowhere gallery, that I hope most of you enjoyed. But this photo here was just too good to post with the others, the quarter has a half foot of vert and at only four feet tall it is not easily sessioned. So when Jason stepped up to the plate and called out the Canadian we were stoked to see it happened but weren’t sure how it was going to get it done on this beat ass quarter. A few minutes later Jason stabbed into the perfect Canadian, rolled away clean and showed us how it’s done! So for your viewing pleasure we hung onto it for a few days longer so we can post it individually as your new wallpaper. So get stoked, make your computer look sick, and then go build a DIY spot for you and your crew to session!

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Biz’s Art Ad

I want to say I shot this uprail 180 turndown of Biz almost a year ago but just recently got used in the last ART BMX Mag for our French distributor, Ezco.  The funny thing about shooting photos of Biz is, that I’ve never really gone out to shoot just him, it always just naturally happens.  We were at this school riding and shooting some of the other guys and Biz was just playing around on this rail and banged this out.  This was also in his last Verde edit that Mastroni helped film.  Either way, click to make it big and drool over how badass this actually is, and check out Biz’s RotatoR freecoaster HERE>>

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Halloween Jam

Halloween Jam small

This Saturday at the Mathis Brothers Skate Park in Edmond, OK some good people are throwing a really awesome jam. We sent out some promo for the jam and they’ve got a few different opportunities to ride and win free stuff. If you’re in the area, make sure you make it. Click the image for more details.

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Street Fighter IV


Have you ever been riding and thought “What would van Damme do?” I know I have. Well, after 4 years without a Street Fighter Jam in Phoenix, AZ, and to much demand, the Street Fighter jam is back for the 4th time. If you’re in the Phoenix area this Saturday, then make sure you hit it up. They’re meeting at the Church’s Chicken flat rail downtown, so you can get your light or dark meat fix beforehand. Click the image for all the details.

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A Session to Nowhere

It’s easy for riders to get caught up in the fog of progression, filming clips, searching for the ultimate spots, competing against the best riders in the world, all to find out just how far they can push their riding and see what’s possible. In that fog it’s so easy to forget the reasons why we got into riding in the first place, and so it’s essential that every once in a while you pump the brakes on life, hook up with some friends, get on the bikes, and just go jump off some shit. So last weekend Enns, Cordova, Dillsy and myself did just that, we didn’t have any clips to film, we didn’t have any spots to scout, we didn’t have a deadline to meet, we just went out into the void and rode. We snapped a few photos of whatever looked cool and incidentally came away with a ton of rad photos from the day! So be sure to take a second, click on the post to check out the photos from our session, get stoked, link up with your fiends, and go jump off some shit!

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MEMORIES: Demolition X Markit San Antonio Trip

Oh man what a blast, cool little house, rad crew, great food, and more spots than we knew what to do with. Just a few special ingredients in what made for one of the best trips ever to San Antonio last year. The Markit crew was in the middle of filming for what would be the Nora Cup Video of the Year, Markit Zero. The Demolition crew was in the middle of one of their busiest traveling years to date and so the timing was just right for a super fun, relaxed, yet ridiculously productive trip right in America’s heart land. So please take a minute to sit back, relax, and click through some of our photos from one of the best trips ever and get motivated to get a bunch of your friends together and get tripping to somewhere you’ve never been but always wanted to go! Yewww!

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Aaron Smith as Winter Approaches

Step down bar as winter approaches.

What’s up guys,

The weather is turning here on the east coast and Fall is definitely in full effect. I got a good session in providence the other day, Lee Hopkins snapped this pic of me barring the step down. It’s almost time to move the sessions indoors or to the west coast. So hopefully I’ll be seeing you Californians soon.


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Demolition Takes Over Texas Toast Finals!

