Street Fighter IV


Have you ever been riding and thought “What would van Damme do?” I know I have. Well, after 4 years without a Street Fighter Jam in Phoenix, AZ, and to much demand, the Street Fighter jam is back for the 4th time. If you’re in the Phoenix area this Saturday, then make sure you hit it up. They’re meeting at the Church’s Chicken flat rail downtown, so you can get your light or dark meat fix beforehand. Click the image for all the details.

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A Session to Nowhere


It’s easy for riders to get caught up in the fog of progression, filming clips, searching for the ultimate spots, competing against the best riders in the world, all to find out just how far they can push their riding and see what’s possible. In that fog it’s so easy to forget the reasons why we got into riding in the first place, and so it’s essential that every once in a while you pump the brakes on life, hook up with some friends, get on the bikes, and just go jump off some shit. So last weekend Enns, Cordova, Dillsy and myself did just that, we didn’t have any clips to film, we didn’t have any spots to scout, we didn’t have a deadline to meet, we just went out into the void and rode. We snapped a few photos of whatever looked cool and incidentally came away with a ton of rad photos from the day! So be sure to take a second, click on the post to check out the photos from our session, get stoked, link up with your fiends, and go jump off some shit!

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Biz’s Vital Bike Check

Biz’s bike got stolen in Huntington Beach recently so he stopped by the office to pick up a new ride. Peep Biz shredding some spots in So Cal while he gives you the low down on his new whip in this bike check with Vital.

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MEMORIES: Demolition X Markit San Antonio Trip


Oh man what a blast, cool little house, rad crew, great food, and more spots than we knew what to do with. Just a few special ingredients in what made for one of the best trips ever to San Antonio last year. The Markit crew was in the middle of filming for what would be the Nora Cup Video of the Year, Markit Zero. The Demolition crew was in the middle of one of their busiest traveling years to date and so the timing was just right for a super fun, relaxed, yet ridiculously productive trip right in America’s heart land. So please take a minute to sit back, relax, and click through some of our photos from one of the best trips ever and get motivated to get a bunch of your friends together and get tripping to somewhere you’ve never been but always wanted to go! Yewww!

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Haro at Texas Toast

Haro put together this awesome edit of their team at Toast last weekend. Matt Cordova, Mike Gray, and Dennis all have a ton of sick clips and it also has a rad view of Matt’s Cow Bell Challenge win. Check it out!

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Doyle For Empire BMX!

Chris Doyle and special guest Aaron Ross on the road from Pittsburg to Bethlehem, shredding trails and parks along the way. What else needs to be said? Sit back, relax, and enjoy! Shout out to Devon Hutchins and Empire BMX.

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Kris Fox at Monster’s Speed & Style Event

While most of the BMX world had it’s focus on Texas Toast last weekend, Kris Fox headed over to Las Vegas for Monster’s Speed & Style dirt contest. Who better for a Speed & Style event than Mr. Fox? Congrats to Kris for killing it and taking home 2nd place! Video courtesy of RideBMX.

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Aaron Smith as Winter Approaches

Step down bar as winter approaches.

What’s up guys,

The weather is turning here on the east coast and Fall is definitely in full effect. I got a good session in providence the other day, Lee Hopkins snapped this pic of me barring the step down. It’s almost time to move the sessions indoors or to the west coast. So hopefully I’ll be seeing you Californians soon.


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Texas Toast Street Final Highlights

The Texas Toast street finals were absolutely nuts! The course was sick, the crowd was insane, and all of the riders went hard! If you weren’t there, luckily RideBMX captured all the madness go down. Check the highlights above to watch Dennis, Connor, and the rest of the dudes kill it.

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Hucker, Tyler, & Markit Win NORA CUP!

Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 2.54.38 PM

Wow, huge congratulations to Hucker for taking home his 3rd straight Ride BMX NORA Cup for Dirt Rider of the Year and Tyler for winning his 1st Nora Cup for the Reader’s Choice award! Also, a shoutout to all the Markit crew for Markit Zero taking home Video of the Year. Cheers dudes!

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