Demo Goes Camping 2


First riding spots of our camping trip and the guys went all in at Boulder and Sandstone parks. Weather here has been amazing and everyone is stoked to always have a pond/creek/ river nearby all the parks to jump into to always stay cool. With such a stacked crew on this trip, it’s hard to find just a few riding shots for the blog update but we’ll save the better ones for wallpapers later on too.  Hit that more button to see all the riding shots and then some…  View Gallery

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Enarson Talks Markit

VitalBMX just recently sat down with Dennis to talk all about Markit, the beginnings, the struggles, and the future of Markit. As you know, we’ve done a lot with and continue to work with Dennis and Markit, so we’re stoked to see this. Give it a watch to answer all the questions you’ve ever had about Markit.

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Demo Goes Camping 1

With our 15 hr drive to CO finally over, we set up camp in the middle of the forrest courtesy of the Cordova family letting us use their family cabin.  The guys all setup their tents and miscellaneous stuff last night, and ready for a day of riding today. Stay tuned for riding shots and full gallery tomorrow. This trip is a bit off the grid but where there’s wifi, there’s always a Starbucks.

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Off The Grid With Matt Cordova

Not everyone knows Matt Cordova as a dude that rides everything, and rides everything insanely good.  I’m guessing it comes down to him living in the middle of nowhere and finding off the grid type shit to ride that not a lot of guys would take for granted.  J.Cobbs caught up with Matt to see what he’s been riding and came back with a full gallery of insane photos that are off the beaten path.  Take a look for yourself.  View Gallery

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Markit Zero Crashes

I hate watching crash sections but since some of you guys do, we figured we’d put this up of our guys, Dennis, Connor, Christian, Rob and Ronnie, and many more go for broke…. literally!

“This is by far one of the heaviest crash sections you are ever going to see! The crew took a beating for MARKIT ZERO. We had to make sure the BMX world got a behind the scenes look into what it really took to create this DVD. Get ready for over seven minutes of raw, savage falls for your viewing pleasure.”  Filmed and edited by Christian Rigal.

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Realtime With Dennis Enarson

The good folks at DIG caught up with Dennis for a day in SD, and we get a glimpse of what he does when he’s not traveling the world.

“Mic’d up from sunup to sundown in San Diego ‘Realtime’ with Dennis Enarson is about as authentic as it gets with one of the best in BMX. DIG’s Fraser Byrne follows Dennis throughout his day, which includes a visit from his father Kenny, stop at the East County BMX 10th Anniversary Jam, brews at the ‘Wayne’s World’ beer perch, his thoughts on X Games, and more. Dennis (who topped our DIG 25 list back in 2013) is not only loved by us, but by fans, his sponsors Haro and Demolition, and the BMX community as a whole… and you’ll get a good idea why when you see how he carries himself throughout the day.” – DIG

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Demolition Goes Camping

We’ve been planning (okay, mostly talking) this Colorado camping trip for some time now and it’s finally here.  Clay at Pusher BMX was also kind enough to have us for a shop stop. We’ll be there July 16th at 6p, and we’ll have plenty of giveaways, contests and etc too. We have a stacked crew of heavy hitters with Fernengel, Doyle, Lodes, Fox, Cordova, Enarson, and Rob Wise!! Be sure to get out there if you’re in the area.  If we don’t see you at Pusher, we’ll definitely see you guys at the surrounding parks.  Hit the flyer to go BIG.

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Know Your Roll: Markit X Demolition Sprocket

RIDEbmx just put up their Know Your Roll feature on our all new Demolition X Markit sprocket, be sure to give it a look/ read >>
“Using all the given space on the face of this solid sprocket, they were able to CNC machine the Markit M logo into it. The Demolition X Markit collab sprocket comes in both 25 and 28 tooth sizes, with a 24mm bore that includes a 19mm and 22mm hat adapter, so this will fit all the cranks on the markit(ha). Coming in that bad ass Marble splatter, and black with the Markit logo in machined silver. You can pick this kick ass chunk of aluminum Mid-July, for $41.95.”

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