Doyle and Friends at GMG

The dudes over at TCU stepped out of their norm the other day and premiered a trails edit featuring some of the baddest trail riders out there including Demolition’s own trails slayer, Chris Doyle. Trail edits always have that BBQ, chilling with friends vibe and this one is no different, classic trail style and awesomeness from start to finish. Check out this edit, get stoked on a trail session and then go build some trails of your own to shred!

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Demolition in Japan

Two months ago we teamed up with Volume Bikes and Motocross International and made the trek to the heart of Japan for all things sushi, ramen and BMX. Dennis, Tyler, Connor and Kris were all there holding it down for Demolition and they killed it at every stop of the trip. Broc Raiford and Alex Raban were also there repping their frame sponsor Volume Bikes. Since all the Volume guys have completely different sponsors from the Demo guys they don’t usually get to travel together so this was a rad opportunity to ride and party with some new faces. Needless to say the trip was amazing and we all had a total blast while we were out there and can’t wait for the opportunity to go back again. So without any further mumbling from yours truly, hit play on this edit and watch the madness that was Volume X Demolition in Japan. Thanks again to Motocross International for organizing and taking such good care of all of us. Filmed and Edited by Mike Mastroni.

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Josh Perry Farewell to NC

East Coast Ramp shredder, Josh Perry, is leaving ProTown USA for neighboring Virginia. But before he left he checked a few bangers off the list and put together this screamin edit with fellow BMX magician, Dan Foley. Check it out and get stoked because it’s Saturday!

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Freaky Fence Rides


It’s crazy to think that we are coming up on a year from when we did our Mountain Mission trip to the heart of Colorado. I got to thinking about the trip and how rad it was, crazy skateparks, crazier locals, daily afternoon thunderstorms, the occasional road rage event, the Mountain Mission was staked with good times. One day we crusied through Colorado Springs to visit Pedal ACTION and did some sight seeing and people watching around town. Aboy took advantage of the spot searching and people watching all in one sick fence ride and came through with this sick here photo. Click on the post and check the photo out big, save it as your desktop wallpaper, and then afterward check out the edit from the trip HERE. Thank you Colorado for all the awesome memories!

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Connor and Friends at Clairemont Skatepark

Miles Rogish met up with Connor Lodes, Demarcus Paul, John Stafford and a few other buddies at Clairemont Skatepark to film this here park edit for THECOMEUP. Connor always keeps his riding fresh and interesting this edit has all sorts of Connor creativity running through it. My favorite clip might have to be the fast plant to over tooth, it seemed like he’s been doing that trick for years but this is the first time I’ve ever seen him do it. What’s your favorite clip?

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Dillzy and Wise In CO

The GT team with Rob Wise and Dave Dillewaard hit up some of the most amazing Colorado skateparks.  They killed each one and every clip was filmed with their GoPro camera too.  Check it out and get ready to be jealous!

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Dennis and Tyler at Dew

Dennis and Tyler both made it out to Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend and both of them have been absolutely murdering it!! Both made it to park finals which are slated to start at 10am today. But for now, check out this edit that RideBMX put together from the park semi-finals and see what Tyler and Dennis threw down to land them both in this year’s final. Hell ya you guys!

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First Demolition Ad Flashback

First Demolition print ad
Way back in 2000 Demolition was formed with Jason Enns, Kris Bennett and myself.  I remember the initial conversations on starting a new parts brand with Kris and Jason on the road in Ashland Oregon like it was yesterday.  Definitely a bit naive but stoked to have those 2 by my side.  The above RIDEbmx print ad was our very first ad that we got out.  Don’t think we had any products at the time but wanted it to be known what was about to come.  Can’t say much for the ad layout ($15 for a shirt?) but the memories of that time and the riding were insane and an absolute blast to ride and travel with the guys.  Click ad to go BIG >>

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Hucker & Dennis in Raditudes 2

Red Bull’s Raditudes episode 2 has Hucker killing it all over the world, and once again and proves he can ride anything in his way.  It also shows off the Red Bull Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara where Dennis Enarson kills the whole course. Watch now!

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2014 Summer Tee Flipbook

We just got in our new 2014 summer t-shirts and figured what better way to show off our new shirts other than a with a good crew with some summer activities; beer, ping pong, riding, barbecuing, and shooting photos in the back of the warehouse. Check em all out in the flipbook and either hit up your local Demolition dealer or go to our online store to purchase.  Thanks to Biz, Enns, Clemens and Fox for stopping by and modeling for Joey.

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Welcome To The Team Matt Cordova!!

