Tyler Fernengel’s Paradise Line Interview/ Gallery

Tyler Fernengel is no stranger to doing big moves and we all know when you do some big moves, you need parts that you 100% endorse to feel safe in doing those same said big moves.  We got with Tyler last year about doing a few parts and later developed into his own line, the Paradise line.  Tyler put his own spin and style into the products and we couldn’t be any more stoked on the outcome or working on more with him in the future.  Read more to see what Tyler had to say about the project from start to finish and then some… 

You’ve been traveling a lot lately and doesn’t seem to stop. What projects are you working on at the moment?
Well currently I am working on a video with Mastroni for my Paradise line, another video with Christian Rigal for Haro, and stacking clips on trips with Vans for that video which drops summer 2016.

We all love the process of coming out with new parts, can you explain the process for you on how the Paradise line came to be?
Basically Demolition came to me a few months ago asking about doing some signature parts and of course that’s always been a dream of mine. So we sat down and discussed every part and I picked a few I really wanted to do, which came to be bars, stem, and seat.

The fact that my bars literally never slipped on me, and most things I do are to flat says a lot about the bars and stem

I know when you first came up with Paradise, we all sweated Nigel’s Pyradice company name since they were similar, was that something that almost got the line name changed?
I definitely contemplated changing it just because of the similarities, but in the end it’s not the same name and he’s doing apparel and not parts. I don’t see him having any sort of problem with it. Nigel is the man!

How picky are you about your bike and your parts, are you really critical about each part’s geometry and etc?
I am actually not picky at all when it comes to the geometry of things. I was riding Doyle’s bars forever and sort of went based off of that but a bit bigger. I was also running an older Demolition stem for the longest time until it was discontinued so I based my new stem off of that. I feel like I can get used to any part or any geometry.

When coming up with a design, what do you mostly look for; strength, geometry, aesthetics, color?
My main thing with a part is always strength and I definitely want to be stoked on the look of it for sure.

You were really involved in the actual look of the line, and wanted it to be along the lines of some surfing graphics. What made you go in that direction?
Ever since I moved to California I have been so ridiculously addicted to surfing because it’s something I’ve wanted to do since I was a little kid. I was having trouble thinking of designs so it only made sense to incorporate that in some way. I wouldn’t even say it’s surfing graphics, but more just a California vibe with the palm trees and everything.

You’ve been on the parts for a bit now, how important is testing a product before its released to you?
I really want to make sure the products are 100% before they are in production. I know if I’m stoked on them, then everybody else will be.

I really want to make sure the products are 100% before they are in production

We all know that you do some insane drops, anything in particular that you did and couldn’t believe that your parts held up on?
Nothing in particular yet since I haven’t been running the parts for a very long time, but the fact that my bars literally never slip on me and most things I do are to flat says a lot about the bars and stem.

Do you have anything else in mind that you’d like to come out with under the Paradise line in the future?
I actually have a pretty cool idea for a sprocket that I’d like to start talking about but don’t want to spoil before I know if it’s even possible haha.

That should do it, thanks again for doing this. Anything else you want to add?
No worries, stoked to talk about the parts. I just want to thank everybody at Demolition for giving me the opportunity of a life time with having my own line of parts. It’s a blessing.

Tyler’s full Paradise line drops mid Nov 2015.  You can check out all the specs and more photos on each Paradise product here>> Stem / SeatBar



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