Doyle’s New Maiden Ad In Ride 200

Doyle Maiden ad
I’ve been waiting for RIDEbmx’s 200th issue since they’ve been hyping it up a couple months back.  Not only is it a sick issue, it’s also got our new Chris Doyle/ Maiden fork ad.  Classic Doyle steez (huge wall to whip) that was also featured in his last promo HERE.  Buy the Maiden, support a true badass!  Photo by: Joey Cobbs.  Click top image to view the full ad.
>> iPhone Wallpaper: Hold down over the “THIS” link to open image in a new page, then save image to your camera roll.

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New Print Posters

Demolition Posters

We just got our all new print posters (24″X18″) with 2 of the best photos we’ve been sitting on all year; One with Aaron Smith doing a very photogenic whip in an LA ditch and the other with Rob Wise doing a huge turndown rail gap into a wedge.  Both shot by our very own Joey Cobbs too!  We also got the bigger 36″X24″ Demolition logo posters in stock.  All 3 are currently up on our online store and should be available at your Demolition dealer very soon. Click image to go big.

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Douglas Leite X Brazil


Thanks to the help of our Brazilian distributor, Dream Bikes, Douglas Leite is representing Demolition in Brazil. If you haven’t seen Douguete ride, he shreds everything and is known for blasting huge airs. Best of luck to Douguete at X Games next week and be on the look out for more from him in the future!

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Tyler’s Welcome To Markit Video

Wow! I could sit here all day and tell you how amazing this video is but it really wouldn’t do it justice. So do yourself a favor, hit play and watch Tyler Fernengel’s Markit 2014 video part. Congrats to Tyler and the Markit homies on this masterpiece. Enjoy!

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WTF Dennis!

Dennis' Albion X Demolition Rig bar ad
We’ve been holding onto this Albion/ Elephant Distro advert for a few months but don’t know when or if the next issue will ever be out, so we decided to throw it up now anyways.
This photo from Joey Cobbs was taken while Dennis was filming for his latest/ greatest Demolition Rig promo.  If this isn’t “testing” parts, I don’t know what is!  Dennis’ Rig bar is out now and comes in 9″ and 9.25″, check it out HERE.  Click top image to view the full ad.

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A-Boy’s Art Ad

Aaron's Art Brace stem ad
Just dropped this cool hop bars, Brace stem advert of Aaron Smith that is featured in Art BMX #7 for Ezco Distribution. Photo by J.Cobbs. Click top image to view the full ad.

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Arigato Japan!


Well that’s that! The last two days of the Volume Bikes and Demolition Parts Japan Tour is in the books and the trip was a huge success! We got to cruse around at awesome skateparks, trails and street spots throughout Japan and got to me countless people along the way that we will never forget. To say we are beyond stoked and would love to come back one day is a huge understatement!

We started off Friday by heading out to Bike Shop Rag to hang out with the locals and check out the new shop, that place is clean and is worth the visit next time you swing by Osaka. From there we took a walk around a local temple, fed some fish and looked at turtles. After all that love, nature, and hippie-ness we headed to a local indoor/outdoor skatepark where we ended the day with an awesome session and a parts raffle.

Saturday was the day the crew headed back to the states so we didn’t have munch expectations for the day, but to our surprise there was a local trail jam going down that happened to be on super photogenic harbor. The trails weren’t huge but there were tons of lines and the guys had the best time getting a session in before their flight home. The trip couldn’t have ended any better. Be sure to click on the post and check out all the photos from our last two days in Japan!!!!!

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On to Osaka


Checking in once again from #VLMDemoJapanTour, this time from the city of Osaka! First impressions of Osaka in one word, WILD. Right when we got into town we went for a pedal through an indoor market place that was like pedaling into a old world, heaps of cool things we’ve never seen at business in this place. Then after a quick left turn we ended up in the red light district of Osaka which had ladies of the evening being displayed like mannequins for all to see and shop through, if that is your thing. We were all pretty sketched out by that scene so we kept pedaling and found some awesome street setups along they way. The following day we visited a new shop that had the best mini ramp ever right in the middle of the shop! The guys had no problems shredding that place to pieces. There was even a local shredder on an 18 inch that was cranking lookbacks tail whips and barspins at height. After the session ended we pedaled over to CLAN bike shop where we got to meet even more cool locals, then we all went to dinner at the shop owners friend’s restaurant where we partied the night away before crashing out before dawn. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our final update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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Connor Lodes Premium Edit

Connor Lodes and Christian Rigal have teamed up again and have been working on an edit for Connors frame sponsor, Premium Products. The guys have been working on this for the last few months and it shows that they guys put some serious effort into getting this edit together. Such a sick mix of rad spots, good filming and great riding! You don’t want to miss this one.

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Ronnie Napolitan Shreds Austin for Redline!

Here is the first installment of a three part series that our resident viking, Ronnie Napolitan, is doing with his frame sponsor, Redline. This video series has Ronnie traveling to three of his favorite cities to ride all the street parks and dirt these places have to offer. This stop, Austin Texas, so sit back hit play and enjoy.

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