Texas Toast kicked off on Friday with Matt Cordova taking the win in the Cow Bell contest and yesterday the boys continued to roll in the finals. Starting the day, our Canadian rider Cory Walsh officially won the famed Gauntlet of Death. Then in dirt finals, Hucker took home the win, Doyle ended up 3rd, and our boys Cordova and Bohan killed it as well. To cap off Texas Toast 2014, Dennis took the big win in street finals and Connor Lodes came through with 3rd. Check out RideBMX’s highlights from dirt finals above. Huge shoutout to all the boys for killing it! Until next year…

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Texas Toast Photo Gallery: Day 1

Screen Shot 2014-10-18 at 9.33.00 AM

Texas Toast is underway and the content has been pouring out of Austin as if it were off a live feed from the contest. The good fellows at RideBMX have been out in full force and already they have posted an awesome photo gallery along with an edit from the day 1 shenanigans from Toast. Day one highlights include Matt Cordova taking home the Cow Bell Challenge win, Doyle cranking crazy tricks out of the Texas Toast Wall, near head on collisions in the street course and more close calls in the Gauntlet of Death. Head over to RideBMX to check out their gallery from Toast that includes this here awesome wall ride turndown from Doyle along with tons of other rad photos from the lens of Jeff Z. Be sure to check out their edit from the day while your at it!

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Ken Saito Welcome to Demolition!

We are stoked to announce that Ken Saito is the newest addition to our International Team. Ken is a young shredder from Japan that we’re sure you will be getting much more familiar with in the future. He has been on the mend from a pretty serious injury most of the year but our distributor Motocross International was able to put together a quick interview, some photos of Ken’s bike, and a couple awesome pre-injury riding shots. Check it out after the jump! Photos by: Y. Ogawa. 

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Connor Lodes on KINK!


Connor Lodes made the announcement a few weeks back that he was parting ways with his long time frame sponsor, Premium Products, to “… move on to bigger and better things!”
Well here it is, looks like Connor is the newest addiction to the Kink Pro Team! We know Connor is super stoked on this, we are stoked for him, and we can’t wait to see what all comes from this. Connor met up with RideBMX’s Ryan Fudger and the two whipped up this bike check real quick to break the news, hit this link to head over to RIDE and check out the full check. Congrats Connor!

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Red Bull Raditudes Season Finale

Hucker and the boys head to England for the season finale of Red Bull Raditudes for more good times. Watch as Hucker, Anthony, and Bohan kill it at the Decoy Jam, with Hucker taking top honors, and also keep a look out for some guest clips of Kris Fox. Stoked to see what is in store for next season!

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Journey Through Long Beach with Tate Roskelley

Long Beach is a BMX haven and has been for decades, more than maybe any other city, it has seen generations of BMX come and go and is a place the is full of BMX history and progression. However when your cruising a city like Long Beach with an eccentric rider like Tate Roskelley, you need to look and think about what can be ridden in an entirely different way, and in that way it’s like you are looking at this old place for the very first time. Rob was also with the crew but having hurt himself earlier in the week he, along with the rest of us, took a back seat to watch Tate comb through the back alleys of Long Beach for those setups that allow him to take BMX in his own unique direction. Everything Tate has been hunting for and working on recently will be featured in his part in The Finer Things DVD which is being released by his frame sponsor, Volume Bikes, so be sure to keep and eye out for that, you know you will not be disappointed.

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On Speed!

When you get 2 badass’ to do a web video like Chad Osburn and our very own Chris Doyle, you know you’re going to get some incredible riding.  Not only does this new KINK video have a chock full of big gaps, air and gnarly tricks, they both pedal the fuck out of their bikes at each trick. Watch now!!

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Dreamline 2014 Finals

Dreamline 2014 is all wrapped and in the books…. And from the looks of it the organizers completely outdid themselves in putting together one of, if not the best dirt comp of the year. Dennis, Hucker and Doyle all made the finals and all made top 10 and all did completely insane runs to get them there. Check out the madness here and then head over to RideBMX to check out an awesome photo gallery from finals along with the rest of the coverage from Red Bull’s Dreamline 2014.

