Freaky Fence Rides


It’s crazy to think that we are coming up on a year from when we did our Mountain Mission trip to the heart of Colorado. I got to thinking about the trip and how rad it was, crazy skateparks, crazier locals, daily afternoon thunderstorms, the occasional road rage event, the Mountain Mission was staked with good times. One day we crusied through Colorado Springs to visit Pedal ACTION and did some sight seeing and people watching around town. Aboy took advantage of the spot searching and people watching all in one sick fence ride and came through with this sick here photo. Click on the post and check the photo out big, save it as your desktop wallpaper, and then afterward check out the edit from the trip HERE. Thank you Colorado for all the awesome memories!

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2014 Summer Tee Flipbook

We just got in our new 2014 summer t-shirts and figured what better way to show off our new shirts other than a with a good crew with some summer activities; beer, ping pong, riding, barbecuing, and shooting photos in the back of the warehouse. Check em all out in the flipbook and either hit up your local Demolition dealer or go to our online store to purchase.  Thanks to Biz, Enns, Clemens and Fox for stopping by and modeling for Joey.

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Welcome To The Team Matt Cordova!!

Matt Cordova is one of those riders that when you see him ride you become a fan, no matter what kind of riding you’re into, the second you see him roast a double or a quarter and do whatever trick he wants bigger and steezier than anyone else you instantly become a Matt Cordova convert. Needless to say we here at Demolition are all huge Matt Cordova fans and are beyond stoked to have him part of the family! Welcome to the team Matt!!!

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New Print Posters

Demolition Posters

We just got our all new print posters (24″X18″) with 2 of the best photos we’ve been sitting on all year; One with Aaron Smith doing a very photogenic whip in an LA ditch and the other with Rob Wise doing a huge turndown rail gap into a wedge.  Both shot by our very own Joey Cobbs too!  We also got the bigger 36″X24″ Demolition logo posters in stock.  All 3 are currently up on our online store and should be available at your Demolition dealer very soon. Click image to go big.

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Arigato Japan!

Well that’s that! The last two days of the Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts Japan Tour is in the books and the trip was a huge success! We got to cruse around at awesome skateparks, trails and street spots throughout Japan and got to me countless people along the way that we will never forget. To say we are beyond stoked and would love to come back one day is a huge understatement!

We started off Friday by heading out to Bike Shop Rag to hang out with the locals and check out the new shop, that place is clean and is worth the visit next time you swing by Osaka. From there we took a walk around a local temple, fed some fish and looked at turtles. After all that love, nature, and hippie-ness we headed to a local indoor/outdoor skatepark where we ended the day with an awesome session and a parts raffle.

Saturday was the day the crew headed back to the states so we didn’t have munch expectations for the day, but to our surprise there was a local trail jam going down that happened to be on super photogenic harbor. The trails weren’t huge but there were tons of lines and the guys had the best time getting a session in before their flight home. The trip couldn’t have ended any better. Be sure to click on the post and check out all the photos from our last two days in Japan!!!!!

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On to Osaka

Checking in once again from #VLMDemoJapanTour, this time from the city of Osaka! First impressions of Osaka in one word, WILD. Right when we got into town we went for a pedal through an indoor market place that was like pedaling into a old world, heaps of cool things we’ve never seen at business in this place. Then after a quick left turn we ended up in the red light district of Osaka which had ladies of the evening being displayed like mannequins for all to see and shop through, if that is your thing. We were all pretty sketched out by that scene so we kept pedaling and found some awesome street setups along they way. The following day we visited a new shop that had the best mini ramp ever right in the middle of the shop! The guys had no problems shredding that place to pieces. There was even a local shredder on an 18 inch that was cranking lookbacks tail whips and barspins at height. After the session ended we pedaled over to CLAN bike shop where we got to meet even more cool locals, then we all went to dinner at the shop owners friend’s restaurant where we partied the night away before crashing out before dawn. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our final update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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#VLMDemoJapanTour update

