Dennis Enarson Last Chance Sequence

If you’ve seen Demolition last full length DVD, Last Chance, then you may remember this huge gap that Dennis tailwhipped for his section in the video. We made a poster of this whip using a single shot photo from another angle but I also set up this camera for a sequence and had Rob Wise man the shutter. No matter what angle you look at this things it’s huge but I always thought this was a pretty cool perspective and because it never ended up getting used for anything why not post it online for you guys to take a look at?! Better late than never…

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Kris Fox Goes Fast


The other day while shooting Kris Fox’s bike check, we also shot this rad drifting no hander into the back quarter.  Keep in mind he was pedaling 100 miles an hour as usual at the jump and then pedaled as fast as he can right after he landed towards the hip.  I don’t know if he drinks all these energy drinks or not but he must be hopped up on something with all that energy of his.  Watching Kris ride is seriously amazing, I’ve never seen someone go so damn fast!  After the jump is Kris’ new SE Gaudium bike video also.  There you can see he goes big, fast and all with amazing style.  Click image to go BIG!

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Shop Stop at East County BMX!

The Demolition team is headed to San Diego and we will be at East County BMX on Sunday September 15th at 3pm. We are going to be hanging, riding, eating, drinking, tossing products and signing posters so be sure not to miss out on the good time that are sure to be had! See you then!

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Dennis Enarson on Corey Bohan’s Hanging Foul

Corey Bohan’s latest episode of Hanging Foul takes him to the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach where he watching the train wreck on the beach and sessions a replica of the Marseille Bowl with our very own Dennis Enarson. Well Corey sessions the bowl with a bunch of sick pros but he says some nice things about our boy Dennis and has some sweet clips of DenDen in there which is why I posted this video and which is why you are hitting play now! Enjoy.

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Connor Lodes Photo

Connor and I shot this photo last year during an awesome backyard session and our friend Brian’s house in the easy bay of San Francisco. We originally shot this photo to be a part of an ID that Connor and I were working on but somehow the project fell through the cracks and never came to be. But the photos we shot still exist and here is one of the ones I like most. I love the vibe that backyard ramps have, the way they are just barely fit into the extra space in someone’s life and then are able to provide so much enjoyment, there’s definitely nothing quite like a backyard ramp.

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Drew Hoss’ Ride Cover


Proud to announce that Drew Hosselton scored this months RIDEbmx cover.  Drew also has an interview in the same issue and I for one cannot wait to see everything he’s done for it.  Knowing Drew, you know it’s gonna be full of original stuff we haven’t seen before and during 110 degree Arizona heat. Well deserved and couldn’t be more stoked him.  Click image for the full cover.

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Joey Cobbs Industry Interview


Our very own Joey Cobbs (Demolition Team Manager) has up a really cool interview up at BMX Union.  He talks about coming up riding and in the industry and everything else in-between.  If you love photography and have some questions about shooting in the bmx industry, this interview might be for you.  He touches on a bunch of different areas of photography and the business.  He also has up a really cool photo gallery up on their site too.

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Final Trip Update: Demolition in Colorado

So the Demolition in Colorado trip has come to an end and was total blast! It has actually been a couple days since we’ve got home but since the drive from Denver to LA is just shy of 20 hours I had to take a day off to recover from the mission. Lots of riding and lots of driving the last couple days of the trip, be sure to click on the post to check out the gallery from our last few days on the road while on Demolition in Colorado.

Big thanks goes out to crew and to everyone that helped us along the way to make this trip a successful and memorable one!

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Bike Check: Kris Fox

We haven’t had up a solid bike check of one of our riders in a bit and figured a good way to start back up would be of our good bud, Kris Fox.  Click more to view all the images and read what makes him go so damn fast… 

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Demolition in Colorado Day 7

Day started off just a well as all the others until we all found out that Jason and Biz’s room was infested with bed bugs and had to change rooms in the middle of the night. Once we all heard that we all began to itch and get bummed so we packed up our gear, rode street all day in Colorado Springs and headed back up north to Denver for the last two days of the trip. Once clear of the insect motel we had an action packed day of spot searching and street riding. Now we’re back up in Denver and eager to keep the momentum going. Check back later for more updates from Demolition in Colorado.

