Top Manual Contest Picks

Couple weeks back, we had our Best Manual Contest to win 3 sets of Momentum tires to the top 3 guys.  We just picked out a few of our favorite manual videos and selected the following:
Top 3
Chris Couch posted by Brett Rholfing – Manual down wedge, down quarter, up and down fun box to footjam.
Mike Kraycheek – Double peg to manual to downside whip.
Andrew Rickell – nose manual to hang 5 to manual to barspin into wedge.
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Honorable Mentions
Travis Peterson – Barspin to manual to can-jam.
Nate Kosty – Backflip to manual to feeble stall quarter to fakie.
Brandon Boyle – Double peg barrier to manual around to hop up quick manual 180.

For the TOP 3 mentioned above, please contact us at info(at)demolitionparts w/ your full address/ phone number, tire size and color you may want.
We really want to thank everyone that entered the contest, you guys all rule.  Stay tuned for the next one coming soon.  Thanks again!



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