Dave Dillewaard Back Home Edit

Dave Dillewaard is known for riding everything and riding it all good as hell. This Winter (Summer for Dave in Australia) Dave went back home to Australia to ride the amazing parks, wrestle crocks and film this sick edit with Cooper Brownlee.

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Style4Stylus Instagram Contest

Kris Fox style4stylus contest
Figure we haven’t done a product contest in a good while, and figured a Kris Fox Stylus stem giveaway would be perfect.  Here’s what you have to do:
Follow @DemolitionParts and @KrisFoxbmx on Instagram
Post a photo or video of yourself getting stylish with the hashtag #style4stylus
Feel free to get creative, Kris will be judging style and not necessarily the trick
Kris’ top 3 picks wins Kris’ Stylus front load stem. Contest ends May 14th. Good luck!
Click top pic to go BIG>>

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From the HardDrives : Fence Drifter with Tate Roskelley

Tate lays down a drifter under a rusty fence somewhere in SLC

I still don’t understand how Tate is capable of some of the things he does on his bike, I don’t think anyone does. But what we can all understand and agree on is that Tate is a creative genius on the BMX. This photo is a few years old now but is just as amazing as the day it was shot, so do yourself a favor and save this timeless photo as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Enns Over Tooth Ad

Enns' Dumbchuck ad

Don’t know too many guys that do this trick but leave it to Enns to be the one to do this crazy over tooth on a wedge style hydraulic bay lift.   This ad was gonna go in print but the lack of print mags these days postponed us to get it out quicker online.  Oh well, hope you like it as much as we do.  Click image to view the full ad and while you’re at it, feel free to get some new Dumbchuck pegs >>

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OLP 11 With A-Boy

OLP 11 featuring our very own Aaron “Fresh Press” Smith and many others has a chalk-full of good riding and spots.  Get watching to see what some of the best of New England.


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Chris Doyle’s Ride Check


Chris has up a new bike check up at RIDEbmx that he shot last time he was in SoCal, be sure to heck it out here>> And while on the subject, check out our last interview we did with Chris here >>

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Christian Rigal Hop Wallpaper


Connor Lodes just sent over this stylish hop pic that he shot of Christian from the other day, and we just couldn’t resist but to make it into a desktop wallpaper.  Click image to view BIG!

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Sunday Stylus

stylus small

Kris Fox’s signature Stylus front load stem is in and looking so clean and stylish. We’re loving the Axes logo he chose for the front plate. The Stylus is very similar to our other stems available in that it’s the perfect balance between material, weight, and internal/external machine without any extra gimmicks added or taken away from it. Just like Kris’s riding; clean, stylish, and without any of the added unnecessary extras. Hit up your local shop or mail order to check it out and get one coming to you.

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Ronnie At Woodward East

Having Woodward East as your main skatepark makes you a better rider, and Ronnie is proof of just that.  So many crazy transfers, and lines.  Watch now and while you’re at it, buy his signature Combat bar.  You can ride just like Ronnie…

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More Fire From Dennis


While filming for Dennis’ Rig line promo, our very own Joey Cobbs got this sick looking no-handed 3 pic over a big ol gap.  Click image to go BIG.  And if you live under a rock and haven’t seen Dennis’ amazing/ latest Rig line edit, check it out HERE>>

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