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And The Nominee Goes To…

Dennis-mug-ryan scott
If you’ve been looking at the RIDEbmx Nora Cup award nominees, you’ll notice that Dennis Enarson has been up for almost all of them; Reader Choice, Video Part, Street Rider and Ramp Rider.  Think that’s almost every damn category except for Flatland?  To even get mentioned in these let alone getting nominated is a huge feat all on its own.  Seeing Dennis grow firsthand over the years and how much he’s accomplished and has done has been pretty awesome to say the least.  Photo by Ryan Scott

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S.L.C. in the I.E.

Demolition’s Mormon and ICP ambassadors, Rob Wise and Tate Roskelley, made it out to California this week to hang out with the homies and work on filming projects they’ve been putting together. So we got a crew together and wanted to ride somewhere during the week where we would be hassled very little and ride a whole lot. We decided on the Inland Empire, about eighty miles East of Los Angeles, our ideas were pure but the outcome was not so much. We got kicked out of most everything we tried to ride and we got harassed quite a bit in the process, we did however manage to have a blast regardless of the man shutting us down. By the end of the day though we witnessed Tate get a crazy badass clip, the only one of the day, we got to see Enns arm wrestle a praying mantis, and we witness lots and lots of human feces laying about in the streets of San Bernardino. Tate even made it a point to start collecting human feces photos to later create some kind of shitty collage I imagine. Click on the post to see all the images from our day and stay tuned for more from Rob and Tate’s trip to California.

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Dreamline Practice

The dudes at RIDEbmx just put up this rad edit from Dreamline practice.  This years Red Bull Dreamline contest is on a whole nother level of dirt jumping.  Our guys, Enarson, Doyle, and Hucker are all in this edit having a good time and blasting the big jumps. Can’t wait to see what they pull out for the actual contest!

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Window Shooting with Kris Fox

Recently an awesome request came up to provide a photo that would be made into a Demolition full window print for the Southern California, BMXcentric bike shop, Epic Ride Shop. Since I didn’t have a photo already shot that fit the bill just right I met up with Demolition Style Cat, Kris Fox, to shoot something for the window print. Aussie Demolition rider, Boyd Hilder, was in town with good friend Jason Watts so we all met up to try and search out the perfect spot to shoot this window photo. After cruising around some LA ditches for a while we noticed the influx of homeless complexes that dot the ditch scene and because of that the lack of any boards, carpets, or useful water bridging trash that you might normally find in any urban ditch. So after coming up empty handed in the ditches and it being a weekday we decided to go to familiar territory in the form of Ben Snowden’s backyard ramps. We had a fun resi session, I climbed high up into a treetop perch, we shot a rad photo for the window and the mission was a success. Click on the post to check out all the photos from our day and to also see this huge flair that Boyd is blasting in the photo above.

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Russ Barone Shredding on Strong Island

Demolition’s righteous rasta man, Russ Barone, showed fellow Cult teammate, Trey Jones, and Demolition Alumni, Garrett Byrnes, around Long Island for good old BMX fun. The crew hits dirt, street, transition, they hit all! So no matter what your thing is in BMX you will find what you like in this edit, good vibes, good spots, good riding, awesome edit.

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Where in the World is Kris Fox?

To say Kris Fox is having an awesome year would be a huge understatement, throw in a couple of overwhelmingly positive descriptive words and a couple of expletives out of excitement and then you might be in the ballpark of describing the kind of year Kris has been having. Between traveling to the far corners of the globe to ride, getting the invite to the biggest contests of the year, to rubbing elbows on trips with the legends of the sport, Kris has been non-stop so when I had the chance to ask his a few questions about all this I jumped on it. Click on the post to check what Kris had to say and while your at it be sure to click through some photos from Kris’ year.

