Christian at Simple Session

Christian Rigal, sick feeble gap smith!

Christian Rigal, sick feeble gap smith!

Demolition was all over Simple Session this year, between Pat Casey placing 5th to Gabe bunny hoping over the sun and now this sequence of Christian Rigal. Here Christian does one hell of a scary feeble on the up ledge to gap smith on the down ledge!
The Demolition guys killed it!! Thanks again to Ride UK for the goods…

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Concorde Spotlight

Chris Doyle’s Concorde forks have been a steady fork since day one. We’ve updated them annually with Chris to make them better/ stronger for Chris’ style of riding. In our last shipment, we got restocked on em’ and they finally got an all new Concorde sticker to boot.  Click pic to go BIG.

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Demo Cali Trip day 4&5

Well we were on the coast doing a Cali Coast trip but the weather got wet in a hurry so we headed inland for dryer grounds, therefor making this more of a Cali trip than a Coast trip… Check out the photos after the jump.

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Blue is the New Black

What guy doesn’t like cyan blue!!  Our all new cyan colorway for all our aluminum parts just arrived and looks better than ever.  Your local Demolition dealer should have these all in stock by next week.  Click that gorgeous picture above to go BIG.

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Demo Cali Coast Trip Day 2

It’s day 2 and things are heating up. We started the day with an awesome park session in Solvang and then we rode a sick back yard mini set up. We ended the day with a memorable, to say the least, session at Cal Poly in SLO, but you’ll have to wait for those photos… But for now, check out these images after the jump and click each pic to go BIG.

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Rob Wise X Monarch Stem Ad

We’re proud to announce that Rob Wise’s new top load stem, the Monarch just arrived.  Rob has been on the sample Monarch stem for almost a year and has been swearing by it since day one.  Check out more info on the Monarch HERE.  Click pic above to see full ad of Rob and stem.

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Last Chance-Rob Wise Section

Rob Wise is possibly the most underrated rider I know, after seeing this part you’ll see what I’m talking about. The bandana/ quiet kid from Utah came out swinging for his Last Chance part.  So many amazing tricks were dropped.  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it NOW!

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Connor Lodes Photo Flip coming soon….

Connor and I have been shooting for a DIg article the past few weeks and it’s been crazy! So crazy in fact that we had enough overflow to fill up a Demolition Flipbook for you guys! We are wrapping up both projects as we speak so make sure to keep an eye for the Photoflip which will be out in the next few days and the DIg Article which will be out with Issue 88!

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Top Manual Contest Picks

Couple weeks back, we had our Best Manual Contest to win 3 sets of Momentum tires to the top 3 guys.  We just picked out a few of our favorite manual videos and selected the following:
Top 3
Chris Couch posted by Brett Rholfing – Manual down wedge, down quarter, up and down fun box to footjam.
Mike Kraycheek – Double peg to manual to downside whip.
Andrew Rickell – nose manual to hang 5 to manual to barspin into wedge.
Click more for full story

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Cranky’s Bikes Meet and Greet

If your going to be in the Santa Barbara area this Tuesday, March 20th, than please come by Cranky’s Bikes and be sure to hang out with us and say whats up! We will be getting out there at 330pm and will soon after be heading down to the skatepark for a beach side session! Don’t miss out!

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Dilly’s Sunsets Edit

Dave cut is hand during filming for this edit but luckily Utah’s version of Rambo was out there, in the form of Rob Wise, and showed him how to suture his hand with super glue and keep on shredding. This edit is awesome, I damn near spit my coffee all over the place when I saw the last clip. Dave is sooo good. Thanks to Sunsets and Sodas for the edit!

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Thomas Hancock Jam

Our good buds, Mikey and Rick Lakin are throwing a jam for Thomas Hancock on March 17th. The turnout should be insane.  Bands, food, good cause, hang with the homies and should be lots of fun. Check out the full flyer after the jump. 

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Jason and Biz’s Guy Stuff

The guys over at BMXfu put up a quick photospot feature in their “Guy Stuff” section with Demolition’s Devious and Dynamic Duo, Jason and Biz! Here is what they had to say.

“Scoped this on twitter and Biz has been killing it on the Photospot front, this is his second one in a few short months. Keep em coming nice work guys.

