Hucker Impersonation Contest

That’s right, this contest could be the most fun you’ve had all year on Instagram! Dress up, grow a beard, get a mullet and look like Hucker to the best you can. Post a video or photo on Instagram or Facebook and we’ll pick our favorite 3 with the best looking Hucker impersonation.  You might ask, “what does a Hucker look consist of?”  He’s had different looks over the years but his mullet and mustache wins, hands down.  His new look of a red beard and Oakley Razors in a Hawaiian shirt is gold too. Our top 3 picks get a Hucker seat and matching Hucker shirt (colors and sizes may vary) of their choice.
Rules:  *This doesn’t have to be a riding shot, could be just a simple mug shot.  Must tag #huckercontest. Must follow @demolitionparts and @mikehucker.  Contest starts now till Dec 2nd.



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