What I Ride – Kris Fox

What I Ride - Kris Fox
Our good friends over at RideBMX just put up a new bike check with Kris. Check it out to see what he is running on his current stealthy whip and get a sneak peek of the new Lodes V2 seat coming out this summer. Also, don’t forget that we just restocked Kris’ signature Stylus stem, which is now available in our new Marble color.

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Re-Up: Everything Comes Full Circle

To continue with the theme of Mike “Hucker” Clark this week and hyping his new seat and shirt, I thought I’d repost the Redbull BMX Full Dirt Loop that Hucker did last year. Full loops have popped up here and there throughout the history of bmx, and I’m pretty sure the number of guys who’ve done them is still pretty low, but I’m also pretty sure this is one of the only ones, if not the only one, done with dirt. This is rad, and Hucker is rad. Check it out as we finish our week of kissing Hucker’s ass.

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Hucker Floral Ad

As you may or may not know, we got in an array of floral Pivotal/ Tripod seats and Pocket tees for Mike “Hucker” Clark.  Since he is an aquaphile, it only made sense to make him his own signature floral line.  Both are in stock now and you can get at em at your local Demolition dealer today. Click image to view the whole ad >>

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Golden Nuggets

Some things don’t get old to us and this new April drop is still getting us excited.  Just got everything from our big April drop together to shoot and figured we’d share our excitement with you too.  Click to get stoked >>

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Weekend With Doyle

Doyle was in town for the weekend before his Kink tour and we shot a couple bangers on dirt, concrete and water.  Put this GoPro photo of him jumping through a fountain up on Instagram the other day and figured we’d get it on the blog too.  Expect to see more photos from the weekend soon…

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Traveling With Hucker

Traveling With Hucker

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel as much as a top pro bmxer?  By no means is Mike “Hucker” Clark a “normal” pro but he travels more than most and is possibly the best at entertaining himself to keep it fun and not get burnt out.  We decided to sit down with Mike and see what it takes, and hear about some of his stories on how he keeps it fun. “So I just turned around and pooped in the shower while we was taking a shower.”  Hit more to read one of our funniest interviews we’ve done.  View Gallery

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