Ronnie Napolitan Shreds Austin for Redline!

Here is the first installment of a three part series that our resident viking, Ronnie Napolitan, is doing with his frame sponsor, Redline. This video series has Ronnie traveling to three of his favorite cities to ride all the street parks and dirt these places have to offer. This stop, Austin Texas, so sit back hit play and enjoy.

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Art BMX Webzine Stylus Ad

Stylus Art AD

Art BMX #7 just dropped and features the new Kris Fox signature Stylus stem X Ezco Distribution ad with Kris doing a nice whipped out seat grab at the FOD Trails.  Photo by J.Cobbs.   Click top image to view the full ad.

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Mike Gray Bike Check Q&A

Mike Gray has been on our am squad since he’s moved to the SD area and hasn’t let up since.  He’s been going hard since he moved here with edits and pictures galore.  Vital just put up a bike check Q&A of him about his new ride and etc. Check it out here>>  “I’ve always wanted to ride for Demolition. I’m a part of the Am squad. It’s a total dream to be a part of something so many legends stand behind and take part of.” – Mike Gray

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#VLMDemoJapanTour update


Heyyooooo!! So it has been a couple of days since out last update here in Japan. Last you heard from us we had spent our last day in Tokyo riding restricted skateparks and some of the most unbelievable street we have ever seen. Day 5 had us on the road to Nagoya, but about half way through the trek we stopped off in the middle of the woods at the YBP trails for a quick trail session. Unfortunately not everything was quite dialed in yet so we spent most the time watching Kris Fox rip up the giant BMX track that the locals had built along side the trails. Watching Kris do what he does best is a treat for anyone lucky enough to witness him race through rhythms and hit big doubles. After the YBP visit we made it do Nagoya and FiveStar bike shop, one of the raddest rider owned shops in Japan. From there we pushed north up to Toyama, visited TooLate Bike shop, rode Toyama skate plaza and ended the day riding around downtown Toyama until the rains came and sent us all inside for the night. Tons of good riding, good people, and great times. Check back tomorrow for more from our #VLMDemoJapanTour

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BMX Plus’ Trooper Prospective

Trooper Al
Couple months back BMX Plus mag did a product prospective on “What is your favorite product that you have come out with over the years?”

I guess I could go on and on about an old part that we revolutionized in BMX in the past or that we used new space aged tubing only used on the Apollo 13 ship but since I also try and ride every day, I personally like new and improved products that are always coming out.  My favorite product that we recently spent some time on that I’m especially excited about still is our Demolition Trooper Aluminum pedal.  I was a huge fan of those old Profile Gas pedals that had the pin down the middle of the body that slowed down the rotation spin of the spindle (for no-footed tricks) but they discontinued them after a short run.  Since I never forgot about those pedals and I always wanted to design something like that in that they didn’t spin like crazy but didn’t ruin the bearing or had a pin due to it being overtightened.  We looked into a number of needle bearings and etc to keep the platform pofile slim but also didn’t want bearings to blow out.  After numerous tests, we came up with the full bushing system with rubber seals that still allows the pedal to spin amazing but the rotation isn’t loose or spins freely and also comes with a CNC, heat treated CRMO spindle.  That and those suckers last forever! – Brian Castillo

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The Ultimate Build

Demolition build

The boys at 180 Distribution built up the ultimate bike with all our new Demolition goods and sample parts. They made up a cool interactive thing to see what parts are what.  Click here to check it all out.

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Catching Up With Kris Fox

Kris talks about going to his first X-Games, traveling, and his signature SE bike. There’s also a good amount of clips of Kris ripping through some SoCal parks.

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 4


Our last day in Tokyo! We have been loving Tokyo so much since we got here it’s going to be tough saying goodbye, but at the same time we are all looking forward to seeing the rest of Japan and what it has in store for us. We started the day off goofing around in one of Japan’s largest retail stores, Don Quijote, where we found everything you could possibly need to live your entire life, birth to death, and then some! After an hour or two over at Don’s, we cruised over to a huge public skatepark that we weren’t allowed to film at… Because we were so bogged down by rules and regulations at the park we rebelled and went street riding with some locals. “Spine with rail” was the description given to us about the first spot and too our amazement thats exactly what it was when we got there. Dennis even said it may have been the craziest setup he has ever ridden, which is really saying something. We then hit up two more spots in the area that we just as crazy as the “spine with rail”. Everyone clipped up with some big banger and we ended the day with some Japanese hot wings and beer, we are in heaven….

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 3


Day Three here in Japan and the good times just keep on coming. The day started off at BMX RIO were we got to meet cool locals and at the same time avoid getting run over by the bicycle highway that passed right by the front door. The Japanese take the bicycle commuting seriously and do not slow down just because there are a bunch of Americans in the way, now matter if they are old or young, man or woman, they are coming through hot and are not waiting for you to see them! Whats funny too, is that the whole time they never show any kind of fear or expression when there is a close call, just business as usual hauling ass on the sidewalks of Tokyo. Anyways, after BMX Rio, we headed over to another rad rider owned shop, Flourish BMX. Flourish is owned by Volume and Demolition rider, Akira Sakata, so it was rad to get to meet him and see what his shop and the scene are all about. From that point we headed over to a local skatepark and sessioned with everyone until sundown when we all mode a trek on foot to a local Ramen Restaurant. None of us on the trip had ever eaten authentic Japanese ramen before and it’s safe to say that we are all HOOKED! Be sure to check back soon for our next update from #VLMDemoJapanTour

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#VLMDemoJapanTour Day 1&2

We have arrived in Japan! Well, we got in about 48 hours ago but it has been a blur of the senses since we arrived. There is just so much to see, touch, smell, and trip out on here in Japan that there is simply never a dull moment and we have no idea what we will get into or find next. Our first day here we got our bikes built, visited an amazing shop, fought jet lag and basically got our bearings in Tokyo. Day two had us riding plenty, first at an outdoor park and then at an indoor park later in the day, both parks were a little slow going but the crew made the best of them and had a blast shredding with the locals and trying to communicate by any means necessary. Be sure to click on the post and check out the gallery from our first 48 in Japan.
Check back in a couple of days to see our next update from #VLMdemoJapanTour

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