Doyle’s Turndown Challenge

Everyone here agrees that our very own, Chris Doyle has one of the best turndowns in the sport.  If you guys think you can beat Chris’, we want to put out the challenge.  The top 3 best turndowns submitted to us will win the following:

Prize Package 1
Doyle front end: Keystone, Concorde and PA
Prize Package 2
Enarson Bars: Open Bars and Enarson Grips
Prize Package 3
Phantom Hub

*Click more for the rules

Contest is only for residents in the Continental U.S.

We only accept pictures below 1000k or 570X380 px 72- Resolution.

You’ll get judged on style of the turndown, picture quality (if we can’t see it, it’s useless) and extra points for added flair (ex: 360 turndown).

Contest will be over July 1st.

Please send images to [email protected]

Good luck guys!