Dig 80

We just got the new issue of DIG and saw our new Demolition ad.  We all still get really excited to get DIG over here at the office.  Ad is of Dennis (up-rail to whip)/ new Rogue wheel.  Boom!



2 replies on “Dig 80

  • fernando castillo

    i have the demolition rogue hub, i finally got it, i have around 1 month using it and is working awsome, its loud, light, real simple and what i most like about it is that the non drive side of the hub have such a small diameter that when i grind the hub doesn’t touches the rail or the ledge so you really dont need a hubguard, i orderd a bsd hubguard with it and it didnt fit, but i dont care i dont need it, im glad i got demolition 😀

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