Dennis’ New Oct Rig Ad

For those that don’t know, Dennis is a badass!  That gets said a lot but he genuinely loves to ride his bike, has fun, and is a good dude too.  He’s also a killer on his bike and needs parts he can trust in.  His Rig line of parts is the backbone of his bike and are items he believes in and endorses 100%.  From his Markit seats (Markit is our collab project with his brand) to his cranks, he needs parts he can trust and not worry about failing.  You can check out his interview we did a couple years back on what he has to say about what goes into each Rig part HERE.  The action shot in the ad is of Dennis doing a ledge ride to oppo 180 and oppo bars.  Click image to go big! Photo by J.Cobbs. 



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