Doyle Update From Bean Town

Always love getting team update emails from the guys. Cool to see what they’re up to and what they’re currently working on too. Got a good one from Doyle earlier today, and with photos too! Click more for the photo gallery.
“Little update for ya! Greetings from Bean Town! I’ve spent the last week in the New England region enjoying the crispy fall weather and gathering footage for Kink Bikes’ up coming video project, “Intervention” – I’m happy with how my part is shaping up so far! A big THANK YOU to Dan Coller and Jake Petruchik for being fun and motivating to film with. Thanks to Lee Hopkins for showing us around Boston and shooting pics. Lastly, thanks to my Demolition teammate, Aaron Smith and The Fresh Press for being gracious hosts! “Intervention” will be released early 2016!” – Chris Doyle. All pics were taken by Lee Hopkins (@leehopkins_)

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Kris Fox’s I Needed Colorado Story

Right after our Colorado camping trip Matt Cordova and Kris Fox headed straight back up to get Matt’s motorcycle registered (long story) and film/ ride some new parks that we didn’t hit on our trip.  As always, the two had a good time and Kris came back with a story of his adventures up there, and his thoughts on life, and bmx in general.  It’s a good read from the eyes of Kris, check it out HERE>>
“At times, I think the general consensus is that “things come easy” for us riders. The amazing content produced by amazing riders gets devalued, to some extent, to a percentage of the average online viewer. Of course, I can only speak off of personal experience and by no means is this a negative comment towards anyone or any industry. In fact, this comment is not aimed directly at the BMX world alone. I feel that general modern society is very much ‘online’ and ‘technology’ based. Everywhere we go, we are plugged into this cyber world instantaneously with the phones connected at our hips, the family computers in the room over, the iPads and laptops that sleep on the night stand next to one’s bed all night, and so on.” – Kris Fox

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Biz’s Sept Update

Biz just sent over this cool photo of him doing a hop over grind with a quick lil’ update on what he’s been up to.  Hit photo to go BIG >>
“What’s up guys, just about done wrapping up a part for RideBmx mag that I have been working on this summer with Calvin Kosovich.  Pretty happy with how it’s coming along and should be out in a couple weeks or so. Here is a shot of a over grind from a line for the upcoming vid.  Thanks guys!”

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As we said in a previous post, The new Nike in Spain video with our own Dennis Enarson is going down this Sunday and it’s going to be aired on network tv for all us to see. That’s a win win for us and BMX. Details below.
Nike BMX video premieres this Sunday on ABC’s “World of X Games” at 4pm ET / 2pm PT. With Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds,Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco, and Alex Kennedy. Be sure to tune in!

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Kris Fox How To Footjam Fakie

Kris Fox teaches you how to footjam fakie on our backyard ramps. “Kris Fox is a footjam fan whether it be to fakie or 180, Fox is footjam friendly. Find out what tips Fox has to pass on to you to bring your footjam back in to fakie on a quarterpipe. First Fox recommends getting a few footjams under your belt and to practice going up and straight back down to fakie. Watch Kris Fox footjam fakie a few times and then take it to your local ramp with the help of this Step By Step.” – AlliSports

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Jordane Dubois Interview On The Rise

Our new Canadian rider, Jordane Dubois just got on and is already making big moves with this cool lil’ interview up at The Rise site. Pic by: Mikael Cardin.  “I’m living a dream right now, my new bike is just perfect, so it feels good. I’m just proud to ride for a big company like Demolition and I just wish I get the chance to do some trips and maybe meet the awesome team.”- Jordane

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Jordane Dubois on Demolition Canada

When we were first introduced to Jordane Dubois’ riding, (through this video) we were floored by his style and amount of bike control.  We can’t thank Harley and the 10Pack guys enough for getting Jordane on our Canadian team lineup and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about Jordane shortly.  10Pack just put up a bike check and a couple pics up on their site also, check em’ out HERE.

“We’re stoked to announce that Jordane Dubois is now riding for Demolition in addition to Verde! Jordane has been killing it for a while now and has been an awesome addition to our team and the dudes at Demolition are stoked on him as well. You can check out his new bike that he recently built up with a full parts list after the jump and keep an eye out for a little ‘Welcome to Demolition’ edit from Jordane soon. Big thanks to Mike Cardin for the amazing photos as usual!” TenPack Distribution.  Follow Jordane on Instagram at: @jordanedubois. #greekstatue.

