Ronnie Down!

While getting warmed up to film a clip for the upcoming Markit Zero video, Demolition’s own Ronnie Napolitan went down hard and fractured his elbow. He is making do with his cast and keeping his mood up by enjoying his french pressed coffee and playing left handed ping pong games with his homies! Get well soon Ronnie!!

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2nd Annual BV Jam

2nd Annual BV Jam that is going down at Bluff Valley’s Over The Top Skatepark THIS SATURDAY (February 4th). Doors open at 10 a.m. Session starts then. Noon for the Beginner and Intermediate contest… Pro / Expert class starts at 2 with a bunch of jams throughout the day and I’m sure a product toss will get in there at the end. Get at BMX Union for more info.

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Aaron Smith Ballin’

Aaron “A-Boy” Smith came by with his homies (Ashley Charles, Jay Roe and John Rye) to shred the ramps and shoot some hoops.  Couple losses and a win earned the man some new gear and a free meal for me.  Thanks Aaron!  Click pic to view the pics of the day… minus riding.

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Taco Time? Check this first!

Demolition’s Christian Rigal knows his food, and when it comes to tacos forget about it! And since there are few things grosser than a bad taco, I asked Christian what to look for in a good taco and how to spot the bad ones… Try these out and you will be thanking him the next time you see him.

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Kris Fox Flow

It’s rare to see a riders these days come into street/ ramps with a heavy race background. Few can pull it off and pull it off as well as Kris Fox.  Whether it be riding ramps or dirt, Kris’ flow and speed is insane to watch.  Check out the what I’m talking about in Kris’ latest SE edit HERE.  Kris was just added to our flow team this week and came by to ride the ramps in celebration, haha.  More to come very soon!  Click pic to go BIG.

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Dillewaard Update!

Dave Dillewaard is home in Australia for a few months riding and chilling with his family. He emailed me over an update for ya’ll.

“Hey people,
Hope everyone had a sweet Xmas and happy new year like I did! It’s been fun down in OZ hanging with the family and riding my local spots! Got a few lil things in the works while I’m out here to keep me busy which should be fun. Filming a few clips for the next 2020 Australia bmx mag with Troy “Big Salad”. Got a few today and here is a pic of a 180 whip from new to old at my local park Humpybong. Cheers” – Dillsy

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New Brett Walker Footage

Brett is one of my favorite riders to watch. He’s definitely one of the most underrated riders out there. Can’t believe how good he is and doesn’t care. That’s what makes him awesome too though. Check out his latest Free Agent edit with Mike Dies. Damn good!

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Cali Days with Aaron Smith

It’s a common practice for east coast riders to take a break from those brutal east coast winters and head west for some much needed sunshine and riding time. Demolition’s Aaron Smith is no different, he recently made a trek out to California to work on his latest Demo edit. So I met up with him for a few days to ride, shoot photos and generally just have fun! Check it.

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Gabe’s Friday Interview

I always look out for anything Gabe, especially since I know what he says is going to be funny as hell or when he talks about his past, it’s going to be interesting.  Gabe has been coming up quick into the ranks these last couple of years.  Definitely a guy to watch out for.  Check out RIDE’s latest Gabe interview HERE.

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Metal Heads

Most guys these days run plastics but for those guys that still want a metal pedal that could possibly last years, the all new Demolition Trooper is for you.
We recently got the finalized Trooper aluminum pedal samples in and out to our “metal heads” that still run metal pedals. Doyle, Alf, Dillewaard, and Wise all love em’ and can’t say enough good things about them. Click images to go big and read the specs after the jump.  

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Wessel Check Up

Hardest working BMX ramp builder out there, Nate Wessel came over the other day after his latest job at Woodward West and we decided to take some new pics of him and his whip. Click Nate’s main picture to view the slideshow of his whip with all the latest/ greatest Demolition goods.

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A Winter in San Diego

Say what you want about California but love it or hate it you can ride here year round and I just don’t see how any rider could hate that. Connor, Christian, Ronnie and Dennis are all teammates as well as roommates so it doesn’t take much to have a fun session just about anywhere. It also doesn’t hurt to have the best backyard ramp ever just right around the corner… Click on Dennis to view the rest of the images from this Demo SD session!

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J.Cobbs on Staff

We’re proud to announce that our good ol’ boy, Joey Cobbs is now our staff photographer.  Joey has been apart of the family for over a decade and has come a long way with his photography over the years.  His photo skills are amazing and we’ll be coming out with a lot more flipbooks, ad pics and etc.  Can’t wait!  Stay tuned for J.Cobbs’ blog posts too.  Above pic is of madman, Connor Lodes doing a BIG 3 over a kinker. Click pic to go big.  Pic by: J.Cobbs

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Much Love

From everyone here at Demolition Parts, we just wanted to thank everyone for all the support you’ve given us throughout the years.  Much love to all my peeps, see ya’ in 2012!

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Matty Long And Gabe Brooks Video

New Matty Long and Gabe Brooks video! While Matty was out here this fall he brought his VX so we decided to film an SD video instead of HD this time. Gabe and Matty have some serious moves in this. Get into it.

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Riding in the 4Runner or ON the 4Runner??

I have tons of respect for Dennis Enarson’s 4Runner. After cutting every corner in LA Mesa, jumping off every lip and through every sketchy setup in sight, Dennis finds a new way to put his 4Runner to the test. And as always, it holds up just fine.

Check out Connor posted in the background. STEEEZE

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East Coast Killjoy Premiere

KILLJOY will be premiering on DECEMBER 18th 2011, at KINFOLK STUDIOS in BROOKLYN, NY. KINFOLK STUDIOS is Located at: 90 WYTHE AVENUE BROOKLYN NY, 11211. Check out the full flyer after the jump.

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Facebook Clip Contest Winners

After going through every video, we finally locked down our top 3 picks. We do have a reason for each pick and do a lil’ background check for each guy too. We really want guys that would really appreciate the prizes and that aren’t already hooked up by a company. To view the winners clips, go to our Facebook page.
Our number one pick is Hunter Wright. I think Doyle said it right when he said, “That’s something I’d do and I think he’d really appreciate the bike.”
Number two pick is Trey Turner. Trick is a long line, orignal and tech.
Third place goes to Andy Mackellar for the 3-point BMX wonder shot. We weren’t originally going to pick this since it’s not necessarily riding but we all agreed that this is a one in a million shot and he deserved something in the end.

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Dennis’ Markit Edit

There’s nothing better than seeing your first email of the day with the link to an insane video featuring new Dennis Enarson footage. I love the generator/ night footage too. Christian did an awesome job on this one. So f-n stoked!

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Shredding In The I.E.

Dillewaard, Biz, Aaron, Jay Roe, Gabe, and I had a really sick session up in Norco filming for a couple of web video’s the other day. Gabe did one of the most insane uprail tricks I’ve seen in a long time, but you’ll have to wait fot the video. Check out some photos after the jump.

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Aaron’s Putt Putt Wallpaper

Yesterday, Aaron Smith, Chris Long and myself hit up a nearby abandoned miniature golf course. Aaron hit a couple cool things without falling and getting any sort of diseases. He did just get his tetanus shot beforehand. Click to go BIG

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