Joey Cobbs Photo Dot Com


Our very own team manager and photographer guru, Joey Cobbs just got a Tumblr and is starting to put up pics from all his ventures as well as all his published work. Be sure to check it out, it has plenty of amazing shots of all the Markit/ Demolition homies.  Above pic is of Ronnie Napolitan doing a ledge ride, gap to DP to a big ol’ t-bog.

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Welcome Erik Orgo

Photo made by-Rene_Lutterus_chill (1)

Erik Orgo is the newest addition to the Demolition International Family and we are all stoked to have him on board. Erik will be representing Demolition in Estonia, thanks to our distributor On Wheels. Fresh off a recent injury, he is currently working on a Welcome to the Family edit. So be on the look out for that and much more from Erik in the future. Thanks to Rene Lutterus, Anar Erik Katsar, and Anton Ardel for the photos.

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Demolition Day at Pala Skatepark

Big whip transfer from the deck to the wedge by D

What makes a Demolition day at a skatepark? Nothing really but when a few of the demo guys get together at a park and shoot some photos then there you go, Demolition Day! Yesterday Dennis, Connor and myself rolled out with a few friends to the Pala skatepark and met up with a bunch of dudes for what turned out to be an awesome session to end the day. Click on the post and check out all the photos from Demo Day at Paya.

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Drew Hosselton Checking In!

ski jump table into the big bank

Hey just checking in to give a little update on what I have been up to lately. Last week I just got back from a super fun trip to Albuquerque. So many good spots and some good times with the Volume Bikes crew filming for our upcoming DVD. Aside from that, while I have been home I have been chipping away at a Demolition edit with my buddy Greg Moliterno. We hope to have it done around the end of the year, check out a few pics from our filming mission yesterday. -DH

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Demolition Parts and The Woodward West Shootout 2013!

It’s that time of year again for the annual Woodward West Shootout to get underway! Needless to say, your favorite parts brand absolutely destroyed it for our entry this year. We won last years shootout so help us repeat history by watching our entry right now and then by clicking HERE and vote for Demolition Parts for this years Woodward West Shootout Champions!

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Re-Up: Demolition X Markit Instagram Giveaway

Demolition X Markit Giveway

Contest is 4 days away from being over… Get busy!
Still haven’t seen Markit Zero!!  We’ll this could cure that and then some.  We just came up on 5 iTunesMarkit Zero codes and want to give those away and a FREE Demolition X Markit Seat to go along with it.  All you have to do is the following:
1) Put up a picture on your personal Instagram of the @DemolitionParts@MarkitBMX rider you wanna see the most in the #MarkitZero video and caption why.
2.) Follow both @DemolitionParts@MarkitBMX on Instagram
3.) We’ll randomly pick after you hashtagged your Instagram post #DemarkitGiveaway.
4.) Contest is over November 25th (Codes expire the 30th)
Just that easy, good luck!

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Biz Jordan and The RotatoR Hub edit

Ryan Biz Jordan and his fellow Demolition Rotator freecoaster enthusiasts take you on a fakie adventure throughout the streets and parks of California, Utah, Colorado and Arizona. Sit down and open your mind to Biz and his buddies showing you why the RotatoR hub is your answer to all your fakie freedom needs.  For more info go to the RotatoR page HERE.  Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni

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Demolition Ping Pong!


I know I know, what does ping pong have to do with BMX? Your right, nothing. But for those of you that are lucky enough to play ping pong you all know how crazy fun it is to battle your friends on the table. So with that in mind we had ourselves a little Demolition Ping Pong Tournament this last weekend at Demolition Headquarters in Southern California. And of course when there’s BMXers converging at a place that happens to have a private skatepark out back there was some riding that went down too. So if you love Ping Pong and BMX, click on the post and check out the photos from Demolition’s first ping pong tournament. Oh yeah and Corey Bohan won, but we don’t have to dwell on that fact too much….. Until next time.

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Tyler Going In

Tyler has been out in California for the last few weeks making an impression with his riding pretty much everywhere he goes. While in SD during a casual afternoon session he decided to drop in on this huge, gritty, inconsistent and steep slab of crete. Click on the post to see the photo big and to save it as your new wallpaper.

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A-Boy OLP Edit

Aaron throws down one hell of a solid edit for his all new OLP signature snapback hat.  The kid can flow like no other and throws in some solid tricks I haven’t seen him do before.  Take a look for yourself.

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