FL Trip Q&A With Rob

BMX road trips are usually  a good time to ride with your friends and get into a ton of trouble… especially if you’re with Hucker.  Rob breaks down his time in Florida and what all went down with the crew while not riding.  READ MORE

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Rob Wise in LA

Wow, what a perfect way to start out the week! RideBMX just dropped a new GT in LA video featuring Rob Wise, Jeremiah Smith, and Brian Kachinsky. Hit play and enjoy 3 minutes of straight bangers from everyone!

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The Holy Grail Shipment

Our shipment of all shipments is about to arrive next month and will include our new Marble colorway for our aluminum parts, Hucker seats (Tripod and Pivotal versions), Axes grips, and BiPolar pegs.  We’re damn excited for them all to arrive and show them off to the masses asap but in the meantime, you can just drool from the above photo.

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FL Trip Q&A With Aaron

Aaron is a seasoned vet on the team but was one of the few that has never been on a trip with Tyler and Hucker together.  Think he got a hand full of fun with those two to say the least too.  Especially with a quote like this “Hucker shitting in the tub while Fern was showering.” Click more to read it all.  READ MORE

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FL Trip Q&A With Tyler

Our QBMX X Demolition trip to Florida came and went last month but with the rain came lots of goods times for everyone still.  The crew was randomly picked and a couple of the guys never even met till this trip but turned out that everyone got along great and came through with some solid photos and a good trip for everyone.  Below is a mini interview with Tyler about the trip and some of his highs and lows that were had.  “I was really stoked on the gator, it just tasted like chicken to me.”  Photos by J.Cobbs. Stay tuned for Rob Wise’s Q&A soon…  Read more here>>  READ MORE

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Ronnie’s Road Less Traveled

Our boy Ronnie Napolitan recently went under the knife for double ACL surgery. Anyone who’s had a knee injury knows how gnarly an ACL surgery is, but I can’t even imagine having both knees done at the same time! Jorge Jovel put together this awesome Road Less Traveled video with Ronnie about his road to recovery. It’s pretty crazy how quick his recovery is coming along. Stay strong buddy, we can’t wait to see you back on a bike!

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What Does Rob Wise Ride?

Ever wondered what Rob Wise’s set up is like? Well you’re in luck, our friends over at RideBMX just put up a feature of Rob’s current whip. Most pro’s bike checks these days are pretty predictable with the usual 4 plastic pegs, brakeless, and new-school frame geometry. That’s not the case for Rob. His frame geometry is vastly different from what most ride, he’s currently only running two metal pegs, and he still chooses to ride with brakes. It’s always refreshing to see a guy at the forefront of progressive riding, like Rob, be so particular with his set up and not follow trends. Check out the full bike check and re-watch Rob’s recent Wheelset Promo Video!

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In The I.E. With Enns, Connor and Christian


Connor and Christian went out to ride with Enns in the Inland Empire for the day last week, and came back with some cool photos that Christian shot (Connor shot the ones of Christian). Check out the photos after the jump. View Gallery

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Dennis Enarson Rig Line

Dennis Rig Interview: Tires
Dennis Enarson just dropped an unreal edit this week for Haro. It really is mind-blowing. It’s unbelievable how good Dennis is, how he can not only pull the most insane tricks and lines, but make them look effortless; even when he does them opposite. Then to find out he pretty much had a bum back during the filming makes it that much more jaw-dropping. If there was ever a stamp of approval and endorsement of reliability for Dennis’s Rig line, then that was it. Rig bars, tires, and 24mm cranks all taking the beating and rolling on. Check out what the man himself had to say in Rig Line interview we did with him last Sept here>>

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