DIG just put up a cool bike check with our guy Matt, showcasing his clean trail ripping machine. Check out that new Whistler hub…

“Matt Cordova is part of a new wave of riders that is not categorized, and is rooted in the more fundamental aspects of BMX – riding everything and shredding at all of it. There’s no real allegiance to a pre-written formula. They aren’t park rats, or trails guys or street riders, but a little bit of each and pushing the limits of all. “Fast and Loose” is a title that certainly applies. Matt is coming off an injury and it has just been announced he has been added to the Verde Bikes Pro team to add to his long standing support from Demolition. With a new lease on his riding status, the time is ripe to see Matt back on the bike, and there’s no doubt he’s motivated to once again, start blasting everything in sight.” – DIG

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