Best Worst Bike Facebook Contest

We haven’t had a contest up in awhile and thought a Best Worst Bike/ Facebook contest would be a cool idea. Just show us that you have the biggest clunker (via the Demolition Facebook page) and you’ll win the contest. Easy as that. Winner will win the full Chris Doyle front end kit, including: Suburban Bar, Keystone Stem, Concorde V3 Fork and the Bulimia front wheel. Hit us up after the jump to see all the rules and info.  

CONTEST: Best picture that depicts that you have the biggest bmx clunker wins the contest. Picture of the bike has to have you in the picture also (no googling clunker bike images). Bonus points if you’re doing a trick on the clunker.
We’ll be judging on the pics via the Demolition Parts Facebook page. Contest will be done and over with by Oct 10th

RULES: Contest is only for Continental US Residents only.
All pictures will be asked to be submitted to the Demolition Parts Facebook page only.



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