And if you have instagram, follow our trip at #DemolitionMTNmission

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New Biz Verde Edit

So stoked to see anything new from Biz, he’s not one to make an edit every week and saves his best moves for edits like this one.  He’s got some heavy moves in this one too, that ender is definitely a do or die.  Watch for yourself…

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Day 6 began by heading south out of Denver and into Colorado Springs for a shop stop at Pedal Action BMX. BMX specific shops are getting more and more popular and it couldn’t be more positive for BMX which is why it means so much to us to get to come out and hang with everyone from the shop and all the locals that go to the shop to keep their rides rolling. After the shop stop we rolled over to the local park with everyone, which by the way is one of the most amazing parks any of us have ever seen! The park was jammed with people so we took a few runs and moved on to shred some local street. Aboy and Tate both got some solid clips and we wrapped up the day spot searching for some more riding tomorrow! Don’t forget to come back to the site and check for some more updates from Demolition in Colorado. Click on the post and check out the rest of the photos from the day.

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Shop Stop: Pusher BMX

Yesterday the Demolition in Colorado crew made a shop stop over at PUSHER BMX. PUSHER has been around since I can remember, when I first heard of PUSHER it was a crazy out of hand BMX zine but now it is a BMX specific bike shop in Denver CO. Clay Brown started the zine in the 90′s and heads the shop now. Its awesome that places like PUSHER still hold it down and BMX and we were honored to get the invite to come by and session with all the locals. There were rails, ledges, hotdogs, and burgers, so of course the were only good times at PUSHER yesterday. Click on the post to check out all the photos from our stop over at PUSHER.

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Demolition in Colorado Days 4 & 5

Day 4 started us at an awesome skate plaza out in the middle of the Colorado countryside. The guys clipped up a bit, we met up with Demolition homie Greg Sumida and then took off to ride some ditches and whatever other spots we came across. Greg got loose across a water gap and scared everyone half to death but he was fine, just a pair of soggy shoes. We ended day 4 with one of the most important discoveries of the trip, TWIN PEAKS. ” I don’t even know that Hooters is in business anymore….” -Jason Enns.

We got up early on day 5, shredded more ditches, and then headed to downtown Denver for some street setups. After Aboy and Biz both clipped up on the streets we cruised over to PUSHER BMX for an awesome shop stop. After the shop stop we wrapped up the day with another late night session over at Twin Peaks. Check out the photos from the last two days and be sure to check back tomorrow for more updates from Demolition in Colorado.

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Dreamline Video

Just watched the official Red Bull version of the Dreamline contest that just happened.  Red Bull’s version is definitely one of the best filmed that I’ve seen yet too.  So f-n crazy to see how big those jumps really are!

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Rob Wise Albion 15 Ad

Albion15 Rob Wise

When Joey (Cobbs) first showed me all the pics from the Markit BCN trip, I couldn’t believe how many solid and insane pics he came back with of Rob Wise.  Rob has been going all in for his Markit part and seeing the pics was proof in the pudding.  This ad was just one of the solid pics Joey had of Rob that we used for the latest Albion mags that features Rob’s Elite fork.  Click pic to view the whole ad.

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Flourish BMX Opening Edit

Check out this awesome edit that our Japanese rider, Akira Sakata, put together for the opening of his new shop, Flourish BMX Shop. It features a park session with Akira and some of the Flourish family and also gives a great look inside the new shop. Head over to the Flourish blog to stay up to date on everything Akira has going on at the shop.

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Demolition in Colorado Day 3

Day 3 definitely brought more action into the trip, we finally made it to Colorado and because we had been stuck in the van for so long we decided on a park day and hit up three different parks in Northern Colorado. The agenda for the day was to session as much as possible and stay out of the van as much as possible and thats exactly what we did. Jason got the OK from his knee doc to ride just before coming on the trip so its been awesome to seem him so stoked to ride. These guys are always making bets for Hooters dinner and yesterday Tate was the sucker, he bet Jason 10 wings he couldn’t ride across the spine, lost. Bet Jason a pitcher of beer that he couldn’t over-tooth the spine first try, lost. Then Tate bet Biz that he wouldn’t pull his clip the very next try and lost a half pitcher of beer in the process. Needless to say Tate’s per diem is whipped out on Day 3 and the fun has just begun. Click on the post to check out all the photos from our park day and stay tuned for more updates from Demolition in Colorado.

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The Lodes’ Choose Bell

As long as I’ve known Connor, he’s wore a helmet due to a head injury that happened when he was just a lil’ guy coming up.  That was way before helmets became “the fashion” and definitely wasn’t the cool thing to wear at the time.  Got a ton of respect for him that he stuck it out and did’t care what others thought.  This lil’ edit for Bell helmets is to show off their Certified Helmet with Connor and his dad.