Heyyooooo!! So it has been a couple of days since out last update here in Japan. Last you heard from us we had spent our last day in Tokyo riding restricted skateparks and some of the most unbelievable street we have ever seen. Day 5 had us on the road to Nagoya, but about half way through the trek we stopped off in the middle of the woods at the YBP trails for a quick trail session. Unfortunately not everything was quite dialed in yet so we spent most the time watching Kris Fox rip up the giant BMX track that the locals had built along side the trails. Watching Kris do what he does best is a treat for anyone lucky enough to witness him race through rhythms and hit big doubles. After the YBP visit we made it do Nagoya and FiveStar bike shop, one of the raddest rider owned shops in Japan. From there we pushed north up to Toyama, visited TooLate Bike shop, rode Toyama skate plaza and ended the day riding around downtown Toyama until the rains came and sent us all inside for the night. Tons of good riding, good people, and great times. Check back tomorrow for more from our #VLMDemoJapanTour

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 3

Day Three here in Japan and the good times just keep on coming. The day started off at BMX RIO were we got to meet cool locals and at the same time avoid getting run over by the bicycle highway that passed right by the front door. The Japanese take the bicycle commuting seriously and do not slow down just because there are a bunch of Americans in the way, now matter if they are old or young, man or woman, they are coming through hot and are not waiting for you to see them! Whats funny too, is that the whole time they never show any kind of fear or expression when there is a close call, just business as usual hauling ass on the sidewalks of Tokyo. Anyways, after BMX Rio, we headed over to another rad rider owned shop, Flourish BMX. Flourish is owned by Volume and Demolition rider, Akira Sakata, so it was rad to get to meet him and see what his shop and the scene are all about. From that point we headed over to a local skatepark and sessioned with everyone until sundown when we all mode a trek on foot to a local Ramen Restaurant. None of us on the trip had ever eaten authentic Japanese ramen before and it’s safe to say that we are all HOOKED! Be sure to check back soon for our next update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 1&2

We have arrived in Japan! Well, we got in about 48 hours ago but it has been a blur of the senses since we arrived. There is just so much to see, touch, smell, and trip out on here in Japan that there is simply never a dull moment and we have no idea what we will get into or find next. Our first day here we got our bikes built, visited an amazing shop, fought jet lag and basically got our bearings in Tokyo. Day two had us riding plenty, first at an outdoor park and then at an indoor park later in the day, both parks were a little slow going but the crew made the best of them and had a blast shredding with the locals and trying to communicate by any means necessary. Be sure to click on the post and check out the gallery from our first 48 in Japan.
Check back in a couple of days to see our next update from #VLMdemoJapanTour

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Enarson’s Rig Line Gallery


Our good friends over at Markit Denim put up a rad little gallery yesterday of photos shot throughout the filming of Dennis’ Rig Line edit. Head over to MARKIT DENIM and check out amazing photos like this fake whip down a four stair and then when your through checking those out, click on this LINK and watch Dennis’ edit again because it is simply too good not to.

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Aaron Smith, Aaron Smith, Aaron Smith


Since there were so many rad photos of the guys posted in the team page update last week, we just can’t help but make them into wallpapers so that your computer’s desktop is up to date with the freshest riding photos out there. Today’s wallpaper is brought to you by none other than New Hampshire’s finest juicer, Aaron “Aboy” Smith. We found this amazing spot on our Colorado trip last year, the spot looked incredible for photos but was tricky to get a real line at in order to make it happen. No one else wanted to give it a go because of the awkward run up but Aaron got it figured out and rode over the door a few times in order to get the photo just right. Click on in to check it out big and then give it a download to freshen up your desktop!

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Hucker Vs. Demarcus Paul : The Q&A Battle


Hucker has a rad feature that just popped up on the Red Bull Bike blog where he and Demarcus Paul, a mellow street shredder out of SD, are asked the same questions to see where the differ, where they are alike and where they aren’t even in the same ballpark! This is a pretty rad feature so make sure to head over to the Red Bull Bike Blog by clicking here and check it out.

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Kris F’n Fox!!!!!!


