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Demolition Parts and trail riding have always gone hand in hand since the days of Bennett, Castillo and Wessel. Today things are no different and with our current team being stacked with some of the most progressive trail riders in the game it seemed obvious that a trail trip would be insane. We got the crew together back in 2012 for a New York & Pennsylvania Northeast trails trip which couldn’t have gone much better. This year we brought the guys together once again to take on the Northwest trails trip and all tree loving, trail riding goodness it has to offer. The weather did all it could in the opening days of the trip to ruin our plans to ride. It rained for three days straight before the sky parted and amazingly all the locals were able to dry things out and get the trails ridable as soon as the weather broke. This trip would not have been able to happen without the incredibly welcoming and amazing locals from the Jungle, the Yard, the Aaron Day trails , and Bourbon St. You guys all rule and kill it on the BMX and are keeping the trail riding way of life alive!- Joey Cobbs. Click more to read the guys’ mini interviews and view the gallery to see what all went down. Click each image to go BIG.

Northwest Flip


Biggest difference for you between East and West coast jumps and scenes? As far as east coast/west coast trails scenes go, I find more similarities than I do differences.  Typically, I would say the landscape is what separates the two the most, but on this trip the locations reminded me a lot of east coast wooded trails.  I think the main differences between any set of trails are the personalities of the locals and the methods/work ethic that each crew uses to build their spots.  I was impressed with each spot on this trip and the locals who build, maintain, and ride their trails.

I know you’re fairly reserve on these trips these days but did the “Doyle” get loose one some wine one night? After two glasses of wine I’m usually pretty good.  However, I think I had 3 glasses when we were in Redding, and that was more than enough.  For the most part, I don’t “go for it” on trips, I don’t need something to make riding harder for myself. Plus, I roomed with Ronnie, and him and I did our best to stay on an east coast time schedule – most days and nights we were asleep at 10:00pm, up by 7:00, and getting breakfast by 8:00.

Northwest Flip: Doyle Invert

Northwest Flip


Who on this trip scared the piss out of you the most and why?   Hucker is good at getting in real scary spots but somehow always coming out clean. So it’s not that scary watching him cause he always pulls off the biggest saves then laughs about it. Mainly because he is doing the biggest tricks over the biggest sets, it’s fun to watch.
I also scared myself a few times. Riding new trails for the first time and sitting on the start hill with only being able to see a few rollers and then just bush and trees. Hoping your first run through you navigate the right way always gets the heart pumping.

I saw you kill it on that step-up jump in Sac, is that the kind of jump you prefer or would you much rather hit a big double to try things over?   Yeah I am more comfortable on medium sized jumps for sure. It was fun to ride new spots every day but to get real comfortable on a set of trails I like to have a few days to figure everything out. The Burbon Trails in Sac were pretty straight forward and they had a fun trick line. That step-up was almost like a box jump and real fun to trick. I think everyone loved that jump and you could tell cause the blokes were doing tricks on there they hadn’t even attempted on the days before.

Northwest Flip: Hucker


I’ve been seeing some wild moves I never seen you do before this trip, like that hanger and that crazy 3 x-up can-can thing.  Do you actually practice these tricks or you just go out and do it? I do different tricks on different jumps. There are some jumps I would do a truck to can can x up on all day long but would never try a cliffhanger. I very rarely go to a set of trails with my tricks planned. For me it’s all about what’s feeling good on that jump and what I’m feeling that day. We got to the Redding trails and that jump was perfect for flips. I was really stoked because I had not done a flip no-footed x-up for over a month.

Do you actually know how to ride a motorcycle?  You looked awfully squirrelly in the edit on that bike.  Sketchy is my first name when it comes to motorcycles! I love riding them and I will ride them any time I get the chance. I know how to ride them to an extent. My main problem is going way too fast without the bike control

Partner in crime from this trip?  I know you like to have a good time, who’s always by your side?  A partner in crime is always necessary for road trips. Rob Wise has been my partner in crime for many years on road trips. He is always down for a good laugh whether it be spit wads, playing pranks on myself or others, blowing shit up or just telling a joke.

Northwest Flip: Hucker 3 x-up cancan

Northwest Flip: Ronnie Napolitan


Straight to it; how much did you fuck with Joey (Demolition TM) on this trip?  Give us a good story…  Oh of course I fucked with Joey! Wouldn’t be the same if everyone didn’t. Well, to start the trip off I had told him I was going to bring him a Yuengling from home, and when he picked me up from the airport I told him TSA took it out of my bag and he was so mad. Hahaha, I ended up giving it to him later that night and we were friends again… Then just other random things like when he would ask if I could do something again, so he could really get a better and much cooler looking photo I would always give him a hard time by telling him his trigger finger was getting slow. All fun with Joey, might seem like we hate each other at times but its fun to take him right to the limit of blowing up but not quite.

Saw pics of you really digging deep in that trick bag over some of the bigger dubs.  Was there anything you really wanted to do on the trip but just didn’t?  
The trip actually started off not so hot for me. First set of jumps we went to I sprocket cased like a 25 foot jump and blew up. It was the worst sprocket case I’ve ever done in my life. After that I took it a little easier at the next set of trails because I got a reality check at the last ones haha. I got comfortable again and had some fun sessions. Nothing can get you more stoked than riding with good friends in the woods, so when everyone was throwing down I had to as well. There was one thing I really wanted to do but funny how it worked out, Hucker actually dropped in the run before I wanted to try it and didn’t know I was thinking about it and just pulled it as clean as ever. I think as soon as I saw him do it the first words out of my mouth were “Thank God”.