Matt Cordova is one of those riders that when you see him ride you become a fan, no matter what kind of riding you’re into, the second you see him roast a double or a quarter and do whatever trick he wants bigger and steezier than anyone else you instantly become a Matt Cordova convert. Needless to say we here at Demolition are all huge Matt Cordova fans and are beyond stoked to have him part of the family! Welcome to the team Matt!!!

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Tyler Fernengel Online Ad


Downside whips today are almost a dime a dozen, it seems like every kid past the age of 11 can do them on command. But this one being thrown by Demo pro, Tyler Fernengel, is opposite and is 7 feet out of a 6 foot mini and is flat out ridiculous!! What is also ridiculous is how good the new black and white blended trooper pedals look on Tyler’s bike and how good they feel to ride. When you are done gazing at this gigantic oppo downside of Tyler’s be sure to download this ad for your new wallpaper and then head over to your local Demolition Parts Dealer and pickup a pair of these dialed B&W blended Trooper Pedals pronto.

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Kris Fox Quicky

Kris Fox has been on fire this year with trips, contests and putting out solid edits and photos.  Kurt over at the Union caught up with Kris after his recent trip to the X-Games to talk to him about everything he’s been up to lately and then some.
“I enjoy my bike as a lifestyle, creative outlet, and fun. That is a small reason why I left the race world early. If I am meant to have my time, it will come when it’s meant to come. In the mean time, I will enjoy the blessings that have already been placed into my life.” – Kris Fox

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Just got in our newest batch of FREE sticker sheets in black and white with 13 logos that we put in every SASE (self addressed, stamped envelope).  We put this same post on Instagram yesterday and got a lot of questions on how the SASE works, so we found this LINK to help you guys out. *Use any standard envelope (return envelop can be folded inside) and write our address to: Demolition Parts: 13733 Milroy Place, Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670, and your own address on the return, stamped envelope.  Could take up to 2-4 weeks to get back to you, depending on where you live in the US.

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Re-Up: Dennis Enarson’s Rig Promo

What more can we say about this that probably hasn’t been said before?  Dennis Enarson is quite possibly one of the best all-around bike riders there is and his recent Rig line promo sums it all up.  If you still haven’t seen this, push play and you won’t be disappointed.

Dennis Rig bar is available now
Rig Crank will be available Summer 2014
Rig 2.4 & 2.25 tires will be available Fall 2014
Music: Power Of Zeus – “The Death Trip”
Filmed & Edited By Christian Rigal

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Kris Fox Roastin’ In Japan

Kris' roastin' in Japan
All I heard throughout our Japan trip was how much Kris was f-n killing it.  He gives it his all everyday and is the nicest guy on and off his bike.  Lot of pros that never seen Kris ride before, saw what he’s capable of on the X-Games park course last week (Kris was an alternate).  Be sure to check out the Van Doren Invitational August 1 & 3 in Huntington Beach, CA to see Kris in action around that bowl.  Pic above is of Kris ripping up a bowl from our Japan trip last month.  And if you’re in need of a new front load stem, look no further.  Kris’ Stylus stem is available now and fully endorsed by the man himself.  Photo by J.Cobbs. Click image to go big!
>> iPhone Wallpaper: Hold down over the “THIS” link to open image in a new page, then save image to your camera roll.

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Dennis vs Call Of Duty

X Games 2014 Park Finals
While some were watching Call of Duty (don’t get me started) in the X-Games, some others were watching Dennis Enarson kill it at this years X-Games in ATX. He placed third in street and rode amazing in park.  He didn’t place in park but all the highlight reels had him killing it still.  Congrats D! Photo courtesy of RIDEbmx

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Volume’s The Finer Things Trailer

Volume bikes/ Mike Mastroni just dropped their new trailer for The Finer Things DVD that features Demolition riders, Hosselton,  Enns, and Roskelley.  If this trailer doesn’t get you psyched to watch their DVD, I don’t know what will.  Good work boys!
“Today we are very proud to share with you the trailer for our upcoming full length DVD, The Finer Things! We’ve been steadily putting in work for the better part of a year and a half and I couldn’t be more excited about everyone’s footage thus far. Here’s a little taste of what to expect in the fall from Broc, Enns, D, Tate, Raban, DeMarcus, Bahlman, Platt, Krejmas and myself & more. Enjoy and follow along with #WATCHTHEFINERTHINGS on Instagram!” –  Volume

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Doyle’s New Maiden Ad In Ride 200

Doyle Maiden ad
I’ve been waiting for RIDEbmx’s 200th issue since they’ve been hyping it up a couple months back.  Not only is it a sick issue, it’s also got our new Chris Doyle/ Maiden fork ad.  Classic Doyle steez (huge wall to whip) that was also featured in his last promo HERE.  Buy the Maiden, support a true badass!  Photo by: Joey Cobbs.  Click top image to view the full ad.
>> iPhone Wallpaper: Hold down over the “THIS” link to open image in a new page, then save image to your camera roll.