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Hanging Out With RideBMX

Well not literally actually hanging out with the magazine, not sure if that’s possible. But when you have three veteran Demolition team members, Christian Rigal, Connor Lodes and Ryan BIZ Jordan, linking up with Ride’s Associate Editor, Ryan Fudger, to work on some stuff for the mag you get excited! And believe me the day did not disappoint! It always amazing me the setups these guys find on the streets and the things they’re able to make happen on them. But because I don’t want to spoil what they were up to in hopes that we will soon be seeing everything print, I kept behind the scenes and shot photos of the guys hanging out between clips, which with this crew is hardly a dull moment. check out our photos from the day and then go get one more session in before the weekend ends!

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Rig Line Wallpaper

When I was a kid I used to dream of new parts coming out and what the hottest thing was at that time was.  I feel like Dennis’ Rig line is that for me now.  I’m pumped on every item (Rig Bar / Rig Tire / Rig Crank) and how f-n strong/ durable they are.  That little kid in me was stoked to see this photo that J.Cobbs shot of all the parts together.  Hit the photo to go BIG!  While you’re at it, check out Dennis’ last interview about the whole line here>>

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Vital’s Game of BIKE

Connor Lodes, Mike Gray and Josh Clemens all are going to be at Hollenbeck Skatepark in Los Angeles, this Saturday, for VitalBMX’s Game of BIKE and if your lucky enough to be in the area, your not going to want to miss the madness. Ever imagine what a game of BIKE would look like between your favorite street pros in the game? Well imagine no longer, just get over to Hollenbeck Skatepark in LA at noon or if your not able to make it in person, head over to at noon on Saturday where you can watch the contest live.

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Christian Rigal Pegs Feature

Pegs have become synonymous with Rigal’s riding. Every web edit and DVD section he’s put together in the last few years has pushed the four peg game to places no one else has. I would bet that if you asked any rider out there what their most memorable clip of Christian is that every response given would be a clip of him using one, two, three or four of his pegs in some new Christian kind of way. What might not come immediately to mind, unless you’ve followed Christian’s riding from the beginning, is that he can do crazy shit on anything he wants. Ramps, trails, street and I’m sure flatland too if he wanted. Often times the stuff that he is doing without pegs is just as crazy and unique as his grind game, so we went out riding with Christian and put together this series of photos of him out there killing it without the use of his grinders. Click top photo to open the gallery.  Enjoy!

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Matt Cordova Blasting in the Rez!

Gigantic tuck no hander somewhere in the Inland Empire shot by Nathan Sykes

The Pala Band of Mission Indians had the brilliant idea of building a badass skatepark on their land and giving BMXers a few sessions a week to enjoy it. Matt Cordova and Nathan Sykes take advantage of Pala’s good decisions and made the trek south to visits the Rez and take part in some high air activities. And to our enjoyment Nathan shot this ridiculously perfect tuck no hander of Matt out of one of the more technical pocket quarters in the park. Check out this photo big and save it as your new wallpaper!

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Get The Case!

I know this isn’t directly related to Demolition or BMX too much but since it has Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla and Jason Enns in it, we couldn’t resist.  When Mike tells you about his future projects, you usually just listen and nod.  Imagine hearing about this one, it sounded absolutely nuts when he first told me about it.  Now that I see it, I can’t believe how rad it came out.  It seriously looks like a professional commercial you’d see during primetime TV.  Glenn Milligan (filmer/ editor) definitely got some points on making this one look as rad as it did.   Now I need to get me one of those Lowepro cases, especially if that camera in the case didn’t break after all that…

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Drew Hoss, Mediocre at Best!

Mediocre at Best: Drew Hosselton from Bobby Kanode on Vimeo.

Man what a way to wake up to a Monday huh? HUH!?!? Drew’s riding is always so full of fun and creativity it never fails to get me stoked on riding and I can’t wait till the next session. This section is filled with so many interesting setups and combined with Drew’s ability to think up equally interesting moves for those setups, this section is really not one to missed. Bobby Kanode is the man behind the lens of Mediocre at Best and is responsible for the creation of the DVD as well as for putting Drew’s section online for all of us to enjoy! Now everybody say thank you to Bobby…. THANK YOU BOBBY!

