Know Your Roll – Bipolar Peg

RIDEbmx just put up a full description and then some on our plastic pegs and our new Bipolar pegs.  “Demolition is still in the forefront of plastic pegs.” Check out the full writeup here >>

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Brandon Means’ March 2015 Gallery

Our friends over at VitalBMX just put up an awesome March 2015 Photo Gallery by Brandon Means featuring Dennis, Connor, Christian, and more. Above Christian gets steezy with a fence ride to flatty. Head over to the Vital site to check the full gallery.

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Watts and Fox – This Is Us

Kris met up with his good bud, Jason Watts (and Boyd Hilder) while in Australia and filmed some amazing lines/tricks at these incredible parks and had a lot of fun in the process…

“The whole video is about just havin fun; bros filming bros and just having a good time all the time. Filmed this whole vid in 3 days full of bowls and concrete parks from Brisbane, Sunshine coast and Gold Coast. Big thanks to Boyd Hilder for helping to film and driving around even thoe we had to push start his car everyday stoked on how the vid came together hope you enjoy”

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Through The Years With C.Doyle

DIG has up a rad feature with Chris Doyle on Through The Years with a gallery and interview. Check it out here >>
“Chris Doyle… a name in BMX that not only conjures up images of those signature 360 turndowns and inverts, but also thoughts of well-rounded rider with a big personality that even your grandma would admire. We’ve collected a good amount of photos of Big D through the years since his first DIG interview article in 2000 so why not sit back and browse through fifteen years worth of great photography, and enjoy some wise (ass) words from the man himself too. This is Chris Doyle ‘Through The Years’.”

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Tip To Tail Teaser

Just got a heads up from Kris Fox himself about the new Red Bull Tip to Tail New Zealand teaser that Hucker and Kris were on. “Here’s the link to the Red Bull Tip to Tail trip teaser. A BMX trip of a lifetime from the tip of the North Island to the tail of the South Island of New Zealand. Over the next four weeks, a new episode will drop every Wednesday.” – Kris Fox

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Fl Trip Tyler Wallpaper

I don’t know how hard this thing is to ride but Tyler made it look damn easy by all his Instagram Videos he put up.  He airs the damn thing like any other quarter too!  No hander photo taken by J.Cobbs while on our last Demolition X QBMX Florida trip.  Click photo to go big!

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One Hit “Thursday” With A.Smith

Missed Aaron’s X Kink’s One Hit Wednesday yesterday, so here we are putting it up today.  This insane wallride clip of Aaron taken from Kinks Squash It video part is just nuts!

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Movin On Up


We’ve moved! 180 Distribution, mothership of Demolition Parts, has officially moved, and we’re all set up in our new location in AnaCrime….ahem*…I mean Anaheim, CA. After 5 years at a location that seemed like gold in the beginning, we’re finally out of our haunted warehouse (no joke) that would also flood during the occasional California rainstorm. And we all know that a California rainstorm really isn’t all that much water. So, the pool above fits more than you know. Our address is now 2760 E. Regal Park Drive, Anaheim, CA 92806, and we have a whole new toll free number (877-488-1369). Disney lunch trips here we come!!!

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Nice Set Up – Dennis Enarson

Dennis has up a bike check gallery up at RIDE UK and featured this badass downside whip to disaster while Enns makes sure nothing happens to his dirt halfpipe he made.  “No dig no ride!”

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FL Trip Q&A With Rob

BMX road trips are usually  a good time to ride with your friends and get into a ton of trouble… especially if you’re with Hucker.  Rob breaks down his time in Florida and what all went down with the crew while not riding.  READ MORE

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