Rob’s Wheelset Ad

Rob over ice wheelset ad. Photo by B.Castillo
To go along with Rob’s last banger wheel edit, we whipped up this ad of his over ice on the 5′ wall in the video.  Check out the whole video HERE to see it live and be sure to buy the wheels here too: Rotator Wheel>> Bulimia Wheel>>

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In The I.E. With Enns, Connor and Christian


Connor and Christian went out to ride with Enns in the Inland Empire for the day last week, and came back with some cool photos that Christian shot (Connor shot the ones of Christian). Check out the photos after the jump. View Gallery

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Dennis Enarson Rig Line

Dennis Rig Interview: Tires
Dennis Enarson just dropped an unreal edit this week for Haro. It really is mind-blowing. It’s unbelievable how good Dennis is, how he can not only pull the most insane tricks and lines, but make them look effortless; even when he does them opposite. Then to find out he pretty much had a bum back during the filming makes it that much more jaw-dropping. If there was ever a stamp of approval and endorsement of reliability for Dennis’s Rig line, then that was it. Rig bars, tires, and 24mm cranks all taking the beating and rolling on. Check out what the man himself had to say in Rig Line interview we did with him last Sept here>>

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Red Bull Tip to Tail: The Tail

The dream trip is finally over! After three weeks of road tripping from the very north tip of New Zealand to the very south tip, the Red Bull Tip to Tail crew wrapped up a trip that had all of us at the office foaming from the mouth. Amazing empty parks, perfectly sculpted trails, and more breath taking sceneries rounded out the southern half of the trip. Check out the full gallery by Graeme Murray and story on the Red Bull site. If you missed the update from the first half of the trip, you can check that out here.

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Caption This With Dennis Enarson

If you saw Dennis’ video yesterday, now you can see some of the crazy action in photos from DIG BMX Magazine’s ‘Caption This’ gallery HERE>>. Photo by: Vince Perraud

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This Is Why Dennis Is a Badass

Holy shit, this is what I’ve been waiting for all month!  And in typical Dennis Enarson style, he came through with an absolutely insane edit that you’ll be blown away from the very start.  Don’t read, just watch!  Filmed/ Edited: Christian Rigal for Haro Bikes

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Marble Is The New Rainbow


All our new Marble aluminum parts are due out end of March and since we are still like lil’ kids in a candy store, we decided to build up a bike with all the new Marble parts we have coming out. Don’t mean to be too biased but damn it looks sick!!  Click more to see em in all their glory.  View Gallery

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East Coast Powerhouse

East coast powerhouse, Aaron Smith once again comes through with some solid clips for his latest edit for OLP.  Check out the last A-Boy ad we did that went with this same edit HERE>>  Video by Lee Hopkins

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Connor’s OB Exploration

Vital BMX just dropped a really cool slide show of Senor Smiles himself, Connor Lodes (@connor_lodes), exploring beautiful Ocean Beach, CA in search of spots with Brandon Means. There are some really cool spots that are definitely not lacking in scenic views, and Connor puts them to good use. Connor has such a clean style, and these photos highlight it well. To say Brandon has an eye for good photos is quite an understatement, and he doesn’t limit himself to just bmx, so give him a follow on Instagram too (@brandonmeans).

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Pat Casey’s Dream Yard 2

As most of you probably know, back in 2013, Pat put an amazing ramp set up in his yard. Shortly after, he teamed up with Monster to put out a crazy edit called Dream Yard. Now this year, Pat got Adam Aloise to add a sick set of trails to the yard and once again teamed up with Monster for this video, Dream Yard 2. So many wild things go down, just press play and enjoy the madness!

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