F-N Aaron Smith

Daaaaaamn, A-Boy coming in hot with this one!  Stop reading and get ready to be psyched to ride.
“Aaron once again puts it down in his usual buttery smooth fashion. From tech to gnarly, everything is stomped and nothing is questionable. Spots in Boston, Kitchener Ontario, and Austin.” – KINK

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Hucker Vs. Demarcus Paul : The Q&A Battle


Hucker has a rad feature that just popped up on the Red Bull Bike blog where he and Demarcus Paul, a mellow street shredder out of SD, are asked the same questions to see where the differ, where they are alike and where they aren’t even in the same ballpark! This is a pretty rad feature so make sure to head over to the Red Bull Bike Blog by clicking here and check it out.

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Hucker’s New Zealand Pool Session

During a recent Red Bull trip to New Zealand, Hucker and our buddy Anthony Napolitan had an epic day shredding the famous Mangawhai pool and snorkeling with some New Zealand fish. Hucker does some wild things that you don’t usually see in a big pool like Mangawhai. Check it out!

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Kris F’n Fox!!!!!!


This was seriously one of the most exciting and insane things I’ve ever witnessed in person. Kris already had this gap eyed up when we got to camp last summer and was pretty much dead set on getting in done during Demolition Week. I honestly couldn’t see how he would get the distance to clear the gap because the quarter is so steep but one thing I have learned as a BMX photographer is never doubt a rider when they believe they can do something. In this instance we were both a little bit right, the quarter did shoot him straight up to the moon and had him peaking out about 6-8 feet shy of the roof but as he descended back towards earth, Kris’ AA pro race skills carried his momentum through and he was able to just get his front tire to the edge of the roof followed by the rear. I don’t think Kris could have cut this gap any closer and everyone at camp, including Kris, was relieved that it didn’t get any closer than that. Click on the sequence to check it out big and save it as your new desktop wallpaper.

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Spring Product Release Jam Edit

A few weeks back we had a jam at Clairemont Skatepark in San Diego to celebrate the release of all our spring products and to shred with all the local rippers. Damn near half the Demo team made it out to the session and seriously shut the park down with all the insane riding they let loose on the place. Other Pro riders like Broc Raiford, Demarcus Paul and Dylan Stark also made it out to ride and only helped progress the session into the insane level that it got to. Mastroni really came through with the fire on this edit and did a great job capturing that high paced insanity that went down. Big thanks to everyone who came out and made the jam a success, you guys all rule!!  Also, be sure to check out our gallery we had up from the jam HERE >>

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Team Page Photos UPDATED!!!


It has seriously been a while since we have updated the team page photos and since we have been sitting on a stack of sick photos from the guys we have loaded up the team pages with incredible images of your favorite Demolition riders! So stoked to have all these guys repping and rocking Demolition Parts on their bikes! Take some time and click on this post to see some of the craziest photos from the update and then be sure to go through all the team pages to see all the new photos posted because they’re just too sick not to be seen!

All photos shot by Joey Cobbs and Brian Castillo.

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Project After Hours with Tyler Fernengel and Friends

The crew from the Michigan Video is at it again this time with a project called “After Hours” where they make awesome setups in a warehouse and film insane combos throughout all hours of the night. Tyler has got some sick clips in here along with the rest of his homies who all come through hard with some sick BMX magic. Check it!

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Hucker At King Of The Hill

You might have seen some of our insane pic updates of Hucker on our IG but they just now released the vid of the whole Cam White’s King Of The Hill event.  These jumps are definitely for a different breed of insane, they almost look like motocross jumps!  Congrats again to our main man, Mike “Hucker” Clark for taking home the win.


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Mike Gray!!


Not much to say about Mike Gray that his riding hasn’t already told you, he’s a badass. What we can tell you is that we are beyond stoked have Mike Gray representing Demolition Parts! Keep and eye out for more from Mike and Demolition Parts in the future, IT’S GOING TO BE SICK!

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Erik Orgo Welcome Edit

Although we have already introduced you to our newest International Rider from Estonia, Erik Orgo. It’s time to make it even more official with this Welcome Edit. Erik came through with this awesome edit that showcases how well rounded of a rider he is. This was filmed by Dmitri Shushuyev during a few sessions at Monsterparks, during the harsh winters of Estonia. Huge thanks to On Wheels and everyone involved for making this happen. Look for more from Erik in the near future!

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