Josh Perry Farewell to NC

East Coast Ramp shredder, Josh Perry, is leaving ProTown USA for neighboring Virginia. But before he left he checked a few bangers off the list and put together this screamin edit with fellow BMX magician, Dan Foley. Check it out and get stoked because it’s Saturday!

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Freaky Fence Rides


It’s crazy to think that we are coming up on a year from when we did our Mountain Mission trip to the heart of Colorado. I got to thinking about the trip and how rad it was, crazy skateparks, crazier locals, daily afternoon thunderstorms, the occasional road rage event, the Mountain Mission was staked with good times. One day we crusied through Colorado Springs to visit Pedal ACTION and did some sight seeing and people watching around town. Aboy took advantage of the spot searching and people watching all in one sick fence ride and came through with this sick here photo. Click on the post and check the photo out big, save it as your desktop wallpaper, and then afterward check out the edit from the trip HERE. Thank you Colorado for all the awesome memories!

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Connor and Friends at Clairemont Skatepark

Miles Rogish met up with Connor Lodes, Demarcus Paul, John Stafford and a few other buddies at Clairemont Skatepark to film this here park edit for THECOMEUP. Connor always keeps his riding fresh and interesting this edit has all sorts of Connor creativity running through it. My favorite clip might have to be the fast plant to over tooth, it seemed like he’s been doing that trick for years but this is the first time I’ve ever seen him do it. What’s your favorite clip?

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Dillzy and Wise In CO

The GT team with Rob Wise and Dave Dillewaard hit up some of the most amazing Colorado skateparks.  They killed each one and every clip was filmed with their GoPro camera too.  Check it out and get ready to be jealous!

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Dennis and Tyler at Dew

Dennis and Tyler both made it out to Dew Tour in Ocean City, Maryland this weekend and both of them have been absolutely murdering it!! Both made it to park finals which are slated to start at 10am today. But for now, check out this edit that RideBMX put together from the park semi-finals and see what Tyler and Dennis threw down to land them both in this year’s final. Hell ya you guys!

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First Demolition Ad Flashback

First Demolition print ad
Way back in 2000 Demolition was formed with Jason Enns, Kris Bennett and myself.  I remember the initial conversations on starting a new parts brand with Kris and Jason on the road in Ashland Oregon like it was yesterday.  Definitely a bit naive but stoked to have those 2 by my side.  The above RIDEbmx print ad was our very first ad that we got out.  Don’t think we had any products at the time but wanted it to be known what was about to come.  Can’t say much for the ad layout ($15 for a shirt?) but the memories of that time and the riding were insane and an absolute blast to ride and travel with the guys.  Click ad to go BIG >>

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Hucker & Dennis in Raditudes 2

Red Bull’s Raditudes episode 2 has Hucker killing it all over the world, and once again and proves he can ride anything in his way.  It also shows off the Red Bull Dirt Conquers in Guadalajara where Dennis Enarson kills the whole course. Watch now!

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2014 Summer Tee Flipbook

We just got in our new 2014 summer t-shirts and figured what better way to show off our new shirts other than a with a good crew with some summer activities; beer, ping pong, riding, barbecuing, and shooting photos in the back of the warehouse. Check em all out in the flipbook and either hit up your local Demolition dealer or go to our online store to purchase.  Thanks to Biz, Enns, Clemens and Fox for stopping by and modeling for Joey.

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Dennis And Friends Riding His Ramps

If you’ve ever seen Dennis ride his ramps, you know you’re in for a real treat.  He goes absolutely nuts back there and the sessions get pretty intimidating and nuts real fast.  Check out the latest here.

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Welcome To The Team Matt Cordova!!

Matt Cordova is one of those riders that when you see him ride you become a fan, no matter what kind of riding you’re into, the second you see him roast a double or a quarter and do whatever trick he wants bigger and steezier than anyone else you instantly become a Matt Cordova convert. Needless to say we here at Demolition are all huge Matt Cordova fans and are beyond stoked to have him part of the family! Welcome to the team Matt!!!

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