Christian Rigal is one busy man on and off his bike.  He’s constantly making some of the most epic bmx videos and some even don’t know that he’s been stacking some of the most insane footage over the last couple years for his new United DVD section.  We caught up with Christian to see what he’s currently working on, his United part and what’s new in store for 2016. 


You finally at home and resting from 2015? Seems like you traveled all over last year?
Yup, I’m back home now but my resting is already over haha. I went up to northern California before the holidays to see some friends and then went to Panama for Christmas with my family. It was a nice little 10 day break but it’s nice to back home riding, filming and editing again. I definitely traveled a lot last year, but I think it was the perfect amount! The year before I went so many places that I didn’t have any time to relax, edit, ride SD schools or anything in between them all, so I wanted to spend more time at home in 2015 and it worked out awesome!

 I’ve seen most of your United part already, is it just about wrapped up?  Are you still working on it or are you guys done?
Just about would be a good way to put it. I’m trying to get a few more things, and Corey got hurt on our last trip, so I know he’d be stoked to sneak in some last minute clips. But I’ve seen the whole video pretty much and its insane.  They could call it done right now no problem and people’s minds would be blown. I can’t wait to see the final product and share it with the world! I think its dropping in March!

Did your part come out the way you’d like?  From what I saw already, you went in hard.
There’s always something you wish you got, or did better, or found but I’m really hyped on all of the stuff I have.  It’s definitely all of the scariest and biggest stuff I’ve ever done. I just want to finish this thing up as safely as possible and then sit back and watch!

How long of a project was that?
Start to finish I believe it’ll be 2 years an 2 months. It’s crazy to think its been that long. I got my first clip for this video the day after the MARKIT ZERO premiere, that seems like just the other day…

Do you prefer long DVD projects that could take years to finish or banging out an online video and why?
For me and the way I like to ride and film I would most definitely say a DVD. I spend a lot of time and effort to find spots and make them rideable, it almost seems like a waste to use that stuff in a web video. Don’t get me wrong, some web projects get the love and attention they deserve, but for me, knowing that my part will be on a dvd that someone can watch over an over for the next 10 years, like what I do is pretty gratifying. I think there’s still a big place for both in our industry.  It just has to get figured out a bit more.

You’ve traveled a ton all of last year, was it mostly for film projects or just your United part?
It was a combination of both, which was nice because every time I got to go on a filming trip somewhere I’d usually manage to get some random clips for either my part or my Demolition edit. I think I went on like 5 or 6 United team trips, and then I probably did 3 or 4 missions on my own to get some clips I’ve been after for a while. I also did a really rad trip to Spain with Dennis for fun, which was great!

“I spend a lot of time and effort to find spots and make them rideable, it almost seems like a waste to use that stuff in a web video.”

I know it’s hard to separate filming vs riding on a trip, how well do you do that?  I know some filmers/ photographers that ride might feel a bit jealous that they aren’t riding too or vice versa.
I think I’ve got a good balance going.  I love to go on trips where I ride and film, that’s kinda what I’ve always done, so that feels natural. Ever since I picked up a camera I’ve always had an equal love for riding and filming, so I’d be just as stoked to go to another country to film as I would to ride. But If I had a choice, I’d be riding haha.

Seems like early on 2015 you had some corporate filming gigs, how did those come about?
I’m always meeting new people and trying to expand my work in cool new ways, it keeps things fun an interesting for me, I almost felt like I was in a rut for a little while. Between friends, people I met through social media, previous clients and word of mouth I was lucky enough to work on some cool corporate projects with rad people. It’s definitely refreshing and something I enjoy doing though.  I could do without all the hoops you have to jump through though haha.

You think one day you’d prefer to do those corporate gigs more than filming bmx and hustling around to make a buck in bmx?
I’ve always told myself I’m going to be sending it down rails and chasing dudes around on my skateboard until my body won’t let me anymore! I’ll definitely be working on more corporate stuff in the future, but that won’t change my bmx roots, it’ll just make all the Bmx projects more fun.

Not a lot of people know but you have multiple filming projects going on currently, you mind naming them and what they’re about?
One that comes to mind is the DeMarcus Paul one, mind telling us about that project?
Oh man, I did a mental list the other day. I’ll see if I can pull it together again. Bmx wise I currently have videos in progress with Mike Gray, Matthias Dandois, Blake Peters, Dennis Enarson, Rob Wise, Chad Kerley, Chase Hawk, Nathan Williams, Albert Mercado, Tyler Fernengel and DeMarcus Paul. Most all of them a parts for the sponsors, no deadlines or worries though. It’s nice.

Demarcus and I have been out in the streets for about 8 months stacking up some insane footage for his new solo iTunes part. He’s a dude who’s riding I got really stoked on, who I knew nothing about, and had only met him in passing prior to this project. I was at a school with him one day and mentioned that I was really hyped on his riding, and would love to work on something in the future if he was ever down.  He instantly said he was down, we exchanged numbers and went out filming a few days later! It’s been such a fun an productive project and we’ve still got a little ways to go. DeMarcus has become a good friend on mine through this and I can’t wait for the world to see his hard work. This will be the first BMX video part to be on iTunes. Start getting stoked!

Anything else this year you’d like to put out or work on?
This year I’ll be keeping busy working on a new Demolition edit that I just started up, some cool photo features with Cobbs, a video with United, a fun little skatepark video, a bunch of trips and some random stuff in-between! I’ve got some rad new filming projects that’ll be announced later this year and I’m looking forward to any other kind of work or opportunities that come my way! Hoping to work with my sponsors on some new stuff and keep the good times rollin, last year was amazing and I want to make this year even better!




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