Ground Recon – Gonracin BMX

Our third installment of Ground Recon is here and this time we’re sitting down with Tim & Josh at Gonracin BMX. Much like last week’s GR with Richardson, Tim and Josh at Gonracin are at the core of BMX. Tim’s love of BMX dates back to the days Miami Hoppers and Bob Haro, and he’s passed that love down to his son, Josh, who’s starting to make waves in the BMX world himself. So click on more and get to know a shop that’s taking a small Oregon town into the world of BMX….

The Basics. Shop name, location/address, hours, phone number, website?

Gonracin BMX
4527 S. Sixth St.
Klamath Falls, Oregon
(541) 205-3557
Facebook and Instagram (@gonracin)

The Story. When did the shop start & what inspired you to start a shop, or where did the idea to start a shop come from?

“In February of 2008, my dad (Tim Clemens) bought a trailer and started vending out at the local bmx track, selling tubes, tools and racing gear, ect. I (Josh Clemens) was really into racing at the time and my dad helped run the local bmx track. Hence the name “Gonracin BMX”. I slowly got out of racing and started riding the skatepark, and we found a store front to actually start our bike shop and here we are today doing better than we ever thought.”

The Players. Who are the key people that keep the doors open, from employees to team riders?

“We don’t have any employees at the moment, just my dad and I. There are a bunch of local dudes that have always had our back and supported us ever since the trailer days. Zack Church has been a huge help, opening up the shop for us on emergencies and always hanging out!…..As far as a “team” goes, we are actually working on a DVD right now of the local scene, with all the guys. It’s going to be awesome!”

The Scene. What’s the BMX scene in your area like? And what’s the craziest story throughout the years?

“The scene has grown dramatically since we first opened in 2005. We are located in a really small town, so bmx is really quite new to most people, but it’s getting more and more common. It’s so awesome to see how kids are getting more and more into bmx riding, mainly from our shop and the rad locals….Being in such a small town, there is not much action but, the craziest thing that happened to our shop, would be when someone drove a car through the back door. A few winters ago, some crack head stole a car and drove thru the shop, and stole a bunch of bikes and product…. We now have a beefed up security system.”

The Future. What do you have planned for the immediate future?

“It has always been a dream of my dads and mine to get a bigger building and build an indoor park. With the long and cold winter season, it would be so good for our bmx scene and our whole town to have an indoor [park]. We are going to make it happen one day!”



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