Bike Check: Kris Fox

We haven’t had up a solid bike check of one of our riders in a bit and figured a good way to start back up would be of our good bud, Kris Fox.  Click more to view all the images and read what makes him go so damn fast… 

Name: Kris Fox
Age: 24
Location: Huntington Beach, CA
Sponsors: SE Bikes, Demolition Parts, Deft Family, Osiris Shoes, Boom Headphones, Pull-In Underwear, & Team Soil
Frame: My new signature SE Bikes Gaudium. Love it!!
Fork: Demolition Concorde Forks
Bars: Demolition Open Bars
Stem: Demolition Stylus Stem (Kris’ new signature stem)
Grips: ODI Longnecks
Barends: ODI
Headset: Demolition
Seat post: Demolition Pivotal Post
Seat: Demolition Markit Seat
Cranks: Demolition Revolt Cranks
Sprocket: Demolition Mugatu Sprocket
Chain: Half Link
Front Tire: Demolition Machete 2.25
Front Wheel: Demolition Ghost Hub X Zero Hoop
Rear Tire: Demolition Momentum 2.2
Rear Wheel: Demolition Rolls V2 Hub X Zero Hoop
Pedals: Demolition Trooper Pedals
Hub Guard: None
Pegs: None

How’s your Summer been?  Any particular trip stands out that you wanna talk about?
My summer has been great so far! I started it off my bike with my ACL injury, but once I got released to ride, I feel like I have been really busy! Ryan Guettler put on a “Tabes For The Babes” trip out to Tucson, AZ and I was stoked to have gotten the invite. We had so much fun riding awesome spots and shooting guns that I never thought I would see in real life out in the Arizona desert. It was an awesome trip and I hope there are more to come! I also had a blast at SE and Demolition Woodward West weeks. Always fun getting to ride and hang out with your teammates!

You just got your first signature SE frame, what’s that like?  What were some features you really wanted on the frame?
Yeah a dream of mine has come true! Never thought I would have a signature bike with a company like SE Bikes! I wanted a simple and clean look to the bike, from the colors to the graphics. I ended up naming it the “Gaudium” because gaudium in the Latin definition of joy and happiness. I thought it worked great with a bike because that’s what my bike gives me, joy and happiness… Simple as that!

Anything you mod up on your bike?
Honestly, not anything too crazy. I keep a rag handy with me at all times just in case it gets dirty, but thats about it!  I like my frame and parts the way they come out of the box.

What part you particularly like on your bike the most?
I love everything on my bike! But if I have to narrow it down I think I am really into the Demolition Open bars. I am pretty picky with my front end, I always want it feeling “right to my personal standards”. The Open bars just simply always feel good. Oh yeah, I’m really into my new Stylus stem too!

Speaking of your new stem you wanna talk about that new Demolition goose neck (stem)?  What main features did you want on the stem?
Ha-Ha I love that new stem! Basically I just wanted a nice and solid simple front load stem. I am a huge fan of front load, I personally think it feels great because I like my bars to sit a little low. As for the stem itself, I did not want any crazy cut outs. I just wanted a nice sleek look with a wide front to clamp your bars into. In my opinion, it looks, feels, and holds perfect!

Anything specific you do to your bike that’s kinda your own ritual?
Aside from cleaning it regularly and trying my best to monitor all the scratches, not too much else!

Best recent TL (Todd Lyons) story?
Oh, Todd is the dude! I recently tagged a long with him to ride some trails and he KILLED it on his PK Ripper! He was cranking tables and doing huge one-footed x-ups, I was stoked! The Wildman has killed it for years and still continues to kill it… legend!

What’s next?
We have an SE Bikes trip to Colorado scheduled for the 10th-15th of September as well as a couple other trips that are still in the works (trips that I am extremely excited about). Also, I will be going to Texas Toast and like always I will be having as much fun as I possibly can on my bike at all times!

Yes of course! I would like to thank everyone at SE Bikes, everyone at Demolition Parts, everyone at Deft Family, everyone at Osiris Shoes, everyone at Boom Headphones, everyone at Pull-In Underwear, everyone at Team Soil, my family, all of my friends, and anyone who has supported me through out the years. Thanks so much to everyone helping me live my dream!



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