FL Trip Q&A With Tyler

Our QBMX X Demolition trip to Florida came and went last month but with the rain came lots of goods times for everyone still.  The crew was randomly picked and a couple of the guys never even met till this trip but turned out that everyone got along great and came through with some solid photos and a good trip for everyone.  Below is a mini interview with Tyler about the trip and some of his highs and lows that were had.  “I was really stoked on the gator, it just tasted like chicken to me.”  Photos by J.Cobbs. Stay tuned for Rob Wise’s Q&A soon…  Read more here>> 

Had you ever been to Florida before this trip?
Yes I have. My family has owned a condo in Daytona my whole life, so I’ve spent some time down there.

What are your thoughts on Florida having been there?
It’s a cool place. Got a cool little scene with some shredders. Not very many amazing spots but I had a great time.

What did you think of the crew on this trip?
This crew was super random but it turned out to honestly be one of the most fun trips I’ve been on, simply because of the awesome dudes.

What was the most memorable moment for you on this trip?
Probably stripper darts.

What was your most memorable Hucker moment?
Rob hockey checking Hucker through a 4X4 and fence at the mini golf place.

Talk about trying to go play mini golf with Hucker?
Well, I would love to tell you about that but we didn’t get the chance to start playing before we got kicked out. The last question answers this one hahah.

Talk about trying to find Gator to eat?
Surprisingly, it’s pretty hard to find gator to eat. You can only get it as an appetizer as well.

When you finally got to try it, what did you think?
I was really stoked on the gator, it just tasted like chicken to me, mixed with calamari or something.

Whats your favorite part about Florida?
Favorite part about Florida would have to be pedaling around with the whole team. Good crew!

Talk about WaWa’s, what is it?
WaWa’s honestly saved the trip for is. Without this super gas station we would have starved and not had nearly as much fun looking forward to eating hahah.




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