The signature Hucker Hammerhead tires have been in the works for some time, and now that we have them in stock we figured we’d sit down with Hucker himself on how they came about and what makes them stand out amongst some of the others.

Welcome back man, where did you just come from?
Thanks. I just got back from Australia last week. I was out there for a Dane Searls memorial jam and I was also able to ride a bunch of rad trails.

How did your signature tire come about?
Brian Castillo (Demolition owner) hit me up and said Demolition wanted to design a new tire and wanted me to design it as a signature tire.

How/ why did you call it the Hammerhead?
I didn’t want another signature part called the Hucker this or the Hucker that, I wanted to switch it up. I was brainstorming with some friends in the Demolition office and we were talking about the ocean surfing and sharks, and that’s when we came up with Hammerhead. It just sounded rad!

Where did the tire design come from and what did you set out to do when designing the tire?
I had always loved the old Tioga FS100 growing up and wanted to remake something similar but better. I didn’t like how small the knobs were and how fast the tire wore down on the Tioga, so the mad scientist’s at Demolition figured that out for me right away. They made a slightly larger tread pattern/ tread gaps and found rubber they had never used before, making for better traction and a longer lasting tire.

There’s a Trail (T) and Street (S) version of the tire, what’s the big difference?
The T version has larger tread gaps between each one, and is more for trail riding. The S version has tighter tread gaps and is more for street riding. I am currently riding T versions on both front and back wheels.

You’ve been on the first sample tires for almost a year, that’s pretty amazing. How fast do you normally go through tires?
It’s incredible how long these tires have lasted me! I would usually change my tires every 3-4 months…

Anything else you want to say about them or why they’re better than some of the other tires you’ve tried?
They have a better rubber compound, they look awesome, they work great, they come in two versions and all different sizes, and it has a sweet name. Go to your local Demolition dealer and have a look!

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