Demo/QBP NW Trails Trip Day 9

It’s the last day of the Demolition/QBP Northwest trails trip and it has been a doozy to say the least! The guys have been riding so much it’s hard to grasp all the rad shit that went down the last few days. With body’s beat from all the trail sessions the crew decided to use the last day of the trip to slow down, take it easy and take in some sights around beautiful San Francisco. We started off the day driving over the new Bay Bridge, which is rad. Next we stopped at Treasure Island to take in a nice view of the city and then cruised the BMXs over the Golden Gate Bridge to terrorize tourists and toss things off the bridge. We then ended the fun over at Philz Coffee so they guys could get their first taste of the best coffee on earth. A great day to end a great trip. Thanks so much to the crew for all the good times and to everyone at all the trails and all the shop stops that helped make this trip such an amazing one!! Until next time…



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