This was seriously one of the most exciting and insane things I’ve ever witnessed in person. Kris already had this gap eyed up when we got to camp last summer and was pretty much dead set on getting in done during Demolition Week. I honestly couldn’t see how he would get the distance to clear the gap because the quarter is so steep but one thing I have learned as a BMX photographer is never doubt a rider when they believe they can do something. In this instance we were both a little bit right, the quarter did shoot him straight up to the moon and had him peaking out about 6-8 feet shy of the roof but as he descended back towards earth, Kris’ AA pro race skills carried his momentum through and he was able to just get his front tire to the edge of the roof followed by the rear. I don’t think Kris could have cut this gap any closer and everyone at camp, including Kris, was relieved that it didn’t get any closer than that. Click on the sequence to check it out big and save it as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Team Page Photos UPDATED!!!

It has seriously been a while since we have updated the team page photos and since we have been sitting on a stack of sick photos from the guys we have loaded up the team pages with incredible images of your favorite Demolition riders! So stoked to have all these guys repping and rocking Demolition Parts on their bikes! Take some time and click on this post to see some of the craziest photos from the update and then be sure to go through all the team pages to see all the new photos posted because they’re just too sick not to be seen!

All photos shot by Joey Cobbs and Brian Castillo.

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Mike Gray!!


Not much to say about Mike Gray that his riding hasn’t already told you, he’s a badass. What we can tell you is that we are beyond stoked have Mike Gray representing Demolition Parts! Keep and eye out for more from Mike and Demolition Parts in the future, IT’S GOING TO BE SICK!

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Drew Hosselton Checking In

Either Drew gained a lot of weight or he found that fence like that!?

Checking in from AZ, just enjoying the last few weeks of good weather before the hell that is summer sets in. I have been staying quite busy finishing up my section for the Volume DVD, and have been playing host to a lot of the Volume crew the past month. Last week we had Jason Enns and Tate Roskelley out here, and had a solid week of stacking clips for the video. Things have settled down a bit, so I have had some time to go out and have some mellow sessions with the homies, finding new spots and working on new tricks. Yesterday Greg Moliterno and I shot this photo of me getting barreled in the fence, I have driven past this thing for years and always wanted to ride it. As you can see we stopped for a session, and it turned out to be a super fun spot I am kicking myself for sleeping on so long. – DH

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#DemoSpringJam Instagram Contest Winners

The Demolition Spring Product Release Jam went down yesterday at the Clairemont Skatepark and was an amazing sucsess! We would like to thank every single person who made it out to either hang out or ride with us, jams like this wouldn’t be anything if a bunch of rad people didn’t come out and make it what it was, so again a huge thank you for that! We will be posting a gallery from the jam tomorrow and an edit from the jam later in the week so be sure to check those out once they’re posted.

We wanted come up with some new ways for people who came to the jam to be able to win some of our new gear. One of the ways we came up with was an instagram contest where anyone who was at the jam could post an entry with the hashtag #DemoSpringJam and the best 3 photos posted would win some awesome gear. The photos that got posted were all great but the three that won are really stood out, the winners are…

@chriswalsh32 – Fox Sylus Stem

@fantacywings – Lodes Axes Seat

@weps1904 – Markit Seat

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Josh Perry Bike Check and Beer Interview

Our very own East Coast ramp reaper, Josh Perry, has a bike check on up on Eastern Bike’s site where he goes over the finer details of his ride. Josh also has an interesting interview on “All it Is” where he goes over his tastes in BMX, beer, brauts and other fine german delicacies which you can read here. Be sure to click on both links and spend some time getting to know our good buddy Josh Perry. Photos by Darron Monroe

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Doyle, Enns, and a GoPro

For a few days last month Demolition’s very own trail guru, Chris Doyle, escaped the Pennsylvanian winter to take refuge in California’s sunny days, awesome spots and smooth trails. One of the days Chris was riding with good friend, Heath Pinter at his trials when Jason Enns came out to watch the session and ride some street afterward. During the trail session Jason grabbed his GoPro and shot a couple of rad photos of Doyle in action. You may have seen a few of these on our insta but if you haven’t or even if you have, be sure to click through these and check them out big because they are too rad not too!

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Dave Dillewaard Checking In!