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Demolition in Colorado Day 1 and 2

So we’ve been on the road to Colorado for the last two day and have yet to make it to Colorado. Even though we’ve spent most of the last two days on the road we’ve been keeping ourselves entertained. We’ve sessioned Tate’s pong table, had a few brews with good friends in Salt Lake City, watched a lady smoke meth in her car at a red light and all while we getting a constant gaseous bombardment from Biz’s ass, which has been especially difficult being locked in the rig. Oh ya and when Biz farts and we’re all dying from Biz’s ass smell, he tries to mask the smell by lighting his leg hair on fire… As for day two, it has taken us the down the long and lonely road through Wyoming and into Cheyenne. And in regards to riding there hasn’t been much more than a few tumble weeds, tweakers, cowboys and truck stops to look at. Stay tuned for more and click on the post to check out our gallery from the first two days on the road.

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Demolition MTN Mission Shop Stops

The guys headed up to Colorado to ride, film and shoot some pics are also going to visit Pusher and Pedal Action BMX shops (Friday and Saturday) to bbq, hang out and ride with the locals.  If you’re in the area, be sure to stop by to get in on the free food, giveaways and pound a few cold ones with the crew.  All the info is above in the flyer.  If you have any further questions, please contact each shop listed.  Click flyer to go BIG. See ya’ soon!

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See ya Soon Brendan Jones!

Brendan Jones just hit the last leg of his US solo tour and lucky for me it was in good ol’ San Diego! Brendan has been in the western states for a few weeks now, he began in the INLAND EMPIRE, made his way to our Demo Week at Woodward West, then straight onto a road trip riding concrete and trails clear all the way to Northern Washington! Well now he’s wrapping it up in SD an he said he’s beat!! But he was able to muster the energy for one last session, especially at the Markit ramps! I’ve only gotten to ride with Brendan a few times but I’ve noticed he wastes no time trying big scary shit and usually rolls and aways makes it look good in the process. Check out the above photo, download it for your new desktop, and then click on the post and check out another sick photo of Brendan during his session at the Markit ramps. Big thanks to Kenny, Dennis and the whole fam for letting us ride the ramps, they are soooo fun!

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Welcome to Demolition Marcel Profittlich

Welcome to Demolition-Marcel Profittlich from maipro on Vimeo.

We would like to Welcome Marcel Profittlich to the Demolition International Team. He will be representing Demolition in Germany thanks to our German distributor, La Finca Distribution. Marcel took it to the streets and local parks to put together this well rounded Welcome edit, that shows he can shred just about everything. Nice intro too, picking the Demolition goods over the girl! Check it out and look for a lot more from Marcel in the future.

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Doyle Inverts at the Mongoose Jam

Chris Doyle 3 inverts never gets old, I can watch him do these all day long.  In typical Doyle fashion he can do them on any jump, big or small.  He’s at the Mongoose Jam at Woodward East and making it look easy as usual.  Thanks to Woodward Camp for sending these over. Photo by: Mike Bennett. Click more to see the fisheye version and click image to go BIG. 

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Christian’s New Bike

Christian has always had clean rides and now that he has his own signature frame with United they are looking all the more clean. Rigal put a new whip together recently and it’s looking dialed! Click on the post to find out what Christian rocks on his ride and how he rocks em.
Also be sure to check out the last image to see how Christian gets down shredding this new ride of his. Sequence photo by Chris Martinez, Bike Check photos by Joey Cobbs.

FRAME: United Rigal 21.25″
FORK: United Dinero
BARS: United Rigal 8.75″
STEM: Demolition Aaron Smith sample
GRIPS: Duo Martinez
CRANKS: Demolition Revolt
SPROCKET: Demolition 29t Mugatu
PEDALS: Demolition Trooper PC
CHAIN: Cult half link
SEAT: Demolition x MARKIT
SEAT POST: Demolition
REAR HUB: Demolition Rotator free coaster 9t LHD
FRONT HUB: Demolition Ghost
HUB GUARDs: BSD grind side and Primo driver side
RIMS: Demolition Zero
PEGS: Demolition Dumbchuck plastics
FRONT TIRE: Demolition Momentum 2.35
REAR TIRE: Demolition Momentum 2.35
BRAKES: Etnies Marana’s

Modifications: I cut my bars from 30″ to 28, Interlaced my front hub so I don’t break any spokes/need a hub guard, grinded down my driver side bolt so I can easily fit 2 rear hub guards and made my own spacer so my hub guard rolls.

