Christian’s Update From Malaysia

Christian just sent over this lil’ update from Malaysia:
I got the opportunity to come out to Malaysia and film with my Haro homies for a week and it’s been amazing! Endless laughs and good times have been had and I couldn’t be any happier that I came along! My Summer has been non stop but trips like this give my body time to heal and I get to have a lot of fun filming and hanging out too! It doesn’t get much better then that!  Photo by Matthias Dandois

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Interbike 2014


Another year, another Interbike in Vegas. We can’t believe it’s already that time again. Didn’t we just ring in the new year not too long ago? If you’re going to be at Interbike next week, then stop by the booth, get some free items in these handy, biodegradable 180 Dist bags we’ll be giving out, and check out our new Demolition parts that we’re offering up for 2014/15. We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes getting another dialed line up going and we’re excited with all of the new colors, new completes, and new products. We’ve got a lot to show and we’re really excited to get them out there and see what people think. See you at booth 3103.

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Raditudes Episode 7

This episode features Anthony Napolitan meeting up with his brother, Demolition Viking Shredder, Ronnie Napolitan. Ronnie came to town for the Vans US Open and on their day off from the contest the two brothers headed down to fellow Demo Alum Dennis Enarson’s ramps for sick session and good times as always. Hit play and enjoy.

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Christian Rigal’s 2014 Demolition Video Part

Christian once again proves why he’s called the 4 peg guru; he goes in hard with grinds, gaps and lines in his latest Demolition parts 2014 video part.  There’s a few surprises in here that made me take a double take and say WTF.  Get watchin!!
Music: The Black Hollies – The Autumn Chateau  Filmed by: Connor Lodes and friends  Edited by: Christian Rigal
*Update: Vital just did 10 questions about this video, check it out here>>

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 8

Rob with a fresh brew

Slow day for No. 7 with lots of rain and driving and faffing around – we scored a mellow session at the 4Down park in Hastings – thanks a ton for Ian and Dan for hooking that up. Jordan dipped out and went for a spray tan while Rob Wise and Broc added yet more tech to their already swollen tech-clip-collection for the week. Day 8 was way more productive…

View Gallery

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Rig Line Now In Stock!

That’s right, our long awaited Dennis Enarson signature Rig line is now in stock.  Rig tires (2.25 & 2.4), 24mm Rig cranks (170/175 in black and chrome), as well as the 24mm Mugatu splined sprockets,  and Rig bars (dropped earlier this year).  These parts have been on Dennis’ bike for almost a year already and he swears by them.  Hit up your local Demolition Parts dealer for more info on how to order.

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 7

The Hoss - flatbank tabe

Brighton today for a shop stop and skatepark cook out. After a crammed poster signing session at Brighton BMX Bob and Russ killed the BBQ & tea making while Kris Fox killed the bowl. The good folk at Seventies Distribution were kind enough to let us crash at the palatial Brighton Ain’t Ready pad in exchange for a slab of beer.  Our timing was spot on as the Cult dudes had just left and the Kink guys are flying in the next day so most everyone got a bunk to sleep on. On to some more concrete relics today for a session at Romford. . . Click top photo to read/ see more

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 6

Kris with a big ass euro one footer

We took in some classic English spots today; firstly was the infamous Southsea Skatepark, built in the 70′s this place is one of a kind. It’s had some recent new-school wooden additions and from the 16 ft deep concrete bowls to the comp jocky jumpbox to the roller coaster snake run, there really is something for everyone there. The park is best know for producing Mark Webb & Dennis Wingham, hosting some of the best contests in the history of BMX (King Of Concrete) and being run by flatland pioneer and UK Flat Matters ambassador, Effraim Catlow.  Click more to read/ see more View Gallery

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Connor Lodes’ Day In The Life

Connor’s DITL is actually pretty much point on to what he does daily. I know some guys try and add in stuff to make it a bit more entraining for the edit but Connor keeps it real with working on his whip, killing local parts, eating Mexican food and ending the day off with some frisbee gold. What a day! Credit: Doeby

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Tea & Biscuits: The Re-Fill Day 5

Classic high as f-k Kris Fox!

Two very different sessions today – the first one went down at The Burrows, a private ramp hidden deep in the woods of Dorset, the scene here is both tight and loose and, for us at least, sums up all that is great about bike riding – sharing time getting rad with your friends – no scooters, no security, no hassle, just roasting airs and shooting the shit with a cup of freshly brewed tea. Click more to see/ view more! View Gallery

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