G’day mates!
I’ve been enjoying the Australian summer for a few months now and it’s been lovely. I’m almost rapped up filming with Cooper Brownlee. Real stoked on the things we have so far so I’m keen for everyone to check it out soon. It’s been fun living in Melbourne and exploring new spots and parks. It’s a sweet city and lots of good blokes to ride with. I’ll be back in the states in a month so looking forward to that and what the year has to bring!

Photo by Cooper Browniee

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Jason Enns – Playing with the Past


I know, I know, this got posted a few days ago but if by chance you haven’t yet seen Jason Enns’ feature on THEDIGGEST.COM, you are missing out. If you also live under a rock and don’t follow @jasonenns on instagram then you may not know that he lives the life of a pool hunter, roaming through hollowed out relics from forgotten pasts in the desert. I’ve always wondered about all the crazy places Enns goes to find setups in the middle of nowhere and this feature gives some cool insight into where these places are, what happened while there, and what these places used to be before being hit by the decline of western civilization.

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Biz’s Up-rail to Turndown

unexpectedly huge turndown out of an up-rail by Biz Jordan

You may have noticed in our March Goods post, that just went up on the site?  This insane grind to turndown Biz is doing on an up-rail somewhere in Colorado. But if you didn’t, and even if you did I wanted you to see this photo a bit larger so we all can take in how sick this is!
I remember shooting this with Biz and the first try that he really cranked at the rail, he launched off the rail going at least two feet higher than previous attempts and I instantly thought I blew the photo because I was way too close for how high he was going. I shot the photo anyways and hoped for the best and to my amazement he wasn’t cropped out of the frame at all! So I always get stoked when I see this photo because I remember how lucky I felt the moment I first saw it and for how crazy a turndown this is out of a grind up a rail! For those reasons I just couldn’t help but post this by itself so it can get a little more love.

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Enns and the Sketchy Quarter

Jason boosts a sick table out of crazy kinked bowl

Jason has got a knack for finding the hardest things to ride and riding them better than anyone. This park is packed with fun things to ride but this bowl is a bit of pain in the ass. It’s about five feet tall and has a mellow transition but then kinks to vert six inches below the coping, making it a silent killer if your not careful! But leave it to Enns to take most peoples “sketchy setup” and turn it into an awesome bump jump quarter and then go ahead and do six foot tables out of it! Enns is the man!

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Learning Curve W. Connor Lodes and the 3 Table


We all know learning a trick isn’t easy. But with the Pro’s of today doing seemingly impossible moves during any given session it’s easy to forget that even the Pro’s have to spend some time learning a trick and getting it dialed in. I saw Connor Lodes working on his 3 tables recently and I wanted to know what the process was that he went through, from first trying 3 tables to being able to crank ‘em like Hawk! Well he may not be at that full blown Chase Hawk status but that’s the end game idea! Check out what process Connor had to go through to learn and get comfortable with the classic 3 table.

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MJ in Malaga

Michael Jordan was recently in Spain and Yoni Cadenas caught these awesome photos of him shredding the Malaga Bowl. Can’t wait to see the footage from MJ out there. Click the photo above to view the gallery. Thanks to Yoni for the photos.

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Russ Is A Badass

Russ Barone Albion Interview

I first saw this pic of Russ in the Albion Issue 9 but then saw it again on their Instagram and just felt I had to post it too.  Such a good shot for a couple of reasons; Classic sunset shot with the cityscape and it’s a f-n rad/ gnarly trick.  Shots like these are hard to come by and always worth another look. Sorry, this screenshot still doesn’t do this shot justice. Shout out to Scott Marceau for taking this amazing picture.

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And The Winner Is…..

@juff_purdy !!!

With over 500 hundred posts entered in Ronnie’s Ride EVERYTHING Intstagram contest, which was not at a simple insta contest to enter, we seriously can’t believe how big this contest got. All the different that riders from rookies to veteran pro riders, motocross, to skateboarding, damn near everyone and then some it’s hard to imagine a contest being as well received as this one. Needless to say the decision making process isn’t easy and with something as subjective as BMX it’s near impossible to say who’s is better. But in any case the job had to be done, a top three had to be chosen, and Ronnie had made his choice! The break down looks like this;

1st Place- @juff_purdy Wins a set of Ronnie Napolitan’s Combat Bars

2nd Place- @nathantsykes Wins a Markit Pivitol Seat

3rd Place- @trevvysiklocks Wins a Demolition T-shirt

Email us at to collect your winnings!!

