Camp Leftovers: Chris Doyle

Demolition Week at camp Woodward went down for the first time this summer at we all had a blast!! Most of the photos have been posted in one way or another but these two of Doyle shredding the spine in the Hanger have not found a home, until now. So here you go, click on the image to go BIG and save as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Hucker’s My 5 Interview

AlliSports did a My 5 interview with Demolition’s Mike “Hucker” Clark where he answers some questions in between runs over at Woodward West. It’s awesome to see how Hucker gets stoked on every question because it makes him think of all the things he’s into. Riding, fishing, spit balls, hunting for rattlesnakes, having fun with friends, Mike is full of life and loves it and everything in it more than any other person I know!

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Family Posters Out Now

With Joey on the shutter button, we’ve done more posters this year than ever before. The one above is of the whole team riding, hanging out and etc. Really stoked on this one, I literally see something new every time I look at it. To purchase or see it bigger, go to the poster page HERE.

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Brakeless Revolution

RIDE BMX has been putting up all sorts of cool #throwback stuff recently and they just put up this cool one of our very own team manager, Joey Cobbs.  Not a lot of the newer riders know but Joey had a lot to do with a lot of brakeless tricks we still do today.  What other t.m. can claim that and a 2002 cover of RIDE!

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Checking in with Aaron Smith

What’s up guys it’s been awhile since I checked it. I sprained my knee pretty bad about five weeks ago, but I just started riding again. It feels so good to be cruising around again! Since I was hurt, I was able to stay home for a little while and finish up my motorcycle. Finally got it on the road and she’s running good! Here’s a couple pics of my first session back and me cruising the bike. Till next time,


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