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Demolition at Texas Toast

Seems like the contest/event of the year is Texas Toast and every pro rider is trying their best to make it out to take on the Gauntlet of Death, amazing trail section and their new regular street course.  Since we’re a sponsor at this years event, we had a chance to have an obstacle that might take a few riders out.  The Demolition bomb on springs will definitely make it rough to make it through for any rider.  My guess is you have to haul ass over it or you might be in for.  What Taj says in the above video is the best description ever regarding the contest, “I get a kick out of watching the best pro riders in the world fall on the most ridiculous obstacles I can dream up.”

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Goodbye Stevie

It’s never a good day when we have to announce that a Demo rider is no longer going to be part of the team and today is no different. Unfortunately due to a series of recent actions and events we have decided to let Stevie Churchill go from Demolition Parts. Stevie has been on the team since he was sixteen and we truly regret the way in which our sponsorship with him has to end. We here at Demolition would like to thank Stevie for the time and effort he has given Demolition and wish him all the best in the future.

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Check in with Enns

Jason sent us an update on some of the projects he’s working on and from the sounds of it he’s been on the move! Here is what he had to say.

“Yo dudes, just checking in,hope you all survived interbike. I was back in Canada for awhile this summer which was awesome. Im back home now and getting started on a split demolition edit with Biz and been filming for a Lotek edit as well. Here’s a pic from a project im working on with the one and only Mike Escamilla. hop in to slide ride to no hands-Photo by Mike Escamilla” – JE

Be sure to click the image so you can properly see and appreciate this crazy looking tuck no hander and be sure to check back to the site for updates on Jason’s split demo edit with his homie and yours, Ryan “Biz” Jordan.

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Brendon Jones Update

Our Australian rider, Brendan Jones has been with us for 10 years now and has been a staple of the Australian scene for us down under.  Aways stoked to see stuff of him, he’s got style for miles and is a super good dude too.  He just sent over a couple pics of his new whip and the above t-bogs photo.  Photos by: Alex Quirk.  Hit more to see more.  

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Dave Update

Dave has been on the road in CO and just sent over this cool update and shot courtesy of our good bud, Chuck Fallon.
“Hey blokes! Just got done with a week long GT trip in Boulder CO. It was Rob Wise, Calvin Krey and I. We had our buddy Jeff as a tour guide and rode some sweet stuff during the week. It was mainly for a GT photoshoot but we had a GoPro on-hand and will be dropping a lil edit next week! Cheers- Dave

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Aaron Smith!

Aaron has been all over the world this year and we’re just getting into May! Luckily before his world tour began, we had a chance to get the camera out and snap this photo. Make sure to save it as your new wallpaper!

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Dennis Breaks Femur

Dennis Enarson was out filming yesterday and broke his femur (thigh bone is the largest bone in your body).  Just got off the phone with Christian, who was filming Dennis and said “he was doing a double suicide truck and went down hard.”  He was just recovering from shoulder separation and was riding here at the ramps for the first time the other day.   All this on his b-day of all days too.  If you know Dennis, he’ll be back up and riding before you know if.

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Hucker life….Off the bike.

Mike “Hucker” Clark, has been off his bike for the past few months healing up from a recent knee injury. Upon receiving the bad news that Huck couldn’t ride for two months, he immediately started coming up with things to keep himself busy while on the mend. Hit the jump to see what our buddy Hucker gets into when it’s not BMX! Be sure to click on each image for info about the image.

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Jason and Biz’s Guy Stuff

The guys over at BMXfu put up a quick photospot feature in their “Guy Stuff” section with Demolition’s Devious and Dynamic Duo, Jason and Biz! Here is what they had to say.

“Scoped this on twitter and Biz has been killing it on the Photospot front, this is his second one in a few short months. Keep em coming nice work guys.

Follow these dudes on twitter too, @jasonenns and @bizjordan, they definitely know the meaning of Guy Stuff.” –BMXfu

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Connor checkin’ in

Connor is up in the bay area for a couple days shooting for an upcoming article in DigBMX magazine. Keep your eye for it cause you know if Connor has something to do with it, it will be sick!! Just wait till you see what he had for the spot behind him….

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Fredo Fotos!

