Dennis X DIG come through with a solid interview about almost everything you could possibly ask Dennis in their new Ignition feature.  Check it out at

“We’ve got the Haro S.D. frame, and everything under the Demolition Rig Line. I back that frame and all those parts to the max. I’m so stoked on everything we have out right now. It’s one of the craziest feelings to be riding a bike that is pretty much completely designed with all of my signature products. I’ve been able to make my dream bike, and now people can go out and buy it. It’s unreal!”

Currently you are working on a new video part for Demolition and specifically mentioned being really into some of the clips you have stacked so far which, coming from a rider like yourself, says a lot. You also said you are going in for this one and want it to feel like a project you can stand behind. What makes this one different?
Exactly, Mastroni and myself are going in to make something we are both really proud of. I want this to be a part that I look back on and don’t dislike any clip. That is how my Demolition “Last Chance” part almost felt to me and I haven’t had anything that has come near that feeling since then. I’m ready to put out something I’m one hundred percent happy with.




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