Hosselton gets it in at Sedona!

I’m loving the vibe of this edit, definitely a good watch from beginning to end. Our good buddy and BMX technician, Drew The HOSS Hosselton, teamed up with Adam Banton, and Arnaud Wolff for a day trip out to the skatepark in Sedona, AZ. The park has been a bust for bikes but recently started allowing BMX so the three took advantage of this revision of the rules and sessioned the park for it’s worth. The park looks so good and so fun it’s no wonder those guys made the trek, I’m jealous! Hit play and enjoy, then go ride!

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Demolition Parts on The Come Up TV!

Jason, Kris, and myself all made the trek out to Vegas for interbike last month and in the midst of the madness we made a little side trip over to TCU TV to talk about all things Demolition and a few things not Demolition. This is a pretty funny watch so be sure to sit back and enjoy!

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Mugatu CRMO Sprockets in Stock

Our long awaited Mugatu CRMO sprocket has finally arrived. Drew Hosselton and Connor Lodes have been on the sprocket for close to a year and swear it’s the last sprocket they’ll ever use again.  It’s strong as hell and isn’t going to the break your arms lifting it up or your bank account.  Hit up the Mugatu sprocket page here for more details and get at your local Demolition dealer to get your last sprocket you’ll ever purchase.

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Akira Sakata on Demolition Japan


We’re proud to announce that Akira Sakata is the newest member of the Demolition Japan team through Motocross International.  He most recently put up this awesome edit for Volume Bikes.  His style and flow is amazing and makes everything look so damn easy.  We’ll be hearing a lot more of him real soon. Photos by: MX Click top pic to see more pics of his new whip.

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Dew Tour Photo Flip

While spectating at Dew Tour I snapped some photos here and there and by the end of the four day event I had enough goodies to throw together this photo flip from the event. The only thing I didn’t get was our bud Rob Wise riding over the brand new Toyota during the street style event. Luckily for us, Ride photographer Andrew Brady was there and was cool enough to send over a rad photo of Rob trucking over the car!! Big thanks to Andrew for kicking down the photo. Click HERE to view the Demolition Photo Flip from DEW!

And when you done checking out our gallery be sure to head over to BMXonline and check out all the photos that Andrew shot while he was at Dew.

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Dennis places 2nd in Street…STYLE??

I’m not sure where they got the name from but Dew Tour added a new event to their roster while in SF and it is called streetSTYLE. The idea was to take a existing street in San Francisco and add several obstacles that could be ridden as if they were naturally occuring in the streets. It was pretty crazy and looked more like a level out of Tony Hawk Pro Skater than anything else. Either way, Demolition’s own, Dennis Enarson, competed in the event and placed 2nd! Dennis has been on a roll this month, winning dirt and placing 2nd in street at Texas Toast and now a 2nd in streetSTYLE at Dew! Dennis is on FIRE!!

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Demo at DEW!

The Dew Tour has come to San Francisco and the Demo crew was out in full force! Chris Doyle, Mike Hucker Clark, Dennis Enarson and Rob Wise all competed and Christian Rigal and Ronnie Napolitan were also there to support their friends and watch the festivities. While there I was able to work may around the event throughout the weekend and snap some photos of the guys along the way. Check back this week to see a full ID of the Demolition guys at Dew! For now click on this photo of Doyle whipping the right side long and low and save it as your new wallpaper!

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Doyle’s Soul Cover

I always love Soul’s covers, they seem to put a lot of effort in making their covers badass.  Doyle’s cover is just that too; classy black and white 3 invert from the man.  Click here for the full scoop on their latest issue.

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Kris Fox How To Footjam Fakie

Kris Fox teaches you how to footjam fakie on our backyard ramps. “Kris Fox is a footjam fan whether it be to fakie or 180, Fox is footjam friendly. Find out what tips Fox has to pass on to you to bring your footjam back in to fakie on a quarterpipe. First Fox recommends getting a few footjams under your belt and to practice going up and straight back down to fakie. Watch Kris Fox footjam fakie a few times and then take it to your local ramp with the help of this Step By Step.” – AlliSports

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