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Dennis’ takes 1st AND 2nd at Brooklyn Dew!

So stoked for the champ! Ha! Although he would hate being called that, what Dennis isn’t hating is life right now! First winning street style in Portland, then winning street yesterday in Brooklyn and then taking home second today in street style, Dennis is straight killing it right now. Check out this highlight reel from yesterdays street finals and then click on the post to take a look at Dennis’ street style run that landed him second today.
Also a huge congratulations goes out to Tyler Fernengel for taking home fourth in today’s street style comp.  So sick!!

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Quarter Master BMX Dirt

I’ve been waiting for this one to drop, ever since I saw that photo of Hucker doing a massive 20′ air from his Instagram.  Usually things don’t look as crazy in video but this throws that out, it’s f-n nuts.  Rad to see Kris Fox there too, which he had to jet off from our Tea and Biscuits tour.  Shout out to Red Bull for putting on these rad contests on.

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Dennis’ New RIDEbmx RIG Line Ad


Just peeped the new RIDEbmx with our new print ad of Dennis doing this insane 180 fakie to oppo whip and figured we’d show it off online.  Right when you thought you’ve seen it all, Dennis comes out swinging with another insane move.  If you have any questions about Dennis’ RIG line, go to his interview we posted a bit ago about what went into it all here >>.  Check out the full specs/ details on each of the product pages here:  Rig Bar / Rig Tire / Rig Crank.  Photo by J.Cobbs.  Check out the full ad by clicking the top photo or read more.

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Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

Connor Lodes was invited on our big Tea And Biscuits 2 UK tour and as you might have noticed, he went MIA throughout the whole trip.  We never really got into it with him or told what exactly happened till now.  We sat down with Connor to get the whole lowdown and hear what the hell happened.  Click more to read the whole story. 

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Our Boy Blue Checking In.

Phoenix’s BMX creativity ambassador, Drew Hosselton, is right in the midst of an overseas adventure and sent in this update talking a bit about his trip so far. Always good to see what Drew is getting into. Be sure to click on the post and check out a few of Drew’s photos from his trip and big thanks to Bertie Buck for shooting this sick pocket wall-ride photo of our boy blue during his trip, you know I meant our boy Drew!
“After the Volume/Demolition Tea and Biscuits Tour wrapped up a week or two ago, I stayed behind in England for a couple extra weeks to travel around with some friends I knew over here. I pretty much went from the bus we had for the tour straight into my buddy Ben’s car and headed towards Amsterdam. We ended up staying in some urban campground which sounded kind of sketchy initially but ended up being pretty sweet. It was super cheap, clean, and had all the essentials including good internet. After being on a riding trip for nearly two weeks, chilling was top priority so we hit up a number of Amsterdam’s finest coffee shops and really soaked in the “culture” if you know what I mean. We did get out of the coffee shop haze from time to time and got some riding in. We stumbled across a really cool vert ramp under a bridge and it ended up being one of the funnest sessions I have had so far, just pumping around on some old ass vert ramp. After Amsterdam I went back to Bournemouth, UK to chill with some friends. It was a solid week, pretty much just chilled, rode a bit, and got a sick new tattoo! I arrived in London yesterday, out of gas and out of cash I get to chill out and explore the city for a couple of days before its time to head back to the armpit of the US that is Arizona.” – DH

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Dennis Enarson Street Session with Chad K

The people over at Dew Tour met up with Dennis, Chad and friends to session some street in sunny San Diego to help promote the upcoming Dew Tour stop in Brooklyn this weekend. There will be a good number of Demolition shredders in attendance shredding this weekend so be sure to keep an eye out for that, get stoked and go ride!!

