Mike Escamilla Interview

Mike has a really cool interview up at FUEL.  Just look at Mike’s schedule from the question below.  I think he also reveals that he’s filming for a TV show that the interviewer didn’t even touch.  Maybe you’ll see a Demolition interview of Mike soon, where he talks about that in depth.
I know you’re an avid traveller and hit up a bunch of countries in 2009…what’s on the agenda for 2010?  Are you heading to any interesting locations anytime soon?
Well in the next 3 months I got a few: London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Boston, Quebec, Toronto, New York, Tavarua,  Fiji, Kuwait, and Iraq, now that I wrote it down seems like a lot to do between now and the middle of June, as well as film a TV show almost 5 days a week, haha.”