Know Your Roll: Markit X Demolition Sprocket

RIDEbmx just put up their Know Your Roll feature on our all new Demolition X Markit sprocket, be sure to give it a look/ read >>
“Using all the given space on the face of this solid sprocket, they were able to CNC machine the Markit M logo into it. The Demolition X Markit collab sprocket comes in both 25 and 28 tooth sizes, with a 24mm bore that includes a 19mm and 22mm hat adapter, so this will fit all the cranks on the markit(ha). Coming in that bad ass Marble splatter, and black with the Markit logo in machined silver. You can pick this kick ass chunk of aluminum Mid-July, for $41.95.”

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Concrete Sessions With Doyle, Fox & Cordova


Couple months back Doyle came to visit us in SoCa, and hit up Matt Cordova’s neck of the woods for a FOD Trail Session and some ditch/ concrete action.  Matt took us around to a bunch of ditch spots and everyone; Fox, Doyle and Matt himself delivered, and I came through with a ton of shots of the guys doing what they do best.  Check out the action after the jump. Also check out their FOD Trail Session gallery we did in May here>> View Gallery

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The Year Of Dennis

Dennis has been on a contest rampage these last few weeks, starting at the X-Games, Dew and now Munich Mash. He went big (as always) and pedaled his ass off hitting everything. Congrats to another amazing win!! Check out the video for some highlights of everyone. Filmed and edited by Philip Kölsch

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July Shipment!

Our July shipment full of the following goods; Markit sprockets, Connor Lodes Axes seats, Grey Momentum tires, and Camo Trooper PC pedals are about to arrive. All are arriving mid-end July, contact your local Demolition dealer for more info or check back to our blog for further info on each product.

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The Art Of Matt Cordova

Matt Cordova steez is one of the best in the game.  When I saw this photo I was obviously in awe of how badass it is and how the hell he got in that position.  Ground Chuck would be proud.  Click to go big. Photo by Mike Murfitt.

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Killin At Dew

Our dudes Dennis and Tyler killed it at this years Dew Tour contest in Chicago this weekend.  Dennis got second in street with some crazy moves like the one above (rail ride nothing above).  He also scored first in street style with Tyler getting a solid third.  Both rode amazing! Check out some photos/ vids up at RIDEbmx now.

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Clemens Overlook

Josh and J.Cobbs shot this rad euro last month on the famous barrier spot that overlooks the great pacific ocean while on a trip down to SD.  Click it to go big and be sure to also check out the new MFG tee Josh is rocking in the photo here>>

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Canadian BMX Day

Proud to be one of the sponsors of this years Canadian BMX day in Richmond at Richmond Green Skatepark July 4th at 5p.  There will be prizes and a bbq on hand.  Be there if you’re in the area.

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10 Things About Tyler’s Silverdome Video

RIDEbmx/ Ryan Fudger just put up a cool Ten things you didn’t know about Tyler Fernengel’s Silverdome RED BULL VIDEO feature online. It pretty much covers everything you’d ask someone on the inside on what the hell was going on with the place, crew and tricks. The crash above was from Tyler’s 23′ gap truck, which he tried five f-n times to get it just right. Check it out HERE, it’s definitely a cool read.

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