RIDEbmx just dropped some knowledge with a good lil writeup on a Know Your Roll on the new Mike Hucker signature Hammerhead tires. Full writeup is here up at bmxonline.com>>

“Demolition’s Mike “Hucker” Clark has had a great sense of style for some time now, taking cues from some top-notch sources of the past. From Oakley Blades and a mullet worthy of praise from some of some of the finest baseball pitchers and pro wrestlers of the 80’s, to a mustache and Hawaiian shirt game that would make Magnum PI jealous, Hucker’s look might have seemed goofy to some, but he makes it work perfectly. With so many stylistic cues taken from the past, it’s not a shock to see his bike also wears its influences on its sleeve (or downtube); Mike’s newest signature frame graphics are a blast from S&M’s past, and his new signature Hammerhead tire from Demolition also has some influence from days gone by.
The Demolition Hammerhead tires, for riders in their late 20’s and up, will likely look pretty familiar upon first glance. According to Mike himself, his new tire takes its stylistic influence almost directly from Tioga’s late 90’s FS100 tire, which was popular amongst ramp riders at the time, although I remember it being fairly hard to find because I always wanted to try them out but it always seemed like shops & mailorders could never keep them in stock. The Hammerhead tire bites the non-directional rectangle tread pattern of the FS100’s, but takes that pattern and adapts it to both trail & street riding styles by increasing the size of the tread and changing the depth to work with different surfaces. The FS100 was named after it’s intended purpose (Freestyle) and tire pressure rating (100psi), so it would make sense that the two Hammerhead options feature a similar style of naming. The “T” tire stands for Trails, while the “S” naturally stands for Street; the main differences being deeper & more spread out tread on the Trails, while the Street version features a tighter, shorter tread for faster speed. The last difference to point out is the tire compound itself – while the FS100’s had plenty of grip, their softer compound tended to wear out pretty fast, to the point that Mike would have to replace them every 3 months or so. Demolition have managed to produce a tire with similar grip, but with a much longer lasting compound to save you money down the line while still offering the high performance that you’re looking for.
The Demolition Hucker Hammerhead tires are available now from Demolition directly and from your favorite Demolition dealer. Both the T and S versions are available in both 2.25″ and 2.4″ widths, which is great for the old guys looking to squeeze new tires onto their OG Volume Hellion rebuilds. Tire weights range between 21.9oz to 27.3oz depending on your size and tread pattern, and the tires retail for $25.99 (add $1 for maroon). For more on what Demolition is up to, check out DemolitionParts.com now, and be sure to follow the guys on Instagram at @demolitionparts and @mikehucker.” – RIDE



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