Roast Master

Instagram shot of the day! Demolition’s Canadian roast master, Corey Walsh catching a bit of air on a vert quarter. Holy sh*%! Photo by Mike Carroll

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Connor Lodes and the Bell Helmets Jam at Joyride 150

Just like the title implies, Bell Helmets held a winter jam at Joyride skatepark and flew out skatepark assassin, Connor Lodes, to shred the place to pieces with the locals. The park just built an amazing A-frame setup and held a best trick contest on the setup for Am and Pro classes. The edit starts out with some awesome clips of the Con-man and follows up with equally crazy clips for the many talented riders that live in the Toronto area. This edit was filmed and produced by the fine folks at Northern Embassy, thanks dudes!! Awesome watch for sure!

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Hucker & Fox #TipToTail Update

Crew - Lifestyle
Hucker, Fox, and our homie Bohan have been on a Red Bull‘s #TipToTail trip for the past couple weeks, driving all the way across New Zealand in a couple RVs. So far, it looks like there has been no shortage of good times! Red Bull just put up a huge update from the first half of the trip in the North. Check it out HERE and stay tuned for more updates from the South. Sounds like there will be a web series to follow as well, can’t wait to see that! Photo by Graeme Murray.

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Kink’s One Hit Wednesday With Chris Doyle

The fine folks at Kink BMX have release the second installment of their latest video series, One Hit Wednesday, with Demolition’s sultan of style Chris Doyle. This clip is from Kink’s 2008 DVD safety first, Doyle had this absolutely insane manny gap to rail on the todo list for a while and when the crew was wrapping up filming for the project Doyle knew it was time to cross this one off the list. I would say that most riders will never pony up to a manual gap to rail, let along one this huge, and most would have taken the feeble even if it was an accident. But Doyle being the perfectionist and the professional that he is stepped up to the plate a second time and laced his banger perfectly. Always good to see amazing clips like this get re-hashed for another opportunity to shine.

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Behind the Scenes of the Penny Posters


A few weeks back we released our most recent series of posters that we coined “The Penny Posters”. We wanted to come up with a cool series of shots that the riders on the posters would be stoked on as well as the riders who are hanging the posters on their wall. Dennis’ was pretty straight forward, shoot something huge on the streets that shows that the rig line can take a beating and keep on ticking. Tyler and Huckers however, we weren’t sure what to do. I spoke with Tyler about what he would want to do and he mentioned it would be cool to jump something that you don’t see everyday. I thought about it for a bit and realized that the warehouse has a forklift, and there you have it. Once we knew what we wanted to do for Tyler’s poster we were on to Huck’s. Hucker’s idea just came from combining a few things that he loves, fire, fireworks, and sketchy jumps, and we decided to shoot it in the dessert because thats pretty much the only place you can set big things on fire and maybe not get harassed for it. So now that you know a bit of the backstory, click on the post and see some behind the scenes from the making of Demolition’s Penny Poster Series!

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Rob Wise & RideBMX

RideBMX just dropped a little appetizer of a TrickFix video with our very own Rob Wise alongside GT Bicycles teammates Jeremiah Smith and freshly minted GT rider, Brian Kachinsky. Rob and his mates were just out here not too long ago and caught up with RideBMX filmer/rider Zach Krejmas for a video project. This TrickFix is just the tease for the full video dropping later this week, so keep an eye out for that. I’ve personally been to this park, and let’s just say that fence is high. Like, Rob Wise-high. And if you’re looking for a little more Rob Wise, check out our “At Home With Rob Wise” feature we did not too long ago.


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Corey Walsh Wallride

corey walsh wallride
Corey sent us this rad photo awhile back wallriding in some sort of underground parking lot. Diggin the trick, the b&w photo and the deserted street.  Photo by Shawn Duffield.

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Matt Cordova at FOD with Larry Edgar and RideBMX

Demolition Style Cat, Matt Cordova, met up with homies Larry Edgar, Nathan Sykes and brother Joey Cordova at their home trails, FOD, to session the place to pieces for the lens of Zach Krejmas. The fine folks at RideBMX are always producing awesome original content and this edit fits right in there, enjoy.

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Kink BMX’s One Hit Wednesday with Connor Lodes

Connor Lodes’ frame sponsor, Kink BMX, has a new weekly video installment called One Hit Wednesdays and their first release is with the Ocean Beach nice guy himself. Some setups are obvious one time setups and this rail hop needle thread is definitely one of those setups, the scary thing is it ended up taking Connor three goes before he rolled away clean, upping the danger factor signifigantly each time he had to hit it again. Stoked he kept his bars clear and nailed the clip before getting the boot.

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Stagnation Featuring Kris, Chris, Mike and Coco.

Stagnation from the sounds of it is a full length video focused on all things action sports filmed and put together by Ryan Walters. The BMX section features mostly park and trails but it does start off with an awesome slo mo montage of our boy Kris Fox doing what he does best. And before the edit is over you will also see some rad clips from Hucker, Doyle and extended family member, Coco Zurita. Hit play and enjoy so slow mo BMX goodness.

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