Frostbike 2014


Kurt over at the BMX Union visited us at QBP’s annual big Frostbike 2014 to see what we had in store and see what was in the works.  Check it all out at BMX Union HERE.  Above pic is QBP’s exclusive colorway on our Trooper PC pedal and Missile Grip.

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Simple Session 2014 Prelim Highlights

Well I was hoping that there would be a few edits out there from Simple Session 2014 finals and best trick contest but it looks like it’s still a bit too soon for those to be dropping so for now we will have this rad VitalBMX edit of the prelim highlights. Don’t get too bummed though because prelims at simple session is like finals at any other contest so you know the riding in this is completely insane. Demolition annihilators’ Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray were on hand killing it the whole time, be sure to keep an eye out for their clip in this edit because they’re nuts!

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Spring Release Jam March 15th!

Dennis E with a Huge one handed flatty at Clairemont

As you may have heard, we are coming out with a ton of awesome parts in March and so we thought a big ass jam at an awesome park would be the perfect way for people to check out our new parts firsthand, and session the skatepark with their favorite Demolition rider at the same time.  So if you are anywhere near the San Diego area on March 15th or if you’ve been looking for an excuse to come down to S.D. to ride, then make sure to come out to Clairemont Skatepark for our Demolition Parts Spring Release Jam on March 15th at 2pm! See you there and be sure to click on the post to check out the full flyer!

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Union Insight


Kurt at the BMX Union just put up full specs and pics on all our new goods dropping in March. Be sure to get over there to see/ read what’s in store.

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Tyler F. At Simple Session


Demolition annihilator, Tyler Fernengel, just made it out to Estonia for this year’s Simple Session. Be sure to keep an eye out for Tyler’s runs because I’m sure they will be filled with giant transfers and absurd combos like this here smith to suicide. You gotta love this kid’s riding. Good luck out there Tyler!

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March Goods!

March Parts

If you’ve been paying attention to our social media sites, you might have noticed we’ve been pumping up all our new goods that are dropping in March.  This is probably one of our biggest new product drops we’ve had in a long time.  After the jump is everything that is coming in with a brief description.   READ MORE

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Biz’s Up-rail to Turndown

unexpectedly huge turndown out of an up-rail by Biz Jordan

You may have noticed in our March Goods post, that just went up on the site?  This insane grind to turndown Biz is doing on an up-rail somewhere in Colorado. But if you didn’t, and even if you did I wanted you to see this photo a bit larger so we all can take in how sick this is!
I remember shooting this with Biz and the first try that he really cranked at the rail, he launched off the rail going at least two feet higher than previous attempts and I instantly thought I blew the photo because I was way too close for how high he was going. I shot the photo anyways and hoped for the best and to my amazement he wasn’t cropped out of the frame at all! So I always get stoked when I see this photo because I remember how lucky I felt the moment I first saw it and for how crazy a turndown this is out of a grind up a rail! For those reasons I just couldn’t help but post this by itself so it can get a little more love.

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Enns and the Sketchy Quarter

Jason boosts a sick table out of crazy kinked bowl

Jason has got a knack for finding the hardest things to ride and riding them better than anyone. This park is packed with fun things to ride but this bowl is a bit of pain in the ass. It’s about five feet tall and has a mellow transition but then kinks to vert six inches below the coping, making it a silent killer if your not careful! But leave it to Enns to take most peoples “sketchy setup” and turn it into an awesome bump jump quarter and then go ahead and do six foot tables out of it! Enns is the man!

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Dimos Ganiatsas Welcome Edit

We are proud to officially welcome Dimos Ganiatsas to the International Demolition team. Dimos will be representing Demolition in Greece thanks to our distributor, Ride On Distribution. For this edit, Dimos lays down some tech lines as well as some heavy rail moves in the streets of Greece. Be on the look out for much more from him in the future. Huge thanks to Makis at Ride On and everyone involved for making this happen. Check it out!

Editing: Ronny Skevis
Filming: Makis Ser and Alexandra Koumantaki

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RotatoR How-To

Since we’ve had our RotatoR freecoaster hub, we’ve received a number of questions on how to take apart the hub and how to adjust the slack in the hub.  With this how-to video, we explain those questions asked plus much more.  We also wanted to show you how much slack in degrees you can get from inserting or taking out the slack washers HERE.  Hopefully this video will help you out if you have had any questions.  If not, please comment and we’ll help you out the best we can.

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