Z’s July Focus


This months RIDEbmx’s Focus from Jeff Z is full of our guys; Kris Fox, Hucker, Josh Clemens, Biz, and Matt Cordova. Check out the full gallery here>>

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Tyler Fernengel – EYESHOT

DIG is doing a rad new series called EYESHOT, which features some raw-behind the scenes clips and gives you a really cool perspective on them. The first EYESHOT features a look at Tyler’s cover from Issue 96 in 2013. Head over to DIG and check it out!

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Kris Fox Lookbacking In Boulder

We got so many good photos from the Demo Goes Camping trip, that some are hard for me to part with online, especially on Instagram.  Kris was one guy on the trip that kept giving me banger photos that were clicked and high as shit.  The guy is one of the most photogenic riders I know.  This one is of Kris clicking a loopback in the big bowl at the Boulder park.  Stay tuned for a lot more wallpapers/ photos from the trip.  Click photo to go big.

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Rob Wise’s Interview Re Print

Rob Wise’s Re Print interview from DIG just went up at http://digbmx.com. Be sure to check it out, he has some amazing photos and you’ll learn something new about him in the interview too. Tire ride to tooth over photo by J.Cobbs

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Demo Goes Camping 6

Dennis alleyoop 180 whip

Last riding day of the trip started off at Arvada park that we had a chill session at till the rain hit us hard again midway through. Fox and Cordova found some lines real quick and banged out a few high ass airs for the blog though.  Later that evening we headed over to Pusher for our shop stop.  The scene that Clay and crew have is so good, real good vibes and everyone was really stoked to be there.  Can’t thank everyone enough for coming out and showing some love.  We got a few photos throughout the day after the jump.  View Gallery

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Pusher BMX Today @ 6pm


Don’t forget that today at 6pm we’re going to be at Pusher BMX to hang out, ride, and we’re bringing freebies! We’ve been having a blast so far in Colorado and we can’t wait to hang with you guys and visit Clay and all the Pusher boys again.

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Demo Goes Camping 5

Matt C can go really damn high and do inverts on everything

For all those that haven’t been to the Parker park right out of Denver, you’re missing out.  The locals are cool as hell and the park has just about everything for every type of rider. Everyone of our guys got into it quick and stayed busy most of the time in the bowl going high as hell and getting their speed lines on.  In typical Colorado fashion, we got kicked out due to a heavy thunderstorm but it cleared up after an hour or so, then went back for an epic sunset session.  Check out what we got ourselves into after the jump.  View Gallery

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