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Ground Recon: Independent BMX Shop

Independent BMX Front

We’re back with another Ground Recon Shop Spotlight. This time we’re hitting up our man Jairo who owns and operates Independent BMX Shop in sunny Los Angeles, CA. Independent BMX is a perfect example of local guys taking their passion and turning it into something positive for the community. While they work on, sell, and repair different types of bicycles, their main focus is BMX. The shop was started as a BMX shop and focuses on that passion everyday. While most bike shops have windows plastered with gajillion dollar road or mountain bike company locals, they chose to cover theirs with a locally based BMX company if that tells you anything. So click more and check out the story behind Independent BMX Shop…

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Brendan Jones Checking In!

Brendan Jones shreds the BMX and is from Australia and he rides for Demolition down under. He recently sent us this awesome photo of him shredding what I’m almost sure is Oregon concrete. Brendan has come out to the western states to hang out with mates and shred wherever he can! Click on the photo to check it BIG!

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Dreamline Pics

Ronnie, Dennis, Doyle and Hucker all went to Red Bull’s Dreamline event in New Mexico this week and are absolutely killing it.  For those that have been checking all the BMXers Instagram pics, all the guys have been killing it on the massive jumps.  Vital BMX just put up their Day 1 shots from the event.  Click Huckers huge 3 bar hump to go big.

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Back to School Tee Flipbook

We took advantage of having the majority of our riders out during our Woodward West week (last week) to shoot all our new back to school tees.  All of em’ are up online right now to purchase also.  Get clicking through the flipbook or check them out on the apparel pages HERE.

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Aboy and Doyle Update

Our Demo week has wrapped up at Woodward West and two of our favorite Demolition shredders weren’t able to make it to camp for all the fun. This time of year is always crazy for PRO riders so we hit up Aboy and Doyle to see what they’ve been getting into the last few weeks.

“What’s up guys? Doyle and I are currently on a Kink trip in Pittsburgh. We have been staying at his house and riding his local spots all week. Both of us were bummed we couldn’t make it out to Woodward west with the rest of the crew but we will be out there soon. Photos are from Boyce park shot by Tony Hamlin.” — Aboy

Click on the post to check out the two photos after the jump

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Demolition Woodward Week Day 4 and 5

Our last two days at Woodward West have come and gone and we had a blast to say the least! We goofed around all over camp on Thursday with some archery in the morning and bowling in the afternoon while shooting for our new T shirt ID which should be released soon. BIZ thinks he owns both bowling and archery but no matter what he tells ya he’s no Robin Hood or Jeffery Lebowski, he just happened to win $5 in a lucky bowling game… In the midst of all that we had a rad morning trails session followed by an even more insane evening trails session with little sessions all over camp fit in between.

Friday started out awesome with a crazy couple games of foot down with the campers and a product toss afterward. We had a couple of chill sessions, I had a crazy backflip bail, and the crew filmed a few clips before taking off back to reality and the real world. Goodbye Woodward West! We had another great week of summer with you guys and can’t thank you enough for the invite and your hospitality. Till next time…..

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So it’s official, after nearly a thousand entries in our first ever Go Huck Yourself Instagram Contest we have chosen a winner. The decision wasn’t easy, Hucker had to bring in several outside opinions from the team guys and we even took an extra day to deliberate on the top three so that we could get to a winner. With all that we have chosen a winner and it is this crazy roof drop by @AaronRonnie Enjoy your new set of Revolt Cranks my friend, you deserve them!!!

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Woodward Week Day 3

Day 3 here at camp, Dennis has left to go to X, but Dave, BIZ, and Brendan all made it out for the rest of the week and even Enns and Castillo came out for the day to shred. We did it all at camp today, Enns was tossing flips into the foam, Dillsy was doing sick nothings over the pump track’s nipple, Connor and Drew battled on the rolling log in the pool and both filmed sick clips on the BMX, Hucker did one of the craziest things to date in the crater, Drew Hoss road the mechanical bull and we even got to do a bit of bowling at the end of the day. All in all day 3 has been one hell of a day at camp.

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Woodward Week Day 2

Day 2 is in the books and the crew has seriously been killing it. Drew Hosselton made it to camp and jumped right into the session filming cool technical clips all over camp. Dennis murdered the hangar which inspired Kris Fox to do one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen in person. I wish I could tell you more about it but you’ll just have to wait for the edit. Dennis is off to X games and Enns, Dillsy, Castillo and BIZ are all on their way to camp to continue with the fun from Demo at Woodward.