Follow these dudes on twitter too, @jasonenns and @bizjordan, they definitely know the meaning of Guy Stuff.” –BMXfu

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Connor checkin’ in

Connor is up in the bay area for a couple days shooting for an upcoming article in DigBMX magazine. Keep your eye for it cause you know if Connor has something to do with it, it will be sick!! Just wait till you see what he had for the spot behind him….

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Fredo Fotos!

“I once saw Alfredo piss someone off so badly in Denver, that they sprinted full speed into a mailbox and knocked themselves out. True story.” -RF

Everyone’s homie, Alfredo Mancuso, has a pretty cool photo feature over on the RecFail site. Give them a look see right here.

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Stevie, Stevie, Stevie…

The Demo guys are on fire today! Here Stevie Churchill meets up with some homies in Austin to make this awesome backyard edit for Dans Comp. Stevie has so many tricks on lock I bet he couldn’t name them all even if you bet him 20 bucks!

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Doyle’s March Bike Check

While Chris was in town last month, we took a lil’ adventure to Palm Springs and shot a couple shots of Chris at the local parks.  We had sooo many amazing pics, we decided to throw a couple in his all new bike check flipbook. Check it out HERE.

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Exclusive Demolition/ Volume Ramp Edit

Our dream to have ramps in our backyard finally became reality this year.  Nate Wessel, Ryan Corrigan and crew constructed some of the old X-Games ramp templates in our back lot and within 3 days of heavy building we had ourselves a fun lil’ private training facility.  Our local guys have been going nuts on them ever since they’ve been built.  This exclusive edit from Defgrip is a fun session from some of our guys on the ramps.  Click HERE to see the whole edit.

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Best Manual Contest

We’ve been wanting to do a proper tire contest for you guys for awhile now.  We came up with the idea to have you guys send in a video (could be smartphone quality) of you doing your best manual trick.  Could be down a rail, tricks in or out of the manual and etc.  List is endless on what a cool manual is.  All submissions have to be submitted to our Facebook Wall.  We are giving out 3 sets of Momentum tire to the top 3 guys.  Good luck!  Above is Lil’-Stevie with his manual entry, haha. Read more for rules and etc. 

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Rob and Dilly Down Unda!

Rob has been in Australia hanging out with fellow Demo Pro, Dave Dillewaard, for most of the last two weeks and from the sounds of it they’ve been having a good time when not getting flooded out…. here is what Rob had to say;

Aus has been pretty awesome. Except the past while we’ve been fighting the weather. It’s been raining like no tomorrow. There was flash flood warnings there for a minute so that gives you an idea on how crazy the rain has been. It looks like the weather should be nice for the rest of the week so we can get back at it. – Rob

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Christian Flippin’

This photo was shot a few years back so you may call it old. But when it’s of street shredder, and Demolition Pro, Christian Rigal floating a flip over a rigged up box jump it’s timeless!! This photo was shot on Treasure Island just outside of SF, and was the result of a bet from his good friend, Dennis Enarson, who just loves betting people to do stuff!!

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With all the talk about plastic pegs lately, we thought we’d show off our new Dumbchuck pegs off a bit. We first brought out the first Dumbchuck pegs 6-somethin’ years ago.  They first started out from Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla wanting something slicker for grinding on rough ledges.  The progression of the Dumbchuck hasn’t changed too much over the years.  They now have a harder/ more durable nylon outer shell material and still has the same 7075 Al inner sleeve.  They’ve also gotten smaller (ø1.5″) over the years to progress with how small the dropouts are these days. They also weigh in at a cool 3.5oz.  Click images to go BIG. Check more to see more on the Dumbchuck. 

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Anthem/ Markit Seat Collabs

We showed a couple of our new Pivotal seat sample collabs at Frostbike over the weekend and got a great response.  Since a couple other bloggers put up the pics, we thought we’d show them off too.  Keep in mind that these are samples and they’re a ways off from production still. The first one is with Anthem/ Doyle and proceeds going to Mike Tag.  Doyle wanted the smaller 5mm padding, soft leather top with embossed logo with contrasting bumpers.
The next is with our homies over at Markit/ Dennis Enarson. This seat is very similar to our D-Fat saddle except we used a very soft suede top and embroidered M logo. Click image to see images BIG

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Chris Zeppieri

Not even a week later and Demo homie Chris Zeppieri has come through with another edit. This time he shows off some street skills around Boston and New york.

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