Rooftop of The Black Hole

VitalBMX just gave honors to Demolition Legend/Hall of Fame Rider Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla for having one of the Top Ten Best BMX Video Part Songs from his part in EtniesForward” (2002). While it may not be an official ESPY or a Golden Popcorn, and there’s always an element of personal opinion, I’d say they hit the nail on the head here. As progressive, fast-paced, timeless, and just jaw-dropping as Rooftop’s part is in this video, it really needed an equally fast-paced and timeless song. “Kids of the Black Hole” by Adolescents really rounded it out well. His section was the pace-setter for “Forward” by opening up the whole video…..Oh, and the Rooftop on fire scene was absolutely and unashamedly filmed in our old warehouse. Watch his part, scour the recesses of the internet for the rest of the sections, and watch his last Demolition edit after you’ve watched this. Then go backflip over a helicopter off of a rail….on fire.

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Demolition 2015 Parts Catalog

We’re so stoked to finally get out our new 2015 goods this year that we’ve been showing off  since 2014′s Interbike show.  We just whipped up our new parts catalog with everything you can expect to see that’s either out now or very shortly soon to come.  The front of the poster is possibly one of the best photos we’ve put out too, we’ll have that post up shortly and how you can get a poster too.  Click HERE to view it BIG.

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Nora Cup Readers Choice Award Interview with Tyler Fernengel


RideBMX just posted an awesome write up with Tyler Fernengel focusing on his Readers Choice Nora Cup win in 2014. 2014 was a HUGE year for Tyler and I’m sure this award was icing on the cake! Clink on the LINK to read about Tyler’s thoughts on winning the award as well as all the other crazy-ness that is going on in his life right now! Also while your there be sure to check out the photos that Tyler shot with Jeff Z during their Red Bull/RideBMX photo shoot that went down in Detroit a few months back.

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Biz’s RotatoR Ad

RotatoR Whee/ Biz Ad
For all those that haven’t seen Biz’s latest RotatoR video, you’re missing out on some classic Biz moves and a slew of new spots and tricks from the man. This ad photo of him jumping out of the window is what he shot with Joey Cobbs while filming for the video. And while you’re at it, hit up Biz’s signature RotatoR freecoaster for all the specs HERE.  Click top image to view in it’s entirety.  READ MORE

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Rob In Left/Right

The Left/Right DVD by Ryan Navazio that came out in 07 dropped online a couple days ago, and just watched Rob’s parts again for the 100th time just now. It’s one of those timeless parts where he drops some heavy bangers. You definitely don’t want to miss watching this again, and realize that it came out 8 years ago. Also, be sure to check out the Vimeo page for the full writeup on how the video came about.

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Biz’s 2015 RotatoR Video

Biz once again proves why he’s been a top rider for almost 2 decades. This new RotatoR freecoaster video is of his latest/ greatest that he’s been filming throughout most of 2014. Filmed and edited by: Calvin Kosovich

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Russ Barone Unseen in Fourteen

2014UNSEEN_BARONE_BMX_LONGISLAND_WALLRIDE_RD_14Unlike the title might insinuate, Russ Barone was not unseen in 2014. He was though in fact featured in Rob Dolecki’s 2014 Unseen Photo Gallery featured on DIG. The gallery is full of awesome photo and this wall ride photo of Russ is amongst the sickest in the set! Click on the photo here to check out Russ’ photo BIG and then click on the link to check out the rest of the gallery!

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Markit New Years Cash Jam Gallery


So we’ve posted the edits from the Markit New Years Cash Jam this morning and here are the photos from the day. So just in case you missed something amongst the madness you can see it here in still form. It’s always awesome to see photos to go along with clips so you get that extra chance to look over the craziest moves from the day and see all the details of the trick that makes them so rad. Be sure to click on the post and check out all photos from the crazy shit that went down during the Markit New Years Cash Jam.

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Markit Cash Jam Edits!!!

So the Markit Cash Jam is in the books and what a blast it was! There was an awesome mix of Pro riders, who have ridden the ramp before and knew the lines, and Am riders who had never step foot on the Markit ramps and had to figure out the ramp on the spot. Regardless of Pros or Ams, everyone killed it and everyone had a chance to win some cash for killing it! The jam started off with the highest alleyoop over the hip, then Demolition’s Satellite Slayer, followed by East County BMX’s Euro Jam and then they day wrapped up with an overall ramp cash jam where if you did something crazy you got instant cash money. Here is Dig’s perspective from the jam courtesy of DOEBY and be sure to click on the post in order to check out the Jam edits from Vital and RideBMX!

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Fudger’s Top 10

Just like Jeff Z’s top 10, Ryan Fudger also made up his own for this rad RIDEbmx gallery. Connor (pictured), Coco and Christian made the cut and they all look amazing. Click here to check out the whole top 10 list.

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