Dennis, Ronnie and Cell Phones in Portugal

Ronnie and Dennis flew out to Portugal a few months back to team up with Hadrien Picard and Lumia to film an edit around the country with nothing but cell phones. The parks and street spots this crew covers in this edit is amazing and needless to say these two ride all those spots like no one else can. This edit has that cool acoustic feel to it, mixed with badass riding and picturesque spots you surely do not want to miss out on this one. Hit play and enjoy.

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Chris Doyle Pittsburgh To Bethlehem


Chris Doyle, Aaron Ross and Devon Hutchins went on a cool little road trip from Doyle’s home town of Pittsburgh to the TRA Doublecross contest in Bethlehem. The crew was working on a web edit for their shop sponsor, Empire, and ended up with enough extra photos from the trip that they put together THIS HERE gallery for Dig. Devon’s photos came out super good so be sure to head over to DIG and take a look.

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Matt Cordova Travels For Dreams and Toast

nac nac toast

I just got home from Redbull Dreamline in North Carolina and Texas Toast and it was probably the best two weeks of my life. From riding some of the best dirt jumps, hanging with all the homies, to just being on the road and having no worries at all. I got to travel from Dreamline to Texas with Dustin Orem and Drew Bezanson, stopping in Tyler Texas along the way to hang with Morgan Wade and shoot some guns. The amount of ammo, clay pigeons, and tannerite (Google if you don’t know what this is) we burned through was unreal. After going a bit Rambo, we then drove to Austin to meet up with the Haro guys and get stoked for Toast. They rented a house and we just got to hang out, cook dinners, and had a good time, it really made it feel like a team and a family. Both contests were amazing and I couldn’t be more stoked on how I rode, I made finals at both and had the most fun of my life out there. Cheers to everyone who made this trip possible and fun. Here is a little photo journal that I put together from my trip. Until the next one..

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Kris Fox SE Frame Promo | The Gaudium

Kris Fox does some sunny soul searching and bowl carving at beaches and bowls across Southern California then talks about his approach to BMX, why he loves it, and how came up with the name for his frame for SE bikes, The Gaudium. Good vibes and good clips throughout this edit. Check it out!

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Kris Fox in Focus at RideBMX

Kris Fox at height, photo by Jeff Z. Courtesy of Ride BMX MagThe fine photographers at RideBMX magazine just posted an awesome FOCUS photo gallery that features our very own high speed space traveler, Kris Fox, going huge as usual. Head over to Ride and check out the goods and see the photos BIG!

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A Year with Josh Clemens

Clem whips a street gap with styler in the streets of San Diego

Josh Clemens always has something going, between working, riding, traveling, filming, living, laughing and everything else in between it’s impossible to keep up with it all. So I thought it was a perfect time to catch up with Josh and ask a few quick questions about his year and what else he has got lined up on the horizon. So click on the post and check out A Year with Josh Clemens.


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Axes Grip Spotlight

We’ve been showing off our Axes grips on social media since we got samples of them a couple weeks ago but never really wrote anything about them in detail till now.  They’re still a ways out and scheduled to release beginning of next year but figure we’d show em off now regardless.  They’re coming in non flange (150mm length) and flange (155mm length) versions and with an outer diameter of ø31mm. For all those that like a bit meaty grip that is comfy as hell, these are worth the wait.

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The Canadian, Jason Enns

Jason stalls out a Canadian foot jam on the most dialed quarter in California

Last week Cordova, Dillsy, Enns and myself went sessoning out in the middle of nowhere and from that day we posted the Session to Nowhere gallery, that I hope most of you enjoyed. But this photo here was just too good to post with the others, the quarter has a half foot of vert and at only four feet tall it is not easily sessioned. So when Jason stepped up to the plate and called out the Canadian we were stoked to see it happened but weren’t sure how it was going to get it done on this beat ass quarter. A few minutes later Jason stabbed into the perfect Canadian, rolled away clean and showed us how it’s done! So for your viewing pleasure we hung onto it for a few days longer so we can post it individually as your new wallpaper. So get stoked, make your computer look sick, and then go build a DIY spot for you and your crew to session!

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Biz’s Art Ad

I want to say I shot this uprail 180 turndown of Biz almost a year ago but just recently got used in the last ART BMX Mag for our French distributor, Ezco.  The funny thing about shooting photos of Biz is, that I’ve never really gone out to shoot just him, it always just naturally happens.  We were at this school riding and shooting some of the other guys and Biz was just playing around on this rail and banged this out.  This was also in his last Verde edit that Mastroni helped film.  Either way, click to make it big and drool over how badass this actually is, and check out Biz’s RotatoR freecoaster HERE>>

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The Cordova Brothers

Crooked World just put up this slow-mo edit of Matt Cordova and his brother Joey at their spot, the FOD Trails. There’s even a quick guest appearance from Hucker. Check it out!

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