Tea & Biscuits Leftover Gallery


The boys over at Elephant Distribution just sent these leftovers from the Tea & Biscuits 2 trip a few months ago. Click the photo above to view the full gallery featuring Kris Fox, Rob Wise, & Vinnie Mayne. Thanks to Dunk for the photos.

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Extended Family Member Update w. Josh Perry


Josh Perry is always on the move and always doing crazy shit on the BMX so we are always stoked to hear from him and what he’s been up to lately. Here is what he had to say. Also, be sure to click on the post to see all of the photos of Josh from the GMG jam.

“How’s it going guys? I hope all is well.

I just wanted to check in and send over some photos from the GMG Trails in Pittsboro, Nc. They held a jam for my buddy Darren Bouldins (@darrenbouldin) birthday.

Nick Digeroloma (@nickdige) got these photos for me from the jam so I thought I’d send them over. I filmed a bunch of clips for my buddy’s video he’s working on for his shirt brand, Pareidolia, as well. I went down to Miami for 3 weeks after thanksgiving for some school shows with my buddy Jared Ward and Joey Scarborough. And then I’m headed to Mass at the end of December for a few months to film for it more and chill with my family there. That’s about it for now, ”

Talk soon,

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junk·yard With Tate Roskelley

junk·yard With Tate Roskelley

junk·yard – ˈjəNGkˌyärd – a place where scrap is collected before being discarded, reused, or recycled.

Street riders always keep an eye out for an spots, things to ride that weren’t meant to be ridden. Some riders have taken that further than others. Tate Roskelly has taken his riding and spot finding to a place where most riders do not recognize, his spots look different from everyone else’s and its because he see’s it a different way.  We sat and watched as Tate was given a blank canvas; other people’s trash, and managed to turn it into treasures. Check it out after the jump. View Gallery

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Nora Cup Congratulatory Ad

Congrats to Tyler and Hucker Ride ad 206

We’re beyond stoked for Tyler Fernengel (Readers’ Choice Award) and Mike “Hucker” Clark (Dirt Rider Of The Year) getting RideBMX Nora Cup 2014 awards that we whipped up this congratulatory ad up for them.  We couldn’t be any more happier for these two and our dudes at Markit getting their Video Of The Year award too.  Congrats guys!!  Photos by Jeff Z and Ryan Fudger.  Click top photo to view the whole ad>>

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Doyle Updates on Winter, Remodeling and Switch Whips!

Doyle is no stranger to coping with Pennsylvania winters and keeping the session going on the BMX. Recently he sent us this here update that gives you a bit of insight on how he does just that. Click on the post to see what Doyle does to stay fresh on the BMX and how he keeps his mind right when there’s snow on the ground.

Switch Whip photo at the Wheel Mill Courtesy of Keith Terra.
View Gallery

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Corey Walsh @ Joyride 150

Our newest Canadian rider, Corey Walsh, came through with an awesome edit from Joyride 150. He showed the BMX world his bike control skills at Texas Toast by taking home the Gauntlet of Death title and now this edit shows how smooth and stylish he is as well. Keep a look out for a lot more from Corey in the future. Huge shoutout to Killemall Distribution in Canada!

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Kris Fox 2014 Year End Edit for SE Bikes

Kris Fox and Dylan Pfohl team up for Kris’ frame sponsor, SE Bikes, and put together this here edit highlighting what an amazing year Kris has had on his BMX. Be sure to hit play and watch Kris shred the world during 2014.

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Markit New Years Eve CASH Jam!

New Years
For all you riders and BMX enthusiasts out there who have always wanted to ride or hang out at the Markit ramps, well here is your chance! The dudes at Markit are hosting a New Years Eve Cash Jam at the Markit ramps and everyone is invited. $10 to ride and $5 to hang out and ALL the entry money goes right back into the cash jam. There will also be several sponsored events through out the day, not to mention the Satellite Slayer contest that Demolition will be throwing!! Your not going to want to miss this!!

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Rig Bar Treatment

The Dennis Enarson Rig Bars got some new love with an all new sticker and are available now. Dennis and us are super stoked on the new sticker by Nick Sawyers. You probably know Nick’s art work from the Markit Zero DVD cover but if you don’t, I’m sure you’ll love the new crossbar sticker on Dennis’ new bar. Get at em HERE for all the specs!

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Hucker Bike Check!

Hucker Bike Check

We caught up with Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark at one of our shop stops recently, and saw he was riding his new S&M X Demolition bike and thought we’d shoot a bike check with him and his new whip.  Hit more to see and read what and why he rides what he rides. View Gallery

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