Grind Winners!

I know we say it every contest but picking 3 out of hundreds of amazing entries is always a tough call. We just locked up our 3 best grind contest winners to the following guys: @darthdrey (amazing grind combo video above), @murd3rface (big feeble), and @johnglassett (huge over dp). Thanks again for entering, and stay tuned for our next big contest soon.

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Top 5 Best Grinds

Our Bipolar #bestgrindcontest ended on Wednesday and finally locked up our top 5 but need your help to choose the winning 3.  Who do you think should take it? From top left to right; @murd3rface @curly_mikeypino @darthdrey @ajonphillips and @johnglassett

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Badass X2

Pat Casey’s completed backyard paradise is badass all on its own but include Pat and Dennis riding, it’s on a completely different level.

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Tyler Riding The Silverdome

When Tyler first showed us this Red Bull Silverdome video last week, I was beside myself throughout the whole thing for a number of reasons; Who the hell in this day in age gets the opportunity to do something on a grand scale like this besides a Red Bull athlete on this kind of level.  Yes any one of us can go there, hop a fence and make an edit but not get it all completely legal with permits and with this kind of film production.  The other being what other athlete other than Tyler can take it serious and make it his own with some of the craziest tricks/ drops (he could have died on a couple of those) that he most likely didn’t need to do.  Congrats to both Red Bull and Tyler for making yet another groundbreaking video production.  Check out a lil interview/ photo gallery at

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X Games Practice

Some of our guys are already ripping up the park course at this years X Games.  Not gonna lie, this year looks like it’s gonna still be sick (even though street is out), especially with Metallica on deck!  Check out our dudes, D.Enarson and K.Fox killing it on the course. Also check out RIDEbmx’s photo gallery here too.  Video courtesy of RIDEbmx.

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