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New Print Posters

Demolition Posters

We just got our all new print posters (24″X18″) with 2 of the best photos we’ve been sitting on all year; One with Aaron Smith doing a very photogenic whip in an LA ditch and the other with Rob Wise doing a huge turndown rail gap into a wedge.  Both shot by our very own Joey Cobbs too!  We also got the bigger 36″X24″ Demolition logo posters in stock.  All 3 are currently up on our online store and should be available at your Demolition dealer very soon. Click image to go big.

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Douglas Leite X Brazil

Thanks to the help of our Brazilian distributor, Dream Bikes, Douglas Leite is representing Demolition in Brazil. If you haven’t seen Douguete ride, he shreds everything and is known for blasting huge airs. Best of luck to Douguete at X Games next week and be on the look out for more from him in the future!

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WTF Dennis!

Dennis' Albion X Demolition Rig bar ad
We’ve been holding onto this Albion/ Elephant Distro advert for a few months but don’t know when or if the next issue will ever be out, so we decided to throw it up now anyways.
This photo from Joey Cobbs was taken while Dennis was filming for his latest/ greatest Demolition Rig promo.  If this isn’t “testing” parts, I don’t know what is!  Dennis’ Rig bar is out now and comes in 9″ and 9.25″, check it out HERE.  Click top image to view the full ad.

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Arigato Japan!

Well that’s that! The last two days of the Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts Japan Tour is in the books and the trip was a huge success! We got to cruse around at awesome skateparks, trails and street spots throughout Japan and got to me countless people along the way that we will never forget. To say we are beyond stoked and would love to come back one day is a huge understatement!

We started off Friday by heading out to Bike Shop Rag to hang out with the locals and check out the new shop, that place is clean and is worth the visit next time you swing by Osaka. From there we took a walk around a local temple, fed some fish and looked at turtles. After all that love, nature, and hippie-ness we headed to a local indoor/outdoor skatepark where we ended the day with an awesome session and a parts raffle.

Saturday was the day the crew headed back to the states so we didn’t have munch expectations for the day, but to our surprise there was a local trail jam going down that happened to be on super photogenic harbor. The trails weren’t huge but there were tons of lines and the guys had the best time getting a session in before their flight home. The trip couldn’t have ended any better. Be sure to click on the post and check out all the photos from our last two days in Japan!!!!!

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On to Osaka

Checking in once again from #VLMDemoJapanTour, this time from the city of Osaka! First impressions of Osaka in one word, WILD. Right when we got into town we went for a pedal through an indoor market place that was like pedaling into a old world, heaps of cool things we’ve never seen at business in this place. Then after a quick left turn we ended up in the red light district of Osaka which had ladies of the evening being displayed like mannequins for all to see and shop through, if that is your thing. We were all pretty sketched out by that scene so we kept pedaling and found some awesome street setups along they way. The following day we visited a new shop that had the best mini ramp ever right in the middle of the shop! The guys had no problems shredding that place to pieces. There was even a local shredder on an 18 inch that was cranking lookbacks tail whips and barspins at height. After the session ended we pedaled over to CLAN bike shop where we got to meet even more cool locals, then we all went to dinner at the shop owners friend’s restaurant where we partied the night away before crashing out before dawn. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our final update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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Connor Lodes Premium Edit

Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal have teamed up again and have been working on an edit for Connors frame sponsor, Premium Products. The guys have been working on this for the last few months and it shows that they guys put some serious effort into getting this edit together. Such a sick mix of rad spots, good filming and great riding! You don’t want to miss this one.

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Ronnie Napolitan Shreds Austin for Redline!

Here is the first installment of a three part series that our resident viking, Ronnie Napolitan, is doing with his frame sponsor, Redline. This video series has Ronnie traveling to three of his favorite cities to ride all the street parks and dirt these places have to offer. This stop, Austin Texas, so sit back hit play and enjoy.