You guys always ride with the locals, any of the locals surprise you how awesome they were at the jumps?  I love riding with the locals, they are always so nice and kill their spots. One of the craziest locals was Ty Callais. He was doing some crazy shit over this last jump out at their spot. He pretty much was doing everything. I saw him do one of the best looking flip whips. Thanks again for shredding with us and letting us come out TY.

There’s always that one guy on a trip that is crazy on and off the bike, who was it this trip?  Are you kidding me? Who do you think? Its pretty much obvious this award goes to Hucker. So fun to ride with on trips. Almost as fun to hang out with when you are not trying to choke him out. Haha

Northwest Trip: Rob Wise


I think you surprised the most out there that you actually ride dirt and ride it amazing!  Have you been riding a lot more dirt back home?  I actually grew up riding trails. Then when I started getting into street the trails just kinda faded out. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of box jump shows with Eddie for 5050. So I’ve had to relearn all my jumping tricks, ha. I do try and ride the local trails as much as possible. Especially when my wrists and ankles are sore from street riding. Nothing better than just flowing through some good trails.

Dirt or street and why?  I really love both of them. This trails trip was amazing. I believe it was the first trip I’ve been on that we didn’t ride street spots. It was nice just riding a few different sets of trails. We only have a couple sets at home and they aren’t anything like what we rode on that trip.  Street riding is my all time favorite though. I love how you can really make something out of nothing. I love finding weird and wild setups. I’m definitely a setup rider. I just think of crazy things that could be done then search for the spot to make that dream come to life.  Nothing more rewarding than finding the spot you’ve been thinking about for years then getting the tricks done on it.

Your ender of the Markit DVD was insane, what the fuck is next now that you got a lot of tricks that was haunting you out of the way?  Well thank you! That was a scary one, haha. I’ve got some new ideas of things I would like to do. I actually have a few things at my local skate park that I really want to get done. But I gotta wait till this place thaws out now.

Northwest Flip: Kris Fox


What are the biggest comparisons from East Coast to West Coast jumps and scenes?  The biggest comparisons I felt were the laid back good vibes. On both of these trails trips that Demolition has put on, I have never felt so many good vibes and hospitality from the locals and riders. BMX is rad! As for the jumps themselves, the East and West coast has AMAZING trail spots. Each has small things that were different to me, but nothing big enough to compare/contrast. Good people, good vibes, and amazing jumps at each spot on each trip… That’s what I get pumped on the most.

What surprises me every time I see you ride a big downhill section, is that you’re brakeless.  Was there any jumps on this trip that made you second guess not having brakes?  Actually yes! When we showed up to the “Jungle” trails, I definitely was second guessing no brakes. The jumps were downhill, big, riding really fast, and from all that the rain that Washington was getting it was making the jumps really slimy and slippery. I brought brakes with me, but I personally like riding brakeless. So I asked the locals if it was OK if I rode them brakeless, they said it was cool, so I gave them a whirl. Everything ended up working out and I had a blast.

Favorite jumps to ride on the trip and why?  This is always a hard question for me. I love riding my bike more than anything, so any spot is a good one to me. Every trail spot we got to ride had it’s own uniqueness to them which made them all equally fun to me. Can’t thank all the locals again enough!

Best story from the trip?  We stayed in Tacoma for the first three nights, which means the same hotel three nights in a row. Ten feet from our hotel was a Hooters and Hucker was my roommate all trip. So we visited the Hooters every night for a plate of wings after riding trails all day. We ended up becoming friends with one of the girls that worked there, her name was Maria. They had an over-sized Jenga set up that sounded like a car crash when it fell. So watching Michael Jackson music videos eating wings and playing over-sized Jenga with Hucker and Maria three nights in a row was a pretty fun time for me.



JOEY COBBS (TM/ Photographer)

Who is the most calm dude and the most craziest and why?   Kris Fox is the most calm and Hucker is by far the craziest, which is exactly why Kris Fox is Hucker’s exclusive roommate on both trail trips. Some may think Rob is a calm guy but in actuality he’s crazy too, he just has a calm guy front.

Was there one guy on the trip that really surprised even you? All the guys killed it, it was awesome getting to watch and photograph all of them riding trails as much as they did on this trip, they are all talented trail riders and this trip saw less than ideal trail conditions but they guys made the most of things and did crazy shit the whole trip.

Best Hucker story from the trip?  The last day of the trip we were in San Francisco on a crowded city street, Hucker decides to do his bar-ride in the middle of the busy street. He then starts to U-turn and just as he comes around he loops out therefor sending his bike into the side of a parked car. The sound of Hucker’s bike slamming into the car woke up the owner of the car who incidentally was napping in the front seat of the car. We thought Hucker’s demise was on deck but to our surprise the guy got out of his car, looked over the damage, Hucker began acting as though he had just crashed into the car himself and was physically injured, and the guy shrugged it off and got back in his car to return to sleep. In typical Hucker fashion he caused a random stranger property damage and walks away the guy’s friend. Only Hucker.

What one photo from the trip you were most proud of getting?    I would have to say the double photo of Rob and Kris, it was just a little idea that guys wanted to try and within a few runs the guys got the timing down on their end and I got things figure out on my end, I was stoked to see that one come together.

Northwest Flip: Doyle Nofooted cancan

Northwest Flip: Lost




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