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Photos From The Road By Vince Perraud


The new DIG site just launched and it is lookin better than ever.  Couldn’t be more stoked to have more options in BMX media and actually have some original content online.  Vince Perraud travelled to California earlier this year to get some amazing shots for the new DIG site and saw these two of Dennis and Christian while he was in SD. Click more to see the Dennis shot.
“Earlier this year I travelled to California with Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron, as part of French mobile phone provider Sosh’s ‘Couchriding’ trip. With a massive crew of two riders, two skaters, one snowboarder, two photographers, three filmers, assistants and journalists, it was hardly your typical BMX trip, but it turned out to be an insane experience. Here’s a selection of mostly unseen rider related shots from what turned into an epic photographic journey.” – Vince Perraud 

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Interbike Day 1

New Marble Color

Interbike 2014 day 1 is officially over and think everyone; Union/Merged, Vital, and RIDEbmx did their rounds of product shots and videos today.  First up is RIDE’s photo gallery of all our new goods/ colors for next year.  Above is our new marble colorway for ALL our aluminum parts.  Check out what else we have in the works at RIDEbmx HERE>>

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RIGAL Sequence Wallpaper

tech and scary feebes to crook over the t.

It’s been some time since we posted our last wallpaper but with Christian’s edit dropping last week it seemed like a perfect opportunity to post a wallpaper of him this week. This here wallpaper of Christian shows us yet another original grind combo on a scary but perfect setup for the trick. Not letting fear get in the way of an opportunity for unique grinds, Christian laces this feeble to crook over the T somewhere around his home base in San Diego. Check out this clip and more insane Christian madness in his latest Demo edit which you can check out HERE. Then click on this post and save this crazy sequence as your new desktop wallpaper!

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The Dennis Enarson Rig Line Interview

Dennis’ Rig line has officially all landed and we couldn’t be more stoked to get them out there and have you guys just as stoked on them as us.  These 3 parts have been through the ringer with multiple heavy hitters, and Dennis himself, riding them all year.  Dennis would not let us get them out there till the parts went through full testing and he was 100% satisfied with how they came out.  Between his busy schedule we we caught up with Dennis about his new Rig line for a mini interview about the parts and what goes into each one.  Hit more to see/ read more.

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Why The Tripod?

The Tripod seat/ post has been around a bit now and think most brands have moved over to it for it’s simplicity and function.  They just got a website and this cool video to go along with it.  Check it out and maybe this will help your decision to convert.
“We use the Tripod because it’s simple, lightweight, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our rider’s specifically requested it for those reasons and we approve.” – Brian Castillo / Demolition Parts

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Christian’s Update From Malaysia

Christian just sent over this lil’ update from Malaysia:
I got the opportunity to come out to Malaysia and film with my Haro homies for a week and it’s been amazing! Endless laughs and good times have been had and I couldn’t be any happier that I came along! My Summer has been non stop but trips like this give my body time to heal and I get to have a lot of fun filming and hanging out too! It doesn’t get much better then that!  Photo by Matthias Dandois

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Interbike 2014


Another year, another Interbike in Vegas. We can’t believe it’s already that time again. Didn’t we just ring in the new year not too long ago? If you’re going to be at Interbike next week, then stop by the booth, get some free items in these handy, biodegradable 180 Dist bags we’ll be giving out, and check out our new Demolition parts that we’re offering up for 2014/15. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes getting another dialed line up going and we’re excited with all of the new colors, new completes, and new products. We’ve got a lot to show and we’re really excited to get them out there and see what people think. See you at booth 3103.

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Raditudes Episode 7

This episode features Anthony Napolitan meeting up with his brother, Demolition Viking Shredder, Ronnie Napolitan. Ronnie came to town for the Vans US Open and on their day off from the contest the two brothers headed down to fellow Demo Alum Dennis Enarson’s ramps for sick session and good times as always. Hit play and enjoy.