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The Rob Wise DIG Interview

Just saw that DIG just released the full Rob Wise interview they did a couple issues back.  Be sure to check it out with the full interview HERE.  Insane handicap gap to wallride pic by J.Cobbs.  Click pic to go BIG!
“Rob is always on the hunt for spots when he’s at home in Utah, and this gap wall ride is just one of many ‘Rob only’ type setups. The pole may only be five feet from the wall but take into consideration what it takes to clear you bars and shoulder and you find yourself gapping to the wall from 8-9 feet out. Like I said, Rob ‘only’.”

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Demolition Week at Woodward West Day 1

Our first day here at Woodward West for our second annual Demo Week and no time was wasted getting into the swing of things. Dennis, Kris, and Connor were all filming crazy clips and riding with campers throughout the day. Hucker and Tyler both made it to camp just in time for Hucker to over grind the crater’s over-vert quarter on his skateboard and throw down truly amazing cliff hangers on the BMX over at the trails. If the campers weren’t already stoked to be riding with the Demo crew at Woodward they’re beyond stoked when Hucker joins in on the session. Click on the post to check out the craziness from the day, more to come tomorrow…

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Jason Back in Good Ol Canada Eh!

Our number one Good Ol Boy Jason Enns took a trip back to his native land of Canada last month to cruise the country side and take in the sites while recovering from his scary knee injury. Although he couldn’t ride to full capacity just yet he brought his bike and his trusty GoPro with him and lucky for us he documented his cruising and is sharing it with us today. Click on the post and check out what Jason got into and what he has to say about it during his summertime trip to the great white north.

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Dennis Enarson’s Backyard Session

Dennis sessions his backyard ramps like no one else can for his sunglass sponsor, Oakley. No matter how many times I get to ride the ramps with Dennis he’s always doing new lines that no one knew possible. The line into and out of his satellite dish is so crazy! Check it out NOW!

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Dillzy Dirt Sesh

The other week, we went out to some new (er) jumps that were a lil’ on the small side (to Dave that is) but still fun regardless. As always, Dave came through with some crazy stuff. This 3 table is just one of the cool tricks Dave did on the small double that goes into a lot bigger double. Click more to see what he did on the double after this one. Click images to go BIG.

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Demolition Week at Woodward West

If you are going to be at Woodward West for week 9, July 28th thru August 3rd, get ready because it’s going to be the best week of your summer! Demolition is coming to Woodward West for another week of sweet summer fun, See ya at camp!

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Your Sunday Morning Wallpaper with Hucker

Hucker and I were out at sheep hills earlier this year shooting some photos for the Legends issue of DIG BMX Magazine. The mag ran a cool feature about the legendary spot, sheep hills, so it was awesome getting to shoot Mike there because he grew up riding sheep and has a true appreciation for how iconic Sheep Hills is in BMX. Anyways, the magazine ended up using a beyond inverted one footed flatty but we had this downside whip as a leftover so why not get it posted as our latest Sunday Morning Wallpaper?! Click on the photo to view it big and save it as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Josh Perry is Inspiring

Josh Perry: Transcend – More BMX Videos

Most bmxers know what it’s like to get hurt or have a serious injury.  Josh Perry on the other hand has had the most horrific one have done to him, which is brain surgery.  If any of you that know someone that has gone through such a horrific operation knows just how gnarly it is and can be long term.  Josh Perry has been there and came back 100%.  You can see by this video above that his riding hasn’t been affected one bit, the dude shreds!  Inspirational is an understatement.

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Demolition Completes?….No, But Almost

Our friends over at Volume Bikes have been dropping a lot of awesome photos and specs (with more to come I’m sure) of their new completes that drop in a couple of weeks. What does that have to do with Demolition? Well, they’re coming straight outta the box and off the racks with Demolition parts on ‘em. These things look sick! Get one pre-ordered from your local shop if you’re looking for a new bike. And head over to Volume Bikes to get the low down and see all the colors.

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How to One-Footed Euro With K.Fox

Kris breaks down how to do a proper one-footed euro over our backyard hip in this cool RIDEbmx how to:
“Transition boss and Demolition Parts Pro, Kris Fox, gives a few tips on how to do a one-footed euro table over a hip. Often underrated, the one-footed euro table is a building block trick—it’s not all or nothing like a barspin—so don’t be afraid to give it some attempts. Check the video and go out, start turning the bars, and one day you may, just may, do these as good as Kris.”

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