Connor Lodes Bike Check

I recently met up with Connor Lodes and shot a bike check with him. Check out his ride after the jump.

Name:My name is Connor Lodes

How old are you? I am 21 years old

Where are you from? I am originally from a town in the bay area called Moraga and now I am living in San Diego and couldn’t be happier about that.

Whats been going on lately? I Got back from a trip up to norcal with Christian Rigal a couple weeks ago. We were filming for upcoming edits and visiting family and friends and stuff. It was a lot of fun, good spots an people. We’ve been back home for a couple weeks now and I’ve been riding and working on my premium edit trying to stay healthy for an upcoming markit trip to Utah and Vegas with all my good friends, I will keep u guys posted about the trip should be a fun one.

Who do you normally ride with? I like to ride with everyone in SD like Hoang Tran, Gary Young, Miles Rogish , Kyle Hart, but Its hard cuz there’s such a big crew, so I normally ride with Christian Rigal, Dennis Enarson and Chad Kerley, all those dudes are so fun to ride with.

Any big plans for the rest of the year? Nothing to crazy just a few trips around the states and hopefully some trips out of the country, I’ve never left the states so I’m pretty excited about that.

What modifications have you made to your bike? I cut my bars from 29 to 28, my hub guard spins when I grind so I never have to rotate it, and I cut my seat post, other than that my bike is straight out of the box.

Give us the rundown of your bike: My bike is dope, I run a tall frame and tall bars, 3 pegs to keep shit fresh, I run everything really tight and compact, I hate when my bike makes any kind of noise so I grease and tighten everything until it sounds solid when u drop it haha, kinda weird but i like solid bikes haha
Frame: premium Dan Foley
Fork: premium
Bars: premium prototypes
Stem: demolition stelth
Grips: ODI longnecks
Seat/post: demolition fat seat
Sprocket: demolition merit
Cranks: demolition revolts
Chain: cult
Front wheel: demolition bulimia hub with a zero rim
Front tire: premium refuse resist
Back wheel: demolition rolls hub with a zero rim
Back tire: demolition momentum
Pegs: demolition dumb chucks



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