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Pro Entries for Ronnie’s #RideEverythingDemo Instagram Contest!

When putting a contest together like this you hope that people like the idea, respond to it, and that you’ll have lots of entries. But what you don’t expect to happen is for Professional riders from across the sport to post entries, there were even a few pro riders from other sports that got wind of the contest and posted entries of their own. With so many entries from so many well known riders we just had to make a gallery with all their entries. Take a look and hopefully you will get as stoked as we got when we saw all the people who entered. Thanks again to everyone who entered and made this happen, you guys all rule!!

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Enns on Clymer’s GO Cover


I’ve always heard Jason and Rooftop talk about this 1992 Clymer/ nude bowl cover like it’s the holy grail of covers.  I’ve never really got into it with them until Jason sent over a pic of himself going over some stairs in a pool, the same way that Clymer once did in GO (old magazine that took over BMX Action in the early nineties). Jason image by: Mike Escamilla.  Click image to go BIG!
What does the Clymer picture mean to you and why have you liked it all these years?  That pic was and still is everything I thought was cool about BMX. It just seemed so raw at the time. Either you were a racer/jumper or a freestyler at the time and this pic to me pretty much said fuck all that! – Jason Enns

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Winter Ditch Days

So with most of the country frozen solid, Aboy and Doyle made the westward winter migration to California to get out of the cold for a while and ride some good spots with good friends for some guaranteed good times! The streets during the week are a bust so we kept to parks and ditches mostly and lucky for us Enns has the Inland Empire on lock and had no shortage of spots for us to ride. Drew Hosselton was also in town and with BIZ in attendance as well the session shaped up to be one hell of a good time! Between Enns “Tate Grinding on Aboy’s bike”, hockey shit talking between Penguins and Canucks fans, and the elusive Indian Air from Biz it was near impossible to stop laughing long enough to actually ride. Good thing these guys are all true professionals and can get some sick riding done in between the laughs. Be sure to check out all the photos from out Winter Ditch Days gallery by clicking on the post.

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A Sigh of Relief with Dennis Enarson

I can’t speak for all photographer’s but my worst nightmare is being at the right place at the right time and just plain missing the shot. There are a million things that can cause you to miss the photo. Exposure, focus, lighting, timing, framing are all standing by to ruin the shot. It only takes one of these elements to ruin a photo and it takes all of them to make one.

The day this photo was shot Dennis had been riding this rail for a while trying to figure out something for it. He had a few things in mind, all of which were insane, but none of them were working out quite right. He then started floating these 180 downside whips out of the rail, not really coming close at first but if you know Dennis it doesn’t take him long to get something dialed in. So while he was feeling out the trick with his first few attempts, I was trying to get the framing just right so he was framed by the railing at the same time that the railing was blocking out the sun. It was optimistic framing at best, anytime the sun wasn’t blocked by the railing it completely blew out the whole shot, but when it worked I thought it looked great so I just kept the framing and tried to keep consistent with it. The next thing I knew Dennis floated a huge downside 180 whip, the first one he was on top of, and absolutely stopped the shit out of it. I had already snapped the photo and was praying that he would be able to complete the rollback which seemed to be happening in slow motion. Once he came out of the rollback we had a celebration and checked the footy, the sun was hidden behind the rail, the timing was good, and everything was in frame and in focus, breathing a huge sigh of relief!

This photo can be seen in Dennis’ rider of the year interview featured in DIG issue 97 and the clip can be seen in MarkitZERO!

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Josh Perry Boostin


Josh Perry recently made the move to Raleigh, NC and has been wasting no time getting to know all the local concrete. Check out this rad photo of Josh getting steezy on a big quarter at the Marsh Creek park in Raleigh. Photo by Todd Nichols

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Christian Rigal Wallpaper

Christian, Connor, and a few other buddies met up to cruise some San Diego spots and try to stay dry as a rare storm loomed over head. It began to rain just in time to ruin everything but luckily before everything got wet I was able to shoot this rad photo of Chrisitian carving high up into this famous SD vert wall. Click on the post to check it out big and save it as your new wallpaper.

