With the release of Parker Heath’s all new video, we conjured up enough photos from Alex Leibrock, Ratty Maty, Chris Hernandez, Alex Auerbach and myself to make one hell of a photo gallery while Parker and Fernando were filming.  We also got Parker to answer a few questions too. Check it out after the jump and be sure to watch his video again. 

What was the driving force behind this project and the direction it kinda went in?
I had met up and filmed with Fernando only a few times, occasionally at local jams and what not.  Fern and I had always talked about putting in work on a full web video part and after being added to the Demolition team, I knew that this was a perfect opportunity to finally pair up with Fernando and challenge ourselves with putting out something sick. The majority of things I had in mind, that I really wanted to get were all in the streets, so that led the video to being more street oriented with a few fun park clips.

Not everyone knows you as a street rider and you got some big tricks on street, and hit up some new spots too. is that something that is normal for you but hasn’t been documented yet?
Hahaha yeah, I love to ride everything! Park, street, dirt, its all super fun! A lot of my time is spent riding parks & bowls during the week, but on the weekends I’m always down to meet up with some dudes and check out a fun school or any new spots. I’ve had a few web videos in the past with some street riding, but I’d say this is my first real part that is mostly street!

What’s it like filming with Fernando?
Fern is the man! He is always down to put in the hard work to find new spots, and is always wanting to be productive in any way! Whether its for Instagram, or a full length part, he is always trying to think of the best way to capture someone’s riding, and make it look “extra crunchy”! We would go out on long days of filming all around the LA county for 6 hours or more, and he stuck through it like a champ, and was more than down to do it the next day!

“I’ve had a few web videos in the past with some street riding, but I’d say this is my first real part that is mostly street!”

You happy with how it came out or is there still things you would have wanted to get still?
In between my class schedule during the week, and what Fern had going on too, we took up any opportunity we got to meet up and film on the weekends. Only a few of the spots in this video were ones I had known of previously in SD, and the rest of the video comprises of showing up to a variety of new spots all up in the LA County. I was stoked because that was my first time really riding in the LA area! We definitely put in some work on the spot and trick selection for these clips. We didn’t have much of a choice… Had to either send it before we got kicked out, or wait a whole other week to come back.  I am definitely stoked on the outcome of the project, and am so motivated to keep the flow going with starting some more videos soon! Filming is such an awesome way to progress as a rider and human. I definitely got a taste of that with this video.

You had some street hammers that we were all surprised to see in this one, how much do you sweat those if at all beforehand?
Thanks! Yeah I was surprised on some of them too! hahah. I definitely was sweatin’ some of those clips for sure! A lot of those setups were the first time I had done anything like that, which was challenging. Like the Gap to Feeble on the electrical box, for example, or that blue ledge feeble, that was really tall, had almost zero run up, a wall blocking the landing, and angry neighbors yelling alongside. Those kinds of occurrences just felt so foreign to me! Once I got in the rhythm of knowing how to step out of my comfort zone, when I was overthinking a certain setup, I watched myself progress so fast.

Got any other new projects in the works?
Nothing is dialed in at the moment but in between traveling to some contests throughout the year, I’d love start a few other videos with some different riding focuses and concepts.

Thanks man, anything else you wanna add?
Huge thank you to Demolition Parts, Brian Castillo, and Fernando Gomarin, for making this happen! Could not of done it with out their support! Also all the other homies who came out to help shoot, ride, and be apart of the journey while filming this part. You all were a big piece in making this what it was! Cheers!