Re-Up: Demolition X Markit Instagram Giveaway

Demolition X Markit Giveway

Contest is 4 days away from being over… Get busy!
Still haven’t seen Markit Zero!!  We’ll this could cure that and then some.  We just came up on 5 iTunesMarkit Zero codes and want to give those away and a FREE Demolition X Markit Seat to go along with it.  All you have to do is the following:
1) Put up a picture on your personal Instagram of the @DemolitionParts@MarkitBMX rider you wanna see the most in the #MarkitZero video and caption why.
2.) Follow both @DemolitionParts@MarkitBMX on Instagram
3.) We’ll randomly pick after you hashtagged your Instagram post #DemarkitGiveaway.
4.) Contest is over November 25th (Codes expire the 30th)
Just that easy, good luck!



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