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Joey Cobbs Photo Dot Com


Our very own team manager and photographer guru, Joey Cobbs just got a Tumblr and is starting to put up pics from all his ventures as well as all his published work. Be sure to check it out, it has plenty of amazing shots of all the Markit/ Demolition homies.  Above pic is of Ronnie Napolitan doing a ledge ride, gap to DP to a big ol’ t-bog.

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Demolition Day at Pala Skatepark

What makes a Demolition day at a skatepark? Nothing really but when a few of the demo guys get together at a park and shoot some photos then there you go, Demolition Day! Yesterday Dennis, Connor and myself rolled out with a few friends to the Pala skatepark and met up with a bunch of dudes for what turned out to be an awesome session to end the day. Click on the post and check out all the photos from Demo Day at Paya.

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Drew Hosselton Checking In!

Hey just checking in to give a little update on what I have been up to lately. Last week I just got back from a super fun trip to Albuquerque. So many good spots and some good times with the Volume Bikes crew filming for our upcoming DVD. Aside from that, while I have been home I have been chipping away at a Demolition edit with my buddy Greg Moliterno. We hope to have it done around the end of the year, check out a few pics from our filming mission yesterday. -DH

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Tyler Going In

Tyler has been out in California for the last few weeks making an impression with his riding pretty much everywhere he goes. While in SD during a casual afternoon session he decided to drop in on this huge, gritty, inconsistent and steep slab of crete. Click on the post to see the photo big and to save it as your new wallpaper.

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Jason Enns Photo Of The Day


Enns putting his bad knee the ultimate test with this crazy downside footplant on the fence pole.  Lovin’ the perspective of this photo, you can see what J sees when coming back into the transition.  Click pic to go big. Shot by Ryan Jordan.

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Dennis Bars On the Staples Center ledge

Dennis-Staples 10

RIDEbmx just put up their Gif images of some of their sequences from the mag.  One of them features our fearless boss, Dennis Enarson doing the unthinkable on the famous Staples center ledge.  Not only is it a blind landing, it’s crazy to think what would happened if he missed.  Of course you don’t think of that when you’re Dennis Enarson.  Check out the full writeup from Fudger here. Click pic to go BIG.

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It’s A Bird, A Bear… And A Bunny?

Right when you thought you’ve seen it all from Rooftop, Biz and Enns, they come up with this.  In typical Rooftop fashion, he had something big up his sleeve for a New York Times celebrity animal photo fundraiser and came up with this amazing idea to dress up in these wild animal costumes and do what he does best.  He said the skydiving shots in the big bear costume was the most insane due to not being able to see and maneuver around easy in.  Which might stop the average “bear” but not Mike.  He also recruited Enns and Biz to get in on the fun with the antics too.  I have to admit the ones of Mike in the bear costume about to scare the living crap out of the homeless guy made me loose it.  I could only imagine what that guy was thinking when he woke up, blahaha.  You can read about each shot more on Mike’s Instagram where he already put up most of these same pics.  By the way, he broke the most likes on GoPro’s 1.2m followers Instagram account with 133k likes.  Crazy!  Click more to see some more amazing pics of the insanity.  Click the top image to view all 11 pictures.  Huge thanks to Mike and Paul Luna for the pics.

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Rigal Check In

“What’s up guys, I just wanted to send over a little update since it’s been a while. I’ve been busy filming for a new Demolition edit as well a new video part for a project thats to be announced. It feels so good to be done with MARKIT ZERO and work on something new, 2014 is going to be a another fun year! Here’s a couple of photos Connor Lodes shot while we’ve been out and about riding and filming.” – Christian

Click on the post to check out another sick photo of Christian shot by Connor Lodes

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Aaron Smith Checking In

What’s up guys,
I’ve been home for a little more than a month enjoying the New England fall weather. Riding Boston as much as I can before the snow hits and it’s time to move to a warmer climate. I wasn’t able to make it to toast this year because I had a bunged up wrist and couldn’t really ride. I’m bummed I missed out on some good times but there’s always next year. That’s about it on my end. I attached a couple photos from the past couple weeks. Shots by Lee Hopkins, check his site


