Tyler’s Raditudes Video

Raditudes first episode back featuring the behind the scenes of the insane Silverdome video from Tyler Fernengel with that insane last step-down truck crash.
» CLICK to watch Tyler’s FULL Silverdome session.
Raditudes is back in 2015 for a second season! BMX pro Tyler Fernengel and crew face dangerous challenges during the filming for his viral video at the abandoned Silverdome stadium in Pontiac, Michigan.”

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Hucker Bandit

For all those that are over 30 might remember BMX Bandits as a kid, but if you didn’t you’ll get your chance to see the Red Bull remake with Corey Bohan and Hucker at the helm shortly. I actually got stoked to see this trailer for it too. Drops Oct 27th, get ready!
“Corey ‘Bowie’ Bohan, Leanna Curtis and Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark bring new school flavour to an 80s cult classic in Bicycle Motocross. With more thrills, spills and antics than your regular BMX edit look out for the full clip, premiering exclusively HERE, October 27 2015.”

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Real Toughness On Vice Sports

Aaron Nardi made it out to the G-Shock Real Toughness event in Tokyo last week and got it in Vice Sports of all places. Check out what he had to say about the event and also this rad photo of Tyler getting a foot jam to fakie on the judging tower here>>

“Last weekend in Tokyo, watchmaker G-Shock held Japan’s biggest action sports competition of the year, the 31st annual Real Toughness event. Forty of the world’s top BMX riders, skateboarders, and break-dancers—all of them younger than 25 years old—competed on teams representing their home countries: Japan, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, South Korea, and the U.S. G-Shock also brought in some of Japan’s most popular DJs, musicians, and artists to create a free-to-the-public showcase of action sports and street performances.” – Vice Sports

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Doyle Update From Bean Town


Always love getting team update emails from the guys. Cool to see what they’re up to and what they’re currently working on too. Got a good one from Doyle earlier today, and with photos too! Click more for the photo gallery.
“Little update for ya! Greetings from Bean Town! I’ve spent the last week in the New England region enjoying the crispy fall weather and gathering footage for Kink Bikes’ up coming video project, “Intervention” – I’m happy with how my part is shaping up so far! A big THANK YOU to Dan Coller and Jake Petruchik for being fun and motivating to film with. Thanks to Lee Hopkins for showing us around Boston and shooting pics. Lastly, thanks to my Demolition teammate, Aaron Smith and The Fresh Press for being gracious hosts! “Intervention” will be released early 2016!” – Chris Doyle. All pics were taken by Lee Hopkins (@leehopkins_) View Gallery

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Shred The Rez Photos

The judge and shredder Jason Enns taking a break from judging to show the kids how it's done.

Just realized that we now have enough photos from the Shred The Rez contest last weekend from Pala skatepark for a cool gallery.  Our guys in attendance, Jason Enns, Matt Cordova, Kris Fox and Australian rider, Jacman Hinss all rode and got some photos of from the day.  Some were taken from Shad over at Snake Bite courtesy of Nathan Sykes too.  I’ve never been out to Pala, CA but knew I was close when an Indian kid without a helmet and shirt was doing a wheelie on the sidewalk as I was turning onto the main drag.  Guess anything goes out there on the indian reservation?  Thanks for putting on a great and fun contest Keith Treanor and Dave Brumlow, BMX needs more of this!  Check out more to view what was captured that day.  View Gallery

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Dennis’ New Oct Rig Ad

For those that don’t know, Dennis is a badass!  That gets said a lot but he genuinely loves to ride his bike, has fun, and is a good dude too.  He’s also a killer on his bike and needs parts he can trust in.  His Rig line of parts is the backbone of his bike and are items he believes in and endorses 100%.  From his Markit seats (Markit is our collab project with his brand) to his cranks, he needs parts he can trust and not worry about failing.  You can check out his interview we did a couple years back on what he has to say about what goes into each Rig part HERE.  The action shot in the ad is of Dennis doing a ledge ride to oppo 180 and oppo bars.  Click image to go big! Photo by J.Cobbs.  READ MORE

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Christian’s Rail Wallpaper

Christian is no stranger to rails, especially curve/ berm shot ones that suck you in so tight that you get that feeling that you’re horizontal.  Click it to check it out BIG. Photo by Calvin Kosovich

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Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise Line

Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise line drops the end of this month; that includes his Pivotal/ Tripod seats, top load stems, and 8.75″ and 9.25″ bars. Tyler is already working hard with Mastroni on a promo video, as well as a photo gallery with Cobbs for the line. Gonna be an epic month once all this drops. We’re excited to say the least! Each of Tyler’s part specs just went online today too, check em out here>> STEM / BAR / SEAT.

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Kris Fox’s I Needed Colorado Story

Right after our Colorado camping trip Matt Cordova and Kris Fox headed straight back up to get Matt’s motorcycle registered (long story) and film/ ride some new parks that we didn’t hit on our trip.  As always, the two had a good time and Kris came back with a story of his adventures up there, and his thoughts on life, and bmx in general.  It’s a good read from the eyes of Kris, check it out HERE>>
“At times, I think the general consensus is that “things come easy” for us riders. The amazing content produced by amazing riders gets devalued, to some extent, to a percentage of the average online viewer. Of course, I can only speak off of personal experience and by no means is this a negative comment towards anyone or any industry. In fact, this comment is not aimed directly at the BMX world alone. I feel that general modern society is very much ‘online’ and ‘technology’ based. Everywhere we go, we are plugged into this cyber world instantaneously with the phones connected at our hips, the family computers in the room over, the iPads and laptops that sleep on the night stand next to one’s bed all night, and so on.” – Kris Fox

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