Re-Up: Ronnie Napolitan’s Combat Bar Edit

Ronnie’s video part in the new Markit Zero DVD is full of insane, well rounded riding and I’m proud to say that his Combat bar went the distance with him.  If you’ve seen his part and believe when I say that his signature 8.8″ Rise COMBAT bars were on throughout almost all of his whole part, that’s even more nuts.  If you don’t believe me, please buy the Markit DVD and see for yourself.  Above was his last Combat bar promo that is chock full of insane riding on just about anything you can think of.

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Rolls V2 X-Ray

We just got in our new SDS (Switch Drive System) Rolls V2 hubs in stock with 14mm axles.  Same great internals and flawless driver system as before. Check out the internals through the X-Ray above to see how the hub is built.  Click image to go BIG.

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It’s A Bird, A Bear… And A Bunny?

Right when you thought you’ve seen it all from Rooftop, Biz and Enns, they come up with this.  In typical Rooftop fashion, he had something big up his sleeve for a New York Times celebrity animal photo fundraiser and came up with this amazing idea to dress up in these wild animal costumes and do what he does best.  He said the skydiving shots in the big bear costume was the most insane due to not being able to see and maneuver around easy in.  Which might stop the average “bear” but not Mike.  He also recruited Enns and Biz to get in on the fun with the antics too.  I have to admit the ones of Mike in the bear costume about to scare the living crap out of the homeless guy made me loose it.  I could only imagine what that guy was thinking when he woke up, blahaha.  You can read about each shot more on Mike’s Instagram where he already put up most of these same pics.  By the way, he broke the most likes on GoPro’s 1.2m followers Instagram account with 133k likes.  Crazy!  Click more to see some more amazing pics of the insanity.  Click the top image to view all 11 pictures.  Huge thanks to Mike and Paul Luna for the pics.

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This Is Awesome!

I knew Chris had a cousin that was pro back in the day but didn’t think too much about it since he was pro before my time.  Seeing this video and seeing how much Roger even looks like Chris, it’s surreal to think his cousin was a badass pro back in his day.  Seeing them ride together, you’ll notice that Roger has a bit of a wild side but can definitely still bust out at 40+.  This is cool as hell and I’d highly recommend watching it for those those that always wished they had a BMX legend in the ol’ family tree.
“They say it’s a small world, and BMX is, apparently, an even smaller one.  As it turns out, Chris Doyle, one of the most prolific and talented riders of our time, has a cousin named Roger Sullivan who was a professional BMX rider in the late 1980s.  I had to learn more about this highly unlikely family connection, so Chris and I headed down to Florida to meet up with Roger, hang out, and ride bikes with this BMX legend from the past.”  – Walter Pieringer

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Rigal Check In

“What’s up guys, I just wanted to send over a little update since it’s been a while. I’ve been busy filming for a new Demolition edit as well a new video part for a project thats to be announced. It feels so good to be done with MARKIT ZERO and work on something new, 2014 is going to be a another fun year! Here’s a couple of photos Connor Lodes shot while we’ve been out and about riding and filming.” – Christian

Click on the post to check out another sick photo of Christian shot by Connor Lodes

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Markit Zero On iTunes

One of my favorite videos of all time, Markit Zero went live last night on iTunes.  Demolition riders, C.Lodes, D.Enarson, R.Wise, R.Napolitan and C.Rigal and the rest of the team absolutely killed it.  Be sure to support one of the most badass teams in BMX by clicking that Buy Button HERE

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Dennis and Demo at Texas Toast

Dennis just sent through this edit from Texas Toast that his sunglass sponsor, Oakley, put together. The riding in this is awesome as you’d expect but Dennis gives honest opinion as to why Toast is that much better than other contests going on right now. Also I’m glad to hear that both Tyler and Hucker are OK from the slams they took in this edit, be prepared, they’re tough to watch. That being said, this edit is rad, hit play and enjoy.

