Movin On Up


We’ve moved! 180 Distribution, mothership of Demolition Parts, has officially moved, and we’re all set up in our new location in AnaCrime….ahem*…I mean Anaheim, CA. After 5 years at a location that seemed like gold in the beginning, we’re finally out of our haunted warehouse (no joke) that would also flood during the occasional California rainstorm. And we all know that a California rainstorm really isn’t all that much water. So, the pool above fits more than you know. Our address is now 2760 E. Regal Park Drive, Anaheim, CA 92806, and we have a whole new toll free number (877-488-1369). Disney lunch trips here we come!!!



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  • Doug DeGrave

    Haunted, really? I'm gonna miss having you guys up the street from my trails. Even though riding with y'all never happened, it was nice meeting Brian that one time when I was there digging. Plus you guys had the best dumpster in town! lol, thanks for all the parts…and plywood.

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