Tea and Biscuits Shop Stop Edit

This video, the first of two shop stop edits from our Tea & Biscuits Tour, features bike riding, tea slurping and biscuit nibbling from Demolition riders, Mike “Hucker” Clark and Chris Doyle as they session parks and makeshift spots at three of the awesome shops that put us up.  Thanks a million to everyone at Brighton BMX, Crucial and Rad BMX for making the trip such an grand success.
The third and final video in the Tea & Biscuits series should be online next week, so be sure to check that out and keep your eyes peeled for our next, considerably less healthy tour ‘Chips & Gravy’ early next year.  Filmed & Edited by Mike Mastroni


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Goodbye Stevie

It’s never a good day when we have to announce that a Demo rider is no longer going to be part of the team and today is no different. Unfortunately due to a series of recent actions and events we have decided to let Stevie Churchill go from Demolition Parts. Stevie has been on the team since he was sixteen and we truly regret the way in which our sponsorship with him has to end. We here at Demolition would like to thank Stevie for the time and effort he has given Demolition and wish him all the best in the future.

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Dillsy’s OrangeJuice Interview

The guys over at We Are Orange Juice linked up with Dave Dillewaard and put together sick interview which got posted yesterday. I just got back from the Northeast Trails Trip with Dave and he is the best on trips, he shreds at ping pong and can tolerate our horrid attempts at an australian accent, he is also one hell of a rider. Check out Dave’s interview HERE and see what a rad dude Dave is for yourself.

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4.2″ Dumbchuck Pegs

The every growing plastic peg market keeps getting bigger and bigger but the Dumbchuck has been there since the beginning and has only gotten better throughout time.  The all new V3 now comes in a longer 4.2″ and has a harder 7075 al. sleeve that is dent-free.  Get grinding!

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Aluminum Trooper Pedals Now in Stock

Our all new Trooper aluminum pedals just arrived our warehouse!  After more than a year of testing from guys like, Kris Fox, Anthony Napolitan, Chris Doyle, Rob Wise and Drew Hosselton, we worked out all the bugs and made one of the most badass pedals on the market.  Featuring a FULL bushing system, the pedal will never blow-out and will keep spinning for years to come.  And yes, these pedals are for men who aren’t scared of getting shinners or dropping $90 on a pair of pedals that will last over a year.  Demolition dealers will have them in stock in 3-5 working days.  Click pic to go BIG.

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 9


Day 9 began with rain, and lots of it. So with that we decided to go site seeing around Pittsburgh and take it easy for the last day of the trip. We headed to a famous lookout that shows an awesome view of the city and it was at that point that the skys parted and the sun shinned for the rest of the day, Unfortuantley by that time the damage was done and the trails were soggy. But all in all the trip was amazing, we only got rained out twice so there was tons of riding, filming, and photos going down almost every day. A BIG THANK YOU goes out to all the trail locals for letting us ride, the shops we visited for being so welcoming!, Chris Doyle for helping to set this whole thing up and of course the all the riders who came on the trip and made it a success!

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 8


Day 8 started off with a stop Zak’s Speed Shop in Mckeesport, PA. The scene there is really tight and has a family feel that you don’t find at a lot of shops. The shop had the BBQ going and the music blasting and everyone was having a good time meeting the crew, shooting pictures and getting posters signed. There was a lone quarter to ride in the parking lot which Glen from QBP and Kris sessioned for all it was worth. Kris also managed to drop into a driveway off a roof which had everyone freaking out. All in all, it was a great stop and we can’t thank everyone at Zak’s enough for their hospitality.

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NorthEast Trails Trip: Day 5 & 6


Day 5 was due to be one of the craziest days yet on the trip because it was the day the crew was suppose to go shred Catty woods. Unfortunatly for us weather had other plans so after a few tense hours of morning rain we made our way out to the trails to help get a couple lines running. What was looking like a rained out day turned out to be a pretty productive afternoon session at the best trails in the world. I’m sure the guys would have loved to ride that place for days as opposed to an afternoon but we are stoked that the weather held out long enough to squeeze in a short session. The next morning our wild and crazy guys, Dennis and Hucker had to head home early so we dropped them off at the airport and began the long drive from Bethlehem to Pittsburgh. Along the way we came across Gravity Hill, a weird roadside attraction where you magically roll uphill as if it were a downhill. Check out the photos from days 5 & 6 after the jump.

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Tea and Biscuits UK Summer Tour

To kick off Elephant Distribution we brought over a eclectic selection of Volume and Demolition riders for 10 days of sightseeing and forehead signing. As a theme for the trip we teamed up with Yorkshire Tea and McVities Biscuits to bring nourishment and refreshments to the masses, and with 6 shop stops, numerous street sessions, 1 trail session, a Dub Jam and over a thousand spent tea bags in our wake, all in all it was a dunking goodtime. This is the first of three edits from the trip, look out for the second installment next week and remember, don’t dunk for too long or she’ll fall in your tea.
Thanks to everyone who made the trip fun and for this edit specifically we’d like to extend a big thank you to Ross, Jon and all the Epsom locals, Philly D in Liverpool, Rampworx Skatepark and Ian, Dean and James at 4Down. Cheers – Elephant Distribution
Filmed & Edited By Mike Mastroni


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