How-Tuesday: Matt Cordova & Nac Nac Seat Grabs

Matt Cordova has been en fuego this year. If you’ve never heard of Matt then you need to do a youtube search ASAP. Fast, high, and style beyond words. He’s every pro’s favorite pro. RIDEbmx got him to come down from the clouds one day and pass along his knowledge and style tips on the old school, and recently resurrected, Nac Nac Seat Grab. Hit play and add to your fun over hips and on dirt.

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Dennis Does ABC

When Mark Losey (Nike Team Manager) tells us that a new NIKE video with our own Dennis Enarson is going to “air” this Sunday for a 1 hr show on ABC, our ears definitely perk up.  You know this is going to be epic! Where: ABC/ When: Sunday Sept 6th @ 4p ET/ 2p PT

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Colorado Camping Trip Video

The Demolition summer camping trip to Colorado was epic before it even started. With our riders, Tyler Fernengel, Chris Doyle, Kris Fox, Rob Wise, Matt Cordova, Connor Lodes, and Dennis Enarson we already knew the crew was tight and everyone was already ready to get to Colorado to ride some epic parks. More importantly than the riding, the crew felt more like a family than a team on this trip, and like most “camping trips” the experience there was unforgettable. Oh, and the riding was f-n nuts… Full gallery with action and chill shots are after the jump too.
Special Thanks: This video and our trip couldn’t have been as fun or made possible without these people behind the scenes: The Cordova family, Kenny Enarson, and Clay Brown.
Filmed & Edited by M.Mastroni. Photos by B.Castillo  View Gallery

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Russ Barone Getting Inverted!

Long Island stompers Keith Terra and Russ Barone linked up during a jam recently and in the midst of the session the two were able to coordinate shooting a photo of this sick invert. Us here at Demolition would like to wish both these guys the best of luck with their recover/rebuild efforts in the wake of SANDY! Stay positive guys! And be sure to check out Keith’s site 36Exposed and take a look around!

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Dennis Scores The New Ride Cover

Big congrats goes out to Dennis Enarson for scoring the latest RIDEbmx cover while he was on his HARO trip in Japan.  Looks like a wild setup he’s flipping, can you imagine not pulling it and landing on those rocks… ouch. Hit pic to view the whole cover.

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Connor’s Albion Ad

This spot is right near our office and I always hoped that someone would one day do a grind trick on this rail.  Connor does the unthinkable for his latest Albion/ Machete tire ad with going up the wall to tooth to hop over.  This setup is way gnarlier than what the pic shows too.  Click pic to go BIG.

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These posts are never good, our good buddy and fellow BMX brother Dave Dillewaard blew out his knee last week while riding street. He’s been talking to doctors and getting checked out and its looking like he will be possibly having surgery and will be off his bike and healing for the next few months. Anyone who has ridden knows how much it sucks to be hurt so we want wish Dave a safe and speedy recovery! Get well soon buddy!

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