Connor Lodes’ Top 5 Parks

Connor's 5 Parks: Fakie bars at Poway
There was a time not that long ago where it was nearly impossible to find a skatepark, these days there seems to be a park every small town across America and multiple parks in most cities in the states. San Diego is no different and has skateparks of all shapes and sizes laid out across town. So who better to talk to than all around nice guy and skatepark assassin, Connor Lodes on what 5 parks San Diego parks he loves to ride and what is it about those parks that separates them from the rest.  

Connor's 5 Parks: Cannonball at Clairemont

I love riding Clairemont because it always changes! Every year they change a setup or add some new stuff to the park. They keeps it fresh! I also like how so many different people go there too.  Your always meeting new people when you ride Clairemont!!

Connor's 5 Parks: Invert at Markit

The MARKIT Ramps
The Markit ramps just gives you the backyard feeling when you were a kid! Nothing but friends laughing, dogs running around, and music blasting! It’s almost like a getaway where no one can snake you or stand in the way.  It’s paradise!

Connor's 5 Parks: Nohander at OB

Ocean Beach Skatepark has that classic beach vibe to it! Palm trees everywhere and a beautiful bay right next to the park! When I used to live there I would put my bike on my scooter and cruise to the park, shred for a few hours then just go roll around near the water and just enjoy the view haha!!

Connor's 5 Parks: Whip fakie Poway

Poway Skatepark is one of the only parks with lights, and it gets so hot here it’s nice to go ride a park at night sometimes! Poway is really a unique park because you can ride street around the border of the park and ride tranny on the inside. It’s a good mix of everything!!

Connor's 5 Parks: Feeble to whip at Rancho

Rancho Penasquitos
I like Rancho Skatepark because it’s just little street jibs and it’s fun to go learn stuff there and mess around! It’s a big skate plaza! They recently added a bunch of new setups too so now the park isn’t so back and forth and there’s a lot more lines and new stuff to ride now!



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