Kris Fox’s I Needed Colorado Story

Right after our Colorado camping trip Matt Cordova and Kris Fox headed straight back up to get Matt’s motorcycle registered (long story) and film/ ride some new parks that we didn’t hit on our trip.  As always, the two had a good time and Kris came back with a story of his adventures up there, and his thoughts on life, and bmx in general.  It’s a good read from the eyes of Kris, check it out HERE>>
“At times, I think the general consensus is that “things come easy” for us riders. The amazing content produced by amazing riders gets devalued, to some extent, to a percentage of the average online viewer. Of course, I can only speak off of personal experience and by no means is this a negative comment towards anyone or any industry. In fact, this comment is not aimed directly at the BMX world alone. I feel that general modern society is very much ‘online’ and ‘technology’ based. Everywhere we go, we are plugged into this cyber world instantaneously with the phones connected at our hips, the family computers in the room over, the iPads and laptops that sleep on the night stand next to one’s bed all night, and so on.” – Kris Fox

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Lewis Mills’ Welcome Video

Our Australian distributor, BMX Militia recently took notice of young Lewis (17 yrs old), and mentioned him to us as a potential rider for Demolition. Needless to say we were 100% into the idea and was floored on how good he is. Lewis and friend/ filmer, Chris Whyte whipped this video up for his welcome edit and came back with some heavy bangers for it too. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more from Lewis in the near future, stay tuned…

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Nora Cup Video Is Now Live

For all those that missed being at Nora Cup this year, wait no further. RIDEbmx just dropped the video and it was like I was there all over again. Watch Dave F-N Mirra give the Best Ramp Rider award off to our own Dennis Enarson. This is rad, watch now.

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Shred The Rez Contest

Shred The Rez contest at the Pala skatepark in Pala CA is coming up Oct 10th. There’s gonna be a pro purse and all at this one, so you know there’s gonna be some insane riding going down. Big portion of the Demolition team will also be in attendance/ riding. Mark your calendars! More info and registration is up at Photo of Matt Cordova by Nathan Sykes

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Biz’s Sept Update

Biz just sent over this cool photo of him doing a hop over grind with a quick lil’ update on what he’s been up to.  Hit photo to go BIG >>
“What’s up guys, just about done wrapping up a part for RideBmx mag that I have been working on this summer with Calvin Kosovich.  Pretty happy with how it’s coming along and should be out in a couple weeks or so. Here is a shot of a over grind from a line for the upcoming vid.  Thanks guys!”

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Connor Bike Check


Even though we’ve been slacking on getting this Connor Lodes bike check up since our Colorado Camping Trip, he’s still on the same bike and it’s still holding strong.  Check out what Connor rides below and while you’re at it re-watch his Axes Seat video to see Connor and this same bike kill it! View Gallery

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Mike Gray Goin All In!

When Mike first came to us about doing a video with good friend/ filmer Doeby a year ago, we didn’t think too much about it and actually forgot about it over time. What we didn’t realize is that he was dropping major hammers every time they went out. This is the final masterpiece they put together over that year. Funny to think that just a few years ago, this would be in a DVD. And most likely an ender part too. Click that play button!

Mike Gray WENT IN on this full section for his parts sponsor Demolition. For over a year Mike stacked clips with SoCal lensman Doeby Huynh around the school yards and city streets of San Diego, and even snagged some footy while on a trip to Rochester, NY. This video coincides with Mike’s upcoming Interview “Mind the Gap” in issue 211 of RideBMX Magazine. From lengthy technical lines to handrail destruction, mike handles business, but where he really shines is in his selection of roof setups, and the tricks he pairs them with. Mike is fucking unreal and I think it’s safe to say that this video puts him on the map as one of the very top dudes in the street game right now, and he’s not slowing down any time some, I promise you that. – RIDEbmx

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What You Missed At Interbike 2015

If you missed some of the product videos from Interbike 2015, don’t be too bummed.  This post is a recap of all our new goods we’re excited about, and wanted to show off in their true form without the ‘Sin City’ distractions.
The Tyler Fernengel Paradise line is one line we’re very proud of.  The Tripod/ Pivotal seats, top load stems (50mm long/ 35mm high), and bars (8.75 & 9″ tall) all came out amazing and in true ‘Tyler form’ they went right to the test.  We have a quick summary on each new item after the jump here >> READ MORE

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