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Mike Gray Bike Check Q&A

Mike Gray has been on our am squad since he’s moved to the SD area and hasn’t let up since.  He’s been going hard since he moved here with edits and pictures galore.  Vital just put up a bike check Q&A of him about his new ride and etc. Check it out here>>  “I’ve always wanted to ride for Demolition. I’m a part of the Am squad. It’s a total dream to be a part of something so many legends stand behind and take part of.” – Mike Gray

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#VLMDemoJapanTour update

Heyyooooo!! So it has been a couple of days since out last update here in Japan. Last you heard from us we had spent our last day in Tokyo riding restricted skateparks and some of the most unbelievable street we have ever seen. Day 5 had us on the road to Nagoya, but about half way through the trek we stopped off in the middle of the woods at the YBP trails for a quick trail session. Unfortunately not everything was quite dialed in yet so we spent most the time watching Kris Fox rip up the giant BMX track that the locals had built along side the trails. Watching Kris do what he does best is a treat for anyone lucky enough to witness him race through rhythms and hit big doubles. After the YBP visit we made it do Nagoya and FiveStar bike shop, one of the raddest rider owned shops in Japan. From there we pushed north up to Toyama, visited TooLate Bike shop, rode Toyama skate plaza and ended the day riding around downtown Toyama until the rains came and sent us all inside for the night. Tons of good riding, good people, and great times. Check back tomorrow for more from our #VLMDemoJapanTour

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BMX Plus’ Trooper Prospective

Trooper Al
Couple months back BMX Plus mag did a product prospective on “What is your favorite product that you have come out with over the years?”

I guess I could go on and on about an old part that we revolutionized in BMX in the past or that we used new space aged tubing only used on the Apollo 13 ship but since I also try and ride every day, I personally like new and improved products that are always coming out.  My favorite product that we recently spent some time on that I’m especially excited about still is our Demolition Trooper Aluminum pedal.  I was a huge fan of those old Profile Gas pedals that had the pin down the middle of the body that slowed down the rotation spin of the spindle (for no-footed tricks) but they discontinued them after a short run.  Since I never forgot about those pedals and I always wanted to design something like that in that they didn’t spin like crazy but didn’t ruin the bearing or had a pin due to it being overtightened.  We looked into a number of needle bearings and etc to keep the platform pofile slim but also didn’t want bearings to blow out.  After numerous tests, we came up with the full bushing system with rubber seals that still allows the pedal to spin amazing but the rotation isn’t loose or spins freely and also comes with a CNC, heat treated CRMO spindle.  That and those suckers last forever! – Brian Castillo

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 4

Our last day in Tokyo! We have been loving Tokyo so much since we got here it’s going to be tough saying goodbye, but at the same time we are all looking forward to seeing the rest of Japan and what it has in store for us. We started the day off goofing around in one of Japan’s largest retail stores, Don Quijote, where we found everything you could possibly need to live your entire life, birth to death, and then some! After an hour or two over at Don’s, we cruised over to a huge public skatepark that we weren’t allowed to film at… Because we were so bogged down by rules and regulations at the park we rebelled and went street riding with some locals. “Spine with rail” was the description given to us about the first spot and too our amazement thats exactly what it was when we got there. Dennis even said it may have been the craziest setup he has ever ridden, which is really saying something. We then hit up two more spots in the area that we just as crazy as the “spine with rail”. Everyone clipped up with some big banger and we ended the day with some Japanese hot wings and beer, we are in heaven….

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 3

Day Three here in Japan and the good times just keep on coming. The day started off at BMX RIO were we got to meet cool locals and at the same time avoid getting run over by the bicycle highway that passed right by the front door. The Japanese take the bicycle commuting seriously and do not slow down just because there are a bunch of Americans in the way, now matter if they are old or young, man or woman, they are coming through hot and are not waiting for you to see them! Whats funny too, is that the whole time they never show any kind of fear or expression when there is a close call, just business as usual hauling ass on the sidewalks of Tokyo. Anyways, after BMX Rio, we headed over to another rad rider owned shop, Flourish BMX. Flourish is owned by Volume and Demolition rider, Akira Sakata, so it was rad to get to meet him and see what his shop and the scene are all about. From that point we headed over to a local skatepark and sessioned with everyone until sundown when we all mode a trek on foot to a local Ramen Restaurant. None of us on the trip had ever eaten authentic Japanese ramen before and it’s safe to say that we are all HOOKED! Be sure to check back soon for our next update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 1&2

We have arrived in Japan! Well, we got in about 48 hours ago but it has been a blur of the senses since we arrived. There is just so much to see, touch, smell, and trip out on here in Japan that there is simply never a dull moment and we have no idea what we will get into or find next. Our first day here we got our bikes built, visited an amazing shop, fought jet lag and basically got our bearings in Tokyo. Day two had us riding plenty, first at an outdoor park and then at an indoor park later in the day, both parks were a little slow going but the crew made the best of them and had a blast shredding with the locals and trying to communicate by any means necessary. Be sure to click on the post and check out the gallery from our first 48 in Japan.
Check back in a couple of days to see our next update from #VLMdemoJapanTour

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Kris’ Top 3 Style 4 Stylus Picks

Kris got over his top 3 picks before he left on the Demolition Japan trip, and came up with the above winners.  Huge congrats to Blaine, Evan and Zach for wining their new Stylus stems.  You can definitely see a bit of Kris Fox in each of his 3 picks.  Thanks again to everyone that entered, you all rule!

