Jacman Hinss’ Guide To Traveling Overseas

We all love to hear overseas trip stories and how they get prepared for and how their home compared to where they traveled to.  When our Australian rider, Jacman Hinss was preparing his US trip from Australia, him and his 2 friends decided to get an RV and wing their trip by traveling all over and not going by any set schedule or rules.  Their trip looked epic and what you’d expect from 19 year olds that are living out their bucket list.  We sat down with Jacman about some of the highlights and details about his trip.  Maybe this will help with your next trip too?  We also caught up with him a few days before he left to go back home at a couple parks to make a cool gallery.  Needless to say, he killed both parks. Check out more to read/ see it all. 

This trip for you guys has been something on your bucket list for some time? Who all came with you on the trip?
Yeah it’s been on my bucket list since I was young to go to America and ride my bike but we started planning it at the start of this year. My mate Dylan Egan did most of the work with organizing everything, which was awesome and did a rad job. I wouldn’t have had a clue how to organize anything haha.

How long did it take to plan?
It took about 3 or 4 months to sort everything out we needed but most of the time we just winged it when we got there.  We just decided on where we wanted to go on the day of, and if we had ideas on what skateparks and spots but didn’t have any set times or place we wanted to be at.  Which was the best way to do it I think.

People were rad over there too, the only problems we really had was that my mate Dylan lost his tooth in Vegas

For anyone out there that doesn’t know about traveling abroad for a month, it takes a lot of money and planning. Is this something you’ve been saving up for a bit? About how much did this trip take (roughly)?
Traveling on the road for a month was pretty crazy but fun at the same time, being in the same motorhome for 3 weeks with 2 mates got a bit intense sometimes but all was good and had the time of our life’s. It did take a lot of money but was worth it for sure, I have been saving to come over since I left school which was about a year ago now. We had the idea to get the motorhome but didn’t organize it till we got there, which we got a bit lucky with because they only had 1 motorhome available when we got there haha.  I roughly spent about $3,500 US dollars just over there and that’s without the flight, so around $5,000 Australia dollars because the Australia dollar is so shit at the moment haha.

What were some of the hurdles (car, hotel, people and etc) you guys went through throughout the trip?
Me being 19 and underage, everywhere haha but we sorted that out haha.  We really didn’t have too many problems when we were over there which was awesome.  People were rad over there too, the only problems we really had was that my mate Dylan lost his tooth in Vegas.  We were also meant to come over in June but Dylan broke his femur on a motorbike so the trip got set back a little, but I’m happy we came over at this time, the weather was perfect!!


Was this your first time in the States too? Was is what you’d expected when planning the trip, now that the trip is done?
Yeah this was my first time in the states, first time overseas actually haha. The states was just how I thought it would be, such a cool place and could definitely live here on the beach somewhere one day!!! I played a fair bit of GTA on the Xbox so sometimes it feels like I’ve already been to some of the places here, like Venice beach and that haha.

You guys rented an RV to get around and stay in for awhile. What was that like?
Yeah we got a huge RV, It had everything in it you needed and more.  It was the best decision we made.  It was rad to just do whatever we wanted whenever we wanted, and not worry about booking hotels and being at places at certain times.  Felt more relaxed and chill in the RV which was what you wan’t!!

I know you guys went all over the place to ride and check out. Was there any place that really stood out to you, could be riding or scenic? What are some spots you were bummed out on that you thought would be better.
We actually went to so many places in our month over there.  We saw so much cool stuff that I’ll have with me forever, the skateparks that stood out for me was Woodward West, it was just a dream to go there since playing Dave Mirra on PS2 haha.  We probably had the best session at Clairemont skatepark in San Diego, everyone was killing it and was a good vibe. We went to so many cool scenic places that was awesome because I love exploring and seeing new stuff, but my favourite attraction would have to be the Hoover dam that was incredible!!!

What were some standout skateparks you guys went to? You see a huge difference between parks here vs in Australia?
Standout parks for me was Woodward West, Mission Valley skatepark, Lake Havasu, Ocean Beach skatepark, Craig’s ranch in Las Vegas, and there’s so many more that I loved but those were the main ones I liked.  There’s not much a difference in parks in the states to the ones in Australia, just American skateparks are way bigger haha

It was just a dream to go there since playing Dave Mirra on PS2

How are the people here compared to home in Melbourne? Any big differences in attitudes or more hectic way of life with traffic, fast paced, slower?
Australian’s and American’s are not that much different they’re all chill and just like to have fun!! There are a lot more snobby people in Melbourne that are just angry at everything though, haha.  The traffic here in the states is insane compared to Australia, it’s crazy that there’s more people that live in California than all of Australia too.

Now that you’re back, what’s the one thing you couldn’t wait to get to once you arrived? For me it’s always coming home to Mexican food, haha.
I’ve had way too many burritos over here.  I cannot wait to see my girlfriend Lauren and my mum, dad, sister, and all my mates back home in Euroa.  I miss a nice homecooked meal and a Australia coffee at my favourite coffee place in Euroa called, The Weekend Local.


Anyone you want to thank who helped you guys out or whatever?
I don’t know where to start but I’d like to thank all my sponsors; Demolition parts, Volume bikes, BMX Militia, and Connections bmx for giving me an amazing bike and supporting me in whatever I need.  It helps me out so much! Also want to thank Ash Slattery Connections bmx for always supporting me since I was younger and helping me with everything I have today and just being a awesome dude.  Terry at BMX Militia (the Aus distro for Demolition and Volume) for always hooking me up with parts whenever I need them and being such a nice dude.  Of course my amazing parents that believe in me to do what I do! My dad for helping me out with money and paying for my flights over here, my mum for organizing lots for me and paying for everything for me before I left, so I could save quicker, my sister for supporting me, and last but not least my amazing girlfriend and best friend, Lauren that supports my bmx riding and whatever I do in life and just being awesome.



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