Spring Release Jam Red Bull Gallery

Hucker with a crazy wedged nosepick
Red Bull has an awesome gallery on their site from the release jam that went down on Sunday. Check out the gallery here and get a good look at this wedged nosepick by Hucker as well as other dialed riding photos from other shredders in attendance.

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Demolition’s Now With Killemall In Canada!

Demolition now with KEA

Everyone here at Demolition parts is happy to announce that we’re now being distributed in Canada by Killemall Distribution.
Killemall is owned and operated by guys that both live and love BMX, and have over 30 years of BMX experience under their belt. They’ve also been putting on BMX events for over 9 years now. Their Canadian Concrete jams have been the longest running series in Canada!
Killemall and Demolition are already planning on making big moves with team trips, a Canadian team, and a lot more direct media attention.
Demolition products will be available through Killemall starting April 2014.
For all Canadian inquires or questions, please contact Killemall at:

Killemall Distribution
346-2416 Main Street
Vancouver BC
V5T 3E2
Ph: 604-564-8495
Fax: 604-565-7475
Email: info@killemalldistro.com

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Demo Spring Product Release Jam Photo Gallery

uprail to hard 180 downside whip, not sure if switch or not.

Growing up in BMX, jams were always a huge highlight. Contests were awesome for sure but jams were way more laid back, stress free sessions, with some of your favorite pros and a chance for you and your friends to get to hang out with them a bit. The idea for this jam was no different, lets get everyone together to have a great time and get a chance to win some awesome BMX goods. The only difference is now we are making the plans for a jam and hoping that enough people saw the flyers that some of them will show up. It’s funny how you never have doubts about a jam being successful, unless your throwing the jam, then your convinced it’s going to be a ghost town at the skatepark that day. Regardless of my feeling of paranoia about the turnout, tons of people showed up, locals, riders from out of town, tons of demo pros, and a lot of other pros too, it was unreal how many people showed up. What was even more unreal was the riding, one minute Doyle would be throwing huge fakie variations on the street quarter, then the next minute Kris Fox would footjam fakie a 10 foot vert quarter, Dennis was throwing insane grind variations on the uprail with Broc Raiford and Christian Rigal and the list of craziness that went down just keeps going and going. Check out this gallery from the madness that went down at our jam on Saturday, be sure to click through the whole gallery because the riding is insane all the way through to the very end.

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#DemoSpringJam Instagram Contest Winners


The Demolition Spring Product Release Jam went down yesterday at the Clairemont Skatepark and was an amazing sucsess! We would like to thank every single person who made it out to either hang out or ride with us, jams like this wouldn’t be anything if a bunch of rad people didn’t come out and make it what it was, so again a huge thank you for that! We will be posting a gallery from the jam tomorrow and an edit from the jam later in the week so be sure to check those out once they’re posted.

We wanted come up with some new ways for people who came to the jam to be able to win some of our new gear. One of the ways we came up with was an instagram contest where anyone who was at the jam could post an entry with the hashtag #DemoSpringJam and the best 3 photos posted would win some awesome gear. The photos that got posted were all great but the three that won are really stood out, the winners are…

@chriswalsh32 – Fox Sylus Stem

@fantacywings – Lodes Axes Seat

@weps1904 – Markit Seat

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ReUP: Christian Rigal Welcome to the Pro Team Edit

It was around this time last year that the street spot assassin himself, Christian Rigal, came out with amazing Welcome to the Pro Team edit. Since then he has not slowed down for a second and is always out filming something crazy! But for right now lets take a minute to stop what we’re doing and watch some good ol’ awesome street riding!

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Chris Doyle’s Maiden Fork Promo

Chris Doyle comes through with a fast paced, high flying, kick ass promo to introduce you to his new signature Maiden fork for 2014. We’ve made some serious upgrades to the fork that should have you clicking 3 turndowns and buzzing shoulders with your inverts in no time! Hit play and see what’s new with the forks, then call up your local dealer to get your hands on a pair today.  Then go shred!

Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni
Music: Archers Of Loaf – “Fashion Bleeds”
Click here for more info on Chris’ Maiden Fork

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Dennis In Argentina

If this doesn’t give you any insight on what the future of BMX looks like, I don’t know what will.  They all absolutely killed Beunos Aires! Dennis’ riding is insane as always, check that last clip… WTF!

“The Nike BMX crew of Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Nigel Sylvester and Kriss Kyle spent a week riding amazing spots in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Watch this video to see the guys put in work!”- Nike
Filmed and Edited by Ryan Navazio

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Josh Perry Bike Check and Beer Interview


Our very own East Coast ramp reaper, Josh Perry, has a bike check on up on Eastern Bike’s site where he goes over the finer details of his ride. Josh also has an interesting interview on “All it Is” where he goes over his tastes in BMX, beer, brauts and other fine german delicacies which you can read here. Be sure to click on both links and spend some time getting to know our good buddy Josh Perry. Photos by Darron Monroe

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Chris Doyle Welcome to Camp Three Edit

Mr. Doyle comes through with a short but sweet skatepark edit for his new clothing sponsor, Camp Three. Filmed at what I assume is an east coast indoor park but I guess it could be anywhere, park looks amazing though and you know Doyle had no problems shredding the shit out of it!

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Dawn to Dusk With Christian

Christian runs you through his usual routine from waking up, riding, filming, ponging, clockin’ mad footy and more.  Check it out!!  Filmed and edited by Zach Krejmas

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