Extended Family: Takayuki Sugisaka


Our family in the Land of the Rising Sun, Motocross International, have added Takayuki Sugisaka to their team. Taka is from Kobe City, Hyogo Japan and he represents what Demolition loves about BMX, RIDE EVERYTHING! He can literally shred trails, park, street or anything else you throw at him, and that is rare for a rider now days. Click the photo above to check out a gallery featuring some recent shots of Taka and be on the look out for more from him in the future. Photos by Motoki Maekubo, Yuzo “Bob_Woods” Hayashi, & Masahiro “KOSSY” Koshiyama.

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EC BMX Jam Video

East County BMX 10 Year Anniversary Jam went down on Sunday and the turnout was absolutely nuts.  Vital just put up the video of the jam, and it has a bunch of our friends in it as well as D. Enarson killing his local park.  Big ups to Henry at EC BMX and everyone that showed up.

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Kris Fox On Speed Gallery/ Interview

Kris Fox On Speed

Kris Fox is always one to watch when you see him at the park or at the trails. In fact, he’ll most likely shut down the park/ trails completely and have everyone watch his high speed lines and go big as sh*t on every quarter/ jump he hits. He’s also a firm believer that less is more and we couldn’t agree more in Kris’ case. We recently got with Kris about doing an in-depth interview on the subject of him going fast with some motion blurred photos and ended up with one of our most favorite original content features to date on the site. All photos by J.Cobbs. Check out the full interview/ gallery here >>  View Gallery

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Who doesn’t love the opportunity to win free goods. We’re giving away 4 (to each winner)  of of our new Bipolar pegs + our Demolition wax bar to 3 lucky winners.  All you gotta do is put up your best grind photo or video on your Instagram, follow @demolitionparts and hashtag #bestgrindcontest.  Contest ends June 10th. Get grinding and good luck!

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Biz Speaks Out

Our own Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan has a new TCU TV up now. Check it out to hear Biz’s vast knowledge of bmx history and his story. He’s been killing it for years and has been through it all, be sure to check it out.

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Our Longest Running Product

It honestly didn’t dawn on me till recently that our double walled Zero rim has been in production for over a decade.  It’s literally one of our longest standing products that has stood the test of time.  In the ever-changing world of bmx components and how things have developed into space-age metals and designs, the Zero rim is still strong as hell and still looks like any modern day rim today.  Now available in Marble too, check out more on our iconic Zero rims here >>

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A-Boy’s Boston Sessions

Aaron Smith updates are always good and Lee Hopkins is always coming through on the trigger…
“The weather is finally cooperating on the east coast and the Boston sessions have begun. I’ve been busy riding the new ramp at the local park and getting to the city as much as possible. Other than that I’ve been working on the juice shop, @freshpressjuicebar and enjoying the nice weather after the brutal winter we had. Here’s a photo of a new spot we rode last weekend, shot by lee Hopkins. That’s all for now, hope everyone has a great holiday weekend.” – Aaron Smith

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Ken Saito Bike Check

Ken bump whip

Our man Ken Saito in Japan has been on a rampage lately with new riding photos and now this cool bike check.  Check out his bike with all the new goods that just dropped after the jump >>  View Gallery

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