“I once saw Alfredo piss someone off so badly in Denver, that they sprinted full speed into a mailbox and knocked themselves out. True story.” -RF

Everyone’s homie, Alfredo Mancuso, has a pretty cool photo feature over on the RecFail site. Give them a look see right here.

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Rob and Dilly Down Unda!

Rob has been in Australia hanging out with fellow Demo Pro, Dave Dillewaard, for most of the last two weeks and from the sounds of it they’ve been having a good time when not getting flooded out…. here is what Rob had to say;

Aus has been pretty awesome. Except the past while we’ve been fighting the weather. It’s been raining like no tomorrow. There was flash flood warnings there for a minute so that gives you an idea on how crazy the rain has been. It looks like the weather should be nice for the rest of the week so we can get back at it. – Rob

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Ronnie Down!

While getting warmed up to film a clip for the upcoming Markit Zero video, Demolition’s own Ronnie Napolitan went down hard and fractured his elbow. He is making do with his cast and keeping his mood up by enjoying his french pressed coffee and playing left handed ping pong games with his homies! Get well soon Ronnie!!

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Aaron Smith Ballin’

Aaron “A-Boy” Smith came by with his homies (Ashley Charles, Jay Roe and John Rye) to shred the ramps and shoot some hoops.  Couple losses and a win earned the man some new gear and a free meal for me.  Thanks Aaron!  Click pic to view the pics of the day… minus riding.

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Taco Time? Check this first!

Demolition’s Christian Rigal knows his food, and when it comes to tacos forget about it! And since there are few things grosser than a bad taco, I asked Christian what to look for in a good taco and how to spot the bad ones… Try these out and you will be thanking him the next time you see him.

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Kris Fox Flow

It’s rare to see a riders these days come into street/ ramps with a heavy race background. Few can pull it off and pull it off as well as Kris Fox.  Whether it be riding ramps or dirt, Kris’ flow and speed is insane to watch.  Check out the what I’m talking about in Kris’ latest SE edit HERE.  Kris was just added to our flow team this week and came by to ride the ramps in celebration, haha.  More to come very soon!  Click pic to go BIG.

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Dillewaard Update!

Dave Dillewaard is home in Australia for a few months riding and chilling with his family. He emailed me over an update for ya’ll.

“Hey people,
Hope everyone had a sweet Xmas and happy new year like I did! It’s been fun down in OZ hanging with the family and riding my local spots! Got a few lil things in the works while I’m out here to keep me busy which should be fun. Filming a few clips for the next 2020 Australia bmx mag with Troy “Big Salad”. Got a few today and here is a pic of a 180 whip from new to old at my local park Humpybong. Cheers” – Dillsy

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Chijioke TenPack Interview

Our Canadian ripper, Chijioke Okafo has up a new interview and full bike check up at the Ten Pack site.
“Honestly man, I can’t say enough good shit about Volume and Demolition. Brian and the boys have such a tight thing going on, and I’m so grateful to be a part of it. I’ve gone through a lot of parts since I started riding BMX, and I can safely say that the new shit from both companies is the best stuff I’ve ever ridden, hands down. To know that you’re rockin dependable and high quality parts is the best feeling ever. My fav parts would have to be either the Rolls hub and guard, or the new Cougar bars. 8.69″ rise is where it’s at, thanks Alf!” – Chijioke  Check it all out here!

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Rob Going for Broke

Rob was currently working on finishing up his Killjoy video part and got broke off fairly bad. Rob is tough as nails but a broken hip and elbow definitely doesn’t sound good. Rob is always pushing the envelope for his video parts and never holds back.  I can’t wait to see his new part.  Hang in there buddy!
“I’m officially done filming for Killjoy. Going out with a bang  I broke my hip and elbow. Still waiting to find out if I need surgery or not. I get married in four weeks, so hopefully I can walk at my wedding. I’ll keep you guys posted.”- Rob

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Rob Wise Update

Mr. Rob Wise himself just sent over an update to let y’all know whats up.

Hey Guys,
So one of the doctors on site at the U.S. Open of surf told me that I tore my lebrum in my shoulder. So I got it checked out when I got home and turns out I don’t need surgery. I’m stoked about that. It doesn’t bother really bother me when I ride so I’ve been filming with Elf to try and finish up my killjoy part. I still have a ways to go but I like the way things are going so far. Dennis and the crew are gonna be in town tomorrow night to ride and hang out for ten days I’m really excited about that it’s gonna get crazy in SLC. I’ll keep you guys updated. Hope all is well out that way!