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Aaron Smith Checking In

What’s up guys,
I’ve been home for a little more than a month enjoying the New England fall weather. Riding Boston as much as I can before the snow hits and it’s time to move to a warmer climate. I wasn’t able to make it to toast this year because I had a bunged up wrist and couldn’t really ride. I’m bummed I missed out on some good times but there’s always next year. That’s about it on my end. I attached a couple photos from the past couple weeks. Shots by Lee Hopkins, check his site


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Markit Clairemont Jam & Premier

The Markit Jam and Premier went down this last Saturday and if you were lucky enough to be on hand then you saw one hell of a jam followed by one of the best BMX videos ever. Demolition hosted a Street Contest which was split up into two smaller contests, one on each street section at the park. Everyone on hand, pro and local alike, went absolutely nuts and made it an awesome event to witness. Demarcus Paul and Bid Daddy swopped up the win and the cash and the session continued into the night and onto the premier. A good full day of BMX for sure. Click on the post to check out some of the highlights from the Demo street comp at the Markit Clairemont Jam.

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Instagram Slam With Biz, Rooftop & Jason Enns

Oh man, this Instagram Slam is a good one.  There’s some classic moves in here that the guys dusted off and of course Rooftop being funny as ever.  Couple zingers definitely made me laugh my ass off.
“For our 15th Instagram Slam, we recruited @BizJordan@JasonEnns and @MikeEscamilla, knowing they’d come back with a good one. This is the perfect mix of talkin’ shit, dusting off some old tricks and doing some things they wouldn’t normally do. Awesome to see Rooftop still flexing that front brake, Biz bringing back the half bar and some vintage mini ramp Enns making an appearance!”

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Doyle Seat Sale Celebration!

When I was a kid I used to spend $15 dollars every single time I went to Taco Bell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, those meals were delicious! But if I could have used that same money to buy a top of the line Doyle Pivitol seat I would have! If this sale hit back in my taco bell days I may not have quite the huge gut that I have today. Be smart kids, put down the taco bell and pick up one of these Doyle seats HERE while supplies last because once they’re gone they’re gone forever! And Taco Bell will always be there…..

Now click on this sick photo of Doyle whipping a huge set at Panamoka on last year’s trails trip and save it as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Transparent RotatoR

Rotator Transparent Shell

Biz and Mastroni are in heavy film mode for Biz’s RotatoR promo that should drop any week now.  Justen Soule was working up the animations for it and sent me over this cool ghost pic of the hub so you can see the eternals.  Out now, get it at your local Demolition dealer or mail order shop.  Be on the lookout for the promo too!

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Doyle X Anthem Pivotal Seat Sale


Chris Doyle X Anthem seats are now on sale for a cool $14.99 + free shipping.  Any of you guys want to support one of the best dirt jumpers in the world and get a good deal on a Pivotal seat at the same time, this is your chance.  Get at em’ HERE while supplies last, they’re already going quick.  *Free shipping deal only lasts till Oct. 31st

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History of the Dumbchuck Peg


The Albion is doing a cool new online section called Inventory (everything to do with parts) and one of their first features is on the history of our Dumbchuck pegs.  Check out the full feature HERE.
We really just wanted to produce a park peg to help have bikes legal or have less hassle at cement skateparks where bikes/ pegs were illegal.  At the time we weren’t thinking the plastic pegs would be used 100% for street, we just knew they couldn’t damage the parks as much and no one would be able to complain about them. A few years later, our team guys noticed how good they grind on everything on street with the addition of just a bit of wax.”

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Our dudes, Hucker and D. Enarson destroyed Texas!!  Not only did they place top 3 at the Texas Toast contest (Dennis first in street and 2nd in dirt, Hucker got 3rd in dirt), they also won Nora Cup awards.  Dennis won #1 ramp rider and Hucker took home #1 dirt jumper for 2013  Huge congrats to our dudes, so stoked for them.  Dennis pic above from

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Demolition at Dew Tour Dirt Finals

Chris Doyle, Mike Hucker Clark and Dennis Enarson all made it to Dirt Finals this year at Dew Tour San Francisco which means the obviously murdered it in Semis. Unfortunately Dennis hurt his turf toe again and couldn’t ride in finals. He’s been healing up though and I just saw him shredding at Toast so he must be feeling better. Doyle and Hucker both were healthy for finals and completely shut it down with signature Doyle inverts and simply mental cliffhanger flips from Hucker. The crazy level of riding mixed with the most “unique” locals from planet earth made for one hell of a dirt final and one rad gallery here. Click on the post to check it out.

