Re-Up: Connor Lodes’ Axes Seat Promo

You know it’s been a crazy/ busy summer when videos like Connor’s Axes seat promo video are already hidden online beyond a stack of other posts. Connor went all in for this and had some heavy-heavy hammers in it. Check it out if you didn’t get a chance to watch it the first time or watch it again to get stoked all over again.

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Dennis’ CEEKLIFE Edit

Even though we still don’t know what CEEKLIFE really is yet, we honestly don’t care if they (Chad) keep putting out insanely good videos. Dennis’ just dropped and went along with his new RIDE UK feature. Both the video and feature is packaged together really good, be sure to check em both out. The whole thing was over a short period of time and shows how diverse he is, and how much he kills everything he rides.  RIDE UK feature is here>>

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Matt Cordova’s Summer Video

As promised, today we drop Matt Cordova’s summer video that shows off all of Matt’s talents and then some. Some guys ride insanely good just for the camera but Matt rides like this every day. Check it out for yourself now!
“It’s no secret that Matt Cordova can ride anything in his path with ease, speed, style, and at great heights. Matt and good friend Nathan Sykes have been working hard all summer to get this video locked up, and they both came through with an insane video that will stoke you out to want to go ride.” Filmed and edited by: Nathan Sykes

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Kris Fox RideUK Interview

RideUK mag did an interview with Kris in one of the last ever printed issues of the mag and now the dudes over at RideUK have put it online. The interview gives you an in depth look at Kris as a person and his background in BMX. It also features a sick gallery with descriptions by Kris from his trip to the UK last summer. Check it out!

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Style Never Goes Out Of Style

In the wise words of Harold McGruther (AKA McGoo) who said, “unlike that flippity-whippity bullshit, style never goes out of style” and with that said, DIG/ Brandon Means just put up a rad feature up about guys that ooze style from the HB Van Doren Invitational Comp this last weekend. Our guys Kris Fox, Dennis Enarson and Matt Cordova were featured in the gallery too. Check it here>>

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Hoss’ Bike Check

Drew Hosselton Bike Check
Drew Hosselton has up a new bike check up at RIDEbmx in which he talks about his bike, and what parts he switches up. RIDE always comes through with solid bike checks with guys and Drew’s is good, since he’s real particular on how he likes his setup. Check it here>>

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Dennis Enarson Is A Badass

Congrats to our man Dennis Enarson for winning today’s Van Doren Invitational in HB today. Dennis has been on a mad tear this year in all the contests he enters, and proves why he wins with runs like the ones above from RIDEbmx’s highlights.
“Dennis Enarson takes the top spot at the 2015 Van Doren Invitational, beating out Gary Young and Daniel Sandoval who got 2nd and 3rd respectively. Here are some highlights from the 3 runs he put together that ultimately scored him first place.” – RIDE

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Dennis Enarson Destinations

Haro just put up Dennis’ SD Destination feature on their site, and as usual Dennis came through with some insane riding shots. All photos are also by the founder of RIDEbmx and founder of Vitalbmx, B-Rad aka Brad McDonald to add even more to the whole session. Check out the photos here>>

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