Biz’s new Sea Level video turned a lot of heads amongst the industry, due to it’s originality and on how good looking the whole video turned out.  Very rare do we see a themed video that is thought out and came out the way the rider thought up beforehand.  Check out the mini interview we did about the video with Biz below. Photos by: Nick Tellez and Chris Mortenson

What made Mike (Mastroni) and you come up with the video concept?
Well I actually came up with it ha but mike was super stoked on the idea.  I just wanted to try something a little different than all the vids I have done in the past.  I also feel like vids come and go so quick these days that maybe having one-set theme throughout the whole thing makes it a little more memorable.

Are there actually good spots near the beach or was it pretty tough to find the spots you guys filmed at?
It’s definitely harder than I thought it would be, I did stay mostly in the Orange County area which I don’t think has as much to offer as LA beaches. About 90percent of the clips are within pedaling distance from my place, I would just go out and pedal all day and try to find stuff that would look cool or work. Sometimes I would find something really cool but the ocean would not be visible, so I couldn’t use it.

Was there something you wanted to get but couldn’t due to whatever reason?
There was definitely a few things I couldn’t get due to when it gets warm out people flock to the beach and it’s just way too crowded to try and film.

Looking back at the video, what are you most stoked on about the overall video project?
Any time I work with Mike he kills it on the filming and editing, he has an eye for the right angles on how to get the ocean in the clip worked out really well. We were never in a bad location, seeing the ocean being on the beach is way better than being at a high school in Redlands, ha.

“I just wanted to try something a little different than all the vids I have done in the past.”

Since you been out here from Boston, you’ve mostly live in Riverside and in recent years moved towards the beach. What are the biggest differences between riding, and overall people from the inland SoCal to the beach area you live at now?
Well we have no parks really in my area, and inland where I lived we had about 8 in a 20 minute radius.  The more you go inland the more redneck it gets too, ha.