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Christian Rigal’s 2014 Demolition Video Part

Christian once again proves why he’s called the 4 peg guru; he goes in hard with grinds, gaps and lines in his latest Demolition parts 2014 video part.  There’s a few surprises in here that made me take a double take and say WTF.  Get watchin!!
Music: The Black Hollies – The Autumn Chateau  Filmed by: Connor Lodes and friends  Edited by: Christian Rigal
*Update: Vital just did 10 questions about this video, check it out here>>

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 8

Slow day for No. 7 with lots of rain and driving and faffing around – we scored a mellow session at the 4Down park in Hastings – thanks a ton for Ian and Dan for hooking that up. Jordan dipped out and went for a spray tan while Rob Wise and Broc added yet more tech to their already swollen tech-clip-collection for the week. Day 8 was way more productive…

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Rig Line Now In Stock!

That’s right, our long awaited Dennis Enarson signature Rig line is now in stock.  Rig tires (2.25 & 2.4), 24mm Rig cranks (170/175 in black and chrome), as well as the 24mm Mugatu splined sprockets,  and Rig bars (dropped earlier this year).  These parts have been on Dennis’ bike for almost a year already and he swears by them.  Hit up your local Demolition Parts dealer for more info on how to order.

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 7

Brighton today for a shop stop and skatepark cook out. After a crammed poster signing session at Brighton BMX Bob and Russ killed the BBQ & tea making while Kris Fox killed the bowl. The good folk at Seventies Distribution were kind enough to let us crash at the palatial Brighton Ain’t Ready pad in exchange for a slab of beer.  Our timing was spot on as the Cult dudes had just left and the Kink guys are flying in the next day so most everyone got a bunk to sleep on. On to some more concrete relics today for a session at Romford. . . Click top photo to read/ see more

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 6

We took in some classic English spots today; firstly was the infamous Southsea Skatepark, built in the 70’s this place is one of a kind. It’s had some recent new-school wooden additions and from the 16 ft deep concrete bowls to the comp jocky jumpbox to the roller coaster snake run, there really is something for everyone there. The park is best know for producing Mark Webb & Dennis Wingham, hosting some of the best contests in the history of BMX (King Of Concrete) and being run by flatland pioneer and UK Flat Matters ambassador, Effraim Catlow.  Click more to read/ see more

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Connor Lodes’ Day In The Life

Connor’s DITL is actually pretty much point on to what he does daily. I know some guys try and add in stuff to make it a bit more entraining for the edit but Connor keeps it real with working on his whip, killing local parts, eating Mexican food and ending the day off with some frisbee gold. What a day! Credit: Doeby

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 5

Two very different sessions today – the first one went down at The Burrows, a private ramp hidden deep in the woods of Dorset, the scene here is both tight and loose and, for us at least, sums up all that is great about bike riding – sharing time getting rad with your friends – no scooters, no security, no hassle, just roasting airs and shooting the shit with a cup of freshly brewed tea. Click more to see/ view more!

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Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-Fill Day 2

Here is an update from Elephant’s Steve Bancroft on Day 2 of the Tea & Biscuits Re-Fill Tour…

“Day 2 – Rad BMX shop stop – Stodgy Dave, Pete and Fat Paul extended some Great British hospitality and token weirdness during a rain sodden day hanging out at their shop. It rained down solid all day so no riding went down there – just a few gallons of tea and a few acres of pizza and many yards of biscuits were consumed. After Rad we scored a sweet session at Rush Skatepark in Stroud – the guys there were most accommodating and asked us to hashtag rushskatepark in all photos – they let us all ride all night in exchange for a free tshirt and some second hand Momentum tyres. . . Bristol tomorrow for some cloudy cider and hopefully some less British weather. . .” Click the photo above to see the full gallery from Day 2.

