Top Lodes Stems In Stock!


We just got our new Connor Lodes signature “Top Lodes” stems in stock not too long ago and they turned out amazing. The Top Lodes is a nice and mellow top load stem if you’re looking for a stem that doesn’t have as much rise (or drop) as a traditional top load, but still want a traditional reach. It’s also got a great old school style with clean modern lines. And like Connor, it’s perfect for dialing in your nose manuals. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail-order to get one special ordered….And don’t forget to check out his signature Axes pivotal while you’re at it.

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F.O.D. Trail Gallery with Dennis, Connor and Friends


There is a rad Gallery of Dennis, Connor and friends at the F.O.D. trails the guys over at Markit the other day. If you haven’t already seen it be sure to click on the link HERE and check it out.

Also while your over the be sure to check out the new Rob Wise unseen Markit Zero photos that they just posted this morning. Those guys are killing it over there!

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Hucker Sessions Gorge Rd. Jump Park for Red Bull

Hucker makes his annual, or actually I think it’s semi-annual, migration to New Zealand to ride trails, milfs, jetski’s naked, and continue to live free in every way every day. Well worth the watch because any footage of Huck is well worth watching. Thanks to Red Bull for putting all this together.

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Last Chance On YouTube

To show off our new YouTube channel, we uploaded our 2011 full length Last Chance video.  We separated the sections on our Vimeo channel a couple years back but now you can watch it in its entirety. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s definitely worth another watch.

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Ronnie Redline

Ronnie and new teammate B.Dosch made a trip to Cleveland to get in a session at Akron, Chenga and Ray’s.  Like always, I was surprised by some of the crazy shit that Ronnie does at the parks.  Be sure to watch this one on a big screen too!

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Demolition Goes To Japan

Demolition Japan Flyer

That’s right, we’re going to Japan!  The good people over at Motocross International gave us the invite and so we got together a group of misfits together to hit the open road.  Dennis, Connor, Fox, Tyler, and our fearless leader Joey Cobbs will all be in attendance there.  We’ll be filming, riding with locals, playing tourist and hitting up shop stops along the way.  We’ll be there from 5/15 – 5/24 if any of you out there in cyberspace are around.  We can’t wait for this one, we’ve all been dying to get over to Japan for some time now.  Follow #vlmdemojapantour on Insta for the updates.  Hit the top image to view the full flyer.

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Dennis With His New Rig Bar

Dennis' Rig Bars
Dennis has been rockin’ his new Rig bar for some time now and has been putting it to the ultimate “D.Enarson test”.  He’s also been busy putting in some time for his RIG line promo, that will blow your mind.  Just saw it yesterday and it’s mind-bottling.  Below are the specs on the Rig bar that we currently have in stock in 9″ and 9.25, and available in both Flat Black and Chrome.
Rise: 9″ & 9.25″”
Width: 29″
Backsweep: 12°
Upsweep: 2°
Crossbar OD: .75″
Crossbar Height: 6.5″ (9″) 6.75″ (9.25″)
Crossbar Width: 11.28″ (9″) 11.3″ (9.25″)
Material: 13 butted, heat treated CRMO. Thickest point is 1.8t (.070)
Weight: 33.2 (9″) oz

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Aaron Smith, Aaron Smith, Aaron Smith


Since there were so many rad photos of the guys posted in the team page update last week, we just can’t help but make them into wallpapers so that your computer’s desktop is up to date with the freshest riding photos out there. Today’s wallpaper is brought to you by none other than New Hampshire’s finest juicer, Aaron “Aboy” Smith. We found this amazing spot on our Colorado trip last year, the spot looked incredible for photos but was tricky to get a real line at in order to make it happen. No one else wanted to give it a go because of the awkward run up but Aaron got it figured out and rode over the door a few times in order to get the photo just right. Click on in to check it out big and then give it a download to freshen up your desktop!

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F-N Aaron Smith

Daaaaaamn, A-Boy coming in hot with this one!  Stop reading and get ready to be psyched to ride.
“Aaron once again puts it down in his usual buttery smooth fashion. From tech to gnarly, everything is stomped and nothing is questionable. Spots in Boston, Kitchener Ontario, and Austin.” – KINK

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Hucker Vs. Demarcus Paul : The Q&A Battle


Hucker has a rad feature that just popped up on the Red Bull Bike blog where he and Demarcus Paul, a mellow street shredder out of SD, are asked the same questions to see where the differ, where they are alike and where they aren’t even in the same ballpark! This is a pretty rad feature so make sure to head over to the Red Bull Bike Blog by clicking here and check it out.

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