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Josh Perry Checking In

Our good homie and Demo shredder, Josh Perry, sent through an awesome update on what he has been up to lately, which from the sounds of it is a whole hell of a lot! Here is what he had to say.

“Been on the road every weekend doing shows for Creative Sports for Walmarts and festivals. Been to North East Maine, Northern Michigan, Oklahoma, as well as NH and Mass. About to head out to Indiana this weekend for some more. Also went to Tennessee for a halftime show! I got a chance to take a helicopter ride for the first time and that was so sick! Went golfing for the first time as well and that was pretty funny. When I am home I been riding the Animal House and Jay-Cee park and had a chance to ride some local guys back yard dirt jumps and that was a blast.” – Josh

Be sure to keep and eye out for Josh shredding parks trails or shows in a town near you! And if you are lucky enough to run into him be sure to stop him and say whats up, he’s one of the raddest dudes out there!

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Tyler At Toast


I originally saw this HUGE (8′?) no-hander of Tyler up on the @vitalbmx Instagram and went to their site to see the big version. The f-n kid can ride everything, can’t wait to see what he comes through for the contest!

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Summer Jerry’s

Aaron Smith got his VX game goin on and clocked some solid footage of himself and some homies.
“Darryl Gave me his VX in the spring, so I’ve been having fun figuring everything out.” -Aaron Smith”

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Demolition Parts Mountain Mission Edit

Colorado is a land of amazing skateparks, forgotten street, and unforgettably interesting people so it was easy to see why a road trip through the Rockies was long overdue for Demolition Parts. Because this land is so unique we decided to put together a crew of our own weirdos that happen to love riding parks, street and interacting with as many locals as possible. The crew fit in perfectly in Colorado and wasted no time shredding everything in site, the results of which is this awesome Mountain Mission edit put together by our very own filming creeper, MIke Mastroni. Enjoy this edit, get stoked and then go shred!!

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

Music: April Wine – “Bad Side Of The Moon”

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Demolition at Dew Tour San Francisco

Dew Tour is in full swing in San Francisco and the Demolition crew is holding it down in all the BMX events. Doyle, Enarson, Lodes and Clark are all out here absolutely killing it. Connor was getting so tech in street he had everyone talking. Doyle and Hucker both made finals in dirt and Enarson in street so its about to get real interesting in the next couple days. It’s also awesome to see all the guys kill it on trips and in videos and then come onto the contest scene and just destroy it equally as hard. Demo is killing it at Dew Tour!

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Day 9

It’s the last day of the Demolition/QBP Northwest trails trip and it has been a doozy to say the least! The guys have been riding so much it’s hard to grasp all the rad shit that went down the last few days. With body’s beat from all the trail sessions the crew decided to use the last day of the trip to slow down, take it easy and take in some sights around beautiful San Francisco. We started off the day driving over the new Bay Bridge, which is rad. Next we stopped at Treasure Island to take in a nice view of the city and then cruised the BMXs over the Golden Gate Bridge to terrorize tourists and toss things off the bridge. We then ended the fun over at Philz Coffee so they guys could get their first taste of the best coffee on earth. A great day to end a great trip. Thanks so much to the crew for all the good times and to everyone at all the trails and all the shop stops that helped make this trip such an amazing one!! Until next time…

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Days 7 & 8

Ronnie checking in here, the last two days of the trip have been a blast! The trails and the shops were both amazing. The first set of trails we went to were our homie Aaron Days trails. The jumps were so fun and the dirt was perfect. Everyone was killing it, including the locals. Check out some of the pictures, Im sure TM Cobbs missed a couple but we got a good update for you guys. Just kidding JOE! The second set of jumps we hit were the Burbons trails. Everyone killed it there as well we it was a really cool vibe. Later on that day we hit Cycle Path Bike Shop in Hayward. They had some ramps and stuff for everyone to ride and we even okay with us climbing up on the roof and setting up a little euro gap. That was pretty spare of the moment and crazy. Nothing but good times on this trip and awesome shops. Support your local bike shops and keep shredding! Thanks for everything guys.

