Rob’s Killjoy Ender Pic

DIG just put up this crazy backwards 60/40 ender from Rob Wise’s Killjoy section that turned a lot of heads.  This same pic was in DIG 86 and was shot by none other than Rob Dolecki.  Check out the vid again HERE>>

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Kris’ Top 3 Style 4 Stylus Picks

Kris got over his top 3 picks before he left on the Demolition Japan trip, and came up with the above winners.  Huge congrats to Blaine, Evan and Zach for wining their new Stylus stems.  You can definitely see a bit of Kris Fox in each of his 3 picks.  Thanks again to everyone that entered, you all rule!

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Rob Wise’s Killjoy Part

Rob Wise once again proves why he’s known for being “the machine”.  Every video part he’s ever had he does something crazy and original, plus shows what a beast he is.  Check out his last Killjoy part to see what I’m talkin’ about now!

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Tyler’s Vital Video Bike Check

Tyler runs you through his Haro SD bike with all Demolition parts.  He’s also got some new samples on his bike like the new Dennis Enarson Rig tires and cranks.  Check it out to see what’s new and a few crazy park clips too.

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Kris’ Top 12 Style For Stylus Picks

Kris Fox’s Style For Stylus contest is getting close to wrapping up tomorrow (midnight) and so we had Kris pick his top 12 picks so far.  We’re still accepting last minute entries but these are his favorites so far.  Holla if any of these pics are of you.
“This was so hard on me to narrow the entries down to 12! There are way to many amazing entries! I was so stoked! Thank you SO much to everyone who participated and keep having fun riding your bike!” – Kris Fox

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Demolition Goes to Japan Itinerary

Japan trip itinerary
We just got the full itinerary for our Japan trip and wanted to give you guys that are going to attend the full schedule.  See you soon…
Original post: That’s right, we’re going to Japan!  The good people over at Motocross International gave us the invite and so we got together a group of misfits together to hit the open road.  Dennis, Connor, Fox, Tyler, and our fearless leader Joey Cobbs will all be in attendance there.  We’ll be filming, riding with locals, playing tourist and hitting up shop stops along the way.  We’ll be there from 5/16 – 5/24 if any of you out there in cyberspace are around.  We can’t wait for this one, we’ve all been dying to get over to Japan for some time now.  Follow #vlmdemojapantour on Insta for the updates.  Hit the top image to view the full flyer.

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Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Mike giving his sign of love to all the Moms out there

To all the moms out there, have a wonderful mothers day!! From the man who loves moms most… Mike Hucker Clark.

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Christian’s New Ride Check

Bike Check: Christian Rigal
Christian has up a new bike check up on the RIDEbmx site and there you can see what Demolition parts the grind-master rides and why.  Check it all out here >>

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Biz Check On ESPN

Biz n Bike
Biz is on fire this week on our blog; first the sick pic of him in the middle of nowhere doing a fakie bars, his amazing new Verde edit, and now this cool bike check that ESPN just put up. Check it out HERE with full descriptions from the man himself on why he runs what he runs.

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Doyle and Perry at the DDASC grand opening


Josh Perry and Chris Doyle were on hand recently at the DDASC grand opening in North Carolina and landed a couple of cool clips in this edit HERE that Fat Tony made. Josh was also able to shoot a few rad photos with Walker Anderson during the session. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump and be sure to check out the edit after that.

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