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Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-Fill Day 1

Our 2nd UK Summer tour with Elephant Distribution, Tea & Biscuits 2: The Re-Fill, has officially kicked off. Unfortunately, we lost Connor Lodes on the tour due to some crazy customs situation but Rob Wise, Kris Fox, and Drew Hosselton will be holding it down over there for Demolition, along with our UK riders Jordan Aleppo and Michael Jordan. Stay tuned for more updates from the road as the they make their way through the UK. Click the photo above to see the full gallery from Day 1.

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Tyler Fernengel Detroit to San Diego Episode 3

Tyler continues or should I say ends his big road trip from Detroit to Sd in episode 3.   Tyler hits up SLC Utah before making the way to his new home in SD.  He meets up with his new roommates and neighbors for a session on street and at the park.  As you’d expect, they all go hard no matter where they’re at.

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Biz Whoppers Over The Snake River

RotatoR and Biz's Whopper
If you haven’t noticed, Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan can hop whip just about anything.  This photo is a prime example of Biz’s whopper power that he took while on our last trip to CO.  Biz’s RotatoR freecoaster is also back in stock and available at all finer Demolition dealers nearest you.  Click image to go Big.  Photo by J. Cobbs

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Street Jump Comp Winners!

Our #StreetJumpComp was definitely a hard one to judge (again) but we finally locked down our top 3.  Big congrats goes out to, Dominic Colombini, Geoff Meade, and John McGowan for winning Rob Wise’s Elite forks.  All 3 of these guys kill it and as you can see by their photos, they went all in.  Congrats men!

What: All tricks must be on street and while bunnyhopping (i.e. straight bunnyhop, gap, drop, etc.).  Tricks off a jump or launch ramp will not count.
How: Enter all photos on either Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #streetjumpcomp.  All entries must also follow @demolitionparts and @rawbwise to be eligible to win.
What You Can Win:  Our top 3 picks will win Rob’s Elite forks in either flat black or chrome.
When: July 28th – Aug 15th
Good luck!

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Tyler Testing Axles


If you haven’t already seen Tyler’s Welcome To Markit edit with this clip, you’re missing out.  His edit has got to be the craziest thing I’ve seen in a long ass time.  There’s too many insane things done in there to name just one. It’s over 7m of insanity!  If this photo featured in the latest RIDEbmx isn’t the ultimate test of our Demolition axles, I don’t know what is.  Photo by Chris Martinez.

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Tyler Fernengel Detroit to San Diego Episode 1

Tyler has been on the move lately, literally and figuratively! After making the move to Pro here at Demolition, being picked up at Haro and announcing his addition to Markit Denim with one of the most ridiculous web edits to date! Tyler made the move cross country from his hometown near Detroit Michigan westward to San Diego to live the endless summer and ride everything in sight. RedBull tagged along with him to document his move West and in this first episode Tyler takes you around his hometown and to the spots he has been riding since the beginning.

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Dennis Wins Portland Dew Tour Street-style

Huge Congratulations goes out to Dennis for bringing home the win yesterday at the Portland Dew Tour Street-style finals. The riding was insane from everyone in the contest but Dennis’s runs were just too ridiculous to be touched, congratulations big guy!! Check out Dennis’s 3rd run from finals yesterday, so sick!

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Street Jump Comp Top 15

#StreetJumpComp ends later today (12a today) and you guys can still get those entries in to possibly win Rob Wise’s Elite forks.  Above is our top 15 pick as of this morning.  We’ll be announcing our top 3 winners on Monday.  Thanks again to everyone that entered!  Stay tuned for the next one…
What: All tricks must be on street and while bunnyhopping (i.e. straight bunnyhop, gap, drop, etc.).  Tricks off a jump or launch ramp will not count.
How: Enter all photos on either Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #streetjumpcomp.  All entries must also follow @demolitionparts and @rawbwise to be eligible to win.
What You Can Win:  Our top 3 picks will win Rob’s Elite forks in either flat black or chrome.
When: July 28th – Aug 15th
Good luck!

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