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Markit Clairemont Jam & Premier

The Markit Jam and Premier went down this last Saturday and if you were lucky enough to be on hand then you saw one hell of a jam followed by one of the best BMX videos ever. Demolition hosted a Street Contest which was split up into two smaller contests, one on each street section at the park. Everyone on hand, pro and local alike, went absolutely nuts and made it an awesome event to witness. Demarcus Paul and Bid Daddy swopped up the win and the cash and the session continued into the night and onto the premier. A good full day of BMX for sure. Click on the post to check out some of the highlights from the Demo street comp at the Markit Clairemont Jam.

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Doyle Seat Sale Celebration!

When I was a kid I used to spend $15 dollars every single time I went to Taco Bell. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, those meals were delicious! But if I could have used that same money to buy a top of the line Doyle Pivitol seat I would have! If this sale hit back in my taco bell days I may not have quite the huge gut that I have today. Be smart kids, put down the taco bell and pick up one of these Doyle seats HERE while supplies last because once they’re gone they’re gone forever! And Taco Bell will always be there…..

Now click on this sick photo of Doyle whipping a huge set at Panamoka on last year’s trails trip and save it as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Demolition at Dew Tour Dirt Finals

Chris Doyle, Mike Hucker Clark and Dennis Enarson all made it to Dirt Finals this year at Dew Tour San Francisco which means the obviously murdered it in Semis. Unfortunately Dennis hurt his turf toe again and couldn’t ride in finals. He’s been healing up though and I just saw him shredding at Toast so he must be feeling better. Doyle and Hucker both were healthy for finals and completely shut it down with signature Doyle inverts and simply mental cliffhanger flips from Hucker. The crazy level of riding mixed with the most “unique” locals from planet earth made for one hell of a dirt final and one rad gallery here. Click on the post to check it out.

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Josh Perry Checking In

Our good homie and Demo shredder, Josh Perry, sent through an awesome update on what he has been up to lately, which from the sounds of it is a whole hell of a lot! Here is what he had to say.

“Been on the road every weekend doing shows for Creative Sports for Walmarts and festivals. Been to North East Maine, Northern Michigan, Oklahoma, as well as NH and Mass. About to head out to Indiana this weekend for some more. Also went to Tennessee for a halftime show! I got a chance to take a helicopter ride for the first time and that was so sick! Went golfing for the first time as well and that was pretty funny. When I am home I been riding the Animal House and Jay-Cee park and had a chance to ride some local guys back yard dirt jumps and that was a blast.” – Josh

Be sure to keep and eye out for Josh shredding parks trails or shows in a town near you! And if you are lucky enough to run into him be sure to stop him and say whats up, he’s one of the raddest dudes out there!

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Demolition at Dew Tour San Francisco

Dew Tour is in full swing in San Francisco and the Demolition crew is holding it down in all the BMX events. Doyle, Enarson, Lodes and Clark are all out here absolutely killing it. Connor was getting so tech in street he had everyone talking. Doyle and Hucker both made finals in dirt and Enarson in street so its about to get real interesting in the next couple days. It’s also awesome to see all the guys kill it on trips and in videos and then come onto the contest scene and just destroy it equally as hard. Demo is killing it at Dew Tour!

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Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Days 7 & 8

Ronnie checking in here, the last two days of the trip have been a blast! The trails and the shops were both amazing. The first set of trails we went to were our homie Aaron Days trails. The jumps were so fun and the dirt was perfect. Everyone was killing it, including the locals. Check out some of the pictures, Im sure TM Cobbs missed a couple but we got a good update for you guys. Just kidding JOE! The second set of jumps we hit were the Burbons trails. Everyone killed it there as well we it was a really cool vibe. Later on that day we hit Cycle Path Bike Shop in Hayward. They had some ramps and stuff for everyone to ride and we even okay with us climbing up on the roof and setting up a little euro gap. That was pretty spare of the moment and crazy. Nothing but good times on this trip and awesome shops. Support your local bike shops and keep shredding! Thanks for everything guys.

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