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Days 5 & 6

Day 5 was our last day in Seattle and the weather allowed for yet another trail session, this time at our good friend AP’s house. The conditions were real wet so it took a bit of good ol teamwork to get the trails running and once they were running the session went nuts. After AP’s we headed south to Oregon, crashing out in Eugene. Day 6 brought us to Klammath Falls where we had a shop stop at GonRacin BMX shop. GonRacin is our boy, Josh Clemmens, shop so needless to say the turnout was awesome and everyone could not have been cooler. We chilled at the shop for a bit before heading over to the KF skatepark which is simply out of hand. The guys were loving the park so we ended the day there before getting back in the rig and pushing on to Redding. Be sure to check back for more updates from our Demo/QBP NW trails trip.

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Day 4

Yesterday was a good day. When we woke up to the fourth day of rain I was getting pretty doubtful if we were actually going to get to ride trails on this trails trip. But the weather broke early on in the day and the trails were in prime condition for shredding. After the first real session of the trip, the crew headed over to Go Huck Yourself to hang out with the locals and check out the shop. When we got there, the shop guys had setup an old metal quarter dead center in the middle of the shop! The session was on and the crew and the locals destroyed this little narrow quarter for a couple hours. One local especially, teamed up with Hucker and the two of them started doing tricks on the rafters behind the quarter. Check out all the photos from the day and be sure to check out Hucker and his buddy session the shop rafters. Hucker may have actually found another human equally as crazy as himself! Scary.

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Markit Zero Promo

I can honestly say the Markit Zero video has got me the most excited I’ve been in a long time to watch a full length DVD.  I’m definitely a bit biased since everyone in the video are our homies but they all absolutely kill it.  This is their promo going into their big premiere at Texas Toast.  Another one of those edits where you say “OH SH*T” more than once, get watchin’!

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Day 3

MORE RAIN!!! The day started off wet so we went to Starbucks, again, and killed time at Sears playing pong, riding bikes, and generally irritating the Sears Staff. Surprising we didn’t get the boot from Sears, unsurprisingly though it was still raining so we waiting out the rain till about 4pm. When the weather finally did break we got two good sessions in at some local parks and ending the day on the BMX.

If you are in the South Renton/Seattle area tonight around 5:30pm We will be at Go Huck Yourself at 230 Main Ave from 530-730p.Be sure to come by and say whats up! See you there.

Be sure to check back for more from the Demolition/QBP Northwest Trails Trip.

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Northwest Trails Trip Days 1 & 2

The Demolition/QBP Northwest Trails trip is underway and it’s been soggy to say the least. The plan was to drive straight from LA to Seattle and then to work our way back south over the next week, hitting trails and parks along the way. As soon as we got through Southern Oregon it starting pissing rain and has only let up once since then. We were able to fit in a park session in between rains which was awesome. Kris Fox had a massive shred boner after being stuck in the van for 20 hours and so he released his boner by cranking massive look backs and doing footjams on big scary quarters. Be sure to check back here daily for weather and riding updates from our Demolition/QBP Northwest Trails Trip.

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Northwest Trails Trip & Shop Stops!

The Demo team has linked up with QBMX for a second time, this time around for a trails trip throughout the Northwest United States! The crew is stacked and is as follows; Chris Doyle, Mike Hucker Clark, Ronnie Napolitan, Rob Wise, Kris Fox and Dave Dillewaard. We will be stoping at three shops along the way so if you are anywhere near Go Huck Yourself on Oct. 3rd , Gonracin on Oct 5th or Cyclepath on Oct 7th be sure to make it out and say whats up! Stay tuned for daily updates from the Demolition Northwest Trails Trip.

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Biz’s Day

Ever wonder what Biz does on a daily basis?  Zach from Vital was the one man that got Biz to share his whole day for you guys to see.  Now it’s his “night life” that I’m more interested in seeing, haha.

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Hanging Foul Episode 5; Dreamline

I didn’t notice that the fifth episode of Corey Bohan’s Hanging Foul was posted a few days ago but it’s simply too good not to post so I’m posting it late just in case you missed it too. Chris Doyle, Ronnie Napolitan, Dennis Enarson and Mike Hucker Clark were all on hand repping Demo and sending themselves over the biggest trails ever. Be sure to keep an eye out for Hucker tossing a truck driver over the big set only to miss the bars completely and grab them upside down just in time to get squirrely and save his ass. A good watch for sure.