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Rob Wise’s Killjoy Part

Rob Wise once again proves why he’s known for being “the machine”.  Every video part he’s ever had he does something crazy and original, plus shows what a beast he is.  Check out his last Killjoy part to see what I’m talkin’ about now!

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Tyler’s Vital Video Bike Check

Tyler runs you through his Haro SD bike with all Demolition parts.  He’s also got some new samples on his bike like the new Dennis Enarson Rig tires and cranks.  Check it out to see what’s new and a few crazy park clips too.

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Kris’ Top 12 Style For Stylus Picks

Kris Fox’s Style For Stylus contest is getting close to wrapping up tomorrow (midnight) and so we had Kris pick his top 12 picks so far.  We’re still accepting last minute entries but these are his favorites so far.  Holla if any of these pics are of you.
“This was so hard on me to narrow the entries down to 12! There are way to many amazing entries! I was so stoked! Thank you SO much to everyone who participated and keep having fun riding your bike!” – Kris Fox

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Demolition Goes to Japan Itinerary

Japan trip itinerary
We just got the full itinerary for our Japan trip and wanted to give you guys that are going to attend the full schedule.  See you soon…
Original post: That’s right, we’re going to Japan!  The good people over at Motocross International gave us the invite and so we got together a group of misfits together to hit the open road.  Dennis, Connor, Fox, Tyler, and our fearless leader Joey Cobbs will all be in attendance there.  We’ll be filming, riding with locals, playing tourist and hitting up shop stops along the way.  We’ll be there from 5/16 – 5/24 if any of you out there in cyberspace are around.  We can’t wait for this one, we’ve all been dying to get over to Japan for some time now.  Follow #vlmdemojapantour on Insta for the updates.  Hit the top image to view the full flyer.

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Doyle and Perry at the DDASC grand opening

Josh Perry and Chris Doyle were on hand recently at the DDASC grand opening in North Carolina and landed a couple of cool clips in this edit HERE that Fat Tony made. Josh was also able to shoot a few rad photos with Walker Anderson during the session. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump and be sure to check out the edit after that.

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Biz’s New Verde Edit

Always a treat to see a new Biz edit! Mastroni and Biz have been working on this one for a bit now and finally dropped it today. Well done on every front and stoked as always to see Biz shred. Filmed by Mike Mastroni, edited by Will Stroud.

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Biz Bars In BFE

Biz Bars
On one of Jason Enns’ big spot search excursions, he found this random deserted FMX ramp up in the foothills in Norco.  He later dragged (we didn’t know what we were in for) Biz and a couple others out there to shoot pics on the 2′ wide ramp.  Biz ended up getting this rad looking fakie bars on it, while Enns got an over-tooth that was featured last week on the Volume bikes site. Click image to go BIG.


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Connor Lodes’ Top 5 Parks

Connor's 5 Parks: Fakie bars at Poway
There was a time not that long ago where it was nearly impossible to find a skatepark, these days there seems to be a park every small town across America and multiple parks in most cities in the states. San Diego is no different and has skateparks of all shapes and sizes laid out across town. So who better to talk to than all around nice guy and skatepark assassin, Connor Lodes on what 5 parks San Diego parks he loves to ride and what is it about those parks that separates them from the rest.  

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Kris Fox’s style is timeless, whip out a bike like this over a hip and it will always be something awesome to look at. The #Style4Stylus instagram contest is well underway and we have got a lot of rad entries so for so use the whip as motivation to go out this weekend, get stylish, and submit your entry!

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Style4Stylus Instagram Contest

Kris Fox style4stylus contest
Figure we haven’t done a product contest in a good while, and figured a Kris Fox Stylus stem giveaway would be perfect.  Here’s what you have to do:
Follow @DemolitionParts and @KrisFoxbmx on Instagram
Post a photo or video of yourself getting stylish with the hashtag #style4stylus
Feel free to get creative, Kris will be judging style and not necessarily the trick
Kris’ top 3 picks wins Kris’ Stylus front load stem. Contest ends May 14th. Good luck!
Click top pic to go BIG>>

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