Texas Toast Qualifying + Guantlet of Death Vid

2012 Texas Toast Qualifying + Guantlet of Death – More BMX Videos
The contest of the year is without a doubt Texas Toast and a lot of our guys were in attendance shredding the gauntlet, street and dirt courses.  In this new video by Vital BMX, D Enarson and Hucker show off their stuff on dirt.  Also, wait till the end to see Morgan Wade making it all the way through the gauntlet and hitting our bomb.  So sick!

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Jordane Dubois on Demolition Canada

When we were first introduced to Jordane Dubois’ riding, (through this video) we were floored by his style and amount of bike control.  We can’t thank Harley and the 10Pack guys enough for getting Jordane on our Canadian team lineup and I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about Jordane shortly.  10Pack just put up a bike check and a couple pics up on their site also, check em’ out HERE.

“We’re stoked to announce that Jordane Dubois is now riding for Demolition in addition to Verde! Jordane has been killing it for a while now and has been an awesome addition to our team and the dudes at Demolition are stoked on him as well. You can check out his new bike that he recently built up with a full parts list after the jump and keep an eye out for a little ‘Welcome to Demolition’ edit from Jordane soon. Big thanks to Mike Cardin for the amazing photos as usual!” TenPack Distribution.  Follow Jordane on Instagram at: @jordanedubois. #greekstatue.

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Drew’s Hunt Leftovers

During his stay in Barcelona (and on home turf in Arizona) Drew managed to clock enough footy to cap off his Hunt section and still have some to play with for a lil’ Demolition edit. Feast your eyes on some VX nuggets of Drew being Drew half way around the world.

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Demolition at Texas Toast

Seems like the contest/event of the year is Texas Toast and every pro rider is trying their best to make it out to take on the Gauntlet of Death, amazing trail section and their new regular street course.  Since we’re a sponsor at this years event, we had a chance to have an obstacle that might take a few riders out.  The Demolition bomb on springs will definitely make it rough to make it through for any rider.  My guess is you have to haul ass over it or you might be in for.  What Taj says in the above video is the best description ever regarding the contest, “I get a kick out of watching the best pro riders in the world fall on the most ridiculous obstacles I can dream up.”

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Tea & Biscuits Summer Tour: Shop Stop Edit #2

Tea & Biscuits Summer Tour: Shop Stop Edit #2. from Elephant Distribution on Vimeo.

“Here’s the third and last video from our Tea & Biscuits UK Tour featuring shop stops at Alpha BMX, Pro Cycle Center, and The Source BMX Shop. Thanks again to Steve Bancroft and Rusty at Elephant as well as all the shops for the great times! Lets do it again soon guys! Enjoy” — Mastroni

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Christian Rigal Checking In


Yo guys,

Just wanted to send over a little update. I’ve been keeping busy working on a welcome to the team edit for a new sponsor as well as filming for the MARKIT ZERO DVD. I still need another minute or so of footage but I’m really stoked on what I’ve got so far and hyped to be apart of a really rad company. Here’s a couple of mess around photos at a rad bank spot and a couple from the edit too. – CR

Check out more photos of what Christian has been up to after the jump.

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