Dennis’ New RIDEbmx RIG Line Ad


Just peeped the new RIDEbmx with our new print ad of Dennis doing this insane 180 fakie to oppo whip and figured we’d show it off online.  Right when you thought you’ve seen it all, Dennis comes out swinging with another insane move.  If you have any questions about Dennis’ RIG line, go to his interview we posted a bit ago about what went into it all here >>.  Check out the full specs/ details on each of the product pages here:  Rig Bar / Rig Tire / Rig Crank.  Photo by J.Cobbs.  Check out the full ad by clicking the top photo or read more. READ MORE

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Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

Denied In Heathrow With Connor Lodes

Connor Lodes was invited on our big Tea And Biscuits 2 UK tour and as you might have noticed, he went MIA throughout the whole trip.  We never really got into it with him or told what exactly happened till now.  We sat down with Connor to get the whole lowdown and hear what the hell happened.  Click more to read the whole story.  View Gallery

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Our Boy Blue Checking In.

Pocket wallride

Phoenix’s BMX creativity ambassador, Drew Hosselton, is right in the midst of an overseas adventure and sent in this update talking a bit about his trip so far. Always good to see what Drew is getting into. Be sure to click on the post and check out a few of Drew’s photos from his trip and big thanks to Bertie Buck for shooting this sick pocket wall-ride photo of our boy blue during his trip, you know I meant our boy Drew!
“After the Volume/Demolition Tea and Biscuits Tour wrapped up a week or two ago, I stayed behind in England for a couple extra weeks to travel around with some friends I knew over here. I pretty much went from the bus we had for the tour straight into my buddy Ben’s car and headed towards Amsterdam. We ended up staying in some urban campground which sounded kind of sketchy initially but ended up being pretty sweet. It was super cheap, clean, and had all the essentials including good internet. After being on a riding trip for nearly two weeks, chilling was top priority so we hit up a number of Amsterdam’s finest coffee shops and really soaked in the “culture” if you know what I mean. We did get out of the coffee shop haze from time to time and got some riding in. We stumbled across a really cool vert ramp under a bridge and it ended up being one of the funnest sessions I have had so far, just pumping around on some old ass vert ramp. After Amsterdam I went back to Bournemouth, UK to chill with some friends. It was a solid week, pretty much just chilled, rode a bit, and got a sick new tattoo! I arrived in London yesterday, out of gas and out of cash I get to chill out and explore the city for a couple of days before its time to head back to the armpit of the US that is Arizona.” – DH

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Dennis Enarson Street Session with Chad K

The people over at Dew Tour met up with Dennis, Chad and friends to session some street in sunny San Diego to help promote the upcoming Dew Tour stop in Brooklyn this weekend. There will be a good number of Demolition shredders in attendance shredding this weekend so be sure to keep an eye out for that, get stoked and go ride!!

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Photos From The Road By Vince Perraud


The new DIG site just launched and it is lookin better than ever.  Couldn’t be more stoked to have more options in BMX media and actually have some original content online.  Vince Perraud travelled to California earlier this year to get some amazing shots for the new DIG site and saw these two of Dennis and Christian while he was in SD. Click more to see the Dennis shot.
“Earlier this year I travelled to California with Matthias Dandois and Maxime Charveron, as part of French mobile phone provider Sosh’s ‘Couchriding’ trip. With a massive crew of two riders, two skaters, one snowboarder, two photographers, three filmers, assistants and journalists, it was hardly your typical BMX trip, but it turned out to be an insane experience. Here’s a selection of mostly unseen rider related shots from what turned into an epic photographic journey.” – Vince Perraud  READ MORE

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RIDEbmx’s Product Spotlight Video

RIDEbmx‘s Interbike video of our very own sales rep, Kevin Rust running you through some of the new goods at Interbike 2014. 

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Interbike Day 1

New Marble Color

Interbike 2014 day 1 is officially over and think everyone; Union/Merged, Vital, and RIDEbmx did their rounds of product shots and videos today.  First up is RIDE’s photo gallery of all our new goods/ colors for next year.  Above is our new marble colorway for ALL our aluminum parts.  Check out what else we have in the works at RIDEbmx HERE>>

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RIGAL Sequence Wallpaper

tech and scary feebes to crook over the t.

It’s been some time since we posted our last wallpaper but with Christian’s edit dropping last week it seemed like a perfect opportunity to post a wallpaper of him this week. This here wallpaper of Christian shows us yet another original grind combo on a scary but perfect setup for the trick. Not letting fear get in the way of an opportunity for unique grinds, Christian laces this feeble to crook over the T somewhere around his home base in San Diego. Check out this clip and more insane Christian madness in his latest Demo edit which you can check out HERE. Then click on this post and save this crazy sequence as your new desktop wallpaper!

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The Dennis Enarson Rig Line Interview

Dennis Rig Interview

Dennis’ Rig line has officially all landed and we couldn’t be more stoked to get them out there and have you guys just as stoked on them as us.  These 3 parts have been through the ringer with multiple heavy hitters, and Dennis himself, riding them all year.  Dennis would not let us get them out there till the parts went through full testing and he was 100% satisfied with how they came out.  Between his busy schedule we we caught up with Dennis about his new Rig line for a mini interview about the parts and what goes into each one.  Hit more to see/ read more. View Gallery

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Why The Tripod?

The Tripod seat/ post has been around a bit now and think most brands have moved over to it for it’s simplicity and function.  They just got a website and this cool video to go along with it.  Check it out and maybe this will help your decision to convert.
“We use the Tripod because it’s simple, lightweight, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Our rider’s specifically requested it for those reasons and we approve.” – Brian Castillo / Demolition Parts

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