Jeff Z’s Top 10

Jeff Zielinski's Top 10 RideBMX Mag Photos of 2014
RIDEbmx just put up Jeff Z’s top 10 photos from 2014 and Ryan “Biz” Jordan (above), Jason Enns, and Tyler Fernengel scored photos in it.  Definitely a privilege to be on that list and stoked to see the photos once again.  Click top photo of Biz to see it big and click here to read the captions on the behind the scenes of each shot.

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Behind the Scenes with Ronnie and Dennis in Portugal

photo 1

Dennis and I were lucky enough to go on a trip to Portugal to film an edit for Nokia phones. The whole edit was filmed with the new Nokia lumia which is pretty crazy. Thanks to Hadrian for having us come out to ride and have an adventure in Portugal. From the views to the spots, Portugal was amazing! We got to ride some skateparks as well as street when we were out there and like you can see in the edit, it was all awesome. Of course Dennis was doing the most insane stuff on a daily basis. Even though I know how good he is he still seems to surprise me with something new all the time. We were out there for 10 days and on the last day Dennis and I both got sick. He got it the worst, we are thinking it was food poisoning from the last place we ate at. The whole trip we had an awesome friend showing us around and taking us to the best places to eat, and of course on the last day he wasn’t there and we got sick as shit. Thanks Hadrian, nuno, and Hugo for showing us around and hanging out and making this trip one that won’t be forgotten! – Ronnie

Click on the post to check out all the behind the scenes photos from their trip and then check out the edit from the trip at the bottom of the post. Heyyooo!

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Holy 2014

One of our favorite videos we dropped this year came courtesy of Mr. Dennis Enarson and Christian Rigal behind the camera.  It’s banger after banger on anything and everything in typical Dennis fashion.  Give it a watch again and get ready to shred in the new year!

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Markit Jam!

Markit Jam Flyer
December 31st on new years eve, our good buds over at Markit will be holding their big jam on their ramps in La Mesa, CA.  We’ll be holding a $200 cash prize for the best trick done on the satellite dish to boot.  Get out there and get ready to see some crazy action!  Click on the top photo to view the whole flyer.

$200 United big 270 over the hip.
$200 Haro best trick involving some sort of fakie.
$200 Demolition best trick on the satellite dish.
$200 East County BMX DGAFer of the day. Which goes to whoever gives the least fucks all day. It doesn’t have to be the best rider, just the rider sending it the hardest all day.
$100 DIG best shredder throughout the day.

It will be $10 to ride the ramps and $5 to hang out and spectate. All the money will go right back into a cash for tricks jam at the end of the day. We will throw about an hour on the clock and give out cash for anything we think is badass on and off the ramps! Come out and finish 2014 with the MARIT crew!!

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SPoT Roast Bowl Jam

Our friends over at FL-BMX are putting on their annual SPoT Roast jam January 9th-10th, and will be giving out some Demolition goods for the bowl jam on the 9th.  Be sure to get out their if you’re in the Tampa, FL area, it should be a blast!

Incredibly amped to announce SPoT Roast on Saturday, January 10th! Below (in addition to what’s listed on the flyer) is subsequent info highlighting the event:
1. We definitely recommend pre-registering as last year we had 137 entries. Register online here>>
2. With pre-registering, you can ride for free on Wednesday’s bmx session at SPoT (January 7th). You can also ride Friday all day starting at noon.
3. Pre-registering will also get you free entry into Friday nights bowl Jam (January 9th) sponsored by Profile Racing, Demolition, Colony, ODI, and Sun Rims.
4. After party at The Bricks on Saturday night!
If you have any questions, please feel to contact me at

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Connor Lodes Bike Check and Bike Riding

The title gives it to you pretty straight, this here edit has Connor giving you the rundown on his current Kink/Demolition setup and then shows you what sick shit he can do with that setup at skateparks around San Diego. Put together by Doeby for the fine folks at

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