2016 Product Poster

We’ve been hard at work all year getting together a slew of new product to debut at this years Interbike and finally get to show it off to you guys.  This year, we’re bringing out the following new goods that we’re stoked on showing off and talking about; Tyler Fernengel’s new parts series, called Paradise.  Those items will be his bar, top load stem and seats.  We’ll also be showing off our new Kris Fox ‘ Fox Fork’ that we’ve been working/ testing for most of this year.  For Dennis Enarson, we’re releasing a new top load Rig stem to his vast collection of products, we’ll also be coming out with Markit barends for Dennis and the rest of the crew.  Rob Wise’s Elite fork got the beef and is now called Monarch, it features beefed up legs and casted dropouts.  Other lil items/ colors are our new camo colorway and polished Zero rims that came out really nice.  Click image to see bigger.  More specs/ details will be up shortly…

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Front Brakes And Dave Osato

Just saw Vital has up their 10 Best Front Brake Riders Of All Time and had up our own legend, Dave Osato as one of their picks. Honestly, what front brake list wouldn’t have Dave Osato! Check out his last Last Chance part to go down memory lane of what Dave does best.
“You do not want to fight Dave Osato. Not that he was known for instigating a brawl, but to put it in perspective, he ripped a pair of jeans off of Andrew Ferris in one swipe. That kind of Canadian super-human strength became his style on a bike. He could absolutely man-handle tailwhip to nosepicks, 540 Canadian nosepicks, and hop 3 whips over 10 years ago. Along with that strength, he also had an incredible amount of finesse and accuracy that let him lace his banger in the 2011 Demolition video, Last Chance.” – Vital BMX

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Interbike 2015

That’s right, it’s that time of the year again to where we get to show off all our new 2016 products, and get be proper salesmen to all our dealers in person.  If any of you shop guys are going, please look us up at booth #4166, and we’ll gladly run you through everything and then some.  Be sure to ask for our goody bag too, this year we got some good stuff to giveaway.  See you soon Sin City!

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Kris Fox Back In CO

Kris Fox and Matt Cordova took a trip back to CO (right after our own CO trip) to ride some new parks a few weeks ago and just recently came back. Matt took a couple darkside shots of Kris while Kris was working on a new Demolition edit. Stay tuned for more info on the edit soon… Check out the long lens shot of the same trick after the jump.  READ MORE

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Nike In Spain

The Nike bmx dream team pulled off one of the heaviest online videos this year. Dennis’ clips in here are absolutely nuts! The whole thing is epic! Props to everyone involved on this edit. Video by Ryan Navazio
“Garrett Reynolds, Dennis Enarson, Chad Kerley, Alex Kennedy and Simone Barraco in the streets of Spain.”

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As we said in a previous post, The new Nike in Spain video with our own Dennis Enarson is going down this Sunday and it’s going to be aired on network tv for all us to see. That’s a win win for us and BMX. Details below.
Nike BMX video premieres this Sunday on ABC’s “World of X Games” at 4pm ET / 2pm PT. With Chad Kerley, Garrett Reynolds,Dennis Enarson, Simone Barraco, and Alex Kennedy. Be sure to tune in!

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Grey Top Tires


A little delayed and highly demanded, but finally here nonetheless. We just got the Momentum tires in stock in the all new grey top w/black side walls that we’ve been hyping for a while. The black walls on these things really make the grey look clean, and these aren’t painted grey like other colors out there. They’re a full on grey top. Hit up your favorite Demolition dealer for a set. Available in 2.20 & 2.35 sizes.

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