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Poway session with Connor and friends

Connor, Dennis, and a few of their friends went out to Poway Skatepark yesterday for beautiful San Diego afternoon session. It was almost too nice out to waste the day shooting photos but I was able grab the camera just long enough to snap off a few photos for this rad little gallery. So check out this gallery, get stoked, and go call your buddies up for a session of your own, it’s Saturday!

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Interbike 2013: RIDEbmx Pics



You ever get yourself into that weird place of having too much fun with your friends and seeing the aftermath on a website or social media the next day and regretting being an idiot.  That’s what happened during these batch of Interbike pics from RIDEBMX/ Keith Mulligan. Click HERE to witness my embarrassment with all our new products…

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Interbike 2013: BMX Union


BMX Union came by to run through all our new goodies that we’ve been holding back showing off till the show.  We showed off all 3 of our new signature stems, new Lodes Pivotal seat, smoke color Trooper pedals, Dennis Enarson 24mm Rig crank, Biz’s Rotator freecoaster, Dennis Enarson 9″ Rig bar, all new Chris Doyle Maiden fork and more…  Click HERE to see them all in their glory.

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From The Hard Drives: Tate Roskelley

Mr. Creative, Tate Roskelley, is always approaching BMX from a new direction and has been for years. When the masses of BMX are looking one way for inspiration, Tate is looking the other way. When I came across this photo that I shot of Tate three years ago, it reminded me of just that fact, Tate is always keeping it fresh. And somehow only Tate knew that the sky would be the same color as the button up shirt that he decided to wear that day, providing proof that Tate truly is creativity from head to toe.

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East County BMX Shop Stop Gallery

Our shop stop at East County BMX went down yesterday and I can’t believe what an awesome turn out it was. You never really know how many people are going to show up just to hang out and ride with us so it was great to see a ton of riders come out to support East County BMX, Demolition Parts, and the BMX scene as a whole. More importantly it takes a strong shop and a strong BMX scene to have a shop stop as fun and as successful as yesterday’s so we would like to give HUGE HUGE thanks to East County BMX and all the locals that made it out to show their support and make it such a rad day. Be sure to click on the post and check out the gallery from our shop stop and East County BMX!

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Washed Up Wednesdays: Dennis Enarson

Our homies over at Markit have been posting a cool feature lately called washed up Wednesdays where they re-post an old ad or magazine photo or another version/angle of a photo that you may have already seen. This week’s Washed Up Wednesday is of Dennis Enarson and his ride cover. This photo made for one of the best Ride covers ever in my opinion and was shot by Ride photographer extraordinaire, Ryan Fudger, while on a Haro Bikes trip in Japan. Be sure to keep an eye our for the clip in Markit’s upcoming DVD, Markit ZERO.

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Dillsy on the BMX, BIZ on the button

Dillsy and BIZ met up the other day at Heath Pinter’s house for a quick trail session. Although this time Biz kept the bike on the rack and pulled out the camera instead. Dillsy is always on point at the trails and since BIZ is quite handy with a camera, the two came away from the session with a couple of rad photos for you guys to check out. Click on the post to have a look at the other two photos these two came away with from the session.

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Biz’s Rotator Freecoaster Ad

Biz's Rotator Ride BMX ad

This months RIDEbmx X Demolition ad goes to none other than Ryan “Biz” Jordan for his all new Rotator (spelled the same backwards and forwards) freecoaster hub.  Joey Cobbs (TM/ Staff Photographer) and Biz came through last minute on this picture a day before the ad deadline.  For those that don’t see what’s going on in the pic, Biz 180′d up the wing to backwards bars off the wing.  All while riding on that rubber bounce material that are at most playgrounds these days too.  The Rotator hub will be out at the end of Sept.  In the meantime, be on the lookout for a Biz and friends promo for the hub.  Click image to go big!

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Through The Lens: Adventure Talk with Mike “Hucker” Clark


BMXunion has an awesome article about our boy Hucker and his worldly travels the last few years. If you don’t already know, Hucker travels the world almost year round and is always up to something wild. Weather its Helicopters in New Zealand or riding jetskis naked in France, Hucker is a free spirit and makes himself at home wherever he is. So make sure to click over to BMXunion and check out this awesome Through The Lens feature with Mike Hucker Clark. Photos and article by Jeremy Pavia.

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