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Aaron Smith Update

Aaron Smith is over on the east coast and just sent over this update.

Hey guys,
Just checking in and letting everyone know what I have been up to. I’ve pretty much just been riding a lot in Boston and the little ledge park near my house. Also, we had a hurricane come through that definitely did some damage to a lot of areas. for example, the picture I sent over is a tree that fell over and ripped up the side walk, making it a really fun spot. That’s all I have for you guys, take it easy!


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New Empire Rider

I remember just yesterday that Tom was asking Kevin (our sales rep) about Doyle joining Empire and here it is. I’d personally love to see Chris in the new Empire/ Parrick video. What are the chances of that though? That would be epic! Walter Pieringer pic.
“It’s funny how things can work some days. A casual conversation about an unrelated issue ends up leading to a totally unexpected event, which is exactly what happened here. Like anyone who has a love for BMX, all of us at Empire have admired Chris Doyle’s riding over the years. If you go big, we are fans. If you’re stylish, we are fans. If you go big with style, you might as well give us a parking spot in front of your house, because we’re gonna be all up on you like the FBI. The stars aligned in a special way earlier this summer, and our admiration of Chris turned into an invitation. Everyone in the crew is special to us, and we are honored to have Chris as a part of our family. I wonder if asking Parrick to edit another section into the video in less than a month would be dangerous to his sanity?
Tom / Empire BMX via Defgrip


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Connor Lodes Update

“Yo dudes on my lunch break at work figured I would shoot you an update. The Premium team and I got back from a fun trip to Woodward a couple weeks ago and broke my hand. I go back to the doc in a week to see what’s up with it. I hope I’ll be good for the upcoming Demolition trip to Seattle, that would suck to miss. After that I’ll be back home to San Diego and hopefully start filming for my Premium welcome edit and go on a few more trips this year. Keep it real fellas : )” -Connor
Photo by: Josh Hayes

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Aaron Smith Update

Aaron is currently driving across the country from N.H. to C.A. He just sent over this update with this clip riding one of New Hampshires finest skateparks, the Dover Rotary Skatepark.

“Hey dudes,
I just moved into a new place so I figured I would send over a clip from my new local park (officially). I live about 2 minutes from it now.
I’m also currently on the road bringing the Kink van back to cali. It’s been a fun trip so far and I still have a few more days on the road. I am excited to get back to that cali life though, I’m planning on staying till early august, so it should be a good time.
So that’s about it for me, maybe I’ll have another update from the road in a couple days.

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Cousin Itt

Connor came over the other day to get parts and hang out.  He also wanted to show off his new hairstyle and bike, haha.  Check it below.  Be on the lookout for a new Connor web edit too.  Gonna be sooo sick!

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Rob Wise

Rob just hit me up with an update. He is on a Red Bull trip right now currently in Texas.

“I’ve been on this red bull trip for awhile now and it’s been unreal. We’ve been driving for the past couple days but it’s been fun we just got into Texas and had to stop by the Cadillac ranch. It’s crazy someone decided to halfway bury a bunch of old cars in a field. Our next stop is Houston at the T1 ramps can’t wait to get there.”

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A Month On The Road With Chris Doyle

Doyle has been on the road for a month now. Traveling with D.C., Nike Pool Contest, a Kink trip, and winning FISE. He are a few words from the man himself along with some photo’s.

“I just returned home from being on the road for an entire month. My trip started with ‘The Pool’ contest in London followed by 2.5 weeks of good times on DC’s “Roughing It” tour. Then, I left directly from the “Roughing It” tour and flew directly to France for the FISE contest and a week on the road for a Kink trails trip. I’m tired and road worn but all in all I had great times on each phase of my journey”.

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Aaron Smith Back From France

Aaron Smith just sent over this photo and some words from his recent trip to France.

“What’s up guys, I got back from France a couple days ago. It was an awesome trip. So many spots its crazy. The locals treated us awesome and made sure we rode good spots and ate good meals. You can’t ask for too much more. I’m back in NH for a couple weeks chillin and riding Boston when it’s nice. That’s about it for me. Au revoir”  – Aaron

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