Top 15 Pics for Hub Entries

It’s always tough judging any sort of contest, especially when you have over a 2,200 entries!  I never would have thought we’d have so many amazing entries, this makes my job a lil’ tough.  Last night, we picked our top 30 and got it down to our top 15 for this blog post.  These top 15 all were amazing photos themselves as well as the riding.  We were looking for a very crisp photo that is well lit, good composition and a really good or unique trick.  We always say, “What makes a good photo isn’t always with the riding itself, it’s also with the photography and the man behind the lens.”
We’ll get it down to our number one by the weekend.  Again, we can’t thank everyone enough for entering their pics and tagging #picsforhubs on their Instagram.  We had a ton of amazing pics of tricks (amazing tricks!) but some of the quality of the photos themselves hurt them to move forward.  Why do I sound like a judge on American Idol?!  Please don’t get bummed if you didn’t see your entry, we’ll have another contest very soon!  Click the pic above to go to see our top 15.



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