Chris Doyle


  • Pittsburgh, PA

Favorite thing to ride and why

  • Trails.  A good concrete park that isn’t too intimidating is 2nd.

Favorite Spot and why

  • Lately, The Wheel Mill.  Why? We’re coming out of one of the worst winters in Pittsburgh history and I’ve been riding the whole time.  If you live in a cold climate and have an indoor park to ride, consider yourself lucky.  No more spring cobb-webb cleaning this year!

Music to rock out to

  • Most recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of The Replacements Pandora station.

Things you do when not riding

  • Work on stuff around my house, watch/attend hockey games, eat, sleep, think about riding.

Up and coming riders to look out for

  • Luke and Nathan Halahan.

Riders who you looked up to when coming up

  • Kris Bennett, Joey Garcia, Brian Foster, Cory Muth, etc… This list could go on forever, but I’ll cut it there.

Best quote you’ve heard lately

  • “If you think about things too long, it’ll make you hesitate, and when you hesitate, you get hurt” – Zack Quast.

Favorite humans

  • My wife, Denise, Aaron Smith, Jay Roe, Castillo, Steve Buddendeck, Ryan “The Snake” Barrett, Wild Will Stroud, Cory Muth.

Things to do with a million bucks

  • Everything and nothing all at once.

Nickname when growing up

  • Never really had one.  Most people just called me “Doyle”.  However, in the south in came out sounding like, Dole.

Sum up the Demolition team in one sentence

  • Talented cyclists with the thankless “job” of going big and stoking the crowd wherever and whenever possible.