Demolition Goes to Japan Itinerary

Japan trip itinerary
We just got the full itinerary for our Japan trip and wanted to give you guys that are going to attend the full schedule.  See you soon…
Original post: That’s right, we’re going to Japan!  The good people over at Motocross International gave us the invite and so we got together a group of misfits together to hit the open road.  Dennis, Connor, Fox, Tyler, and our fearless leader Joey Cobbs will all be in attendance there.  We’ll be filming, riding with locals, playing tourist and hitting up shop stops along the way.  We’ll be there from 5/16 – 5/24 if any of you out there in cyberspace are around.  We can’t wait for this one, we’ve all been dying to get over to Japan for some time now.  Follow #vlmdemojapantour on Insta for the updates.  Hit the top image to view the full flyer.

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Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Mike giving his sign of love to all the Moms out there

To all the moms out there, have a wonderful mothers day!! From the man who loves moms most… Mike Hucker Clark.

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Christian’s New Ride Check

Bike Check: Christian Rigal
Christian has up a new bike check up on the RIDEbmx site and there you can see what Demolition parts the grind-master rides and why.  Check it all out here >>

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Biz Check On ESPN

Biz n Bike
Biz is on fire this week on our blog; first the sick pic of him in the middle of nowhere doing a fakie bars, his amazing new Verde edit, and now this cool bike check that ESPN just put up. Check it out HERE with full descriptions from the man himself on why he runs what he runs.

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Doyle and Perry at the DDASC grand opening


Josh Perry and Chris Doyle were on hand recently at the DDASC grand opening in North Carolina and landed a couple of cool clips in this edit HERE that Fat Tony made. Josh was also able to shoot a few rad photos with Walker Anderson during the session. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump and be sure to check out the edit after that.

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Biz’s New Verde Edit

Always a treat to see a new Biz edit! Mastroni and Biz have been working on this one for a bit now and finally dropped it today. Well done on every front and stoked as always to see Biz shred. Filmed by Mike Mastroni, edited by Will Stroud.

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Biz Bars In BFE

Biz Bars
On one of Jason Enns’ big spot search excursions, he found this random deserted FMX ramp up in the foothills in Norco.  He later dragged (we didn’t know what we were in for) Biz and a couple others out there to shoot pics on the 2′ wide ramp.  Biz ended up getting this rad looking fakie bars on it, while Enns got an over-tooth that was featured last week on the Volume bikes site. Click image to go BIG.


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Connor Lodes’ Top 5 Parks

Connor's 5 Parks: Fakie bars at Poway
There was a time not that long ago where it was nearly impossible to find a skatepark, these days there seems to be a park every small town across America and multiple parks in most cities in the states. San Diego is no different and has skateparks of all shapes and sizes laid out across town. So who better to talk to than all around nice guy and skatepark assassin, Connor Lodes on what 5 parks San Diego parks he loves to ride and what is it about those parks that separates them from the rest.   READ MORE

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Kris Fox’s style is timeless, whip out a bike like this over a hip and it will always be something awesome to look at. The #Style4Stylus instagram contest is well underway and we have got a lot of rad entries so for so use the whip as motivation to go out this weekend, get stylish, and submit your entry!

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Dillewaard In Color

Dillewaard video table
This shot by Cooper Brownlee of Dave was one of the many sick shots he has in his edit.  If you haven’t seen Dave’s recent Back Home edit, check it out here >>.   Click to go BIG.

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